Ottawa based Angel Divinations for what ails you

“Spirituality is connecting with the truth of who you are. It can contain religious teachings, but it is not contained by any one religious teaching or teacher. Spirituality crosses cultures, creeds, and countries. It has no borders, not even the atmosphere of our planet. It is not an escape from life, but rather fully embracing life, seeing and knowing the perfection in things exactly as they are.”

 A Session With Colleen:
Colleen is a warm, personable, and comforting psychic and healer. Speaking with Colleen is like meeting your long lost friend, just when you need them the most! Colleen has been gifted from birth and is blessed with a genuine desire to be a source of divine: inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, harmony and healing. Colleen has been a professional psychic and healer for more than 18 years now.


• A Psychic/Tarot Reading will help guide you, through your life’s journey. A psychic reading, provides you the benefit of traveling to your life’s destination with a excellent road map and directions. Tarot has been utilized and adopted, as a means and tool for divination purposes. Tarot is simply a catalyst, enhancing the psychic mind. Tarot allows a Practitioner, to “tap into” universal truths, influences and energies. Psychic energy is a life force that flows through every particle of the Universe. Psychic work, through Tarot Cards, is a means of accessing influences and events in our lives. Everyone possesses some degree of innate psychic skill and ability. Applied dedication, desire and intent ensures a successful divination outcome, for my clients.

• A Reiki Session is a holistic means of providing and restoring: harmony, calmness, relief from anxiety and stress, and healing from pain and injuries.  Reiki is most commonly referred to as “the laying on of hands”. Reiki is a safe, natural and holistic technique, promoting relaxation and stress reduction therapy. Reiki is a healing modality, which channels the universal life force from the Reiki Practitioner to the client(s). This, in turn, activates the client’s own healing abilities, for their personal healing and empowerment. It is simply a means of directing healing on the various physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

• A Hypnosis Session, is the implementation of positive affirmations to successfully bring resolution to various concerns; such as:  medical/psychotherapeutic uses, self improvement, treating of depression and phobias, anxiety, eating and sleep disorders, post traumatic stress, smoking cessation, weight management, and entertainment purposes.


 Angel Divinations Inc. is pleased to make available gift certificates for all of your gift giving needs.

Angel Divinations Inc.
For more info or to book an appointment call 613-552-0005
or visit them online.

“When I was 24 years old, was diagnosed with degenerative back disease and was told that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore by age 35. Am now 54 years old and still working full time. Over the years have suffered from various sports injuries to both my knees, which tore the ligaments, at least 3 times each. I Have been seeing Colleen for the last 5 years, for back and knee pain including some arthritis issues. After treatments have noticed that my pain is relieved and then I can sleep comfortably at night. Her, Reiki sessions, have made me so relaxed and stress free that I am calmer and more able to function both at work and at home. Used to take two or three, Tylenol #3 every day, just to “get by” with the pain. Since seeing Colleen for regular Reiki treatments, I very rarely require any more drugs to be pain free. The treatments are drug free and all natural, which is unbelievable to me. I will tell you, that at first I was huge skeptic but am now a huge believer! Highly recommend seeing Colleen, if you are in pain, can’t sleep or need some stress relief.”  Steven Douglas


Angel Divinations Inc. is the premier motorcycle track day provider and vendor of Reiki, Psychic/Tarot Readings and Hypnosis. It is based in Ottawa, Ontario with track side service provided at Calabogie Motorsports Park located in Calabogie, Ontario.

Angel Divinations Inc. is pleased to be Professionally Affiliated with the following:
· Worldwide Who’s Who
· National Guild of Hypnotists
· College of Nurses

Awarded VIP Member Status for WorldWide Who’s Who, 2013
Inter City Events Vendor – Psychic Fair Psychic/Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner, as of Jan. 2013.
Pro 6 Cycle Vendor and Supporter at Calabogie Motorsports Park, as of Nov., 2012.



  1. My thanks to you, Don Smith for your excellent article and feature on Angel Divinations Inc.

    Am very pleased to have my business card banner ad, on Cornwall Free News!

  2. Congratulations on expanding your business to Cornwall.More & more mostly from word of mouth people are realizing that this spiritual reading & healing is improving one,s health & life in general.I have had several readings.Colleen is for real!!!

  3. Hello Mariah,

    Thank you, am very pleased with this wonderful opportunity. Am also very impressed with the quality and efforts of Cornwall Free News and staff,

    Am thrilled that you were pleased with your Readings. As always, it’s my pleasure to serve:)

  4. Congratulations Colleen,

    I wish you the best of luck with your en-devour.
    Your passion to help others is to be commended either as a nurse ,
    Reiki practioner and a psychic.
    Its an ability and gift that should be shared for the benefit of others.

