South Glengarry Council accepts CAO’s advice Not to Endorse Charter Freedom of Expression – by Don Smith

S. Glengarry CAO Derik Brandtadvising Council to vote not to vote on resolution
S. Glengarry CAO Derik Brandt
advising Council to vote not to vote on resolution

CFN – After reading CAO Derik Brandt’s report online late last week, it was no surprise that last night South Glengarry Council opted not to follow in the footsteps of South Stormont Council in pledging never to violate Canadians’ inalienable and Charter Freedom of Expression with regard to choice of language on signs.

Howard Galganov
Howard Galganov

In November, human rights activist Howard Galganov had asked Council to take note of the court-sanctioned infringement of business operators’ right to post signage in their language of choice and agree not to allow that to happen in his own municipality. Tonight’s non-vote was their response.

Brandt reported that: “South Glengarry is in a unique (?) situation in that we do not have a sign bylaw. And so, our current position is to allow the residents to express themselves in the language of their choice on signage. With regards to the Resolution, Council asked Administration to do an analysis of the Resolution and report back to Council. The results of the analysis are that the motion would be out of order and shouldn’t be put to Council. And that is primarily because 1.) the resolution is worded in the negative and resolutions shouldn’t be worded in the negative; the other is that it’s a re-affirmation of our existing position and re-affirmation motions are also out of order. I know that some people would like to have something like this passed in order to preserve our current position to let people use any language that they choose … There is nothing that Council is able to do to try to preserve our current position or make it more difficult for a future Council to change that. So, this resolution wouldn’t do that even if it was in order. There is also another part of the resolution that makes reference to a particular section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We mention in the report that we don’t think that Council should be drawn into endorsing one section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you like, you can pass a resolution endorsing the entire Charter; Administration doesn’t recommend that primarily because you’re bound by the Charter whether you pass a resolution in support of it or not … So, at the end of the day, the resolution is out of order and it’s also not necessary to preserve the residents and businesses current right of being able to advertise in the language of their choice.”

Some would argue that recent history disproves Mr. Brandt’s claim. So far, four Ontario townships are imposing forced bilingualism (English/French) on exterior commercial signs, even if the business operators function in neither of those languages. A court has ruled that the bylaws infringe upon everyone’s right, English, French, Italian, Dutch, and everyone else since all are forced to post (only) in English and French even if they have no English or French clientele. And, a Superior Court judge has ruled that it’s o.k. to over-ride the Charter-guaranteed Freedom of Expression in order to advance a certain cause in Canada.

It also seemed ironic to some in attendance that Council voted in favour of a recommendation to not vote on the resolution after hearing that it’s out of order to vote on a resolution that’s worded in the negative. (Viewers might want to ponder that for a moment.)

It seems that some Francophone businesses and those responsible for public buildings are ignoring the bylaws and not being penalized for doing so, unlike the way that Russell Township treated Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson when they chose to post signs that were not fully bilingual. The men were fined by the township and ordered by the courts to pay. As we’ve reported previously, in Russell Township, apparently they’ve been meaning to get around to converting unilingual French signs for 30 years now. Also, a community entertainment facility in bilingual Embrun, which also provides day care services, was flaunting a new high tech French-only coming events sign until CFN and Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) went public with that fact. Beth Trudeau of CLF reports that the centre has switched off the portion of their sign that was promoting upcoming events rather than opting to post bilingual messages. Viewers are reporting other cases of Francophone business operators posting new signs that are not fully bilingual in places like officially bilingual Casselman.

Outside of the Township offices after the Council meeting, Howard Galganov chatted entirely in French with the only identifiable Franco activist, Georgette Sauve, president of L’Association Canadienne-Francaise de l’Ontario (ACFO). They discussed the relatively small number of Francophones at the Council table. Sauve knew exactly who was fluent in French and who wasn’t. She identified herself as being a Francophone resident of the Township.

