Is Ed Lumley or William Wise our Lone Cornwall Ontario Offshore Account Holder? Buzz Buzz!

cornwall bankCFN – A lone Cornwall name is one of 450 Canadians named in a leak of over 120,000 offshore accounts.

CBC posted the story and map which is interesting when you look at which cities have members of this austere group.

So far the buzz is that the front runners to be our lone rep on that list are former MP Ed Lumley and Ponzi King and former employer of Mayor Kilger, William Wise.    Of course CBC has not released names, but it certainly gives the Timmies crowd something to buzz about.   We can confirm that Mayor Bob Kilger is not the person on the list.

BC has the most names on the list.   There are 92 people from Toronto alone.  Ottawa has only 12.   Montreal 16.   To put Cornwall being on the map in perspective, TMR, a wealthy enclave in Montreal only has 1 as well.

There are none east of Quebec City, which has zero; none in all of the East Coast, but we have one in Cornwall!

Who do you think is our lone member of this list?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. There are many other names that come to mind before Wise, who is now basically an American, or Ed Lumley. Let us not forget the old money families of Cornwall, the Kanebs, the Grants, and others are also quite possibly in a financial position to seek tax havens.

  2. I think the most disturbing aspect of the tax haven stories to come to light this week is the deal just struck and signed between the Harper Government and the Government of Liechtenstein. Besides dragging their feet for upwards of a year and a half between the deal being struck and the signing our government has basically said that only new accounts opened,post signing, attempting to illegally evade taxes will be affected, pre signing accounts which have been and will continue to evade taxes will enjoy immunity and anonymity due to privacy laws. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this policy given the “Tough on Crime” crack down on tax cheat agenda and 2013 budget? Furthermore, one has to wonder if the time between the deal and the signing allowed certain special Canadians to actually get their “tax free” accounts in order given the immunity preference allowed to tax evading criminals in the Liechtenstein bank system.

  3. There is nothing illegal with having an off shore bank account, invading people’s privacy however…

  4. Kaneb, Healy, Rose, Shah… that’s just the folks connected to Willie.

    The lone Williamsburg resident on the offshore list is a bit of a puzzler… maybe our MP would know.

  5. Yes that is exactly true Chris Fry you are on the money for sure. Willie Wise sure did put Cornwall on the map. The government is looking into all of this and more. There are people who own property and businesses outside of Canada and they want to tax the people. This will eventually happen and more and most people don’t know about this but I have for years. Many will put money in countries where there is no tax and something called “secret bancaire” and they have that in my husband’s country as well. Many people send money over so as not to pay taxes. If people have pensions from abroad as well that is also being taxed by Canada. A man that we knew from Europe told us about that many years ago about the foreign pensions being taxed.

  6. This is the type of witch hunt that does nothing but discredit your work CFN, foul reporting…

  7. Witch hunt? Perhaps, …but who lowered the “justice” bar in the first place?

    Why, the makers of our laws no less — that knot of thieving slobs on Parliament Hill that habitually neglect “due process”.

    Our own Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, took $100’s of thousands in cash in brown envelopes and hid them in a safety deposit box in New York City. Did he declare it as income? Did he declare it when he crossed the border? No, and No.

    That $100’s of thousands was given to Brian Mulroney by Karl Heinzschreiber, a colleague of Conservative MP Elmer Mackay (that’s Conservative MP Peter Mackay’s dad; Peter even worked for Karlheinz Schrieber for a time). Schreiber was the fixer in a scheme of “kickbacks” during and after the government’s Air Canada purchase of $1.8 billion worth of Airbus aircraft.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, had to set up an inquiry into the crooked deeds of Brian Mulroney when that news got out.

    But Harper made sure that any Airbus “kickback” wouldn’t be a problem, by having a fellow named David Johnston draw up the inquiry’s “Terms of Reference”. David Johnson forbade the inquiry to make any connection to the $1.8 Billion purchase.

    This was good for Mulroney because he had sued us (you and me) for $2 million before the police found out about the $100’s of thousands in brown envelopes so he got to keep it.

