Taking it to the Supreme Court: Battle over Language Rights kicked up a few Notches by Don Smith

The Supreme Court of Canada (the court of last resort)

– On Saturday, at his sprawling Maple Ponds Equestrian Centre in Williamstown, human rights activist Howard Galganov and his wife Anne hosted a bbq lunch, rally and fundraiser. About 100 invited guests from places such as Cornwall and area, Ottawa, Toronto, Timmins, Montreal, and further afield, enjoyed the burgers, sausages, salads and desserts over conversation. They also received an update on the battle for freedom of expression in Canada.

Galganov rallied the troops with his words: “This campaign has become invigorated … we’re no longer playing defence; we’re playing offence. We’re not going to wait for yet another law to come and take away our rights … We have choices in life and they’re simple. It’s fight or flight. … Don’t allow anyone to ever tell you that you’re a racist or a bigot or anti-French because you’re standing up for your rights to be a majority. … We are 96% of the population and it’s time that we behaved like 96% of the (Ontario) population.”

Galganov was quick to point out that he’s not advocating any kind of a witch hunt and that this isn’t a battle between English and French. He reiterated his previous promise never to support a discriminatory Bill 101 type of law here in Ontario. Identifying the source of the issue, Galganov pointed out that: “There is a small group of Franco activists who are going to do whatever they can to usurp our rights.” It has been noted that, in Cornwall, La Société pour la Promotion du Bilinguisme has been going door to door advising business people of their “obligations under the law.”

He addressed the topic of the recent court ruling in Ontario’s Russell Township and outlined a plan of action to counter it. A group of French language activists in Ontario’s Russell Township (a community of 15,000 near Ottawa) was unsatisfied that only 70% of local commercial establishments displayed bilingual signs (in unilingual English Ontario), so they lobbied municipal Council to force the issue. Amid great controversy, Council passed a by-law by a vote of 3-2, which requires all new exterior commercial signs to be English/French bilingual, with the size and style of lettering being identical in both languages. Seeing this as an unnecessary infringement, two area residents challenged the bylaw. The owner of a radiator repair shop, Jean-Serge Brisson is fully bilingual, but chose to erect a sign that displayed the business name in English and its services in French. Howard Galganov, a bilingual Anglophone had posted a sign only in English. In 2010 the Superior Court of Justice ruled against both men. Subsequently the Court of Appeal ruled that the bylaw does indeed violate citizens’ Charter rights to freedom of expression. Quoting the Supreme Court of Canada, the Appeal court stated that: “Freedom consists in an absence of compulsion.” Incredibly the Appeal court went on to say that the violation was reasonable and justified.

Galganov Dot Com Inc and the Ottawa based Canadians for Language Fairness have joined forces to spearhead a Supreme Court challenge to the Ontario Court of Appeal decision which permits the violation of Non-Francophone Charter rights. The challenge will be on the basis that, by forcing people to use the language of others, the ruling violates section 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which was created to guarantee freedom of expression.

Other planned activities include a campaign whereby full colour glossy brochures are being delivered to businesses in small town Ontario, educating them on the extent to which minority French language rights have trampled on the rights of those functioning in another language in Ontario and possibly soon in the rest of Canada. Here’s a snapshot from the brochure which invites others to join in funding the court battle.

Part of an attractive new brochure being distributed to small town Ontario businesses

Guests included some members of the allied language rights groups: Canadians for Language Fairness and the local Language Fairness for All as well as some politicians and political candidates. Many “ordinary folk” came out to show their support as well.

Bryan McGillis, Mayor of South Stormont, was in attendance. He agreed to explore the legal implications closely, and may opt to seek the support of his Council to pass a resolution guaranteeing that South Stormont will never introduce a bylaw that takes away from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Further, should South Stormont pass such a bylaw, McGillis will table a motion that the municipality propose to other municipalities that they adopt a similar stance.

The video clip below is included as part of a DVD package which is being promoted by Canadians for Language Fairness as a “how we got into this mess” brief explanation.

Being a gracious host, as part of the gathering Galganov invited guests to enjoy five miles of groomed trails including a picnic area in the pines. Some even got to view it aboard his Kubota and wagons – a ride which rivals many a midway, but cannot be purchased at any price!

The kids (young and not so young) loved the motorized trail ride.


Cornwall Free News


  1. @ Mike,

    I am not inclined to have public forum debate on this website.
    Seems no matter what I say or other LFA supports say,somehow you & others can bend & twist it to suit your advantage.

    Having said that,

    Please watch You-Tube link below & see a video collage of our battle over last six months,while listening to,Chris Cameron-President of LFA ,being interviewed on McLean in the Morning 91.9 New Brunswick.

    Chris’s interview sums up our beliefs & issues very nicely.


    Also, like I’ve said before visit our website for more info about LFA-Language Fairness for ALL;



    Deb Cameron

  2. Re: Paul,

    Again, those that do not want to debate topics should refrain from commenting! Cowarding after people call out the misuse of information is wrong on all levels!

