CFN interviews Montrealer Aimee Davison – Should Anglos Speak English Only as a Protest & a lot more! VIDEO

Aimee Davison : Google +
Aimee Davison : Google +

CFNAimee Davison talks alot.  And she’s reversed a trend in that she’s migrated to Quebec as opposed to leaving it; but Pauline Marois and her PQ government’s policies have irked the Actor, Model, and Internet Diva to the point that she’s decided to not speak French anymore  in certain situations and went to the web with her message.

Aimee & I had a chance to chat yesterday and this is part of our chat which went far and wide subject wise besides the strange oddness that is Quebec politics.

 So I watched your video about the weirdness that is the language of French in Quebec.
 I then started to check out a bunch of your other videos.
Most of your videos are entertaining.  This one seemed hyper political.  Why?
 I sometimes make political opinion videos when I am passionate about a particular issue.

But you’re not born in Quebec.
Is it fair for an outsider to take your position compared to someone that’s born and suffered there or an ex pat like myself?
How have you suffered with language weirdness in Quebec or is it Montreal in particular?
I find most of the weirdness language wise is centered in Montreal?
I’ve lived here for 13 years.
I think that’s long enough to form an opinion about language issues in Quebec and francophone versus anglophone tensions.
Language weirdness… lol… funny term.
Aimee’s 100 Job’s Promo video

 So what are some of your main issues when it comes to language that you’d come out with such a strong position?
And what do you think the return reactions will be?  Have you had to explain your position to locals and French friends?
  (don’t quote my LOLs, please :)
 yes dear
I’ve mainly lived and worked in Montreal so I have mostly experienced language issues here.
Can you give a few examples so people can get a grip on your reality?
  I wouldn’t be able to say if I would experience the same issues outside of Montreal, but given the Parti Quebecois’ aggressive protection of the French language and separatist or French nationalist policies, I am sure I could experience tension elsewhere in Quebec.
  Gotcha, but have you actually had any particular experiences or instances of language weirdness?
Have you lost a job or been verbally abused?
Did anyone kick you in the shin or force you to eat Cretons?
Tie you down and listen to early Celine Dion albums?
Lock you in a closet with Youppi?   Force you to watch French Soap Operas?
  My main issues with language in Quebec is the attempt by the government to legislate it out of legal and common usage and to prohibit children from learning English in schools. I fail to understand why French is seen as superior in Quebec and why the government feels that they are entitled to “protect it” at the expense of other languages.
I support freedom of language choice and I have never forced a French person to adopt and use English, so why is the reverse being done to me by the Quebec government?
So mostly your issues are with Madame Marois and the PQ government?
In terms of reactions to my arguments, my friends and family, some of which who are francophone, are supportive. I also receive positive feedback from anglophones experiencing the same frustrations and sense of alienation caused by the current provincial administration. Francophone separatists are the people who most strongly oppose my position, which is unsurprising.
As of this interview your video has been viewed more than 6,000 times on You Tube.
Have you received much response to the video itself from viewers or the public?
  When I refuse to speak French in public in an act of protest, most francophones simply switch to English without any problems. There are some who attempt to pressure me into continuing the conversation in French, but most are accommodating. If someone I encounter in public clearly doesn’t speak English, I will switch over to French.
Before my decision to stop speaking French in public as an act of protest, I would usually switch to French as soon as the person I was speaking with did.
So if I’m understanding you so far you’ve actually had no problems or issues in life via the language weirdness other than with Ms Marois and her wacky band of Linguistic Banditos?
And get along great with your fellow Francophones?
 Btw, which part of Ontario are you from?
  Yes, though one example I can think of was when I worked for an American client in the summer handing out lunch bags for donations for Hunger Awareness Week and two people were very rude and aggressive said to me,
“C’est en français ici au Québec!”
and handed back the donation bags because they were printed in English.
One of the men asked if he could have the number to my supervisor so he could complain, but I talked him out of it, in French. :)
   I received many comments on my YouTube video, some of which were so abusive that I had to delete them.
Some comments were that I didn’t deserve to live in Quebec, that I was a part of the female anatomy and that I am a bigoted cow. Most of the abusive comments were written in French and one commenter was arguing with other commenters in English but would only address me in French.
CFN  Do you think your video will change anything?
Do you think it will hurt your work options when employers see it?
  I moved to Quebec because I am half Franco-Ontarian and I wanted to perfect my French.
I studied it at school from the 4th grade and graduated from a bilingual high school
in Alberta.
  I think my video will reassure anglophones that if we stand in solidarity to resist the discriminatory policies of the Parti Quebecois we can ensure that we will maintain our linguistic freedom.
  I work for myself, producing content for several YouTube channels (Onehundredjobs, LOLpervs, ConfessionsofVenus and FashionAmbush), write for a men’s website and host a radio show on CJAD News Talk Radio, so I am not worried that I will lose my job. Most of my clients are American, as well. The only time I work in French is when I model.