Sauve told Galganov that: “it’s not a question of language.” Galganov responded that: “If you want to post (a sign) in French only, that is your business; that is your freedom … For me it’s not a question of language; it’s a question of human rights.” Sauve insisted: “Mr. Galganov, we live in a free country. We are free! We are free!” Galganov continued: “Do I now have the right to post a sign in English only in Canada – any place in Canada? The use of the English language in Quebec is illegal! Right now, in at least four Ontario townships, the unrestricted use of the English language is illegal. This is NOT a free country!” It did not appear that Sauve wanted to hear that fact as she summarily dismissed him with: “It’s a question of point of view” as she left the site bidding him a good night.


Galganov took time to speak with us on-camera for the benefit of CFN viewers. He’s not surprised at last night’s non-decision and will be re-doubling his efforts to attain a greater degree of language fairness and respect of inalienable human rights and freedoms.

Chris Cameron, official spokesperson for Language Fairness for All, spoke with us about matters such as the UNESCO’s Guiding Principle of Respect for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Others in the gallery  last night included various members of LFA, CLF’s Beth Trudeau and Kim McConnell, Howard and Anne Galganov as well as South Stormont’s Mayor Bryan McGillis and Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.

Don Smith reports on a variety of topics, notably good news items as well as social justice issues.






  1. Oh, forgot to say. I believe the organizers include Jimmy K (the person who was responsible for the documentary Angryphone) which can now be viewed free on the web in it’s entirety @ PART 01

    once done just look and you should see PART 02 somewhere on the youtube page .

  2. A snippet taken from the article by Freelance Journalist
    Jenn Gearey called
    Should Quebec Shame Me Out of Speaking English?
    Which was posted here by : Highlander on January 16, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    “From trying to wither English classes in Québec schools to forcing mandatory French communication in Québec businesses, the health industry, service industry, and prompting acts like Métro employees putting customers in headlocks because they spoke English — there are obvious problems. Québec’s Bill 101 Article 46, which states that an employer can’t require employees to have knowledge of a language other than French, isn’t helping. And Bill 14 will make it worse. Our social harmony is being uprooted.”

    Firstly i SIMPLY CANNOT believe that article 46 can exist and is NOT be deemed COMPLETELY un-constitutional and secondly, the statement that “our social harmony is being uprooted” is about 40-50 years in the making (or. as some might say, too late in finally BEING SAID.)

    The very instance that Bills 22, 178 and finally 101 were passed in legislature was the instance at which drew an end to the idea of social harmony. It was tossed right out the freekin window. The only thing that saved it from becoming “the daily fact” of every news broadcast and newspaper headline in the country was the fact that English Canadians (unlike French Canadians) are not as hot tempered. They (rightly or wrongly for the sake of peaceful co- existence) simply accepted being stuffed into a closet which btw, i AM positive Trudeau, being as screwed as he was, knew the English would do – having had quite a grasp on the English (and French) temperaments. – And the rest, as they say is history.

    BUT, don’t despair the final chapter HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN. 🙂

    _____(o o)

  3. I will continue to say this ,its the governments and their policies that divide the people:

    “We did not have to consult a lawyer because we have 15 lawyers working for the STM and they all came to the same conclusion… Under article 46 of Bill 101, we cannot force our employees to speak English for most jobs and we have to prove a necessity for English to get an exemption.”

    -So I guess the million English people in Quebec with the majority in Montreal -30%+ population doesn’t prove necessity.

    -yet 4% Francophones in Ontario now all government services are deemed bilingual -as they said-“we have to prove a necessity for for English to get exemption”
    Should the same be said for that 4% of Francophones in Ontario?

    Whats good for the goose is not for the gander?

    This is not about two official languages its about the push of ONE!

  4. I will continue to say this ,its the governments and their policies that divide the people:

    With the population of for example B.C. being 1.4 % french where are all the employees to fill those 65% federally mandated bilingual jobs there?

    I guess we will immigrate them from Quebec to take those B.C. residents jobs?

    If people do not mind as long as its not pushed down their throat ,why must all federal positions be bilingual in all provinces .

