South Glengarry Council accepts CAO’s advice Not to Endorse Charter Freedom of Expression – by Don Smith

S. Glengarry CAO Derik Brandtadvising Council to vote not to vote on resolution
S. Glengarry CAO Derik Brandt
advising Council to vote not to vote on resolution

CFN – After reading CAO Derik Brandt’s report online late last week, it was no surprise that last night South Glengarry Council opted not to follow in the footsteps of South Stormont Council in pledging never to violate Canadians’ inalienable and Charter Freedom of Expression with regard to choice of language on signs.

Howard Galganov
Howard Galganov

In November, human rights activist Howard Galganov had asked Council to take note of the court-sanctioned infringement of business operators’ right to post signage in their language of choice and agree not to allow that to happen in his own municipality. Tonight’s non-vote was their response.

Brandt reported that: “South Glengarry is in a unique (?) situation in that we do not have a sign bylaw. And so, our current position is to allow the residents to express themselves in the language of their choice on signage. With regards to the Resolution, Council asked Administration to do an analysis of the Resolution and report back to Council. The results of the analysis are that the motion would be out of order and shouldn’t be put to Council. And that is primarily because 1.) the resolution is worded in the negative and resolutions shouldn’t be worded in the negative; the other is that it’s a re-affirmation of our existing position and re-affirmation motions are also out of order. I know that some people would like to have something like this passed in order to preserve our current position to let people use any language that they choose … There is nothing that Council is able to do to try to preserve our current position or make it more difficult for a future Council to change that. So, this resolution wouldn’t do that even if it was in order. There is also another part of the resolution that makes reference to a particular section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We mention in the report that we don’t think that Council should be drawn into endorsing one section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you like, you can pass a resolution endorsing the entire Charter; Administration doesn’t recommend that primarily because you’re bound by the Charter whether you pass a resolution in support of it or not … So, at the end of the day, the resolution is out of order and it’s also not necessary to preserve the residents and businesses current right of being able to advertise in the language of their choice.”

Some would argue that recent history disproves Mr. Brandt’s claim. So far, four Ontario townships are imposing forced bilingualism (English/French) on exterior commercial signs, even if the business operators function in neither of those languages. A court has ruled that the bylaws infringe upon everyone’s right, English, French, Italian, Dutch, and everyone else since all are forced to post (only) in English and French even if they have no English or French clientele. And, a Superior Court judge has ruled that it’s o.k. to over-ride the Charter-guaranteed Freedom of Expression in order to advance a certain cause in Canada.

It also seemed ironic to some in attendance that Council voted in favour of a recommendation to not vote on the resolution after hearing that it’s out of order to vote on a resolution that’s worded in the negative. (Viewers might want to ponder that for a moment.)

It seems that some Francophone businesses and those responsible for public buildings are ignoring the bylaws and not being penalized for doing so, unlike the way that Russell Township treated Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson when they chose to post signs that were not fully bilingual. The men were fined by the township and ordered by the courts to pay. As we’ve reported previously, in Russell Township, apparently they’ve been meaning to get around to converting unilingual French signs for 30 years now. Also, a community entertainment facility in bilingual Embrun, which also provides day care services, was flaunting a new high tech French-only coming events sign until CFN and Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) went public with that fact. Beth Trudeau of CLF reports that the centre has switched off the portion of their sign that was promoting upcoming events rather than opting to post bilingual messages. Viewers are reporting other cases of Francophone business operators posting new signs that are not fully bilingual in places like officially bilingual Casselman.

Outside of the Township offices after the Council meeting, Howard Galganov chatted entirely in French with the only identifiable Franco activist, Georgette Sauve, president of L’Association Canadienne-Francaise de l’Ontario (ACFO). They discussed the relatively small number of Francophones at the Council table. Sauve knew exactly who was fluent in French and who wasn’t. She identified herself as being a Francophone resident of the Township.

