Alex Barker Learns the Impact of Facebook & Social Media – Explanation Behind Vodka Drinking Pup Photo

CFN – Alex Barker learned how fast and how emotional Social Media can be after this pic of him with his poochie was published on Facebook.    It went viral ending up with a police investigation and threats.

Alex posted publicly about it.   LINK

    alex here, the one who posted the photo
    i deeply apologize for the offensive nature and content but the reality is THE DOG IS NOT CONSUMING ALCOHOL NOR WAS HE IN ANY SORT OF DISTRESS. the lid was most definitly on the bottle. i do agree and in retrospect i regret taking the photo, it is disgusting and probably the stupidest thing i have ever been apart of.
    i deeply apologize
    i would NEVER put an animal of any sort in harms way. i am not a cruel person.
    the puppy was playing with the tops of the bottles and chewing at them so it just seemed like a photo for a laugh or two, that is of course not the case. i have removed the photo completely, i can and will include a photo minutes before that one was taken on the puppy in my arms.
    i hope my apology can be accepted, even though im most certainly sure it wont be, i have no way of escaping this now that it has been blown in that direction, i deserve every shot taken at me and i once more will apologize.

Personally I’m really glad that this pup was not exposed to alcohol, but the issue for many is that these photos can inspire actions by others.   A lot of people don’t realize that depending on your settings and which Social media site you’re posting on these public images can be seen by people all over the world and are shared too.

That can lead to instances such as this.    It also can lead to people losing their prospective jobs; relationship break ups and in more positives cases, being discovered!

Social Media can be a tool and weapon.   Crimes have been solved and whole communities at times depend on it.  Some have even attributed the success of the “Arab Spring” on tweets and posts on Social media.

Do you think Alex should be prosecuted for this photo?   Is the world being too sensitive and how has Social Media impacted your life?

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  1. I believe everyone should have a 2nd chance in life everyone. Makes mistakes

  2. If the cap was really on, it’s being blown out of proportion. If this gives someone the idea to do it for real then they had issues to begin with and where bound to prove Darwin wrong, as so many seem hell bent on doing these days.

  3. i think if this is truly just a mistake in judgement then let it go, but because of the nature of the photo alex’s history should be scrutinized ,like a check to see if he has previous offenses or complaints of animal neglect or cruelty

  4. An unfortunate incident and a serious lesson learned for everyone. Big brother is more than watching. Social Media is on fire and you need to watch what you do in the online world as it definitely can impact your life. Very happy it wasn`t a true event and feel bad the obvious impact it has and will continue to have on Alex. To his credit, he responded and hopefully can recover from the negative effects of his behavior.

  5. Have been sharing your apology Alex – it was an unfortunate mistake on all parts. I am glad to know that you don’t condone animal abuse. I hope others will share your note :).

  6. I, for one do NOT accept your lame apology. Because of you some evil asshole will do this to a defenseless animal and that is unforgivable in my book! This so-called prank was thoughtless and heartless. Your parents must be so proud.

  7. were there any blood tests done on the puppy?

  8. The best part about this is how contrite and apologetic he was in his response. Most people would take the low road and blame it all on us, the public, saying things like “You guys are being stupid,” and “stop over-reacting”…but this guy is like “No, I can see how you’d think that, and I’m sorry”

    For this attitude alone I think he shoudl be totally forgiven. He clearly has good character.

    Lorraine, however, you are being unreasonable. I, like you, am totally outraged by any form of animal abuse. In fact, it’s probably the thing that outrages me more than anything. However, you have to be reasonable when someone demonstrates a good heart. Otherwise it seems like you’re just witch hunting, and when you witch hunt, you lose the ability to positively influence people to do the right thing.

  9. I’m not buying the tug of war explanation, even if the cap is on, he clearly has the neck of the bottle in the puppys throat while holding his head with the other hand.

  10. I really think he may have gave him vodca!! By the time cops went to go check on the dog the dog was ok!! That picture pissed me OFF to the freaken core!! Im a BIG time animal lover!! Anyonewho hurts animals in anyway should be in a cage with lits if pit bulls and let the pit bulls rip the shit out of them!! Cops and animal activist really need to put people in differant neigborhoods to see if animals are well tooken care of

  11. That is horrible and animal abuse. This is the kind of people who are the bunch who are attacking Jamie and all the good people. I am utterly disgusted over this. Dee Dee here in Ottawa there is a neighborhood that is high end and I worked with a girl from that neighborhood who came from an upper class family that is next to Rockliffe called Manor Park. In that area a man beat his dog up so it happens even in the better areas believe me. The cops should apprehend that animal and take him away from that kind of abuse. It isn’t hard for cops to do their work and find out who that man is. Society today is in the toilet and I keep saying that until the day I die.

  12. Editor’s Note. Mr. Houde you are actively participating in a hate group targeting SSN/CFN. Please abide by your chosen activity. Your comments are no longer approved.

  13. Social Media

    The United States has basically gone to war because of the murder videos posted by isis.
    They didn’t react to the fact that 200,000 Syrians have been killed but now want blood.
    Video has forced the NFL into damage control mode especially with sponsors dropping out.
    How this man thought this photo wasn’t going to destroy his life is beyond me. Maybe he was drinking too much!!
    That being said(and I love and have pets) people react to animal cruelty far more than to human cruelty.
    I truly believe the XFLIES hate group words will come back to haunt many of their lives.Most “normal” people are appalled by the many vile comments!!There is a reason they have started to retreat underground!!!!!!!

  14. I think he should be forgiven IF he can prove the puppy is OK. Although this most certainly will give someone else the idea to do it. It almost certainly has happened multiple times since this picture was released. Has anybody seen the picture he said he was going to post of the puppy after this incident to prove no harm was done?


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  15. Why is jokingly pretending to be feeding a dog vodka considered unforgivable animal abuse, but chopping up LIVE baby chickens completely okay???? There are people who will say both are wrong, but the majority of people in general are NOT hardcore vegetarians; MOST people don’t care about the chicks, but flip out about this picture. Shut your self-righteous mouths up, you stupid hypocrites.

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