Where is Bare Ass Bob Kilger & Will He Declare Conflict of Interest at Monday February 25th’s Cornwall Council Meeting?

MissingBobCFN – That’s the money question that many are asking in Cornwall.   What About Bob?   The buzz all over City Hall today is whether the mayor will either declare or ask if he is in conflict of interest by another councilor at Monday’s night’s council meeting at City Hall.  (7 PM is showtime, bring popcorn and wear your t shirts!)  He was last seen sneaking down a back staircase and fleeing after media attended the in camera council meeting earlier this week.

lawyers phoneThe biggest question is still confirmation if Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion son’s lawyer who also is on the firm that handled the Rob Ford Conflict of Interest is being paid by City Hall or Mayor Kilger?

Video from bizare bonus council meeting as it goes in camera.

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  1. I just love the milk carton. My early morning laugh for the day. Unfortunately this is no laughing matter. I for one will be at council meeting Monday, Feb 25th at 7pm. The citizens deserve answers about this and many other things. Mind boggling as well why city council voted down promoting our fair city. This fiasco must stop. I urge everyone to take an hour and come out to the meeting and see the circus of events….free of charge. They need to know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT!

  2. Author

    Please bring some friends, especially at 6:45 outside of City Hall!

  3. I’ll be there! Time for them to hear in person from me that enough is enough. Everyone please join us.


    See you there!

  4. Bare Ass Bob got some splaining to do,I will be at meeting Monday….enough already of this Mayor,s B S, BTW I nearly died laughing seeing the milk carton,great idea

  5. From today’s Toronto Star concerning Rob Ford’s legal bills regarding Conflict of Interest:
    “Ford, who is both wealthy and proudly frugal, could also ask the city to cover some of his costs. Ford’s council allies do not expect him to do so.”

  6. http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2013/02/22/memories_of_mike_duffy_lawsuits_and_smear_campaigns.html

    is this the same will mcdowell listed in this toronto star story about another blowhard journalist..mike duffy/claude mac ??????

    Then, a miracle. Testifying at his examination for discovery, Duffy inadvertently throws us a lifeline. When our lawyer, Will McDowell, inquires about the awards and honorifics Duffy accumulated over the years, Mike replies:

    “I would like to have the Order of Canada before my mother dies. She’s 80 years old. I’ve been nominated three times and three times the message has come from the Privy Council Office on the back channel that Frank is the reason you’re not going to get it and Frank is the reason your mother is not going to see you win this award … (this) makes my blood boil.”

    Could you identify your “back channel” source?, McDowell asks.

    “The prime minister,” replies Duffy.

    McDowell can barely suppress his glee. Duffy just shot himself in the foot. His preposterous testimony leaves Jean Chrétien exposed to a subpoena. If Duffy takes us to trial, it would be Mike’s word against the prime minister’s. Independent committees choose Order of Canada nominations, not the PM. Chrétien would deny Duffy’s allegations.

    Duffy dropped the trial idea and agreed to an out-of-court settlement of $30,000. It still was a bitter pill, but, at last, Mike and I were free of one another.

  7. Author

    That would be the same Mr. McDowell…

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