Bilingualism Advocate Jean Lecompte Disses Russell Township By-Law on Bilingual Business Signs – October 23, 2012

CFN – Bilingual language advocate Jean Lecompte while attending at meeting in South Stormont Ontario went on record claiming that he didn’t agree with the Bilingual sign law instituted in Russell Township that forces businesses to have signs with both English and French on them.

Responding to activist Howard Galganov Mr. Lecompte replies:

I don’t agree with that law.  That they have.  I don’t agree with that law.  

Click to the 12:13 minute mark of the video to hear Mr. Lecompte’s very clear words.

Mr. Lecompte apparently has been doing some spinning since that evening when he refused to be interviewed by media after his comments.   He also disrupted the meeting and handed out a flyer.

He also has refused to be interviewed by CFN since which is sad as we’ve have been quite generous with Mr. Lecompte and his position previously including our coverage and support for the Francophone flag pole in Cornwall Ontario.

It does seem confusing to say you’re against the Russell Township by-law enforcing bilingual signs while being an advocate for such?

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  1. How is it that Mr. Lecompte advocates for bilingual policies but in turn is a member of various French groups? The school where I attend karate lessons has posters posted that says, “Parle moi en Francais S.V.P which translates to, “Speak to me in French, please.”

    How is it that a school pressures kids to speak a certain language? Why don’t the posters say things in French like, “Treat one another with respect,” or “Hard work and determination will triumph over all?” This is clearly social engineering. If, at an all-French school, you need to present propaganda to this point to push language, this is clearly, unequivocally nothing short of social engineering.

    I was one of the creators of the Power Point presentation that was presented to the audience on Oct 17 in SS. Some of the material in my submission contained issues like this. Issues that should not be taken lightly and actually should be considered downright dangerous.

    Because if kids are pushed, coerced or forced to speak a certain language, they will either embrace it or more likely rebel against it. But it doesn’t end there though. I see kids graduating from French elementary schools shunning the non-French kids outright alot of the time. The English kids are seen as being inferior for not having the ability to speak French whereas in fairness, most of the French kids can, get by in English.

    Something else too. This attitude carries on through High School as well. There was a school-to-school brawl last year in Timmins whereby a few hundred kids squared off against one another and the video was posted on youtube, until, get this, various organizations (I’m not sure which ones) ordered the videos taken offline whereby they were.

    Here is the link to the story,

  2. You do have to speak french, what would you do. If I fall down and say, J’ai mal au coeur. Does that mean I have a heart problem, or, does that mean I have a matter of the heart problem. Did I have a heart attack or did my girlfriend tell me it was over. Just an example of why bilingualism is a necessity in cornwall.

    – Cory, that is a dumb question. BECAUSE ITS A FRENCH SCHOOL!. It would be so simple if everything was english for you. THat way you wouldn’t have to learn french, or perfect your french so it would be up to the standards of employment of the federal or provincial government.

  3. yep…we really need people like him around, one that looks for trouble and will try to find fault with everything.

    What you just don’t get cory from Timmins is that this is a bilingual country. What you should be proud of is that these children won’t be going through the same thing you did. You should be happy they are learning at a young age. Leaning both official languages will be a bonus for them.

  4. Yes but without language there is no communication…

  5. Richard tremblay said:

    So you turn cold and grey with not vital signs I should ignore you because i did not understand your last words ?What I am not Aryan Vichy government french enough to perform CPR!

    Man Richard were you dropped on your head or was it purely bad genetics.
    From previous postings I think it the latter -See people perhaps not necessarily all people should breed ,lets hope this one did not perpetuate the species with his spawn.

    stellabystarlight said:

    “What you just don’t get cory from Timmins is that this is a bilingual country”.

    No stella a country with 2 official languages ,saying bilingual perpetuates a falsity of all Canadians are bilingual of which clearly it is not! The 79% are not bilingual.

    Learning any language is beneficial but government sanctioned french is the bonus isn’t it?