Sauve told Galganov that: “it’s not a question of language.” Galganov responded that: “If you want to post (a sign) in French only, that is your business; that is your freedom … For me it’s not a question of language; it’s a question of human rights.” Sauve insisted: “Mr. Galganov, we live in a free country. We are free! We are free!” Galganov continued: “Do I now have the right to post a sign in English only in Canada – any place in Canada? The use of the English language in Quebec is illegal! Right now, in at least four Ontario townships, the unrestricted use of the English language is illegal. This is NOT a free country!” It did not appear that Sauve wanted to hear that fact as she summarily dismissed him with: “It’s a question of point of view” as she left the site bidding him a good night.


Galganov took time to speak with us on-camera for the benefit of CFN viewers. He’s not surprised at last night’s non-decision and will be re-doubling his efforts to attain a greater degree of language fairness and respect of inalienable human rights and freedoms.

Chris Cameron, official spokesperson for Language Fairness for All, spoke with us about matters such as the UNESCO’s Guiding Principle of Respect for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Others in the gallery  last night included various members of LFA, CLF’s Beth Trudeau and Kim McConnell, Howard and Anne Galganov as well as South Stormont’s Mayor Bryan McGillis and Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.

Don Smith reports on a variety of topics, notably good news items as well as social justice issues.






  1. So it turns out useless resolutions are out of order, or at least this one is. Thank goodness common sense prevailed.

  2. Howard Galganov succeeded in getting more media attention and face time in front of a camera. That’s what he lives for, and that’s what he got.
    Good on ya Howard! Where will you be going for your next attention fix?

  3. How can a resolution written in the negative be deemd OUT OF ORDER, and a by law worded in the negative, be recommended, by brandt , the same guy that said any resolution in the negative be out of order?

    I think brandt is out OUT OF ORDER

    No problem, this is a ouncil that will definitely be gone, next election.

    Hopefully the naysayers will respect the fact that when a new council is voted in, one that will pass our resolution, that this resolution will be accepted by all.


  4. If there was no issue here – these things wouldn’t be happening. If we were free to post in the language of our choice; and Anglophones had access to jobs in their own places of residence; there would be no problem at all.

    Alas, there is a problem, A BIG TIME PROBLEM. Quebec-style antics and laws have crossed into Ontario.

    And it’s time to address these issues.

  5. This was a cowardly way for South Glengarry to handle this Freedom of Expression bi-law request which ensures that all people can put whatever language that they choose on their own signs.They skirted around voting on this,however ensuring that what Howard is asking is already being done,hope other Counties use more common sense & enact these bi-laws

  6. Talking about the issue is a positive. Letting people know it is not legal in parts of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, to post English only or French only signs keeps the issue under a microscope where it should be.

    Un-elected judges have spoken, it is time for the elected leaders up the food chain to address the questions listed on this NB site among others.

  7. Duh! Of course by laws can be worded in the negative, they typically outline what can and cannot be done. Most people familiar with rules of order know a motion can’t be worded in the negative. You’re suppose to resolve to do something with a resolution. If you don’t want to do something just don’t do it. Is South Glengarry suppose to pass resolutions on all the other things they’re not going to do? That’s complete nonsense!

  8. This is what I fear the most…

    After listening to Madame Sauve’s / Howard Galganov’s discussion, it is clear that the other side of this equation cannot even define the problem. And I think by definition this is where the difficulty is to be found.

    Madame Sauve insists as she is talking with Howard that we live in a free country and that French and English get along.

    Yup, absolutely true.

    Howard tells her that we don’t live in a free country whenever we cannot post signs in the language of our choice. He goes on to say that if he wanted to post a sign in French only he should be able to and that nobody else should be able to tell him otherwise.

    By socially engineering such a small issue as having the right to post a sign in the language of one’s choice, it leaves the issue open to all sorts of other issues of freedoms we currently, but may not be able to in the future, enjoy.

  9. @ everyone…

    It’s VERY important to pay attention to what Howard is saying here people… There are four municipalities in — ONTARIO — now that Forbid the stand alone use of the English Language. if you don’t abide by this in those communities you can get fined.”
    Yet, we have all seen the pictures of the stand alone French sings in some of these very communities.
    This directly tells us that the rules (as we have witnessed in the “province” of Quebec with how they want NOTHING TO DO WITH bilingualism) are generally different for — THEM –

    Talk about PURE unadulterated hypocrisy and once again the proof is in the pudding.
    The PURE AND SIMPLE reality is ..