    Why bilingual(federal mandate 65% hires) for 96% of the population( English) of Canada outside Quebec?

    Yet near 17% of Quebec is English and they do not allow bilingualism.

  5. Ed wrote about the g: That’s a fairly common disorder, that often causes people to act foolishly just to be noticed. But, are all freedom-fighters around here suffering from the same disorder?

    Well Ed……..thinking you may be on to something here. When someone posts and answers their own post…..hmmmm thinking the disorder is spreading among the english freedom fighters.

  6. highlander wrote: Yet near 17% of Quebec is English and they do not allow bilingualism.

    Do you live in Quebec? Thinking more like Glengarry, that being said, I really don’t think it concerns you, nor should it. Let Quebec deal with their own problems.

    See folks…..they want to rule the entire country.

    This BS started as a local (Cornwall) issue, now the english freedom fighters are trying to get the entire country involved. Their goal is to instigate and try to seperate this peace loving country.

    When militant groups believe they have the authority to dictate and rule…….be careful, some may lose it like Bain did. For those who don’t know Bain he is the guy that said “THE ENGLISH ARE WAKING UP” and shot a frenchman………cold blood. That comment is seen quite often on the blogs by the english freedom fighters.

  7. @ Stella. If these guys stay on the same path they’re on, their “movement” will self destruct pretty soon. Their asinine protest of the SG sign policy (a policy they want in effect) has everybody shaking their heads. And Galganov is planning to take his “Hey everybody, look at me!” gong-show to every (400+) municipality in Ontario?
    If nothing else, these folks are entertaining, in a Larry, Curly and Moe sort of way.

  8. stellabystarlight
    January 17, 2013 at 12:17

    “This BS started as a local (Cornwall) issue, now the english freedom fighters are trying to get the entire country involved. Their goal is to instigate and try to seperate this peace loving country.”

    We are freedoms fighters and yes we will get the whole country involved to bring Equality for all.

    Stella you were on the side of the separatist Pierre and you agreed with him therefore- birds of a feather they say -you really agreed with his separatist ways .

    Well people if you really want to get the bigger picture out there i have just posted 5 links that are really relevant to the issue .

    I know that Stella looks up NOTHING to inform herself she stated this many times,no research all propaganda , because they NEVER,EVER PROVIDE FACTS.


    It’s your choice to to be informed ,please make the effort to make yourself aware of the reality of language legislation and its effect on Canadians.

    Oh yes Ed is Furtz on standard freeholder same negative personality same antagonistic behavior neither place well liked.

  9. @ stella.

    In one breath you ask people if they live in quebec, and in the next, you mention Mr. Bain, as reference to a quebec issue

    after having stated that quebec issues should not concern us.

    Do you have any idea of what you are talking about?

  10. @ stella

    In one breath you state that quebec issues should not concern people.

    In the next breath you allude to Mr. bain, which is in reference to a quebec issue

    Do you have any clue as to what you are talking about?

  11. Leo, you and your many aliases don’t get to post until you learn some manners.

  12. @ Highlander. Here’s a little free advice. If you people want to be taken seriously and gain some traction, you’ll have to do the following.
    1: Choose the battles you can win.
    2: Stay away from silly gong-shows like the one that Galganov and Chris Cameron staged in SG. You don’t want people laughing at you.
    3: Keep your message free of any hint of bigotry or hatred of Francophones and/or Quebecois. This is the hard one, because you’d have to stifle some of your mouth-breathing Francophobic supporters like Leo.
    4: Hire a reputable PR consultant to keep you on track, and not looking like fools.
    You’re welcome.

  13. @ wow ed are you joining us?

  14. Enjoyed that Cory, thanks.

  15. Well highlander, it goes like this. Why would I waste my time looking at ANTI FRENCH websites, you tubes, videos.,… etc etc that you guys search high and low for just to try and prove your point. Like I said many times before, anyone can make a you tube video to suit their needs…..not interested.