  6. Richard not a single English school I have ever been to has highlighted language, NONE! You don’t see posters in English schools saying, “Speak to me in English, please”. Also, the Ontario flag seems to be great for everyone else, why not for the Franco-Ontario populace. Are you and you ilk continuing this Quebec style ‘distinct’ society with the Franco-Ontario flag, French only schools and school buses, French only health care centres, French only organizations.

    Things that make you go hymmmmm.

  7. @ Richard – You said “Yes but without language there is no communication…” I say without vital signs, there is also zero communication”. Hard to understand your thinking Richard.

  8. Cory what you read on the poster in the French School reminded me of my past. In my French school, we used to get stars beside our names if we spoke only French at recess. Have to say there weren’t many beside my name. Tried it once, got laughed at and that was the end of that…

  9. Howard, I might as well be. If I start convulsing and I yell out ¨mon coeur…mon coeur¨ And you are not bilingual, you might think I’m talking about the indigestion.
    – Cory, You can’t compare the two. There is no need to promote the english language in ontario, as some say, it is 95 percent in the majority. But if you have been to la citadelle or l héritage, there is almost no word of french spoken in the halls. Its a shame though, they tried and tried and yet people leaving those schools with the names of berthiaume, leroux or trudeau, lose their french after a few months. They are overwhelmed and get caught up with what is easy. Speak english, get by, speak both official language, now there is a challenge. Yet, speak more then two…

  10. You know Rosie I wanted to reveal that as well at a possible futuristic date….

    But alas, I too used to get gold stars for speaking French during recess. But the more important thing I would like to add is that we used to get into trouble for not speaking French at recess!

  11. Then you guys shouldnt have been in a french school in the first place. If you aren’t going to make an effort to speak french, and if you have been turned down for so many jobs, and if in your opinion you speak french at home, ever thought that language isn’t your problem.

  12. Monsieur Richard, parle moi en Francais, J’ai comprends pas Anglais.



  13. Richard you have no right saying I didn’t make the effort. I was educated in French for eight years and took many more courses since then. I passed every French subject I ever took. That takes a bit of effort. Had I not been laughed at when speaking French in a relaxed atmosphere, who knows, how much more effort I would have given.

  14. Richard tremblay said:

    “Howard, I might as well be. If I start convulsing and I yell out ¨mon coeur…mon coeur¨ And you are not bilingual, you might think I’m talking about the indigestion.”

    First of all if you were convulsing chances are you would be bitting you tongue and unable to speak.
    But hey what does it matter as your sputtering your last breath I can say hey I DONT SPEAK FRENCH I cant help him.

    “But if you have been to la citadelle or l héritage, there is almost no word of french spoken in the halls. Its a shame though, they tried and tried and yet people leaving those schools with the names of berthiaume, leroux or trudeau, lose their french after a few months”

    So why Blame the English? Lets force them to learn the language ,ya that’s how we fix the problem of french not teaching their own language as well as promoting it with taxpaying money!

    So Richard you were not dropped on your head ……sad very sad ….lets hope you did not perpetuate the species ….ooppss again .

  15. @ Tremblay

    Boy you are shallow! You and your “Mon cours!” Yep, you yell that and that is where it ends… are screwed if your nurse isn’t advanced French right?!?!? Oh my fricken God!!!!

    Buddy that is NOT where it ends. Nurses have way more training than that. Remember skills over language. IF you are yelling out mon cours, you are obviously showing other signs as well. Perhaps a look of distress, sweating, holding your chest, etc etc. Nurses would then use their SKILLS like taking vital signs, hooking you up to an EKG machine etc etc. Things are ruled out by continued assessment and testing.

    Now in your case the nurses would quickly figure out that you just need a good shot of haldol, let you sleep off your crazy rant and then we would send you on your way in a cab in the morning.

    Yep 2 French words and you are screwed!?!?! Come on Tremblay. If it was as simple as that, all the Francos in town would be dead by now. Give me a break. You are really talking a bunch of nonsense now.