    I have no affiliation with anyone on this site currently posting on this topic; so please stop trying to lump everyone questions you is out to get you!

    You only prove your ignorance and lack of knowledge on the topic when doing commenting is such a manner!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  3. ……….lol! Sorry, didn’t spell check that one!

  4. Madame Mcintosh,

    – I’ m going to quote you ¨if your going to dish it…you better be able to take it!¨ So I would suggest you take your own advice.

    – I still don’t believe you, I think that your saying this to help you in your argument. Again I have no proof that you may or may not be lying. But to say that its a struggle for the majority of anglos to get decent jobs is frustrating and at times so outrageous ! Bilingualism costs 0.008 % of the federal governments budget. Bilingualism is not the proper ¨cheval de bataille¨you should be undertaking.

    – Languagefairyness is against providing bilingual services to 7 million people. Or, is it that they are for providing bilingual services in québec, but not in Ontario. Lets face it, the english language is in no danger of disappearing any time soon… Francophones are merely asking for schools, signs, services in their own language. And according to the fraser institute it costs a mer 0.008 percent of the governments budget…is that too much to ask for, for more then 7 million people!!!

  5. admin, your right we shouldnt insult one another. And, the worst I have said on this site that could be interpreted as personal was saying they are a liar….because I wasnt provided proof. I have been called 10 times worse. THe words a**hole, dumb, idiot and then some. Your right we don’t have to like each other. Of the ones I disagree with with, I don’t dislike cory. How ever misguided he is, I’d still have a beer with him. (if he’d buy)

  6. Hey Blue Bird…
    I have a response for you re: this post of yours that you aimed at Kim Lian Khoo.

    Le Renard bleu August 25, 2012 at 9:21 pm
    “I cannot believe that there has been an actual exchange between Kim Lian Khoo and me. Well, well, well, things keep on getting better, do they not?”

    But, i am gonna make you wait till after the Quebec elections as i am running and want to see if i win first 🙂

    So, just remember to keep an eye open for this title after the elections…

    @Blue Bird
    WAKE UP CALL for EVERYONE — Both sides of this issue.

  7. Le Renard…Thanks for the welcome, am glad that you approve of my Irish heritage.

    As to French language, it is decline throughout the World, as much as it is in Canada.

    Thankfully, am taking International French…at least IT still has some limited value. As I’m not planning to visit any third World Countries, in the near future…think I’ll be ok if I take a pass on what passes for French here!

    Personally believe that Spanish will far more valuable as third language, for me and mine. My son is checking into Spanish immersion or Cantonese/Mandarian immersion programs, for my granddaugher. In any event, she will be trilingual when she finishes school. Imagine that trilingual (English, Gaelic and probably Spanish), but not considered bilingual here…funny how that works!!!

  8. Hello Paul…you are quite right…well said!

    Believe that Howard Galganov, Tammy Hart, Bryan McGillis, Debbie and Chris Cameront and et al, are fighting for OUR (English): rights, language, culture, heritage and symbols.

    Thankfully, ROC is now starting to fight back…as we have the advantage of numbers…we will prevail in the end:) It’s just a question of time.

    No doubt, that accounts for the increasing number of abusive posts from the Anglophones on this site.

  9. Boucher claims that Frenchification is only 0.008% of the budget. I am still looking for the total figures, but is he saying the budget is $12 trillion?!?!? Because even if Frenchification cost only ONE billion dollars, that is the size the budget would have to be to reach that figure.
    Boucher, math wasn’t your strong subject in school, was it?

  10. Let’;s see what “Mike Bedard” said…

    That is your right, especially if you have proof to the contrary. I am not familiar with hart so I cannot speak on her behalf.

    Because we have proof? Because we have met them and talked to them? Because we have read what they wrote and heard what they said? Maybe because of that?

    I would venture to say because all-French services are not aimed at the community, but only to divide it into a ghettoized version of society. Unless, of course, you agree to help fund all-English clinics in Kaybec. (Oh, damn, there I go asking for fairness and equality again…sorry about that…)

    You are correct, Mike. It is not. It is a cost of FRENCHIFICATION since there is no bilingualism in this country as long as your Kaybecers and “Acadian” francophones are exempt from pushing English on THEIR communities. Because that, after all, would be fair (actually more than fair) and as I stated, I don’t believe there is a French word for that.

    You are half right. The largest current language minority, as you call it, is French-speaking. But…PROUDLY FRENCH CANADIAN??? Not by a long shot;. If they were, they would not be trying to destroy Canada by promoting French first. They are FRANCOPHONES first, either Kaybekwah or Acadians. Ask them. I have. They are not, for the most part, Canadians FIRST. Your arguments hold more water if you don’t misspeak.

    Nor do I. Funny thing is, I see the English “extremists” arguing for fairness and equality while the French ones argue for French first and French priority. Guess which side must be winning the debate?