    Ed if I may add to your list……
    1) Replace the savior…….get someone with more credibility.

    2) Have a professional game plan, one that is well thought out and present it in a concerned and professional manner without prejudice so that it doesn’t come across you against them.

    3) Protest are just that and nothing more……has it ever solved or accomplished anything…..crowds and media attention is about all.

    One attracts bees with honey **smile**

  16. CORY ,

    Good article I guess like the rest of us she wasn’t “Pure laine”,

    Its amazing the racial tendencies in the one cultural group ,why can’t everyone be treated fairly without bias?

  17. Peter…..This is Ontario where it all began. The LFA which originated in Cornwall were a group who I must admit had somewhat of a legitimate complaint (some did).

    Suddenly Galganov gets involved and the entire scenario changes. Quebec has nothing to do with this local issue nor should they be involved. Lo and behold, they stuck their nose where it doesn’t belong. Their political issues are not our problems, nor should they be.

    Bain was brought up to show just how far this issue could go. Yes the man was insane but do you know what? When people get agitated, push a little too far and become militant, anything can happen…….Bain and many others have proven it.

  18. @ Ed

    my take on your 4 suggestions:

    1) choose the battles you can win

    This is iffy, because there is no fool proof way of determing this, There are obvious ones, but they any be few and far between, no one really knows, so this is iffy

    2) Edudyorlik posted a number of videos , the ones featuring Mr. Galganov were impressive. He took on a battle in quebec, based on human and Canadian rights that NO ONE ELSE WOULD TOUCH .You know what Ed, he was right. I suggest you look at them with an open mind.

    What people very often forget about Mr. Galganov, is that all of his actiivities are within the law. He has gone to great personal expense and threats to his person and his family doing a job that the federal government should be doing.

    I really wouldn’t characterize him as a gong show participate , he has gone to the wall for the abused far to often to be labelled as such

    3) This ,is as you say a hard one. many, many people have been extremely hurt over the last few years at the hands of the french in quebec. Not all of them of course, but enough to leave a very bad taste in their mouths. When you were in quebec, maybe you able to avoid this abuse, others were not as fortunate.

    When they hear more and more of these repressive laws in quebec, they believe, that this can happen here as well.

    They are ample reasons for their fear. Again, look at the videos, and these are very well docuemented and if you look at all of them, you may UNDERSTAND why some people feel they way that they do.

    4) The best of the 4 suggestions . This one I have no quarrell with at all

    But Ed, please try tio UND|ERSTAND AND WALK IN THE OTHER GUYS SHOES for a bit


  19. Silly question to Admin..
    Is Leo Galganov? Or is Galganov Leo?
    Sure is confusing trying to keep track of this circus.

  20. No Ed. I do not think Leo is Howard G.

  21. Silly questions to Admin…
    Is Ed John Macdonald or is John Macdonald Ed?
    Sure is confusing trying to keep track of stella’s circus.

  22. @ stella,

    Seems to me Mr. Galganov, has every right as a Canadian to

    address any issue he deems as unjust or goes against what he or anyone else preceives as illegal

    You have that same right ,as do I .

    I think the quebec fact was entered as a paraell to what can happen if left unchecked.

    I know for a fact that many francophone GROUPS from OntARIO

    Take their lead from quebec groups. They are facsimiles of these quebec groups. What works in quebec will work here.

    So I understand his fears regarding groups here copying the groups in quebec. Just like the US was afraid when cuba armed itself in 1962, the fear was that russia was behind it, and it was.

    I would not compare Mr. Galganov with Mr. Bain. There is simply no co-relation here.

    Mr Galganov’s past ,is that he fights hard, but always within the law, and at his expense. So to say he will do what bain did is way off base.

    Yes there are nuts, but they usually do what bain does, he goes off half cocked and ends up dead or caught.

    This is simply not mr.galganov’s MO.

    Also, there is no ENGLISH MILITANT GROUP , that has ever threatened any francophone or francophone group in the history of this nation. Bain, was an isolated case.


