Stand up for your language rights! Howard Galganov to Appear Before South Glengarry Council November 13, 2012


Let’s help keep the momentum building.

On September 26, 2012 . . . South Stormont Council raised the bar for Ontario and the rest of Canada.

The South Stormont Council UNANIMOUSLY adopted a ground-breaking RESOLUTION to honour a section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by committing itself to NEVER infringe upon the RIGHTS of people to fully benefit from Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, vis a vis our GUARANTEED FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, specifically in regard to the RIGHT to communicate in the language of anyone’s choice on commercial signs.

The UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language in Ontario is NOW against the law:

As of June of this year (2012), the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that even though FORCED Bilingual Sign Laws VIOLATE Freedom of Expression . . . but, because these laws favour the French language over the English language, it is appropriate to allow municipalities to take away this FREEDOM, by forcing ENGLISH businesses to post signs in French, whether the individual merchant wishes to communicate in the other language or not.

Your inalienable right to live and work in the language of your choice has been violated. So what are you going to do about it?


At 7:00 o’clock on November 13, 2012 at the South Glengarry Town Hall, in Lancaster  at 6 OAK STREET at the corner of  CTY ROAD 34, you will have the chance to be seen and heard in the language of your choice, so don’t leave the FIGHT for your FREEDOM of EXPRESSION up to others.

South Glengarry Township Hall – Meeting Location

There is no guarantee that the Council will even want to vote on this Resolution on the 13th, likely not, since most people seem to want to leave our fight for Freedoms up to our brave troops overseas, while our political leaders are too timid to even raise their voices for our own FREEDOMS at home.

Make your voice heard and call the South Glengarry Council to tell them that you want them to pass this resolution in support of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

 Township office – 613 347-1166

Call now and tell everyone you know to call too.

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  1. Thank You Stella, but if you notice someone said something about phone greetings being primarily in French, I just had to call and guess what….primarily french

  2. In his speech, Howard said he asked CAO Derik Brandt if there is any rules or regulations that would prohibit to make a motion to read the resolution and vote on it “tonight” (on the 13th). He said the CAO’s answer was no, there is no such rules. Then the CAO did exactly the opposite, bringing up the “normal procedure” excuse. The content of the Galganov’s Freedom of Speech resolution does not require any financial commitments/expenses, so the supposed “administration’s input” is muted.

    If South Glendary council wanted to pass the resolution, they would have done it yesterday. They had plenty of time to make a decision.

  3. I don’t care if they want to take 20 friggin years to decide on this because they already allow you to use any language you want on your sign. We should be targetting organizations that have unfair bilingualism requirements. This is is just causing problems for the sake of problems, like that francophone who sued Air Canada for giving him the wrong soda. This is a waste of time!

  4. I am insulting, you guys got more nerve than a toothache.

    You allow the blogs of the tremblys and stellastarbirghts, to go unchecked and uncensored, but me, you refuse to publish my blogs.

    Have you even read their words of wisdom, tainted with more insults than heinz has pickles.

    Come on, you actually block my blogs and allow theirs to be posted

    No wonder the council could not passs a logical fair and common sense resoloution , if your paper is reflective of fainess then God help Mr. Galganvov.

    You side with the tremblys and stellastarbrights, and not allow the other side equal and just responses, particularly when the responses are vetted in common sense.

    I know you won’t post this , but I am hopeful someone at ADMIN will have the guts to apply the fairness you should be aspiring to.

    Jim Quealey


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