    Excellent. You do understand that we will do the same. And more often, since you are far more often mistaken. Honestly or otherwise.

    Vague warnings. I will be the first to say that Howard and I disagree on much. (I am a liberal; he is not. I am pro-socialism; he is not. I like President Obama despite his flaws; Howard does not.) But one thing I agree with him on is the racist francophone problem. (And in case you didn;t hear me the first 156 times, NOT ALL francophones—EVEN THOSE FROM KAYBEC—-are racist anglophobes.) When you start arguing for fairness, equality, or bilingualism ACROSS CANADA INCLUDING KAYBEC, we might listen. Otherwise, you are betraying your apparent anglophobic roots. My new mantra has yet to be disproven: “TRUE fairness and bilingualism are the LAST thing racist francophones want!”
    Want to be seen as NOT racist? Be Canadians FIRST. Stand up for fairness and merit. French WHERE NUMBERS WARRANT, and only if that applies for English services in Kaybec as well. After all, how can you be taken seriously when you want laws for everyone except yourselves?

    Good Luck with your cause, because it is a losing one in the long run. Personally, I have great support for the seps now, because the sooner you have a referendum, the sooner Canada can negotiate the new borders of Kaybec and proceed with a velvet separation. Let me know if you need to rent moving vans. I’ll get you a deal. 🙂

  11. I can’t believe it, I will agree with colleen. There are abusive post coming from anglos on this site. Passion doesn’t excuse the language some of them are using. I’d like to thank admin for editing some and reprimanding others that cross the line. I too like to debate the issues, sometimes I even tease a bit but, I will never resort to name calling
    – To be perfectly honest, I really don’t see how it is a rights issue for some out here. Then anglo majority is in no way being threatened not even in Québec. Is our education system in need of some improvement in regards to languages, maybe ? But to say that we should cut the bilingualism budget, 0.008% is not only un necessary but ludicrous.

  12. You mean the way you refer to the group as “languagefairyness” is so respectful? I guess you should practise what you preach. no?

    But I do have to ask where the name calling occured? I never saw it. I think you are so offended by people posts who believe differently than you, you only see what you want to see, and what you think they “really” mean. Please, Patrick, point to just 2 posts where you were called such insulting names. I’m pretty sure Admin would never post them, but I could be wrong. So please, just 2. Thanks

  13. Bella admin is human. I miss a few which is why it’s really important for regular posters to not abuse the hospitality of CFN 🙂 Also, as I’ve always stated if you stand on a soapbox you should never complain if someone throws a tomato at you.

  14. @Lou
    Re: August 27, 2012 at 12:37 am post…

    Bravo !!!! Bravo !!! And, Bravo yet again.
    You have pegged it Soooo well on EVERY COUNT.

    Everyone should read that post of yours.

    Tip of the hat to you and if i could i would buy you a drink.
    PS: You may enjoy some of my vids. (click my name if interested)

  15. To Patrick Boucher,

    Wow…Pot meet Kettle!!! I quote from YOUR post: “I too like to debate the issues, sometimes I even tease a bit but, I will never resort to name calling”

    Patrick Boucher originally quotes: “Colleen, Je ne te crois pas. J’ajoute un proverbe..” and “a ¨L’exagération est le mensonge des honnêtes gens.”

    Followed by this quote from Le Renard: “Moi non plus, je ne te crois pas, Colleen.”

    Followed by another yet another gem from Patrick Boucher: “Colleen, at least everything I say can be verified and substantiated. Its not even a question of disagreeing… I don’t have to lie to prove my point. But, it doesn’t mater, prochain proverbe:
    “La vérité comme l’huile vient au-dessus.” Le temps va me donner raison.”

    Patrick, you are so right, only the Anglos are abusive in their posts…lol…sarcasm button is now, OFF:)

    I’ll let YOU and your ilk’s own words, speak for themselves!!!

  16. Hello Lou, thank you for your most excellent post…completely and totally agreed, with one minor exception.

    Don’t believe it will be a velvet separation, at all…have been reading the blogs, press/newspaper articles and editorials and the mood of the ROC, is NOT for a velvet touch.

    ROC will be insisting or possibly even demanding that Quebec be treated as a hostile foreign government. If, Canada is divisible then so is Quebec. New borders will be much smaller in the new Quebec. No cross border privileges will be extended to Quebec. Debt repayment will be negotiated. No more passports, military, citizenship or dual citizenship considered. Your, either Canadian or NOT! Quebec can also say goodbye to all those jobs in Canadian government offices. OUR citizens will be able to finally work for our own government…certainly wouldn’t have foreign nationals working in our government offices! Quebec special rights, privileges and contracts would vanish overnight.

    Lastly, am sure that Canadians would be boycotting all merchandise, exports, services and goods from Quebec.

    Imagine the mass exodus of businesses and corporation head offices down the #401…not to mention the refugees! Think it will make the previous exodus look puny, by comparison.