  23. Check this out people ,its amazing to think this happens.
    We always wondered how judges could violate the charter of rights and allowed interest groups to do so.
    Now who are the judges violating the charter for?

    Remember Russell Township where the judges agreed it was alright to violate the charter in the interest of bilingualism?
    So who’s really in charge -not the citizens in Canada !

  24. @ stella

    Protests were instrumental in helping stop the viet nam war

    it helped the enviromentalists

    it helpes Martin Luther king

    it helped the quebec separatists

    it helped de-segregation in the US

    These are but a few protests that had positive results

  25. Bain is nuts, he is not exactly the FLQ

  26. I believe that the P.Q. governemnt should just outlaw English altogether Fine people heard speaking English, arrest them if they dare to question anything in English

    maybe they could come up with a life sentence for some sort of English language related crime.

    What I don’t get, is how come the decent francophes in quebec, don’t speak up against these stupid governemnent policies and laws. They all can’t believe that these laws are justifiable and morally right.

    and what about Ottawa, don’t tell me they can’t at the very least come out publically against these draconian laws.

    What the hell are they doing top even address an obvious raping of quebec anglos. Talk about Pontious Pilotes’

    We have come to the point of beyond ricdiculous when a 1 page community bulletin can’t print up a paragraph in English and mayor of the comminity is embarrassed by it

    Hey Ottawa, bloody do something, this IS INSANE

  27. howard galganov should not be called an activist, he should be called an instigator. He complained about a by-law in a town he does not live in. Tries to guilt other anglos into following him all under the guise of freedom of expression. This so called will of the majority is frustrating. In no way does the majority want to take away rights that have been acquired for years.
    Language is not the problem here, howard is. Its a cry for attention, maybe, his mother didn’t hug him enough as a child ? who knows.

  28. Richard tremblay
    January 18, 2013 at 5:16 am

    “Language is not the problem here, ”

    Your absolutely right and well nor are the french people .

    The problem is the Government and its institutionalizing language laws and how it creates inequity.

    For its the people the government divides with these absurd language laws ,let the people speak freely do not tell them what language that goes in their mouth.

    Freedom of expression is dying because the state has allowed the violation of the charter of rights .

    Don’t believe me take a look .But in whose interest do judges violate the charter for.

  29. @Peter, with all due respect………you misinterpreted my post. Let me be clear, I did not say or intend to suggest that the g would do what Bain did.

    What I was trying to convey is that some people can get carried away, become too militant and may commit an unpardonable offense like Bain did. I was speaking in general.

  30. Ok, for all of the poeple who believe you must have a well thought out and crediable approach, no protests , no calling it as it is,

    Then please give me concrete suggestion on howto do this and effectively get rid of bilingualism.

    Mr. Galganov went through the propoer channels, the courts.

    Where was the instigation. Thousands of people agree with him, if not more, both in and out of Ontario

    At what point is the will of the majority accepted and applied.

    People are very,very, angry. This was long before Russell.

    I am have been very upset since Nov.15,1976 when Levesque got in and bill 101 came into effect

    For English, both in and out of quebec, it was down hill from there

    All Galagnov did was try to ensure what happened in quebec DOEN’T HAPPEN HERE.

    Do people not realize, that today bill 101 has been deemed as unconstitutional. Its the notwithstanding clause that is the problem, it allows provinces to override a constitution, how bias is that.

    Are we suppose to just take this lying down. It won’t happen, even in canada people, have limits. This thing will blow, sooner or later, it has to, it is inevietable

  31. Peter wrote: Then please give me concrete suggestion on howto do this and effectively get rid of bilingualism.

    This country has two offcial languages French and english. You are never going to get rid of bilingualism……got that?