  16. Hats off to Mr. Lecompte, he is fully aware of the court appointed infringement of rights and freedoms in Russell, Champlain, Nation and Alfred.

    Richard, depending on the study, up to 93% of communication can be non verbal. People who travel the world still eat and get around, English, French, Chinese only speakers still live all over, and signs of distress are easy enough to pick up, more so for trained professionals.

    stella, I don’t get how this is a bilingual country….we do have 2 official languages, with some equality for them. Even NB where they are officially bilingual, have a majority Anglophone population.

  17. Wow, Lecompte, Tremblay & Stella all seem to be striving for this year’s DARWIN awards with their speak to me in French B S before healthcare is given or wanted…..such amazing stupidity.


    We have 2 official languages, but Canada is far from a bilingual country.

    Get over yourselves….

  19. So people ,

    Now prior to taking CPR we should mandate that the person is government proficient French ,so when person has dropped unresponsive ,after you revive him/her they may speak French.

    Take a good look at Mr.bilingualism-Jean Lecompte your hard earned taxpaying money go to support his cause.

    Does the government support his attempt to disrupt a meeting at the taxpayer’s expense?

    Does his government sponsered bilingualism group get conflicted as he sits on numerous French only boards ?

    So all you people if you see him drop dead of a heart attack remember what he said he wants a french person to revive him,
    What happen to bilingualism?

  20. Good article Highlander. For those who don’t click on links (your missing out) here are two quotes,
    “During the German occupation, they were forced to learn German and then during the Russian occupation they were forced to learn Russian. They hated being forced to learn both of these languages and very quickly eliminated them after the occupations.”

    Catch that? “They Hated being forced to learn a language.”

    And, “Language cannot be legislated or forced on citizens without resistance”

  21. EVEN better ONE Highlander. NICE find… Oh yeahhhh…

    By Greg Kielec
    A Cornwall bilingualism activist is backing away from comments about the Russell Township sign bylaw made at a public meeting last Wednesday in Long Sault.
    Jean Lecompte was questioned about the controversial 2008 bylaw mandating bilingual signs by English rights activist Howard Galganov during a presentation to the Cornwall-based Language Fairness for All advocacy group.
    “Absolutely not. I don’t agree with that law that they have> I don’t agree with that law,” said Lecompte, president of the Society for the Promotion of Bilingualism, when singled out of the audience by Galganov.
    Lecompte has since told The Journal that he misunderstood Galganov’s question during the public meeting at the South Stormont Township hall.
    “I got hooked on the word (sic) ‘English is illegal’,” Lecompte said in an interview Friday, stressing he has always supported the Russell Township bylaw.

  22. This tactic and personality trait is emblematic of the “French fact” that exists and that which we are facing in this battle to regain control in this country. Let’s face the facts. Those on the other side of this issue do not wish to see their gains over the past 40 years get washed away. They realize that they must be subversive towards any and all attempts to garner support and amass numbers in opposition because THEY KNOW that if this happens and large groups of people start getting together, it will be too difficult to stop them at that point. It is much easier to quash a smaller group in it’s infancy by creating doubt and fear than it would be a mass of the English speaking majority tax payers that have decided to band together. The sheer fact that this man has been following the goings on of this small group and showing up at their protests and meetings is speaks to this fact. He and his type are an infection.

    It starts with the old smile and shake your hand while they get to know you and your weaknesses, then they use those weaknesses to figure out ways to covertly bring you down or stab you in the back (metaphorically speaking). And, if things are not progressing in their favor and numbers start growing among their opposition, we can likely expect to then see more fear tactics employed. I believe it is a fact that we face many of “this type” among the other side.

    If you see this to be antagonistic, it certainly WAS NOT meant to be. It is simply a direct observation of mine having lived among this group and been immersed among them – uncles and aunts, friends and neighbors – all throughout my life.