    — as far as the French are concerned the concept of Bilingualism is simply code for FRENCH only —
    We had better stand up for Canada folks or they’re gonna snatch it right out from under our feet.
    Here’s my answer (and I am being generous :-))

    VERY inspiring Howard.
    You’re getting better with each passing day and easy subsequent interview.

    I would personally like to take a moment to say THANK YOU … And thanks to all the other direct front line participants (Kim, Beth, Chris, Deb, Cory,, and many the others I may have left out).
    Thank you all for devoting your time and energy in the ways you do best for this cause.

    As for me, I don’t have the same time freedoms or financial resources in the same way so I have my own way to “try” to get people involved and inspired for this cause.

    Together, with these many different methods which we all bring to the table, I HOPE that we can begin to chip away and (like individual grains of sand accumulating to eventually form a huge mountain) we can ultimately help the majority Anglophones realize that —

    our country – CANADA – is worth — standing up for –

    In solidarity..

    _____(o o)

  10. TWO THUMBS WAY WAY UP to mayor and council in SG!!!

    Common sense prevailed. How ridiculous to try and get council to pass a by-law when businesses can post in any language they want now. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

    As one poster already suggested…….start boycotting. Hit them where it hurts. Bring those businesses to their knees until they are bankrupt!!! LOL

  11. How about passing a resolution that resolves that no future councilor will have impure thoughts , or be of non-English heritage? This BS is very similar to a Monty Python skit!
    And now Galganov says that he will be taking his gong-show to all 400 Ontario townships. Doesn’t this clown and his worshipers ever get tired of being laughed out of town?

  12. Don wrote: South Glengarry Council accepts CAO’s advice Not to Endorse Charter Freedom of Expression –

    Thinking it has nothing to do with not endorsing the charter.

    What South Glengarry is saying is that the county DOES ENDORSE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION by allowing businesses to have their SIGNS WRITTEN IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE BUSINESS OWNER’S CHOICE.


  13. And the french lady said: Nous sommes dans un pays libre. Think about what she just said all you white english speaking anglos. In Quebec there are laws being implemented to rid english because as they say it contaminates their language. In Quebec they have a language police to stop the unofficial use of english. The province of Quebec is Officially Unilingual French. In Federal government bilingual english people have a harder time getting a job while many uneducated francophones are imported from Quebec to take aways jobs that would otherwise be occupied by community residents. And the french lady said: Nous sommes dans un pays libre. (are the moderators of this site going to trash this truth or let it be exposed; there’s a lot more where that came from).

  14. @ stella,

    So stella, if SG has it right, then russell township and the others have it wrong.

    What side of the fence are you sitting on Stella?

    If SG is correct, by allowing “signs written in the language of the business owner’s choice”. ( your quote stella)

    Then russell township and the others’ DO NOT ALLOW BUSINESS OWNER’S TO HAVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, because they ARE FORECED TO HABE SIGNS IN VOTH LANGUAGES, where as in SG, they can have either one.

    Is this correct stella , because in these 4 other townships there is NO CHOICE BUT TO HAVE TO HAVE BILINGUAL SIGNS ,correct?

    So stella, which do you support SG or Russell ?


  15. Feedback welcomed re a few questions..
    1: How many municipalities in Ontario have a law in effect that forces businesses to have bilingual signs?
    2: Is the number of municipalities passing bilingual sign laws increasing?
    3: How old will Mr. Galganov be when he wraps up his 400+ stop Ontario Freedom Tour?
    My guess is that he’ll be in his mid seventies, and loving it.
    The spotlight is a wonderful thing.

  16. leo…leo….leo first off, the g, is not an elected official, as much as he wanted to be…it just didn’t happen……not by a long shot.

    leo, like I said may times before, the language on signs mean nothing to the majority……..the english freedom fighters are the only ones that are hot and bothered by this nonsense….ca-vas?

    I don’t care what happens in Russell, I don’t live there. The elected officials passed a by-law… be it. SG refused to pass a by-law… be it. What is fascinating about SG is they weren’t intimadated by the likes of the g or his followers. Common sense prevailed.

