Social Engineering in Cornwall Ontario? French University for River City? City Approves $50K Feasability Study

Social Engineering in Cornwall Ontario?  French University for River City?  City Approves $50K Feasability Study

Steering CommitteeCFN – Cornwall City Hall did the back door shuffle and have agreed to send $50K to fund the study that the committee above have asked to have commissioned.

Little has been said about their vision; but CFN has been digging and could the reason for the secrecy simply be that Cornwall wishes to establish a French University?    And if so why the secrecy?  Are the politicians which chiefly make up this group concerned about a back lash from the public for spending public tax dollars on such a project.

Many don’t realize that there is a major regional push to attract disgruntled Francophones from Quebec to Cornwall and it makes some sense in that with Quebec’s economic and political woes an opportunity to attract young families is there.  Couple that with a desire politically to have a French University in Ontario and you have a recipe for something that could attract people and money to Cornwall.

Lapresse recently ran a piece discussing Cornwall.    LINK   The article discussed a drop in Francophones from 30 to 26% and the concerns of some of the locals.   Councilor Maurice Dupelle was quoted, but most of the quotes came from Georgette Sauve of the SD&G ACFO)

Translated quote:

Francophone immigration is one of the keys. We need new blood to maintain an acceptable level of French in Cornwall, “said the President.

Education, employability and apparently French Education were primary concerns.

“We must put pressure on elected officials to implement policies to facilitate the immigration of French here. Employers also have a role to play. Finally, the number of allophones who turns aside default the English school system is also a big problem that we have identified, “says the president of the ACFO-SDG, Georgette Sauvé.

It was also discussed on TFO’s 360 show.  CLICK to watch VIDEO REPORT.

The question many will be asking is why all the secrecy and why not have open discussion by politicians in the community rather than   writing cheques and socially engineering our region?  After all it’s everyone’s tax dollars and we all live here.  Surely the public should have some say in some of these decisions?

We already have the stench of having two of the committee members, Mayor Kilger and Councilor Elaine MacDonald on the committee not recusing themselves from discussion or voting on the issue which violates number 2 of their Declaration of Office.

2. I have not received and will not receive any payment or reward, or promise thereof, for the
exercise of this office in a biased, corrupt or in any other improper manner.

Clearly there is a reward when you as a member of a group ask for cash from city hall?  You have achieved a goal which is of course a reward.

Again, nothing against having a French University in Cornwall, or French in general, but these processes and forcing the public to pay for freight without public consultation surely isn’t Democratic, is it?  And while having a University isn’t a bad thing how many of these French Uni grads would be staying in Cornwall?

What do you think CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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