    AND, further to that concept I offer this thought… Just imagine what kind of reception you would get (as an infiltrator) if you were sitting in on one of their meetings then passing around flyers to their kind. Yikes…

  23. Very valid points edudyorlik. How many times do we see someone make a point, then someone wants more information about that poster, instead of discussing the actual topic or point.

    We should see some spin soon, the 2011 Census came out today with Language numbers.
    2006 French only – 488,815 – Non English or French – 3,134,045
    2011 French only – 493,300 – Non English or French – 3,264,435

    The 8,677,040 (out of 12,722,060 Ontario total) English only speakers better start protecting English too!

  24. I forgot the math for Ontario.
    2006 French only percentage -3.84%
    2011 French only percentage – 3.87%

  25. I think that we are being unfair to Le Compte. He did say that he does not agree with the sign by-law in Russell. That means that he does not agree with forcing businesses to post signs in English and French – they should be allowed to post signs in any language. That’s our stand, isn’t it? He came to the LFA meeting with a legal size sheet with all the languages saying “Welcome”. That’s commendable!! That means he acknowledges that all those languages can be used in Canada without causing any trouble. Of course, it’s not practical to have all those languages on a business sign or we’d run out of space to say anything else. The concept of freedom (lack of force) is what is important in this debate. Let businesses have the freedom to use any language/s they like and let the customers vote with their feet!!

  26. Let’s try this on for size:
    PART 1
    OK, let’s pretend for a moment that Quebec was a country of its own – (relax there Richard and Stella, I said, let’s pretend. Or, is “ALL of Canada what” you folks are after? 🙂
    Now, with Quebec as it’s own country, there is no need to force a population of 4-6% of the people outside of Quebec to speak a language that is unnecessary, and since most immigrants who come to Canada would be MORE than willing to learn English, that means the ROC can wonderfully revert back to an “English only” Canada (what a relief – no more extra expense, no more unnecessary duplication and plenty of extra left over cash for health care and hospitals (even the new English Montfort 🙂 — NOT TO MENTION — all that extra savings from not having to send oodles of those trashy Canadian 20 dollar bills with the picture of the dreaded Queen on them to a VERY non appreciative province. You know the one – Quebec – )

    Anyway, so now the French have your own little bastion (opps I mean country :- ) where kings and queens of the French monarchy can force (oops, I mean teach) all their little loyal subjects to speak French ONLY. Voila… Oui oui… Cest bon. Life is good –LG –

    The remaining English Canadian citizens who do not wish to be loyal French subjects and abide by this silliness can, if they choose, be given government assistance to move back to Canada where we all speak English and life, once again, is good and not as complicated, duplicated and costly.

    Now, here’s where it gets interesting. For you French folk to come work or visit here “in Canada” you MUST then — no choice in the matter — “MUST” learn the common language — of the country of Canada — which as you know is ENGLISH. Imagine that, it’s also the language of business throughout the entire WORLD.

    It is your choice NOT to learn English, that’s fine too but, while visiting this new English country “Canada” you cannot bitch and whine that you are not being understood when you’re having a heart attack or wanting to order a beaver tail. That’s UNDERSTOOD… Just like when you go to other countries that don’t know French but, likely DO know English.

  27. PART 2
    HOPEFULLY YOU”RE STILL FOLLOWING ALONG because here’s “the even BETTER PART” … Guess what? At this point, the English people of CANADA — DO NOT — Yes, I repeat — DO NOT — HAVE to learn French – AT ALL. There are many that might decide to — just because — and that’s great but, NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE will ever BE FORCED to learn French again. Ahhhhhh… What a wonderful peaceful, warm feeling that is. Just that thought of not being forced into something makes me WANT to go out and actually do it 🙂

    Anyways, I digress. So, where do we find ourselves at this point? Well, we find that if the French in “Quebec-land” wish to do business with the “rest of the world” including us here in “Canada” they MUST now learn English,. Awww, terrible isn’t it? Imagine that. Something they absolutely deplored not long ago.