    Of course, Canada would benefit the most from Quebec’s separation. Unemployment would drop dramatically in ROC. Official Bilingualism Agendas and Polices would be abolished. All French special interest groups, across Canada would be shut down with ALL their funding wiped out overnight. Canada would be officially restored to unilingually English status.

    Not to mention that Canada would be welcoming with open arms, Quebec’s young and the best and brightest. Actually, think Canada should extend financial assistance to Quebec refugee’s and businesses, as they relocate!

    Quebec can have what’s left…the descent into third World status would be inevitable and swift. It would take decades for Quebec to recuperate, from the separation….if that was even possible. Personally, believe it will not succeed, in the end.

    Course, you never know but it would seem unlikely Quebec could lose it’s socialist leanings and forego it’s xenophobic and discriminatory language laws.

    We will have to see. 🙂

  17. Hello bella b…you are, of course, quite right in your post!

    Please check my previous post, of today’s date… definitely the “pot calling the kettle black” syndrome, from the Anglophobes on this site.

    As usual, you cut right to the heart of the matter!


  18. Colleen that’s one really wild painting you just displayed. There would be no Canada without Quebec. Yes there are issues and there always will be. Have you ever visited Quebec City? Gorgeous and courteous. Montreal is suffered from decades of linguistic silliness.

    It’s the epicentre of the changes that have occurred in Quebec since the 60’s.

    In the last Federal election Quebecers showed that they overwhelmingly support Federalism. Even if the PQ were to win this election it wouldn’t mean the majority wish to leave Canada.

    Whipping up the rhetoric really isn’t productive most times…

  19. @Admin Re: your August 27, 2012 at 9:20 am message to Colleen. I must say, I do understand there is an element of “trying to not be negative” and “trying not whip up the rhetoric” as you are right, it “can be counter productive most times.”

    HOWEVER, there seems to be a major contradiction in terms (and if I may be so bold) there is also VERY contradictory actions coming from too MANY in that “province.” It appears to be rooted in the old “want your cake and eat it too” syndrome. I believe Colleen is just echoing the legitimate feelings and concerns of MANY Canadians with regard to this issue. She may have been a tad bit harsh in some respects but, I can assure you that many English Canadians are quite fed up with things like seeing their flag being dismissed and their national anthem replaced at will in a province that is, after all, is still supposed to be part of this great country. All this while being pushed aside from jobs in their own government — AND — being basically ordered to learn a minority language just to be able to think of possibility of a slight chance at those jobs.

    There are certain realities in this whole debate (which I have a feeling you are keenly aware of) but, pretending they are not there or don’t exists in an attempt keep things “upbeat” is not only the EXACT opposite of what their side boldly does with impunity at every turn but also what our politicians have been doing for the past 30 years now and this, “turn a blind eye indifference” has driven the boldness of the French while raising the ire of the English who are constantly being told “try not to be negative” and “just put up and shut up, we don’t want to cause a fuss.”

    Don’t kid yourself, the English do feel a sense of hurtful betrayal when they hear anti English comments from Marois and other Quebec politicians when they mention how they are going to enforce bill 101 against the English more strongly just to get those votes.

    FACTS like: Quebec is only a “province” and should not be acting like a country.
    FACTS like: “REAL language FAIRNESS” for “both sides of this situation” in EVERY part of this country must be brought back into this equation.
    And FACTS like: No province should be able to supersede the powers of any of the other provinces in this country they way they are doing,
    are FACTS that seriously NEED to be addressed “FOR REAL.” We should no longer allow the politicians “standard answer phrases” like “oh, that’s just the way it is” to appease us anymore.

    PS: Appreciate all your hard work BTW.

    PPS: @Colleen. I absolutely love your, catchy little “cue the crickets” blurb. It conjures up such a great audio visual image as in my mind as to how it is poignantly directed.

  20. Hello Admin…your quite right, it would be wild times ahead, indeed. The repercussions would be quite detrimental, that’s for sure!

    Personally, believe if you vote for the PQ Separatist Party, that means you are a separatist! Otherwise, the most benign adage would be that a vote for PQ, means your in favour of extortion, linguistic and ethnic cleansing/discrimination.

    Actually have been to Quebec City and found for the most part, they were indeed open and welcoming to English visitors.

    The Rest of Quebec…not so much:( Have experienced pretty nasty stuff, that’s for sure. Am sure, if the borders were re-negotiated the Federalist quarters would remain Canadian, as they wish!

    What you define as rhetoric, is simply the potential outcomes (in my opinion) of a vote for Quebec independence…! My presented scenarios have (in fact) already been played out, in Quebec after the last referendum…it is not that “large a leap of faith” to figure that those same outcomes would again occur.

    Am a Canadian, first and foremost…not an Anglo-Saxon, female, heterosexual, Irish Canadian…but simply a “CANADIAN”!

    If, Quebec wishes to remain in Canada…it is their choice and they have a chance on Sept. 4th, to do just that….once and for all!

