Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Have you checked your Community Recycling Info? August 15, 2012

CFN – Have you checked your city or county website for recycling information recently?  The reason I ask this question is what your area accepts for recycling can change year to year depending on the demand your recycler has for a particular material.  I know in my area we used to be able to put plastic bags in our recycle bins, which they stopped taking and then this year have begun to accept again.  A notice we received from our particular area also showed materials which were accepted last year are no longer accepted.


Additionally, it was found that items which were noted as not accepted, are being accepted.  Our Municipality was contacted to clarify some information noted in a correspondence received because it didn’t make sense why a particular material was listed as not being accepted.  What Earth Matters would like to impress on our readers is to verify this information on a yearly basis, then check again to insure you are taking advantage of all the recycling opportunities in your area.

Something worthy of your consideration is to inquire about what items you can divert to area associations and non-profits.  Many non-profits for example, have a need for one use plastic bags to use for packaging the items they sell in their thrift stores.  Some associations collect plastic caps, cans or milk bags which they convert to money or products for the various non-profits they are working with.

Used tires will not be picked up in your recycling or in your weekly garbage pick-up.  Most places that sell tires will accept your worn out tires (at no charge) for recycling, even if you are not currently purchasing new tires.  Contact or 1-888-OTS-2222 to find the business closest to you that will accept your tires for recycling at no charge.  Earth Matters has checked the businesses noted on this site in our area and found that many local stores who accept the tires are not necessarily noted on this site.  The site is a good starting point then make some calls to insure the place you wish to drop the tires off at will take them, and at no charge.

“E-waste is the fastest growing source of waste in North America” according to the International Energy Agency.  As new electronics is introduced into the marketplace, older models become obsolete as parts to repair this equipment are no longer available for purchase.  These obsolete items often contain hazardous waste such as lead, cadmium and Mercury.  It is therefore imperative to protect human health and the environment by insuring this equipment is safely disposed of through your area’s hazardous waste collection days and through your local electronic suppliers.  Many electronic suppliers accept e-waste such as computer monitors, printers, laptops, phones and batteries.  We are always surprised to find obsolete electronics at curb side when there are so many recycling depots and safe disposal areas readily available to us.  We can collectively divert e-waste from our land fills by taking advantage of these free services.  Please share this information far and wide with family, friends and business associates.
While we’re on the topic of recycling and upcycling I would like to throw a shout out to local Artisan Mike Sonnel.  Mike has a permanent exhibit at The Martintown Mill Gallery & Farmers’ Market in Martintown, Ontario.  Mike has a diverse display of sculptures that he has assembled using organic material that he finds.  (Spider above assembled from found materials)  Materials such as twigs, bones, seeds, nuts…are magically transformed into forms and creatures that are amazingly life-like.  The creations delighted all the visitors, from one to one hundred and one who visited during my visit this past Sunday.  This historical Mill, Gallery and Market is open to the public each Sunday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. until the fall.  A great afternoon outing for some local history, interesting Artwork, locally produced food and the warm hospitality of Martintown, Ontario.  Visit for more information.

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