    But conversely, the English people in “CANADA” would simply carry on with their lives and have the pleasure of electing their own Prime Ministers — from their own English majority pool etc etc etc… And, if they need to do business with the rest of the world, IT’S A DONE DEAL. No learning any minority languages. WHY? Because English (this is the part that YOU FOLK JUST DON’T GET) — IS indeed … The language of the world — I quote you here albright, “comprends tu” NOW? Do you get it?

    Here, I’ll spell it out. There is ZERO need to know French. It’s a nice language and I am sure that many people (“if not forced” would love to know it) but, IT IS ONLY “NECESSARY” in your own little minds, and in your own little worlds

    — AND NO ONE elses’. PERIOD. You folk NEED to STOP forcing this minority French language on others.

    PS: In this new Canada I can now watch the House of Commons without hearing my own Prime Minister say something only to have it CONSTANTLY repeated on my English T.V. station in my own damn language. What a farce THAT is. CONSTANT bloody repetition. Over and over and over and over again.

  28. And the moral of the story. Why don’t the TINY minority French who drive their French cars with their French license plates over into “CANADA” along with that even smaller minority group – the French Ontario folk — just simply learn the MAJORITY language of their own country — English — and be happy knowing two languages. Hey, they can still keep their “Frenchdom” but AMONG themselves. As a bonus, we’ll give ya’s that “province” over dare. I is simply much easier and less expensive for the tiny minority French to learn English “the language of the country” than it is for the vast majority to English to learn French. A language that is not only a small minority but also — IS NOT — the language of commerce in the world. And before you say it… No, no one is “forcing you” to learn English. Do as you please, but don’t expect any one to bend over backwards when you cannot even converse in the common language of your own country CANADA.

  29. Some excellent comments here, one better than edudyorlik’s above.
    When the francophone advocates of “bilingualism” start DEMANDING the same level of services for anglophones in Keec and NB they might be listened to. Until that time they have ZERO credibility.

    Treat them as racists.
    Call them racists.
    Offer them the chance to prove they are not racists.
    The ones who take you up on it are potentially loyal Canadians. Welcome them.
    The others are indeed racist anglophobes and let them bleat about unfair treatments (PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS) all they want. They will not be welcome in our movement or our country.
    TRUE bilingualism? Make Canada outside Kebec EXACTLY AS FRENCH as Kebec is English. NO MORE.
    Loyal Canadians will agree. Racist francophones (hey there stella and boucher) will not. Ignore them, marginalize them, demonize them. Most Canadians will be on your side.

  30. We really should be able to edit our comments. NONE are better than edudyorlik’s above.

  31. It is amazing how obsessed you guys get, almost to the point of taking a stroke. **s** So……again, after this sign BS is over then what? The piper brings up revolution quite often……so I guess that is your main goal. Let’s kill one another to prove a point while hoping the majority wins.

    You guys won’t be happy until you have full control…….guess what, it won’t happen. Thinking Mr. MacDonald hit the nail on the head with his post.

    Do you honestly think the gov will kowtow to you guys and they will ask your input on where the tax should be spent……hahaha!!! Only in your dreams my wonderful english friends.

  32. OMG edudyorlik,you sure know your facts & put those racist Keebecers in their play,great letter thank it

  33. Has any of you Anglo folks on here even been in a situation where you are in a hospital or anywhere where you are sick and no one will or can speak to you in English.. Until this happens I do not think you are as bad off as you think you are..

    I also say this is supposed to be bilingual county and another thing go to new Hampshire they are even polite enough to put Bienvenue on signs coming into a city… Wow!!!!!! More than one could ever expect here.

    On this omline paper I find many French haters sorry! and I do not find that good for business or for our community

  34. right on Stella 🙂 Almost as bad as MMe Marois LOL

  35. Great posts, edudyorlic and Lou. The Anglo tide is turning.

  36. Supports bilingulism, skiing accidents happen all the time in Quebec, I am aware of language issues in hospitals there. There is a story this week of a Quebec paramedic treating “suspected” English parents badly picking up an injured child.

