Bill 14 – I’m Boycotting Quebec Until After Labour Day. Are you? by Jamie Gilcig – March 13, 2013

Bill 14 – I’m Boycotting Quebec Until After Labour Day.  Are you?  by Jamie Gilcig – March 13, 2013

maroisCFN –  Is it time to boycott all things Quebec?   A boycott is a severe thing; but with Bill 14 looming and the strange occurrences since the last election there that never seem to be resolved could it be best if people give La Belle Province a wide berth for awhile?

Don’t get me wrong; as a former Montrealer there are many things I still love about the once great city.

But I could go a summer without Schwartz’s and steamies if it makes a statement.

Frankly I visit “back home” less and less.  It’s not just the crazed roads and constant construction.  It’s not just the all too more frequent customer service issues if I dare speak “Anglais”.

It’s this darn Bill 14.  It’s the fact that things became so bad in Quebec that the people of Quebec decided to grant Ms Marois a government.

In Canada we still have free choice; and frankly my choice is leaning towards making my little statement.  My one little token of boycotting Quebec until after Labour Day.   I think I can do it.

Yes, I’ll still visit my family; but I won’t be dining or spending any money there.    Do I expect my little boycott to change anything?  Not really; but imagine if millions of people did?

Politicians rely on people never doing anything no matter how badly they behave.   They’re used to manipulating small groups of people to grab power.   When I wrote during the student tuition protests that it simply was PQ agitation I think the election results showed how right myself and many others of the same belief were.

Quebec made its choice.   In some ways I think it was a good one because people can focus on the brutally ugly culture of linguistic facism that exists.  Francophones in Quebec will have to realize that the only people that can save French in Quebec are Francophones.   Anglophones, and Allophones are not to blame and not the issue.  It’s time to stop punishing the English language and  culture hoping that Quebec will become some Francophone Mecca.

Until Quebec changes its ways the results will essentially be the same.

Now the big question is why the Federal government remains so silent on what’s happening to Canadians living in Quebec that don’t subscribe to the provincially mandated madness, and why they are abdicating those citizens rights…

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN

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