Ribfest in Cornwall Ontario a winner! by Don Smith

6 Chicken and RIb Contestants/vendors in the west field

CFN – The Cornwall Seaway Lions Club first annual Ribfest is proving to be a big hit with participants and exhibitors.  The response received from people I encountered in the park as well as the large number of posts on the event Facebook page indicates overwhelming approval and appreciation.

An overhead view of the exhibits

Friday was day one of Cornwall’s newest festival.  The event is taking place on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in the city’s Lamoureux Park.  Admission is free, including full access to a number of great concerts.  On site are six chicken and rib contestants/vendors, a number of other food outlets, both commercial outfits and those operated by service clubs to benefit their respective charitable causes, a mini flea market, a large midway, free draws, 50/50 draws, a beer and wine tent, and some very interesting area artisans.

A section of the midway and games of chance area in the east field

Over the course of the weekend the event is anticipated to atrract some 20,000 participants.  More information, including a schedule of events can be found on the Ribfest webite at www.cornwallseawaylionsclubribfest.com .

Here is a short compilation video clip of the great midway.

I met some rather interesting people in the park who agreed to be interviewed.  Mobile Gamerz is a fairly new enterprise in Cornwall.  These two gents bring the party to you.  Check out their mobile rig.

The Chainsaw Lady from Dunvegan demonatrated her skills and took time to chat on camera as well.

The travelling exhibition of the Portraits of Honour mural and replica is one undertaking of Kin Canada.  Mural artist Dave Sopha and a representative of their corporate sponsor took a few moments to explain their latest efforts.

Speaking of showing support for our military men and women, Brian Goodfellow asked to give our readers an  update on the effort of the Red Ribbon Forces as well as to applaud the efforts of those involved in organizing this ribfest.


  1. It’s so refreshing to hear of an event in this town that generates so much positive feedback! 🙂 No complaints (so far) no criticisms, no reports of anything other than a fun and successful event!

  2. I just came from there myself. The band there was playing my favorite style of music, boomer blues, and everyone was having a good time and enjoying their ribs. I haven’t tasted mine yet. I’m going to have them for my dinner with some fresh picked corn.

  3. Hey Don, Nice coverage of Ribfest, great pics and video interviews!

  4. Ribfest was great! Free admission, things to see and do, great ribs and music. Will go again for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great coverage Don,Armand & I went this afternoon,had great tasting ribs,enjoyed listening to Switchgear,crowds galore hope they bring this back next year. I also notice how clean the grass was….no goose poo

  6. Great job Don. Thanks for such a positive presentation and allowing the venues a few moments to discuss their great and good work.

  7. i so recommend going too this.. me an my mom went last night on saturday we had a blasted.. ribs were yummy as hell grins, way too go cornwall

  8. GREAT!!! Were having a great time this weekend at Ribfest. Thank you for putting on an event that brings out so many people. The ribs and chicken are a treat to eat!!!!!

  9. We had so much fun. Great ribs. Cornwall needs more of this. We love ABBA. Great music good food Way to go Cornwall and Don Smith for bringing this to Cornwall. ABBA was super, Please bring it back next year.

  10. WOW!!! Ribfest turned out super great, and only the first year, just think of where this could go each year, This is what we need at the Cornwall water front. Well done by the Seaway Lions Club and other Lions Clubs supporting them. Also total respect for the Portraits Of Honour, by Dave Sopha remembering our fallen Soldiers. Becaues of all vets and the freedom they fought for we live in a GREAT country Canada!! Brian

  11. Last year was great but this year the new management is no longer being loyal to old vendors…it is sad that several of us have come out to support their first ribfest taking a chance and then this year we are being denied because the president of this charity refuses to respect agreements made to us from the old committee. I wonder how successful the ribfest will be this year.

  12. Don’t feel bad Jay. CFN was first sponsor in last year and we had to sue (we won) Ribfest because Phil Shorey swallowed some Corus Poo and violated our contract. Now their leadership group split. People don’t understand that Ribfest is a travelling show. Hopefully the other Lion’s club takes over and runs Ribfest in a more professional manner.

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