It is International Forest Day…today? by Jacqueline Milner

It is International Forest Day…today?  by Jacqueline Milner


Yes today is International Forest Day folks.  For those of you able to, get out there and enjoy all that our trees and natural landscapes have to offer.   Consider the fresh air, the wonderful movements and sounds of the birds and crawling critters and the symphony of the wind amidst the branches.


Breathe in the solitude and beauty and exhale your worries of the day.  Our forests provide all life with oxygen, food and cover. They provide places to thrive, habitat for procreation, clean water and assist in the cycle of water which nourishes all natural life in the form of rainfall.  Many areas of the world are being stripped of these vital habitats as we speak.


If you must cut down trees in the course of your day to day….please consider planting elsewhere for the benefit of the generations who will inherit, this earth that we, … leave behind.  Thank you!




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