    Let the chips fall where they may:)

  21. Hello Edudyorlik…thank you for your support and interpretation. The harsh realities are hard truths…my opinions are just that, my personal opinions.

    It is quite interesting to note that the French are free to voice their opinions and hostilities, with complete impunity. The English are expected to be silent, accepting and unseen. Otherwise WE (English), are considered to be racist bigots from redneck Alberta, right!

    In fact, as you well know, the ROC is completely “fed up”. One only has to read the newspapers articles/editorials, watch the TV, and participate in the blogs. The mood is quite easy to gauge, in any language.

    The ROC has just as much legitimate right to voice their opinions and demands, as the French have so successfully done.

    Really do believe the backlash from ROC, will be swift and harsh, if Quebec votes to separate.

    Again, whether it is politically correct to say so…is simply my personal opinion.


  22. I wonder if like 1995 referendum Fort Drum New York are readying for “maneuvers”

  23. Much thanks and appreciation to Colleen’s (who I do know) and especially to edudyorlik’s replies. They make it all worth while. I should point out that even a velvet separation would absolutely have to include a redrawing of the New Kaybec’s borders; I have ALWAYS said that. As well as repatriation of EVERY CANADIAN military base. Please don’t confuse my words with what I mentioned previously. I don’t care if Kaybec uses our dollar. But a Canadian passport? You have to earn that. You will be a foreign country.
    MY concern is protecting the loyal Canadians who consider themselves CANADIANS first (and yes, that includes a few FRENCH-speaking CANADIANS). Boucher , Mike and Stella disregard me at their peril, for I AM a former Kaybecker who they and their ilk treated (and CONTINUE to treat) as second or third-class, with their “It’s Kaybec! We speak French here!” veiled threats. I am sure they were supportive of the score or so of racist francophones who would have attacked us on our march for equal rights (because, of course, that is not part of the Kaybekwah mentality), but can they pretend that we don’t exist even if many of us have moved away?
    I am not sure ALL French language services would be wiped out, but I dare say that services that cater ONLY to the 4% of francophones would certainly, and with good reason, be curtailed, just like English services have been FOR DECADES in that racist province currently known as Kaybec.
    In fact, the very fact that there are ANY, let alone the prevalent amount of, services dedicated to preserving the fracnophone community outside Kaybec shows what a wonderful “race” of people English Canadians are, and how small minded Kaybec francophones (and let’s not forget New Brunswick!) are in comparison.
    Once the federal government is forced to acknowledge the ridiculous and astronomical costs of Frenchification, those who support it will be voted out (eventually) and proportional representation will slowly return. Do I believe francophones should have a say in Canada’s government? Yes. Do I believe they should run it? Hell no. Do I believe you MUST be bilingual (which, of course means francophone; I already pointed out the tests for proficiency are a joke when compared side by side; oh right, they are conducted in secret because those in charge are understandably fearful of the truth about the bias getting out) to work for the government? Absolutely not. IN fact, you should NOT have to be. As I said, when you try to cater equally to 4% of the population, that is elitism. It is language apartheid. And it cannot last in a democracy.
    I wonder if Boucher and Bedard know how fracnophones were told to lie on their census forms (that would be a crime for the rest of us law-abiding Canadians) to artificially (read: falsely) inflating their numbers. Gee, it wouldn’t be to keep getting funding for exclusionary services and programs that don’t include English Canadians, would it? And it wouldn’t be to not have top pay for those programs themselves, would it? Nah, francophones aren’t heartless cynical extortionists…are they?
    And they believe in rights and transparency, right?
    So they will insist on the TRUE costs of Frenchification and suppression of English in”their” country be made publicly available and accessible, right?

  24. Oh, and edudyorlik? I don’t know if you are in Montreal, Ottawa, elsewhere in Ontario…and I don’t drink alcohol or coffee but how about a smoothie some time?

  25. Hey Lou…you are on fire, today! As usual, you are quite right in your analysis of the situation.

    It’s true that all french special interest groups (in ROC) might not be cut off, of all government funding. At the very least, their funding should reflect their population…you know, as numbers warrant. Think that works out to 3% total funding, based on government stat’s. Or alternatively, the French could choose to “ante up” and pay for their OWN services!

    With respect to your last two questions…my advice don’t hold your breathe!


  26. Lou the total budget of the government of canada is roughly 300 billion dollars. If bilingualism cost 2.4 billion…well add it up yourself. Colleen, I only quoted your posts. Aug 26, you said¨No doubt, that accounts for the increasing number of abusive posts from the Anglophones on this site.¨ I agree with you…whats the problem ?

  27. Excuse me, Colleen. After Quebec separates, there would be no government funded French special interest groups, because Canada will become officially English. They might receive some $ for their festivals as any other ethnic group.

    But I do not hold my breath. Sadly, Quebec will NEVER separate.