    And it was good for…
    – David Johnston, now the Governor General of Canada (with a free mansion).
    – Peter Mackay now the Minister of Defence (buying overpriced jets
    just like his dad).
    – Elmer Mackay’s telling no tales (aka dead).
    – Karlheinz Schreiber is conveniently in jail in another country (incommunicado).

    So, you and I who pay through the nose to schysters in Ottawa and crooks living among us, might be forgiven for disregarding their ill used rights.

    Meanwhile, the earlier suggestions about Wise’s buddies are well founded… a good deal more than guilt be association. Ask to look at their vacation pictures, or children’s wedding photos.. you might find Willy.

  8. Same old Same old
    Coffee break has no comment section…yet again
    Like a broken record the writer talks about the bar scene while claiming nothing wrong is happening in your town….the same line of nonsense he pushed during Project Truth
    Guess we can add “Smith” to this list
    big mac smear column this friday night
    “Methinks I have the answer. There is no evidence, just a lot of rumour-mongering and innuendo with no regard for harming reputations.”
    Guess there haven’t been any deaths related to the latest nonsense..such was not the case during the “Nothing happening Here” era when the government was forced to investigate the town

  9. Amazing that the semi-retired pinhead writing for rightwing sun news must bring his computer to the “local watering hole” as half his columns lately have been personal attacks on Jamie and CFN
    Guess with no local news stories..that really cover what happens in his town…in his own newspaper…he has to read CFN to find out what his “clicque” friends don’t..or won’t tell him….
    Or if they do…its all nonsense…like the Rivette column that was never really retracted…only half butt …ooops…all our facts were wrong..but…we are going to run the story a SECOND time just in case u missed the make believe story.

  10. dear jamie
    hope that i didn’t rev u up to write an anti-big mac column by saying he was attacking YOU again…
    I think its a sad comment on his lack of writing talent..that i have to ask u..through the comments section….if his latest barb is directed at you…or not…
    Is he afraid to put your name in print…or is it just easier…to slander somebody…by calling them a blogger…or suggesting “Somebody” should file a human rights complaint about a mystery “Somebody”????

    cripes u need a road map to figure out what the -PINHEAD –big mac is saying—As mike wallace (60 minutes)..would say…his words…not mine(ie:pinhead)….
    He is also putting down young “lets kill off the Lamourex Park Beavers” freeholder writer/blogger/twitt_Her—- Cheryl ,by mocking other forms of journalistic expression.
    Seems every newspaper left in the world forces its staff to BLOG..but its hard to find out facts like the local watering hole/trough
    U mentioned lack of mobility in your column..maybe we should take up a “Get Big Mac a /scooter” campaign…the first 25 letter writers could get a scooter coupon from med arts.

  11. Author

    Not Medical Arts, no sir. They aren’t sponsors any longer.

  12. Mr jamie
    that was my under the counter…slap at the ribbon cutting crowd over there… big mac….u have to read between the
    they pulled Ads from your site…..only after getting a fifty cent plaque from chamber of commerce…

  13. And oh yes. Who lives at unit 434/4 Cornwall Centre Road Cornwall, Ontario Cananda K6K 1Ml

  14. 434/4 Cornwall Centre Road is linked to a Hubert Alexander Levoguer… who happens to be (or was, since he’s dead now) the brother-in-law of a certain Ron Wilson. Hmmm?

  15. There would be a great deal more than one in Cornwall and I bet that Willie is singing like a bird in a cage and is going to be granted less cage time than what is normally issued to him if he tells all and believe me he will tell all. Many will face the bird cage soon enough so gather enough “toilet paper of record” to line the bird cages of the jail houses that they will all be in sooner than later. Harpoon Harpo is building those mass cages for good reason. When you read project truth you connect a lot of the low life crap of Cornwall who have their noses in the air and they are nothing. Most likely they breathed in enough of the chemicals from the industries to pollute themselves to the grave. Everyone of them are crooks and I sure wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that town ever again. It makes any decent person mighty ashamed of the place.

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