    SIGNS ON A BUSINESS MEAN NOTHING TO THE MAJORITY. Did I make myself clear? I hope many more counties have the same common sense as SG. Stop creating problems where none exist… nonsense……**smile**

    You should be bright enough to know by now what side of the fence I am sitting on…..

  17. @ Stella, stella Stella


    Freedom of choice.

    And, to inform you, elected officials are the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Thsi si why council meetings are held inapublic forum, so ALL MAY PARTICIPATE

    meaning anyone can present to council , in the form of aresolution or motion taht they feel deserves the council’s attention.

    have you ever taken civics in school?

    Even you should be able to grasp that concept.

    Democracy is a Bottom up system The people are the rulers, not elected officials.

    So which do you support: SG or Russell?

    SG never refused to pass a By-Law, they don’t have by-law on language, what they did was not to pass a resolution ,because it was moot.


    If they can restrict choice on signage, what else can they restrict?

    As difficult as it is for you, try to look BEYOND THE SIGNAGE AND LOOK AT THE LARGER PICTUIRE—-FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

    For the record, signage here is as IMPORTANT AS SIGNAGE IN quebec, these are pararrel laws, and they can set precedent ANYWHERE.

  18. stellabystarlight
    January 15, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    “I don’t care what happens in Russell, I don’t live there.”

    You responded before I don’t care what happens in Quebec this is Ontario ,now its Ontario and you don’t care because you don’t live there.

    I see you don’t care as long as as its french .***S***


    But it does to the big box stores in Quebec!

  19. @ stella

    So, who do support, SG or Russell?

    Its a simple question

  20. @ ed

    Answers :

    # 1) Too many

    # 2) Yes

    # 3) Irrelevent

    see ed, we answer your questions


  21. That mouthy French broad is clearly resentful that not everyone around the Council table is fluent in French. She’d like to force Anglos to be “bilingual” when obviously she isn’t bilingual herself. In fact, her French isn’t quite up to snuff, either. It is similar to a lot of Frenchies in this area. They mix English in with the French – Fringlish or Franglais. For example, she said: “J’habite le township” instead of: “J’habite le canton.” Give us a break – Franco biggot pushing for French supremacy.

  22. @ ed

    Speaking about galganov seeking attention,

    Given your posts , that’s like the kettle calling the pot black

    Give me a break eddy baby


  23. Brilliant, Leo.
    Does anyone know how many Ontario municipalities require business signs to be bilingual?

  24. Ed
    January 16, 2013 at 6:04 am
    4 communities and growing

    FLQ -160 bombings -8 murders-most of those terrorists are now home town heroes in Quebec and served very little time for taking those loved ones from their families….but in the interest of ideology through terrorism its only a few lives RIGHT?

    -A number are part of the Montreal University teaching (the younger generation) their methodology on radicalism -those red square students you know…the ones that back the separatists..and are the new form of terrorists.

    -A number of those terrorists are upstanding separatists and are hero’s to the party and remain a power source within the separatist groups.

    I know Stella never, ever ,ever,looks things up .But there are others on here that choose to be informed as well educated .

    Please note the comment board:

  25. @ Eddy

    Thank you eddy, my brilliance , if you’ll excuse the pun, “notwithstanding”

    Like I said TOO MANY

    There should be as many bilingual businesses in Ontario as there are in quebec.

    EQUALITY EDDY, EQUALITY, right, fairness and like that.


  26. @ Stella

    So which do you support stella ?

    SG or russell ?

    Do you not understand the question?


  27. Why are we letting this go so easily? Business owners are real taxpaying people and their rights have been infringed, the Court of Appeal says so.

    “In light of the importance of the protection and promotion of the equal status of the French language, I would hold that the benefits of the By-law are proportional to any deleterious effect on freedom of expression or inconvenience suffered.

    [85] For these reasons, although the By-law is a breach of Brisson’s rights under s. 2(b) of the Charter, it is a breach that is demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society under s. 1 of the Charter.”

    What is the next Charter of Suggestions to be removed?

  28. @

    Ken,highlander, Ken, Cory, Helga, edudyorlik, Debbie, Chris, Eric et Al,

    I believe it is time for active boycotting of bilingual businesses and institutions that in any way shape of form supports

    I have not renewed my golf membership at Casselview golf club,

    ( $1750, per year)

    I have a number of friends who said they also would cancel ,11 all told, I know for sure at least 4 will stick to not renewing.