    My mother is a firm believer of Reiki and feels well rewarded after the sessions with relaxation, and mental well being.

    Holistic approach to health is not only a trend but is becoming mainstream .With the mind and spirit in harmony it accentuates the well being of the person as a whole.

    A very well done video .
    Follow your passion and it will benefit others as well as yourself.

  5. Hello Christopher,

    Thank you for your kind words of support, appreciate it:). You are quite right, of course that holistic health care is invaluable, all natural and a pain free solution to “what ails you”!

    Am glad that you enjoyed the video interview on YouTube, you can comment, subscribe, share and give it a “thumbs up”…if you are so inclined.

    Am glad your Mother is feeling better:)

  6. Excellent Colleen!

    I have no doubts that your business interests will be successful! I’ll need to sign up for a reading the next time I’m in Cornwall. I’ll be in contact with you over these next few months about that.


  7. Hello Cory,

    Thank you for your generous support! It would be my pleasure to read for you, let me know what time works best for you.

    Am also available to do readings over the phone, if that is more convenient for you:)

  8. Good Show Colleen..!.

    Congratulations on your second location, the people of Cornwall are truly blessed that you have come to their town. I can’t wait for my next appointment.


  9. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your most kind comment, yes I do travel to where ever I am needed.

    Please feel free to set up your next appointment, at your earliest convenience,

    It would be my pleasure to be of service:)

  10. Congrats Colleen!
    You are so an inspirational woman!
    This is an honor for me to have met you.
    I can’t wait to see ya tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Hello Nancy,

    It is always a pleasure to see you! Think you have it backwards, my friend, it is YOU who inspires me.

    Am looking forward to being of service:)

  12. I believe we all have an amazing gift in our inner beings and finding it becomes truly a gift of life. Spiritually I am a fond believer in these gifts that you have inspired and led people into a journey of the unknown and finding themselves again and the healing begins. Your gifts will prosper and grow because of who you are and what you are here to teach us ! I look forward to seeing you my friend and continue your quest in life all the best! 🙂

  13. I remember when Colleen had helped me using Reiki on my bee sting at the track it was pretty painful, once she had put her hand on the sting and paused and told me to just relax within minutes I had amazing relief it really surprised me at the time. Her energy totally took over the matter. I have a better outlook to this gift that she has and my doubts are now open to receiving what she has to give anyone with an open mind and heart. Thank you my friend. Gino Robitaille President of Performance Plus Enterprises and Diplomatic Security. 🙂

  14. So happy for you Colleen!!!!

    I have had the pleasure of a tarot card reading & am happy to say I am enjoying the outcome of your insight.

    I love the idea of reading parties, we should have one this summer around the pool…Perhaps another fundraiser…

    Enjoy your new life & all the best!!!

    Deb xo

  15. Great article Don ..!!Well done
    The video is excellent Colleen .It explains your gift well and in a comforting way so it takes away the hokas pokas …lol
    I for one certainly know these gifts are real and they are true gifts to help others to help themselves .
    We all at times need help to find our new direction in life because life here is full of u turns .
    Thanks Don for the article and to you Colleen for your devotion to helping others

  16. Hello Julie,

    Thank you for your most generous words. As always, it is my pleasure to see you, again! Let me know, when we can get together and I’ll be there with bells on!!!

    I look forward to being of service:)

  17. Hello Gino,

    What a wonderful testimonial to the immense versatility and healing capacity of Reiki Therapy. Am thrilled that we were able to get you right back out to riding the Race Track during Pro 6 Cycle Track Days.

    To a fellow motorcyclist track day enthusiast, track day riding is precious play time!!!

    As always, it is my pleasure to be of service:)

  18. Hello Debbie,

    Am so pleased that you are enjoying the fruits of your Tarot Card Reading. It is always so gratifying to hear that my Readings were on target and of assistance!

    Would love to participate in your Reading Party…they are such fun, for everyone. Am always open to fund raising events, please contact me at: with your details and proposed dates. Will endeavour to reserve your space, in advance.

    Am happy to be of service:)

  19. Hello Bob,

    Thank you for your most generous recommendation. Am so pleased that you found my YouTube Interview interesting and informative.

    Life is filled with many different twists and turns, it’s true. Always a pleasure to help “navigate” the journey!

    Am pleased to be of service:)

  20. Hello,

    Thank you, all for your most generous support. It is very much appreciated. 🙂

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