Busy girl!  We’ll have to try and find a way for you to write for us too :)
  I don’t think anglophones refusing to speak French will heat up tensions, as most  francophone and anglophone people are nice. It’s the government that should fear the brunt of an English resistance.
So switching gears if this was 1993 instead of 2013 what would Aimee be doing for a living?
  I think it is unlikely, at least in Montreal, that speaking English will cause you to be beaten up, though I did hear of several disappointing cases where people working for Montreal’s public transit agency (STM) reacted violently to clients speaking English.
  I think I type faster than you :)
  I would be writing, modelling and continuing a career in television and radio. The only thing I couldn’t do in 1993  for which there was no equivalent that I am paid to do now is release Internet media in the form of web videos and blogs.
I’m typing longer sentences. lol
So how did you get into the internet biz?
  I first started writing online for a parenting blog when I was pregnant with my child in 2000. I was one of the first mommy bloggers before that was even a thing! It was called “Aimee’s Conception Chronicles.” Then, I wrote for as a man (I used male pen names) between 2001-2003. I quit the net for a while and focused on acting and modeling through agencies, as well as writing a few articles for the West Island Chronicle, and then in 2008 I launched my first web series, Fashion Ambush, for which there is 4 episodes, when it was rejected from a television production company. After seeing that Fashion Ambush only amassed several thousand views per episode and I couldn’t run ads on it because YouTUbe rejected me from its partner program, I switched to doing a project in 2009 where I worked at 100 different jobs for a minimum of $100 each. That wrapped in 2011 and I was finally accepted into YouTUbe’s partnership program, so I started vlogging like the video you saw and producing media on LOLpervs.
 You Tube rejected you and not Miss Hannah Minx? :)
  Hard to believe, isn’t it? lol
I have to chase that one a bit further.  Do you need implants like Hanna and others to get the big numbers on You Tube?
Are we that plastic a society?
Could you do that?
Would you sell your soul for Rock n Roll?
You did one video with someone that clearly had a lot of work done.
Are women forced to do that compared to men?  I mean, you don’t see Terry DiMonte getting breast implants…
  Not at all. You just have to use what you have got to attract the most attention as possible and appeal to a younger audience. You also need to know how YouTube’s algorithm works to drive traffic and referral views on YouTube. Trending topics in traditional and social media are one of the best things to produce media about on YouTube to get views, currently  unless you come up with a hit show format like Epic Meal Time, which is very difficult.
Being sexy and a woman actually opens you up to more harassment on YouTube.
 I like my chest the way it is and can use gel inserts, so no. lol
Although I did lobby for sexy equality on YouTube:
  So where do you see You Tube and Social media going vs traditional media?
 I was cautious because I had been harassed by teenage boys last week because I defended the girls who were being psychologically abused in the #cutforbieber hoax.
 I lived on Crescent Street across from Hurley’s in 1995.  I honestly thought it was all done then…
now we’re nearly 20 years later and they want to pick on itty bitty kids in school…
  I hope that today’s francophone youth will embrace bilingualism and inclusion instead of the xenophobia of some of their parents.
I also thought the language nonsense was dying down until the student protests and the most recent provincial elections.
I was horrified when Marois was elected with only 32% of the popular vote.
I think the student protests paved the way for the resurgence of a separatist agenda.
So true.  It was pure PQ politicization of an issue near election time.   And on that note I think we’re just about  done.   Last word to you Aimee.
  The protests proved that with enough public pressure, any minority group can change things to their suiting, and it instilled more public distrust of the Liberal party.
 To learn more about the talented Ms Davison check out her website;
So Canada should we stop speaking French in Quebec as a protest?    Please post your comments below.