    Peter wrote: Where was the instigation. Thousands of people agree with him, if not more, both in and out of Ontario

    The instigatons started with the g’s pamphlets on how and why french should be eliminated…….ca-vas? As for the 1,000 who agree with him……that is somewhat amusing. I am not even sure he got a 1.000 votes the last time he ran for elections. **smile** Even country wide, 1,000 is nothing to brag about even if it is true.

    peter wrote: At what point is the will of the majority accepted and applied

    Just a reminder, it is not the majority who are english freedom fighters…..not by a long shot.

    peter wrote: All Galagnov did was try to ensure what happened in quebec DOEN’T HAPPEN HERE

    @ peter…..Could you please do the peace loving majority a favor? Can you tell the g, the savior, we don’t need him to speak for anyone……the majority are doing quite well without his help **smile**

  32. @ stella

    Just because the federal government embraces bilingualim, does not necessarily mean that the majority of canadians do.

    As a businessman, who has lived in no fewer than 13 Canadian cities over my lifetime, and I have friends in all of them, I can attest to this

    They have their hands on the pulse of their communities, I can assure you bilingualism is not only not embraced, it is downright rejected, in many cities in canada

    Have you lived in Kenora, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, St John’s ? I have. Believe me they are not, nor ever will be bilingual, they also represent more than 11 million Canadians

    The other 17 million aren;t too crazy about bilingualism either,this is excluding quebec.

    As for Galganov, he does have the majority of the people behind him. Ontario is 4% french, if that, why on earth would anyone want or need bilingualism. Simply doesn’t make sense.

    I also believe, having described the above, that yes the majority are ,to use your term freedom fighters, if that means a freedom to choose.

    AS for the majority doing quite well, well this is not true.

    The majority in canada, do not want billions of their tax dollars spent on a concept they not only don’t want , but they have no say in,

    So no stella they are not at peace with this bilingualism issue.

    I think you should travel across this nation and get a feel for what the majority not only want, but consider as priorities.

    Things like the economy, jobs, stable stock market, secure borders, immigration defense, and so on.

    Bilingualism justs suck money out of the economy, so that under 17% of the population are considered bilingual.

    This money would be far better spent on education, health and welfare and poverty programs.

  33. Why is it that stella, john and ed, always have these -2 or -3 or

    – 1, at the bottpm of their posts, and everone else that disagrees with them have positives?

    seems to me the positives are winning this war of words

  34. @ richard trembly

    Mr. Galganov wants frenh only signs as well as English only signs.

    Why do you have an issue with that. Mr. Brisson also seems to agree. Where is the problem here.


    As for the majority: in Ontario that would represent 94% English, and I believe they too are for Pro choice.

    AS for Canada the English there consist of 85% English and they too do not want forced bilingualism.

    So Mr. Trembly Mr. Galganov very much represents the will of the majority.

    The majority is not taking away any rights that have been acquired for years. As a matter of fact what rights are you referring to sir?

    Please elaborate.

  35. Bilingualism I believe was never intended to be anything more than representative of the needs of communities across our great country . Spineless, fence sitting politicians in an effort to be politically correct ( offend no one ) have really infuriated all sides . Common sense had it prevailed would have satisfied the majority and been community friendly . Our municipal police force is an example of balance by being reflective of the community in which it serves . Exercise your vote and back a leader and not a politically right follower . Encourage others to vote and not simply complain to one another . Discourage apathy and take a positive stand for the future has not yet been written !

  36. @ David Oldhman

    Can you explain quebec’s outlawing the official language of Canada, eliminating bilingualism of any kind there.

    If quebec, were bilingual, then these issues may be moot.

    But how can you have, one officical language ( English) outlawed and severly resticted, yet expect, the rest of the country, made up of 97% anglophones, to be bilingual ?

  37. David Oldham
    January 21, 2013 at 8:20 am

    “Exercise your vote and back a leader and not a politically right follower . Encourage others to vote and not simply complain to one another . Discourage apathy and take a positive stand for the future has not yet been written !”

    Well said Sir ,

    Citizens need to take responsibility through voting and actively participating in the political process to encourage politicians to represent the interests of the majority of their population.

