Will Syd Gardiner Be Charged With Mischief for Damaging Protest Signs? Will Mayor Kilger Declare Conflict of Interest? VIDEO

Bob not happyCFN – That’s our corrupt mayor of Cornwall Ontario Bob Kilger.   He’s had a lucky week.  Instead of dealing with his conflict of interest issues like his being on the Benson University hit on Council for cold cash and others by a gutless act of hitting the panic button, costing the city a few thousand dollars in policing, and gosh knows what down the road in legal fees, he violated my charter rights and had me dragged out of council by seven police officers for having a t shirt with the image below.


It’s like we live in China, or the US!    Can you imagine?  What’s been most disturbing from the drama is that not a single major media outlet has picked up this story.   Even the tiny ones here in Cornwall have snubbed the story.   The Seaway News printed a near blind item about a man causing a disturbance.

Today Cheryl Brink of the Free Holder wrote a bit on this story refusing to type the name Cornwall Free News or CFN in the story.  Nor did she mention the protesters at the start of the meeting or that councilor Syd “Vicious” Gardiner destroyed the protesters signs!

Syd Viscious

Police have yet to charge Gardiner nor say that they wont even though multiple complaints have been sworn out as Mr. Gardiner tore up signs right in the chamber door way snarling while doing it.    None of the remaining signs have turned as of press time.   And of course the gutless editor at the Freeholder is not allowing comments on their story; nor did they contact me for my side of the incident or quote any witnesses from the crowd.

Picket Signs 1

All we know is that high priced super lawyer Will McDowell was in council last week.  The city is refusing to say why or who is paying his travel fees and time, or for that matter how long he’s been on the clock.

There are two high profile whistle blowing cases that we know of against the city; one of which if rumors are true involves the mayor’s involvement with the hiring process of his son on the fire department which if true would be not only a conflict of interest, but something that has been hidden for months from the public by the mayor and council with their series of in camera meetings.

As a matter of fact it almost feels like Cornwall Council under Mayor Kilger has spent more time in camera than in open session this past few months.

There are so many questions that new Clerk Helen Finn and the City are refusing to answer.  Simple ones like the global sum that they have paid out in settlements and litigation during Kilger’s reign; how much money went back and forth between Kilger bag man Gilles Latour and the Mayor’s campaign (Latour paid for advertising for the  mayor’s campaign with his own cheque).    There are more, such as the two series of envelopes delivered to council and why according to reports that it took an in camera confrontation for the mayor to admit that they had been with held from council; but each question is met with silence or questions back instead of simple clear answers.

Answers to questions that the public are asking and should be met.

It’s almost as though City Hall has become a Fortress around our corrupted Mayor.

CFN has endured a barrage of abuse since Monday’s council meeting, but we’ve had a bigger barrage of support including a wonderful chain on Facebook from some students from the St. Lawrence College Journalism class.

I know that while some lawyering will be going on over the next while I can say that I will be back with my t shirt next council meeting.  From what I’ve read and heard there will be an awful lot more people wearing them too.    Will the mayor have police evict us all?

And will council sit in silence and allow this corruption to continue; especially Councilor Bernadette Clement who seems dead set on being the Provincial candidate for new Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne if there’s an election in the Spring, and as a lawyer herself, even if she’s not representing the city should know right from wrong; justice from injustice.   Is this how she represents the voters of this city and area?  That just might be why she finished so badly in her failed attempt against incumbent Guy Lauzon in the last Federal election?

What do you say Cornwall and the world?  You can post your comments below and you can watch me dragged out of Council by 7 police in the video below.

As you can see in the video they first try and invoke Trespass; then they brought out a paper to me citing section 241.2 of the Municipal act about the power to expel from council regarding improper conduct.   I was sitting in my chair and only responded to the mayor singling me out and demanding I change my shirt.   I never left my seat nor used profanity.   A very odd interpretation and now according to the Free Holder story Ms Brink is puking up some goo fed to her citing something under the Public Works act as the reason for me being yanked out.   Corus radio topped that by simply making a radio parody suggesting that this writer was a fat guy that milks his own bosom.    Now that’s coverage!

Frankly this is a Charter of Rights violation that occurred in an open council meeting in a public place.   It was an abuse of power by an abusive politician who seems more skilled at covering up scandals such as Project Truth (Mayor Kilger was MP during that period) than governing.    Many feel that Mayor Kilger owes the people of Cornwall an apology, an apology to the police for abusing the Panic button, and myself personally for being such an utter thin skinned coward.

Will Mayor Kilger be held accountable for his actions including his conflict of interest issues?  Will Councilor Gardiner be charged for Mischief and damaging personal property.    And will both do the right thing and resign and stop costing taxpayer’s money that they just can’t afford?

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  1. President Ronald Reagan told the truth about politics being the second oldest profession but the first was the better for pleasure. Something along those lines. How true indeed.

    Bob Kilger knows that the people are well aware of what he is and that he may not make it the next time. The best thing that Kilger can do is leave now before he goes down like a sinking ship in the harbor.

  2. Reg Cofey, Jamie is having more fun than a barrel full of monkeys exposing the corruptness in Cornwall. Jamie would be so very bored as a mayor and council. This mayor and council is like the Senate – a bunch of old farts who fall asleep and abuse the system.

    André Rivette works the hardest around that table and Mark MacDonald works hard as well for the community. Things have to change soon or Cornwall will be bankrupt under Kilger.

  3. Marc Carrière I used to read Project Truth and Project Truth II a great deal on the net and I know what is going on. The writers of that column told the truth and I can tell all of you honestly that I cried my eyes out to read what was posted. I know what is going on in Cornwall and my mom warned me ahead before going back to Cornwall about some of this stuff but was not reading about it but she knew from way back when I was little in elementary school and told me at age 8 what was happening. My eyes and mind were open since that age and my innocence about life was gone.