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  1. Sometimes things like this seem petty, however the Francophones have no issue with promoting French. See the blurb from ACFO Prescott Russell. This is beyond fairness or reasonable accommodation so why not stand up for English!


  2. Aimee said: When I refuse to speak French in public in an act of protest, most francophones simply switch to English without any problems……

    interesting indeed, according to some posters here, when one speaks english they are mistreated and beat up……

    Aimee said: I received many comments on my YouTube video, some of which were so abusive that I had to delete them

    Aimee, join the club…..the french here got abused, big time by the english freedom fighters!!!!

    Aimee said: I think it is unlikely, at least in Montreal, that speaking English will cause you to be beaten up, though I did hear of several disappointing cases

    Wow according to some bloggers here, many are getting beat up everyday……just goes to show the exageration of some of these posters.

    I must admit, (IF THAT IS TRULY THE CASE ) that being forced to only speak french in Montreal is not right, however, like Aimee I believe that both offical languages should be encouraged in all of Canada. I have a hard time believing that english is totally banned in Montreal and according to this article, IT ISN”T!!!

  3. And how they are “encouraged” is the issue stellabystarlight.

  4. You’re right Eric….

    This social engineering project will be finished within 5 years at most, though.

    This ‘encouraging’ is but a gentle euphemism for other descriptions such as ‘pushing’, ‘coercing’, ‘forcing’ if you will.

    We now have no other option but to learn French in order to have any sort of chance at a good life. Now if that isn’t social engineering, I don’t know what is, indeed.

    I, for one, don’t want any sort of ‘encouraging’; whether it be ‘encouraged’ to post a language on a sign or to be ‘encouraged’ to learn another language in order to work. By the way, this sort of language ‘encouragement’ is no longer isolated to government jobs.

    Check this out:

  5. Good for you Aimee. This has been going on for 50 years, Yes the federasl government could not care less about the anglos in quebec.

    This xenaphobia, is a sickness that has now reached epidemic proportions.

    Hered is an entity ( quebec) that has as a governement , the p/q., whose only reason to exist is to seoarate, and rid quebec of anything and anyone who is English.

    its that simply.

    WhyÉ They hate the English, simple.


  6. Well, it is only the begininning. How much more are people going to take?

    Enough is enough. The English, not only in quebec, but here in Ontario as well, have had it up to here, with either french only, or bilingualism.

    When are governments going to learn that forcing people to be bilingual WILL NOT WORK.

    Bloggers have alluded to this many, many times. If People want and end to this : THEN GET quebec OUT OF cANADA.

    With quebec gone, bilingualism goes with it.

    The P.Q. will only get worse, over time. It is obvious that OTTAWA has no intention of assisting anyone, who has been sacarficied ( THE quebec anglos or victims of forced bilingualism in the rest of the country), so it is up to the people themselves, and they are mobilizing.

    No one who has lived here for any length of time should be schocked by events in quebec, it is in their DNA to get rid of the English in quebec.

    But people here in Ontario, are finally waking up, and staring to fight back, and good for them.

