Councilor Bernie Boo Boo Clement Grimaces as Mayor Bob Kilger Lawyers Cornwall Ontario Over Conflict of Interest

Bernie Boo Boo
Councilor Bernadette Clement must be wondering how Mayor Kilger’s statements and actions will hamper her attempts to flee council to run for the Liberals in the next Provincial elections.

CFN –  Mayor Kilger’s Lawyered statement was too much even for Councilor Bernie Boo Boo Clement last night.

We have asked CAO Norm Levac for an amount of how much that gem cost the city in legal fees.   With lawyer Fay Brunning suggesting that a Judge may be used to bring the issue of Conflict of Interest to a head it was an interesting opening to council Monday night.   Councilor Grant also asked that the word Consent be stricken from the adopted minutes of the Mayor sharing details of what he said in camera.

As per the numerous requests I wore a traditional Oxford shirt and tie to go along with my trademark hat at council.

The protest group grew last night with more young people in attendance.

It’s curious how the big corporate media in Cornwall have either been trashing the protesters or simply not covering them?  Bewildering too was News Director Bill Kingston’s response to them in the video below.

The bottom line is sadly in Ontario there is no higher level of appeal in Municipal law.   The Municipal act is all but toothless.

Whistler Blowers have almost no protection and where you have a mayor and council burning through tax payer money to defend their cover up the Whistle Blowers have to risk their life savings in court and in some situations municipalities even threaten them with extra legal fees to deter their actions.

Shouldn’t a Whistle Blower’s legal fees be covered by a municipality if their allegations be proven true?   And maybe a Mayor and his supporting councilors should have to pay the City’s legal fees if their actions prove to be guilty?

It’s dark days for Cornwall Ontario right now and sadly the public while responding, needs to respond louder and prouder.    It should be interesting to see what unravels next.

The saddest thing for our community is that instead of the lawyered speech by Mayor Kilger last night to open council wouldn’t it have been more responsible; more human, and more just to have had Councilor Syd Gardiner apologize for his actions at the last council meeting?  Or the Mayor and Council as a group?

Arrogance, ignorance, and a lack of humility sum up this group sadly and that’s the image that we in Cornwall are allowing the World to see.   We have to change that.

Greg Kielec of The Journal and I interview  protester Chris Cameron

Now we wait to see who Standard Free Holder scribe Claude McIntosh will Dunlop Friday night, the protestors, Fay Brunning, or yours truly.   What a group of Winners we have at City Council sadly….

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The word and truth is getting out to all the people of Cornwall via CFN and the Cornwall Journal. People are tired of getting doctored up versions of local news from the Cornwall Daily, Seaway News and Standard-Freeholder. This coverup from clique media may be the reason for so much apathy in the past from the young and older people of Cornwall. People here are smarter than these other media give them credit for and everyone is now finally waking up to see the need for change as to how this city council is run.

  2. Can somebody tell me why Kilger’s hands are shaking when he is reading his bullshit speech? I did say he would weasel his way out of the conflict and he’s doing just that.
    And please…somebody check Samson’s water. I swear that man was intoxicated at the meeting. Slurred speech sounds like he did when driving around in a cruiser!

  3. The Black(sun) media did cover city hall…with twitter…WOW..other than a local politician pushing his own agenda…they had about four “listeners” lets hope coffee breaker recorded all his column isn’t retracted..YET AGAIN as all his knowledge comes second hand

  4. Qui s’excuse s’accuse… Bob Kilger seems to be paraphrasing the famous criminal politician Richard Nixon when, just before being impeached and kicked out of office, he said “I am not a crook”.

  5. Alderwoman Clement…they have medicines for your problem…
    or add more ruff-age to your diet…no more junk food garbage…served out by the former Chicken King manager

  6. LOL LOL. That is so true Simon I love that quote. LOL LOL. ROLF! Just a few days ago I saw something about “Tricky Dicky” using that same quote and I forgot about putting it here. You said it right indeed.

    Kilger knows that the people are on to him and his dirty tricks and nothing will work anymore – his image is badly tarnished. It is time to go Kilroy – better now than later. Just don’t slam the door too hard on your way out.

  7. Bernadette, Bernadette you must have smelled the stink of Kilger coming from his corrupt snout. You just couldn’t take it any more could you. You too are out Bernadette.

  8. What a pug pic! Even a lawyer can’t keep a straight face. Yep we all smell the BS and the more BS that continues, the more we will continue to cry foul!
    I also noticed that Syd Vicious spent most of time facing “His NOT holiness” direction. I”m sure if he would have noticed all of the t-shirts he would have had no choice but to hulk out again!!!
    Guess these people are so good at being corrupt that the only way to bring them down is the long and expensive way.
    Will do!

  9. I think our Mayor was on a role when he went ‘up hill’ or was that ‘up to the hill’, ending there as Speaker of the House. Not bad for a man with baggage and a grade 10 education.