  28. Patrick, definitely math is not your forte. Let me help you calculate percentage spending on bilingualism.

    Yearly spending on bilingualism (VERY conservative estimates by Fraser Institute) is $2.4 billion.
    Federal revenues for 2010-11 were $237.1 billions.

    2.4 : 237.1 = 0.01 Viola!

    That’s far, far more than your bogus number of 0.008%


  29. With all do respect to myself, I did say rough estimate..”BUT I WAS CLOSE¨ I was only off by 0.002.. I’d say that is pretty darn good. And I didn’t do any research, I was going by what I know…turns out I know allot …SMILES!!! LOL

  30. What about S.Allen -the financial researcher who’s Educated estimate was 3.1 trillion? But whats a couple of zero’s right?

    What you get for that $ 2,400,000,000? -for it serves one group out of many !
    Now there is already the infrastructure that was established 42 years ago the funds go to hundreds of (FRANCOPHONE)interests groups under many francophone social development causes .

    Therefore those funds are used for lobbying the government for french services ,when in most situations those services far surpass what the needs of that community .
    An example of this is Cornwall Community Hospital’s 50% policy for that 22% community,what about 100% bilingual Health unit in 22% community?

    A true democracy is representation by population ,Clearly in Canada we do not have one.

  31. Hello Anglo Pete…actually, do agree with you on the subject of funding cuts to French special interest groups.

    As to whether Quebec votes to separate…we shall see their answer soon enough!

    Personally, think the ROC should also have a referendum on the subject of Quebec and Official Bilingualism Policies/Agendas. Let’s put it to a National Vote and settle the question, once and for all!!!


  32. Hello Pete…thanks for bringing clarity to the question of costs for Official Bilingualism Policies and Agendas.

    Of course, these estimates are very conservative but can you believe the total costs, added up for the last 45 odd years…am even afraid to add it up.

    What a terrible waste of time and monies that should have been utilized for the benefit of ALL Canadians and not just a linguistic minority!

    Am grateful that math is YOUR forte:)

  33. You still cannot calculate properly. By the way, every working Canadian pays $137 a year for your tribe’s wants, not for the needs.

  34. @ Pete. Are you depending on the Fraser Institute for numbers? Good Lord, Man. You can’t find a “think tank” more extreme right than that outfit.

  35. Again with the misappropriation of information!

    This is what I am talking about! You all have a valid point that merit before language should be of the outmost importance and I personally recommend translators as a happy median! Which many liked!

    I just get angered when I see comments like Pete’s which in his defense are just a copy of what keeps being said:

    “Yearly spending on bilingualism (VERY conservative estimates by Fraser Institute) is $2.4 billion.”


    This is the cost of French schools across Canada and not “Official Bilingualism for French Advocacy!” – It is the cost of education for Elementary, Post Secondary, etc.

    They way too many of you comment make it sound like it is for signage, public offices, French lobbyist, etc. which is completely untrue!

    I will continue to give this cause hope but you need to change tactics…..please!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  36. To Lou,

    You say French Canadians are not proud! How many people are fighting for your cause! Seems like the French outweighed the English …… approximately say 10 to 1, to be modest, when the topic came to Cornwall City Council and “Oh, Canada!” was sung so loudly in French that no English singing could be heard! That my friend is a proud and powerful statement!

    We are a bilingual country and you do not represent the majority!

    The majority of people are smart enough to use common sense and respect each other! Bilinguals, Anglophones, Francophones are only separate by a lack of respect and common courtesy!

    The majority truly believes in equality for all and not for Anglophones or Francophones!

    Your groups’ ideas are clouded and unfortunately misguided due to the personal experiences of certain individuals!

    Your indirect comments about society in general are nothing more than diversions from how I have outright proven that one of your leaders has maliciously lied to gain public favor!

    Sadly, I liked what the group started out as but truly have grown to borderline hate where it is today because I have disappointed time and time again but comments and statements made by certain individuals!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  37. I’m using your numbers, 1 % of the budget. That’s what you said, Bilingualism cost is 1% of the budget. So, if french speaking people are 22 % of the population of country, aren’t we at least owed 1%. I’m using anglo pete’s numbers here.
    Colleen was right, if you can’t win the argument, you resort to name calling, saying we are part of a tribe. Then again you might add fictitious numbers like my buddy highlander.

  38. disagree with my friend colleen, I don’t want to waste 300 million on a referendum just to get a positive answer. Official bilingualism is in the constitution, you can’t change that unless you get 50 % of the population and 7 out of 10 provinces…that is hard to get. Most canadians are for official bilingualism, most of you just don’t see it.
    – Plusieurs personnes vont jouer la sourde oreille ou agir comme l’autruche. Le temps va me donner raison.

  39. I’m going to actually agree with Mike on a few points – not that per se I disagree with his others.

    In this world if you don’t work with others for mutual goals the other guys win. An example is the Benson centre which a group of politically active and connected people pushed really hard for. They made the system work for them.