    This is not a bilingual country. There are more people who speak neither French or English than are Eng/Fr bilingual in several provinces, certainly many more English only. I have seen Eng/Fr signs in Old Orchard beach Maine, but not the New Hampshire one you talk about. I have also driven through Quebec to NB and was assured by the lack of bilingual signs for safety or directional, that respect is one way!

    Most of us have few issues, I believe, with providing services to those who need it, but ensuring French services for the few very bilingual trouble makers is a concern. So, to paraphrase your comments, you are not as bad off as you think.

  37. @ supports bilingualism

    510 people in Cornwall speak French only!!!

    Please explain why you feel 100% of hires at Cornwall Community Hospital must be bilingual??? Even the morgue attendant must be french!!!!

    This is so ridiculous to turn away qualified medical staff because they are not A- French!!!

    This is called pushing the french-only agenda by government sponsored francho-groups!!!

    Wake up Cornwall & support Language Fairness for ALL, they advocate fair government hiring practices & are NOT as the propaganda pushers like to coin “french-haters”!!!

    As a matter of fact that is the furthest thing from the truth!
    Chris Cameron’s mother’s family is french & many others have french parents & spouses!!!! Many of our children are enrolled in french immersion or attend french schools.

    People are demanding fairness, the pendulum has swung way to far when french-only are hired!

    Don’t believe the propaganda spreaders!!!


  38. @ supports bilingualism

    “I also say this is supposed to be bilingual county”

    More propaganda!!!!


    2 OFFICIAL LANGUAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. supports bilingualism said,

    “another thing go to new Hampshire they are even polite enough to put Bienvenue on signs coming into a city… Wow!!!!!! More than one could ever expect here.”

    True, but here we are FORCED to have bilingual only signs in Russel, Embrun, Cassellman, Rockland/Clarance!!!!


    Ontario is no different from Quebec, we now have language police too!!!!

    Thank the good Lord above, South Stormont is smart enough to say, “The buck stops here”!

  40. Yep……the english claim they are the majority, guess what, NOT FOR LONG!! There is a 64% increase in the number of people that speak Tagalog and 50.4% that speak Mandarin………..the most popular being Punjabi. Immigration is changing the linguistic landscape of Canada’s cities….whether you like it or not. Over 200 seperate languages are spoken in this country.

    That being said, what will you do when schools start teaching Asian languages? Refuse to learn it like you did with french then claim discrimination? In a few years english will become the minority in this country, just like happened in the USA….then what? The piper, the big g himself said, this language issue will lead to a revolution. Is is blatantly obvious that he would go that far to prove his point. SHAME ON HIM and his followers…..Pathetic indeed!!!

    english, get that through your head!


  41. supports bilingualism said:

    “I also say this is supposed to be bilingual county and another thing go to new Hampshire they are even polite enough to put Bienvenue on signs coming into a city… Wow!!!!!! More than one could ever expect here.”

    Your right supports bilingualism Quebec would never be polite as such !!!

    But we know Quebec would never even have safety signs on its roads in bilingual as Ontario does!!!

    So do not claim Canada as bilingual -when Quebec will never put up English signs for its 1.5 million English speaking people .


    stellabystarlight continues to spread propaganda:

    “The piper brings up revolution quite often……so I guess that is your main goal. Let’s kill one another to prove a point while hoping the majority wins.”

    -LFA was initially formed by nurses and most certainly would never agree to any form of violence!!

    “You guys won’t be happy until you have full control…”

    Now Stella I know LFA is influential, but taking control of what stella?
    Perhaps taking control of our future so that our future generations are no longer treated as second class citizens…….

  42. Uh, stella, as you point out, Canada has 2 official languages, others are playing nice.
    Since you brought up numbers, are the French not concerned about Ontario French speakers going down to 4.1% of the population? Please alert Madam Meileur and the Ontario French Language Commisioner to change thier website info and redirect more funding from core services.

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