  7. Where in Ontario did aimee say she was from?

  8. @ Stella

    You don`t think that Anglophones should have the RIGHT to put up signs in their own language

    What Disappointing cases of not speaking English in Montreal did you here about stella

    Was tthe abuse you received from people here one sided, or did you provocate any of it

    seems to me you are tilting you case in one direction only.

    peeople don`t attack unless theya re attacked, please elaborate.

  9. @ spera @ aimee

    Thank you spera for sharing

    I believe that up is up ,down is down, black is black and white is white.

    I hope you read a history of the posts on this site, aimee.

    The OVERWHELMING number of posts are or have related stories and observations that are compatiable to aimee’s.

    The abuse that the English have taken in quebec is mind boggling.

    Now, because of the french’s proximity to quebec, it is starting here in eastern Ontario.

    When we, as a majority try to protect our language and culture we are called names, have been personally insulted and comments made to deliberately inflame an already bad situtation.

    I urge you to read the posts here and draw your own conclusions.

    keep in mind, many ,many of us hail from quebec.

    others are seeing, for the very first time what the french in eastern Ontario are trying to accomplish, at our expense.

    What you related is not new. I, and others, can tell you how we, our loved ones and many others have been treated BY THE french in quebec.

    The fight here, is to regain our proper place as a majority , not only in a province, but a country as well.

    look at the number of jobs the English have lost here, and in other regions and are loosing because of FORCED builingualism

    Look at how townships, like Russell, that ARE FORCING businessman to POST in french and English, TAKING AWAY THEIR RIGHT TO CHOICE. If anyone there wants advertise, in the English Or french language ONLY, it is against THE LAW.

    There are bloggers here, that blantently resent the fact that the English here are fighting back to preserve THEIR RIGHT AS A MAJORITY , to keep Ontario and by extension Canada ENGLISH AND PRO-CHOICE.

    A previous blogger said she was abused. What she did not say was, she instigated it, by name calling and insults, to the point where admin had to step in.

    I will not belabor this point, however, I will not let it pass however,without giving people the OTHER side of the story.
    Believe me, she dishes it out better than we, but is upset when we don’t let her and others get away with her abuse

    If you wish, and have time, I challenge anyone to re-read the blogs over the last few weeks to back up my claims and to see, who is at fault.

    Any way, good luck with your protest aimee, personally, I believe it is futile. The french WILL NOT BEND. Xenophobics never do.

    quebec left canada on nov.15th. 1976, when rene levesque , leader of the first p.q. was elected.


    That is why I personally, as do others, WANT quebec out of Canada. they simply have no place here.

    They can establish their xenaphobic state and we, can rightly go on as Canada, where anyone of any language group are free to express themselves in the language of THEIR CHOICE, without restriction or office de la langue francais, or any other gestapo like police force , going around measuring letter sizes and discourageing English people , such as you to get out.



  10. @ stella

    Stella wrote:

    I must admit (IF THAT IS TRULY THE CASE) that being forced to speak only french in montreal is not right.

    What do you mean IF Stella ?

    Why do you not believe people when they relate stories and prejudice aganist anglos on a daily basis, in quebec?

    Do you think EVERYONE IS LYING?

    Go to a montreal metro or take a bus and speak English and see what happens. Go to any city of montreal employee and speak English, and see what happens.

    Stella, with all due respect, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND.

    Also, this bias behaviour by the french in quebec has been going on for years and years, and is getting PROGRESSIVELY WORSE.

    There are VALID REASONS for anglo rage, and it IS JUSTIFIED.

    This is the type of behaviour we are seeing spilling over into eastern Ontario, because of FORCED BILINGUALISM

    Stella, FORCED BILINGUALISM DIVIDES, it does not UNITE people together.

    Forcing anybody to do things is contrary to their natural state of being


  11. peter
    January 15, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Why do you not believe people when they relate stories and prejudice aganist anglos on a daily basis, in quebec?

    Do you think EVERYONE IS LYING?