    In the case of the Waterfront Condos people pulled together that sent such a loud message that the originator of the scheme through his own people under the bus.

    I have to give the local French community credit for having strong organizations like the Richelieu Club. There was a bus at the Counties meeting pulled together with more people supporting their position than there were protesters.

    Recently I had someone ask for us to our our online petition module. I shared with them that they better have a strong group because if I ran a petition and they didn’t get results they’d probably do their cause harm.

    So kudos to people who pull together and work for a goal and cause. We need more of that in our world.

  40. Society does need people in groups to promote their ideas, concerns and causes. Kids soccer or Legions would be hard pressed to provide their communiities with the programs we have come to expect without people wanting to help.

    For the most part, many of those groups are volunteers with very few paid members if at all. I do not think that is true with groups like L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario who get the vast majority of funding from all taxpayers. ( revenue in 2010/11, 1.4 million of which 1.2 million is from all taxpayers)

    Patrick, I do not know if a cross country vote would cost 300 million, besides, most of that money would go to local communities to rent the hall space, or for people who man the polls. Any program that has been around for 26 (FLSA) or 43 (OLA) years, should have an automatic country wide discussion. A discusiion with simple questions like who are we helping / hurting, can it be done a different way, or does it need to be done. When you get the answers, a decision should be made in the best interests of the country.

  41. Welcome back Mike:

    You said;

    “Sadly, I liked what the group started out as but truly have grown to borderline hate where it is today because I have disappointed time and time again but comments and statements made by certain individuals!”

    Now propaganda again !-Of these individuals, who are the ones that belong to LFA?

    “Yearly spending on bilingualism (VERY conservative estimates by Fraser Institute) is $2.4 billion.”


    Mike now that you continue to create propaganda -2.4 billion spent on bilingualism -that source was given on a number of times -you choose not to believe this number?
    It doesn’t fit it your views of language – remember Mike you defined your side of the fence therefore, you are biased when you said,

    “Sadly, I liked what the group started out as but truly have grown to borderline hate where it is today because I have disappointed time and time again but comments and statements made by certain individuals!”

    Mike your group here has called Chris Cameron the KKK,and various other racial comments -because he stands against the discriminatory STATUS QUO of the government.

    Much hatred has been spewed on the protest group as well as Chris -we are advocating for representation by population -now is there something wrong with that?
    Mike YOUR group -or the group you choose to side on -has continued to misinform people to the point of saying we are promoting cultural genocide -this is no further from the truth !
    We as a group are advocating the government for “FAIR HIRING”and REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION.

    Under section 19.2 of the United Nations, stated of Canada and Bill 101 ,and it with the same regard as the Russell township bylaws:

    “A state may choose one or more official languages ,but it may not exclude ,outside the spheres of public life ,the freedom to express oneself in a language of ones choice “.The committee accordingly concludes that there has been a violation of human rights.

    Now Canada chooses to ignore this!
    Yet Canada had signed on to the UN charter!

    Mike open your eyes!!!!!!

  42. @Patrick Boucher Re: – Post: August 28, 2012 at 3:36 am
    P. Boucher said:

    “Official bilingualism is in the constitution.”

    Yes, what a handy piece of work that was by our late dear Mr. P.E.T.


    @Mike Bedard Re: Post – August 27, 2012 at 8:39 pm
    Mike wrote:
    “This is what I am talking about! You all have a valid point that merit before language should be of the outmost importance and I personally recommend translators as a happy median! Which many liked!”

    Yes, yes yes and yes again Mike. That would solve SO MANY problems and possibly create a bit more harmony. After all, this is why we have French T.V. & radio stations. I am tired of hearing the Prime Minister talk (on say, the English channel) and then repeat the same thing in French while the translator re-repeats it in English again and again. Why can he not just say it all in English and then let everyone do their jobs translating. That way, the French can hear it in French on their stations and the English can hear it in English (ONLY – and not re-repeated a hundred times) on theirs.

    That would also mean that English Canadians (those from the majority 90% of Canada’s population) could have the “rightful opportunity” of actually running to be Prime minister (and for that matter Minister of the official opposition party) in their own country.
    — What a concept. Those representing the majority population of a country being able to run for the top job in their own country — Shesh… Imagine that!

    Just simply as a fairness issue, that would be — one small step, one giant leap — towards removing the animosity that is building.
    (sorry couldn’t help the astronaut reference in remembrance of Neil Armstrong 🙂
    Have a good day all…

  43. Oh and… @Patrick Boucher

    Re: – “The constitution.”

    I don’t believe the “province” of Quebec signed onto it, did they?

    Further more, it almost doesn’t matter in a sense because whenever they don’t like something in it they simply use the “not withstanding clause” to subvert it. So, once again, best of both worlds. Ah, must be nice to constantly have your cake and eat it too. But, even that idiom can only last so long when carried too far. After all, historically speaking, look what happened to Marie Antoinette.