    So acording to my math , that is a total of 5 x $1750 = $8750

    This is at THE VERY LEAST

    This is only a start, they will loose the beers after the rounds and food sales as well. Another at least $500-$1000 per year per golfer, give or take.

    This will not break the bank, but it is a start, and they will feel it.

    I never, have gone to quebec golf courses anyway, but after having forwarded Edudyorlik’s videos , a goodly number of my friends, have decided to do the same and not patronize those courses either.

    As well, I hope that anyone with any connection to CCH, will put the word out and NOT support NOT VOLUNTEER and to WITHOLD DONATING TO CCH.

    Although regrettable, , I believe it is NECESSARY.

    No omlette was ever made without breaking the eggs.

    If we can coordinate , principally throgh CLF , an across the board boycotting of as many of these bilingual, businesses as possible, then we are on our way.

    I have,because of my age, lived a long life, I have friends and relatives, that are becoming as passionate as I, in this quest for equality and fairness. PEOPLE ARE REALLY FED UP here as in quebec. 9 PLEASE LLOK AT THE INTERVIEW WITH AIMEE)

    To that end, I cry far and wide to all people regarding this issue.

    I believe it is starting to sink in. many of them as well, are leaning towards these typres of actions,

    If WE ALL DID THE SAME with our family and friends, the impact will be felt. it worked wonders with native groups, southern U.S. groups and many others throughout history.


    Just do not patronize or support any business or institutions that actively support bilingualism. as much as is humanly possible.

    WE ARE THE MAJORITY, if we can’t win till elections are upon us, then we can do the next best thing




  29. @John MacDonald
    Quote: Thank goodness common sense prevailed. end quote

    Unfortunately, and very sad John, your supporters don’t have simple, plain commonsense. You are unable to understand that
    the proposed bye-law ensures a freedom of expression for everyone, yes, even for Francophones.

    How would you, will you, react if down the road the S.G.Council passes a bye-law that all bilingual signs must have English lettering twice the size of French? That John is just one of the things the proposed bye-law is designed to prevent.

    No doubt you, like so many others, will say that will never happen.
    Just keep an eye on your population as it becomes increasingly French and one day you will wish you had accepted the bye-law.

    Won’t happen yu say again! Well how about this small example: did you ever think a store in Alexandria would be so bold as to say it is “a French ONLY store”?

    If you don’t act now it is only a matter of when, not if, your area will become French dominated. Having said that, we are not anti-French, we are just opposed to the unfair practices they adopt in the name of bilingualism. Abolish bilingualism and let the population and market determine who will speak what, English or French
    as long as the individual has the total freedom and right to express himself/herself freely.

  30. @Alan

    Quote: white english speaking anglos end quote.

    Alan, we are fighting for freedom of expression i.e. to speak either of the official langiuages in the workplace and it doesn’t matter the colour of the skin.
    It is very important to understand inhibiting the freedon to choose and use English freely affects all the peopel in Canada, not just the whites.
    Be neutral, not racial and I don’t get the impression you are the latter.

  31. @Ken

    There was no proposed bylaw there was a proposed resolution. And the proposed resolution wouldn’t prevent future language requirements in ANY WAY. You can’t bind future Councils. The resolution didn’t change anything in the present or future. The resolution would accomplish nothing and is totally useless.

  32. @Leo

    Leo, as you say, money talks.

    I have it on good information that the car park at Jean Coutu in Alexandria is quite empty since they openly said it is a French ONLY store, compared to their competitor Shoppers Drug Mart on the West side of the road. I was told it’s hard to find a spot to park at Shoppers Drug Mart; seems it is better to be known as a free thinker in Alexandria. Thumbs up to shoppers Drug Mart.

    Very encouraging to hear there are people like you Leo who will put their money where their mouth is.

    Take notice freedom supporters.

  33. Ken
    January 16, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Well said Ken.

    Freedom of expression guaranteed by the charter of rights continues to be violated .