    His hockey/ref. career preceded him as did his so called management position at the chicken house on Brookdale Ave.

    Now, when you come down from the clouds, after having control to a major way in the comings and going of the countries MP’s, including keeping ‘order in the house’ of commons, back to your home village, well guess what you bring with you……the games the BIG people play.

    Playing those ‘authority, almost misogynist game back home in Petton Place, well, it gets a little heady.

    People get ‘bossed around’ and as in most government parties and party’s, councillors get mugged with muffing them as so much comes down that can’t get out.

    The sad down hill climb gets boggled. What else can one expect.

    Now you can see where we are. Election is well overdue folks.

  10. Diddlyscwat you are right and he sure went up the ladder for someone who just chased a hockey puck along the ice and with only grade 10. I remember Jake Lamoureux who lived on MacConnell Ave. was a lawyer and was speaker of the house. He too rubbed elbows with the big shots.

    I can tell you that there is so much corruption here in the Parliament Buildings here in Ottawa that the people don’t even know about. The same is true in the City of Ottawa as well. All the paying of the staff to do things for the general public and I know because my husband drove taxi and did it a couple of times as well. A lot of the drivers did along with other people.

    I won’t forget the time when my husband first started on taxi way back in the mid 70’s working for a small company that no longer exists and he along with others would bribe the dispatcher for fares and one day my husband gave a bottle of whiskey to the dispatcher and he sent 10 cabs to the same address since he drank the whiskey instead of waiting until after hours. LOL LOL. ROLF! There are so many crazy things that happened that I would have everyone laughing here. Those were the good days indeed but nowadays Ottawa is way too big and no longer the same generation as before.

    Cornwall needs a complete cleanup of all the corruption and it isn’t the fun and games but it is a rip off of the people who pay the taxes. There has to be new blood in the mayor’s seat and council. It is now time to throw all the bums out PRONTO! If this isn’t done then things will worsen.

    Kilger chased so many businesses out of Cornwall and it is he who is populating Cornwall by having children the ages of his grandchildren popping out all over the place. Kilger must have some gigantic bill to pay unless he has them all on welfare or something. Peyton Place for sure and the old soap As the World Turns. My former supervisor in the government used to call it As the Stomach Turns. LOL LOL.

  11. I forgot to say that Wolff the dispatcher had to be taken out on a stretcher to the hospital after drinking that booze. LOL LOL.

    I am thinking about all the jobs that Kilger sent away to other municipalities and do you know why. It is because the businesses did not want to feather his pockets in order to be accepted to do business in Cornwall. Many things have to change or else Cornwall will not get ahead one iota.

    Cornwall has a business park and that could be developed into some small industries. I see plenty of trucks here in Ottawa that come from Cornwall and elsewhere and Cornwall is in the right place to be a distribution centre for the stores.

    One time OC Transpo wanted to make a track between Ottawa and Cornwall and have the train go down there to pick up people and bring them to Ottawa and for the same price they could ride on the OC Transpo buses to get to their jobs. Kilger refused this – can you imagine that. Kilger is only thinking about himself and his gang of thugs. People have to wake up before things get any worse.

  12. Conflicts of Interest
    Seems Cornwall can’t get enough of it
    Coffee breaker has son on police force but see’s no problem in writing stories about how they act. Even with this “insider” he still publishes as story about Alderman Rivette that was a disgrace
    If indeed he is writing speeches for Mayor KILLroy…this is another huge conflict…
    He has mocked, a dead editor of his newspaper, all the while delivering two retractable columns for his black/sun/ media boss in under a year.
    Let’s hope three retracted news stories means he is really retired

  13. Dear Jamie
    Is that coffee blogger trying to blame u for this??? from his friday DUNLOP column…
    THIS & THAT: A member of the local gay community who was ridiculed by a blogger should file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission,

    Guess its alright for him to belittle you about uncovering the corruption at city hall with this PINHEAD comment Why do we have elements in our community that treat highly successful (and wealthy) people who have done much to make this a better place to live like they are the enemy?
    ‘ELEMENTS IN OUR COMMUNITY”????? CRIPES SHADES OF JOE MCcarthy and the RED menace ,,,guess ending up in a snow bank and/or/having relations with a lower ranked employee….is A-ok
    Somebody should talk to big MAC…” long last have you NO SHAME???

  14. Author

    Yes Feret, after being the sole media sponsor for Pride in Cornwall for two years it was refreshing to see that champion of freedom attempt to chastise me 🙂

  15. His nerve..or lack of scary
    His hero rightwing nut sean hannity was cheering on the Rutgers basketball coach…who threw balls..kicked players and hurled gay slurs…the right wingers like mr coffee break…never seem to let the truth get in the way of a story…or veiled comment..without the nerve to name names

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