    To Quote Howard Zinn:

    Voting is easy and marginally useful ,but it is a poor substitute for democracy ,which requires direct action by concerned citizens.

  38. And the language battle continues in Quebec:

    Mario Beaulieu, Societe St-Jean Baptiste de Montreal. Who, by the way, had a meeting with the health minister before the decision was announced.

    I do find it interesting that a separatist activist group holds sway on a provincial health department minister .

    Like Cornwall Community Hospital politics are at play with the health care system.

  39. peter wrote: So Mr. Trembly Mr. Galganov very much represents the will of the majority.

    OMG……..come out of your fantasy world bud. The g, represents the majority? LMAO!!! The g represents a small group of english freedom fighters and that is very very far from the majority **smile**


    Get the book, “The Young Trudeau” and read it carefully. Then get the second book, “Trudeau Transformed” and read it carefully too.

    The first book is about Trudeau up to 1944 when he was in his early twenties. His somewhat secret plan at that time was to take over Quebec, make it totally French only and separate from ROC.

    Now think of the old adage: A Leopard doesn’t change his spots”.

    The second book by the same authors (who were personal friends of Trudeau) suggests that post 1944 Trudeau had second thoughts about Quebec and started thinking about Canada as a whole.

    What they (the authors) omit to suggest is that Trudeau must have had a much grander and very secretive plan for the Canadian Nation. Nothing less than to make Canada French controlled with French as the only official language. Why else would there be a need for MANDATORY BILINGUALISM
    (My opinion and of many others too)

    Think once more, “The Leopard doesn’t change his spots”.

    There are people who say bilingualism will never spread further than Eastern Ontario and we sincerely hope so too. However, never say never, because it has been done before, by the French
    in other countries such as Algeria. Took a hundred years but French is the common language there today.

    Don’t wait until you lose your job and can’t get another one because you are not French – act now. Join and support one of the groups you see mentioned in these blogs. Funds are needed
    and any donation will be welcomed by any of the groups.

    You don’t HAVE to believe me but it’s worth noting I was pressured out of my Crown Corporation job in the late seventies, and replaced by a Francophone. The only reason, I am English.

    N.B. The books are based on extensive personal notes made by Trudeau and made available to the authors after Trudeau passed away. They are fact, not fiction and very revealing.
    Judge for yourself

  41. @ STALLA,

    AS USUAL STELLA YOU CAN’T SEE PAST EASTERN ONTARIO. THE MAJORITY i AM TALKING about is west of prescot and runs through to the pacific ocean. Its called Canada

    Stella Canada is some 4000 miles across and encompasses over 28 million anglophones, who don’t embrace bilingualism, and therefore Mr. Galganov very much is in sync with the MAJORITY

    Try bilingual signage in Kingston, Toronto, Mississuaga, Welland, Kenor, Winniipeg, saskatoon, calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, yelleoknife and see how much support you get compared to what Mr. galganov would get.

    Are you really that narrow?

    I know, you need to consult ed/frutz


    “44 Hi and dry: Quebec uncovered yet another threat to the French language in that province—the rising scourge of the word “hi.” Quebec’s language police hired a research firm at a cost of $150,000 to dispatch observers into 400 retailers in downtown Montreal in search of language infractions. The report noted a dangerous increase in the use of “bonjour, hi,” from one per cent of salutations two years ago, to 13 per cent.”

    Language police coming to a town near you.

  43. @ Stella

    Did you know that in Canada there are 28 million anglophones who disagree with you and agree with Mr. Galganov ?

    Do you know that the majority on this site agree with Mr. Galganov and disagree wth you ?

    Did you know that a fact is something that can be proven true

    like 2+ 2= 4 ?

    Did you know that in that vast majority of Canadian cities bilingualism is out and out rejectd and despised ?

    Here is a list of some of them:

    By the way these are facts, you know, that one can prove.


    St John

    St. John’s




















    This is just a partial list stella, what was it you were saying about the majority of people in Canada ?


    To name but a few

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