    (1)How is it right to violate United nations Educational ,scientific and cultural Organization(UNESCO) principles of respect for human rights and fundamental freedom’s ?

    (2)How is it right to violate Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteed by international law?

    (3)How is it right for the supreme court to violate the charter of rights in the interest of bilingualism?

    Russell township (Ontario)
    bill 101 (Quebec)
    New Brunswick’s bill z-22

    All of these violates international human rights and our charter of rights .

    Equal under God ,but not under Canadian law.

    I continue to say the charter has been violated more then a hooker.

    When will Canadians recognize that freedom isn’t free it must be maintained through the actions of Canadian citizens.

    “If a law is unjust,a man is not only right to disobey it ;he is obligated to do so”

    Thomas Jefferson

  34. Leo, I never liked the idea of boycotts since they can hurt the little guy. Although, little guys need to gather and do something, so I had stopped having St Alberts cheese, and I really miss the slippery and squeaky white & yellow curds of cholesterol sometimes.
    If anyone wants a list of business groups associated with Francophones, they are easy to find and you most likely paid for them to be made.

  35. @ Ken

    Thank you.

    However all of the CLF members and their families and friends can participate here.

    They pass along what and where they are going to boycott, and then they tell their friends’ friends and so on.

    This is similar to chain letters.

    It really doesn’t take much. For example, golf. Well there are tons of English cources to play on in this area. Why should should I and my friends support a french golf club, when I can support an English one.

    I really don’t care if I have to drive a bit further etc. or pay alittle more the English principle involved here is more than worth it.

    Now, if people apply this across the board, then we have an impact and so change may occurr.

    Like I said, the french love money, and hate to loose it.

    This can be also applied to Ottawa businesses that IMPORT queebec workers in the trades or contracting.

    Even if it pays less to hire quebec workers, I would stay with Ontario workers and freeze the quebeckers out.

    That can apply to all businesses. Not tough, just coordination and a littel effort.

    Believe me, when their businesses hurt THEY HURT, and it looks good on them


  36. I may need little clarification here as I find the story kind of confusing please allow me a little latitude

    The court has ruled that the bylaws infringe upon everyone’s rights n the language issue, and the courts are higher then municipal courts, why is this even an issue?

    Put an English sign on your business and if the language police pay you a visit offer them a summons to a higher court. What can they do lock your doors?
    There is another law that states there are limitations as to what can be done to a person trying to earn a living. This whole French language issue has far surpassed that.

    When you see people from Quebec come shopping in Cornwall to buy products no longer available in Quebec due to label language, you have to owner how far this lunacy will go

  37. What truly boggles my mind is that the freedom-fighters got all worked up in a lather because SG doesn’t have rules regarding the language used on business signs. Isn’t that the way they want it? I understand Galganov’s need for constant attention. That’s a fairly common disorder, that often causes people to act foolishly just to be noticed. But, are all freedom-fighters around here suffering from the same disorder? If they want to be taken seriously, they should stick with real issues like unfair hiring practices and such. They’ve just blown away most of their credibility by publicly b!tching and whining about a problem that doesn’t exist.

  38. Common sense prevailed at South Glengarry’s Council Meeting. Thank God for CAO Derik Brandt he’s been a wonderful addition to the Administration since he moved here. When Pharmacie Jean Coutu in Alexandria declared they were a francophone pharmacy many people both english and french stopped going there. Why should I become a pawn in this stupid french/english fiasco? I stopped going there too!

  39. @Hailey Brown RE: January 16, 2013 at 12:11 pm POST.

    Great post Hailey. I would suggest that those folk do this. It forces the hand of those wishing to impose these idiotic laws and perhaps some publicity about how ridiculas (if those interviewed make their case in a provocative way) these laws show themselves to be.