    The entire country of Canada knows about Cornwall and people wonder why Cornwall has not grown at all. People really have to look around themselves and really see why Cornwall has not grown but remained stagnant. People don’t want to take their families down there and be abused nor do they want to put up with all the BS going on.

    I knew a lot of those mentioned in Project Truth I and II and it was shocking and a real eye opener and yes this happened. Not only the ones mentioned but there were plenty of other names and places not mentioned and I know of another prominent priest who was one of the best priests who was sent back to the US so as to hide everything and that was back in 1960. You cannot trust anybody but yourself. It is a great deal worse when this goes on in a small town than a big town. In a big city people don’t know one another unless you went to school with them or work with them. In a place like Cornwall people know everybody or a lot of people. That is what makes things worse because in a small place people are more trusting but in big places you learn to trust nobody.

  4. Nobody wonders why it is that Cornwall has not grown JULES. Economics 101. When a relatively small community does not foster a climate for economic expansion the jobs/career opportunities and incomes are not realized that potentially could/would support families. If there is no growth to support young families than population remains stagnant or recedes. Smith Falls is another example comparative to Cornwall’s plight.

    Changing our economic future will require us to embrace the needs of the largest segment of the population, the boomers and the large nest eggs that they have, in comparison to previous generations.

    Jobs/careers in the business of health delivery systems tend to offer higher income levels which support families which together (boomers and professionals) support a network of support services. So the economy goes round and the population increases.

    Build retirement facilities strategically and money will flow and Cornwall will flourish under proper leadership and promotion!

    Attracting manufacturing is a lost cause not only for Cornwall but all of Ontario. A provincial energy policy which has effectively driven the manufacturing sector into extinction coupled with union demands that have left us non competitive in a global market require us (CORNWALL) to look elsewhere for the answer to our needs.


  5. David Oldman manufacturing is dead everywhere because it is now being done in China and third world countries for a fraction of the price. The clothing that comes here is pure garbage as well as appliances and other things. Last week I went over to Sears and bought a couple of dress pants and they were literally horrible and I returned them since it was like I was buying them from Wal Mart. I said to my husband and my daughter if that is what Sears is selling I am going to Wal Mart which I did.

    My husband was looking at shirts and the quality is horrible. He told me that it was like the material that I am using in my quilting. LOL LOL.

    The jobs that are coming up will be exactly like you said in health care. Boomers are getting old (I am one of them at age 62) LOL LOL and those health care jobs will be needed since my generation will be the largest amount of boom on the health care system.

    One thing that Cornwall would be good for are those distribution centers to send to the stores in Ottawa, Montreal and elsewhere. Nothing is being made in Canada. I don’t know if you heard but the oil corporations are moving to Vancouver from Calgary in order to have the pipeline go from Vancouver to China and to the US if it goes through.

    My husband was just on his newspaper from back home and he said that Holland is getting out of the Euro. People in Europe are having a mighty hard time.

  6. I saw a expression on a man,when I was a young fellow and he said to his dog, SIC him,boy,sic him. I saw on the mayor’s face the same thing, do you think that he he was thinking the same thing when this overgrown bully of a kid tore up those placards?

  7. @JULES

    The EURO is definitely in for a rough ride. Countries will abandon ship and I am somewhat surprised that Spain hasn’t already but that is another story.

    What I am concerned about most, Jules, is that we are looking at but not seeing the big picture right here at home. Thank you

  8. Mr. Oldman what we really need is what they call “entrepreneurs” meaning people who work for themselves and can also make jobs for others. My brother in law in Sydney Australia went there back in 1967 from Lebanon and he attended private schools run by the brothers. Tony was never good in school but immigrated to Australia and started to work at General Motors. He later became a supervisor at GM. Tony had bigger ideas just like a lot of Lebanese they prefer self employment. What Tony did he saw this shoe repair business that a Russian guy in Australia wanted to sell. Tony would go in after work and he learned the shoe repair and leather repair and the making of luggage and purses, etc. Tony made big money and had his wife working along side him. This is to give you an idea how people make their own business.

    Here in Ottawa we see those businesses and people who are barbers, hairdressers, seamstresses, etc. and when the business grows then they hire people to help them out. The same goes for the upper levels like engineering, medicine, law, etc. Someone comes to Cornwall after college or university or whatever and starts making businesses and hires people.

    I would love to see manufacturing be a come back in Cornwall and the only way is for some people who get together and have a good idea of what they can produce. The goods made overseas is junk. I head Americans talk about this on line is that manufacturing needs to come back to life again.

    Cornwall is situated in the right place and it needs people who can take it forward. Cornwall needs real leadership and not someone who makes rediculous hockey rinks when the people need employment and they need self worth for themselves and their families. I become mad as hell when people do not think well of themselves and expect that others are going to pull them up but that is not so. People have to have self esteem and be creative. Cornwall has to reveal its problems and then go on from there to be successful. Cornwall does have potential but it takes the right people who help steer it the right way and not those bunch of BOSS HOGGS who do the town harm.

    My brother in law’s children (the ages of my children) are all in the DNA, Finance and one is a legal secretary. Vicky is diabetic (type 1 juvenile diabetes born with that) so that got in the way of her being able to study. She is also a cancer patient. She is the one who is the legal secretary and very intelligent from what I gather.

    I tell the people of Cornwall get up on your legs and have confidence in yourselves and have ideas that are good to be put forward for the town to grow. The town is only as good as its people. You wouldn’t want a big city but you want a good and prosperous town for you and your families.

  9. I for one will be at the next Council Meeting! I wish to be part of the solution and not the problem….Mr.Kilger its time to go!

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