    -Lying to herself ,this is the individual that admitted she doesn’t look anything up!

    Also, this bias behaviour by the french in quebec has been going on for years and years, and is getting PROGRESSIVELY WORSE.

    -Once again that biased behavior is related to not researching “going by gut instinct “no fact based statements .

  12. Thanks
    Christopher Cameron -Facebook

    United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization
    (UNESCO) general conference 33rd session ,Paris Aug 4, 2005 .

    Article 2 -Guiding principles;

    1.Principle of respect for Human rights and fundamental freedoms

    Cultural diversity can be protected and promoted ONLY if human rights and fundamental freedoms,such as freedom of expression ,information and communication,as well as the ability of individuals to choose cultural expressions ,are Guaranteed .No one may invoke the provisions of this Convention in order to infringe human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or guaranteed by international law or to limit the scope thereof.

    Under (UNESCO) 33rd convention -states that the Minority Rights operate within the minority and cannot interfere with the FEDERAL or MAJORITY RIGHTS.

    With (UNESCO) Which states that one of the greatest violations of Human Rights is to restrict the freedom of expression.

    The above rights of the worlds citizens are in stark contrast of the Supreme court of Canada that admits violation of the freedom of expression and states its OK to violate the freedom of expression of (UNESCO)as well as our own Canadian charter of rights in the promotion of bilingualism.

    The Supreme court of Canada agreed that it was alright violation of the freedom of expression in the interest of bilingualism – with regards to the Russell township .

    Quebec bill 101 as well violates (UNESCO’s)as well as Canada’s charter 2(b) freedom of expression ,but Quebec used the infamous “notwithstanding clause”.

    Similar is New Brunswick’s bill Z-22 which as well infringes on the(UNESCO’s ) and Canada’s own charter of rights section 2(b) -freedom of expression – but in the interest of bilingualism it is alright to violate another’s rights.

    So why have a Charter of Rights if it gets continually violated ?

    Since when is it alright to violate ones rights in the interest of another’s?

    Under god we are all Equal ,under Canadian Law we are not!

    Silence on these issues means consent ,so do you agree with violating ones freedoms?

  13. COMMON SENSE PREVAILED!!!!!!! BRAVO to the mayor and council for a job well done.

    Yep the english are waking up…..Bain said the same thing **smile**

    Hmmm makes one wonder….apparently the people supporting the english freedom fighters are coming out of the woodwork…..wondering about SG. Isn’t that where the g, the savior lives? **smile** Interesting indeed **smile**

    Yep there will be a mass exodus in SG……lol

  14. @ Aimee

    Hi Aimee, I am hoping you are reading this blog site.

    Please read stella’s post.

    Her sarcasism against a man that only wants freedom of choice FOR EVERYONE, reflects the extension into eastern Ontario of quebec polictics and the very laws you are fighting in quebec.

    This is reason that we want FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR ALL.



  15. We now know the next council that we NOT BE RETURNED TO OFFICE NEXT ELECTION.

    As Helga so efficiently pointed put in her stats, this is an English area, by a wide margin, almost three to one. Now that we know the position of council, it is just a matter of time, before they, like the russell township council , will be gone.

    It also sets up as an added incentive, to push that much harder to gear up and double or even triple, our efforts to get rid of forced bilingualim.

    This decicision, will act as a catylist to work even harder.

    What the stellas of the world should know, is that we will NEVER GIVE UP OR BACK DOWN.

    Setbacks are NOT LOSSES, they are part of a process, that will inevietalby result in victory.

    If anything we will go the other way and fight many ,many times harder to get in place, the laws to eliminate FORCED BILINGUALISM


  16. @ aimee

    Go to as many anglos and have them do the same.

    you might be onto something, protest through the speaking and communication gin English to the enth.

    It is the law to speak french in business, but SOCIALLY THE SKY’S LIMIT FOR SPEAKING ENHGLISH

    Go Aimee go

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