  44. Highlander, how do you get the initial S from Jim Allan’s name?

    And as a liberal, I am also loathe to listen to the rightwing Fraser Institute for anything. But since our francophone-dominated federal government refuses to allow English Canada access to the numbers, we have to go with that. Of course we have to keep in mind that they will do whatever they can to keep the published costs low rather than risk infuriating English Canadians. I will trust Mr. Allan before them.

    So, Boucher, let’s go with $8-10 BILLION a year (Mr. Allan’s estimates go as high as $16 billion).

    Biggest waste of taxpayer dollars.

    Taking money from English Canadian taxpayers to benefit ONLY the 17% (or fewer) who are francophone.

    This includes FRENCH-ONLY clinics, hospitals, festivals, etc., where ENGLISH Canadians are not welcome and are, in fact, turned away.

    And don’t give us that garbage about official bilingualism being in the constitution. So is the Notwithstanding Clause, which you francophones ARE WELL AWARE OF. When you TRULY push bilingualism in your racist province of Kaybec, then you have the right to tell us about OUR faults.

  45. @ Mike

    “You say French Canadians are not proud! How many people are fighting for your cause! Seems like the French outweighed the English …… approximately say 10 to 1, to be modest, when the topic came to Cornwall City Council and “Oh, Canada!” was sung so loudly in French that no English singing could be heard! That my friend is a proud and powerful statement!”

    Just because in your words “the French(Richelieu Club) outweighed the English(handful of discriminated CCH employees brave enough to speak up)”,doesn’t mean the majority of our community doesn’t believe in fair government hiring practices!

    Also, the other side “English” as you put it, thought the Anthem would be sung in each Official Language,not just in FRENCH.
    The “English” group politely waited their turn,only to realize it wasn’t to be. That my friend was extremely RUDE & a form of bullying by the Richelieu Club members & City Council !!!!

    So Mike,think about what you say before you say it!

    Secondly Mike said,

    “Your groups’ ideas are clouded and unfortunately misguided due to the personal experiences of certain individuals!

    Your indirect comments about society in general are nothing more than diversions from how I have outright proven that one of your leaders has maliciously lied to gain public favor!

    Sadly, I liked what the group started out as but truly have grown to borderline hate where it is today because I have disappointed time and time again but comments and statements made by certain individuals!”

    So are you insinuating that every “English” commenter on here is a LFA member????

    This is a democracy Mike & everyone is entitled to their own opinion,yes even you are.

    Lastly,WTH are you talking about?

    ” I have outright proven that one of your leaders has maliciously lied to gain public favor!”

    You are continually berating LFA,personally I think your the one with a SECRET AGENDA Mike!!!

  46. Admin said,

    “There was a bus at the Counties meeting pulled together with more people supporting their position than there were protesters.”

    I would like to expand on your observations Jamie,thanks for pointing this out!!!

    Yes, at the Counties meeting an entire busload of retirement home residents from Alexandria attended the meeting.They were misinformed by their “leaders”, that the protesters were “Anti-French”.

    Yes, there was only a handful of protesters because it’s called

    The brave individuals who stood up against discrimination are to be commended!!!

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it;he is obligated to do so.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  47. Boucher, most Canadians are for official bilingualism but NOT IF KAYBEC IS EXCLUDED AS T CURRENTLY IS. That is the epitome (look it up) of unfairness and injustice. So do you wish to tell us you are for that kind of discrimination?

  48. Patrick, the words Official Bilingulism are not in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, even the word bilingual is not in there, so I am not sure what you mean.

  49. So when proof is provided, you contest it. I’m ok with it, but if you contest, provide proof. 8 To ten billion, 16 billion, 3.1 trillion, come on! With an annual budget of roughly 230 to 250 billion (Pete, I did say roughly), the figure after 40 years you come up with makes no sense. You don’t have to be a financial researcher to realize this.

    1 % of the budget for 22 percent of the population…it’s worth to spend 1 % of the budget to provide service for 7 million plus people.

    Québec didn’t sign the constitution but they sure use it. They are the ones that used the notwithstanding clause but there is one caveat in that clause. It is only good for five years, after that you have to modify your law or it is null and void. Granted, la loi 101 had to be modified, but it still doesn’t hurt anglos in Québec. HECK, in five years Montreal will have a majority anglos.

  50. Semantics, you know as well as I do, that if you say in Canada:

    -le français et l’anglais ont un statut et des droits égaux quant à leur usage dans les institutions fédérales;
    chacun a le droit d’utiliser le français ou l’anglais au Parlement du Canada;
    les lois adoptées par le Parlement fédéral doivent l’être dans l’une et l’autre langue;
    chacun a le droit d’employer le français ou l’anglais devant un tribunal fédéral;
    le public a le droit, sous réserve des stipulations de la Charte, à des services dans la langue officielle de son choix lorsqu’il traite avec les ministères et organismes fédéraux.
    ..ISnt rougly the same thing!!

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