  40. @Cory Cameron (and all) RE: January 15, 2013 at 4:23 pm POST
    Cory wrote, “If there was no issue here – these things wouldn’t be happening. If we were free to post in the language of our choice; and Anglophones had access to jobs in their own places of residence; there would be no problem at all.”
    Alas, there is a problem, A BIG TIME PROBLEM. Quebec-style antics and laws have crossed into Ontario.” And if WE DO NOTHING these “antics and laws” will (like a cancer) invade all of Canada. Why? Because that’s just how “they” d do things. When not faced with any push back they continue to take take take. How do we know this? From experience. We have watched Quebec go from a place where people got along and enjoyed each other’s uniqueness to a place where one “tribe” (the French) has taken over and basically outlawed the language and pretty much culture as well of the other. Now that Quebec is pretty much “a done deal” they are branching out. Take take take. Can’t really blame them in a sense. Just like children. Someone has to come along and say, “OK, Ça suffit maintenant – That’s enough now)

    Cory also wrote, “And it’s time to address these issues.”
    AND NO TRUER WORDS have been spoken or written.

    It’s NOT about “impure thoughts” or about “acting in a situation where no action was needed.”

    The POINT that is important (which SOME have a hard time grasping) is this.

    If we DO NOTHING when the French decide to act in take and take like this then we risk losing EVERYTHING. We have been down this road…

    We have had the misfortune of learning FIRST HAND from past experiences that — We simply MUST act pro-actively – or they will TAKE TAKE TAKE — My late (100% French Canadian mothers own words ring through) If you give them (the French) an inch they will take a mile.
    Another set of words that one could say, “no truer words have ever been written or spoken”

    Also for what it’s worth (i don’t have a tendancy to shop there a lot but)
    I have put Jean Coutu on my “boycot list” for that no so subtle public image that they are A FRENCH store.

  41. Ed said “They’ve just blown away most of their credibility by publicly b!tching and whining about a problem that doesn’t exist.”

    Could part of it be they were trying to get elected officials to take a stand? By doing nothing they (SG & private citizens) are allowing the continuation of a Charter infringement. Should we pick and choose which rights / freedoms others can have and we lose?

  42. @Eric

    South Glengarry isn’t “allowing the continuation of a Charter infringement”. You can use ANY language you want on your signs in South Glengarry. This resolution is totally useless in South Glengarry … a complete waste of time!

  43. @ Stan

    Sending a message is as important as the message itself.

    quebec and francophone groups have NO HESITATION in pushing their agenda forward wheather it is rational or not.

    We should be as aggressive if not more.

    We want to know that our English LANGUAGE WILL BE SUPPORTED through the guaranteeing of the posting of ENGLISH ONLY or french only signage, or GERMAN,for that mattter by the council.

    By passing such a by-law they re-affirm that the majority’s will ,will be respected.

    Would you purchase a brand new car without a garauntee?



  44. Stellla ” I don’t care what happens in Russell, I don’t live there. The elected officials passed a by-law… be it. SG refused to pass a by-law… be it. What is fascinating about SG is they weren’t intimadated by the likes of the g or his followers. Common sense prevailed.”

    Stella why don’t you just admit that you do not support Russell Township’s decision. You would make more sense. Just saying…You don’t live in South Glengarry either so why do you care what happens there. Have to wonder just who were the intimidators in Russell.

  45. Leo. You say “THINK”. That’s pretty funny.
    I will repeat… No municipal council in Ontario can pass a bylaw or resolution that a future council cannot rescind or modify.
    I know that’s a lot of information to take in all at once, but read it over a few times, and maybe it’ll sink in.

  46. St Alberts cheese??? Aw I love that stuff..Thanks Eric, needed to laugh.

    @ John Macdonald. I really don’t think it was a waste of time. My guess is that if any one of these council members were asked the question what will you do when..? they will be prepared.

    @ Leo, I thought it was simple too kind of like “put the gate up before the child in the walker falls down the stairs”.

  47. Facebook – Put Canadian Flag Back In Quebec Assembly-
    14,691 likes · 5,607 talking about this

  48. ON January 16, 2013 at 11:19 am Highlander
    “Russell township (Ontario)
    bill 101 (Quebec)
    New Brunswick’s bill z-22

    All of these violates international human rights and our charter of rights.”


  49. Good one Rosie. I meant to mention that group in Montreal as well


    apparently they have hundreds of folks signed up to take part in the rally on the 17th.

    I have some contacts there who are taking part…

    PS: i love St Albert cheese too but gonna do without. 🙂

    every little bit adds up…

    A small pebble placed in the same pile each and every minute of the day will eventually be a mountain.

    In solidarity…

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