Oh Geez, Claude McIntosh of the Standard Freeholder in Cornwall Ontario is calling me a Blogger again!

Claude McIntosh looking lovingly up at his buddy Ed Lumley.
Claude McIntosh looking lovingly up at his buddy Ed Lumley.

CFN – There are people that love old fashioned media wars.  Apparently some of what I’ve written must’ve have stung old Claude McIntosh at the Freeholder and/or his friends and relatives hired in high places or he just is tired of sniffing CFN’s exhaust?  Maybe he’s just trying to shift focus away from his old buddy, Mayor Kilger’s conflict of interest issues, and other scandals?

Seems ol Mac has problems actually finding news or accurately reporting on it.  Mobility issues can impact all of us and frankly I’m jealous.   To be on pension or buyout and only have to do one piece of scribbling per week is such a freaking luxury.

Having written over 6,500 in the last four years  I can’t imagine just having to write one per week.   I can say if I had that James Joycean luxury it’d be a whopper as opposed to some of the mealy liquid literary bowel movements limply lighting his page.

Claude loves to call me a blogger, as though that’s some sort of slur.  He learned that from Mayor Kilger who used that in a….Freeholder interview with Cheryl “Eagle Eye” Brink.

Is it a slur to be called a blogger?  I guess they think it is.   I cover news.  I get scoops way ahead of the Free Holder sometimes    Are we going to quibble over titles?  As Mac’s written, as an Independent locally owned media outlet I have to multi-task.  I cover news; I write opinion; I help find lost dogs.  I actually answer the phone.

All I do know and was taught that in this biz, the media biz, that the goal is to get the most viewers, readers, listeners.

And in the online biz, what’s important is not only getting the eyeballs, but keeping them coming back and spending time with you which we do a heck of a job of here at CFN with our average pages per visit and length of visit far greater than Claude’s current employer.

We do that too without devoting columns and space to slurring our competition.   It’s funny a column or two ago Mac tried to suggest I was gay bashing yet CFN was the sole media sponsor for Pride events for two years.   Where was Claude and the SF?   Has Mac ever been to any Pride events here or elsewhere?  Is he a FOD to be able to champion the cause?

In this world people eventually see through the stink.   If you’re caught Peter Wolfing it like old Mac enough times you become…what’s the word I’m looking for…….irrelevant!

It’s always better to lead than follow Mac.   I’m sure at some point of your career you nailed a few good ones; maybe it’s time, in your Golden Years, to work it and nail the story down instead of writing from fumes.      I know I learned from you; at least at the beginning of CFN.

You can waggle and swaggle, but if you can’t dunk the ball maybe it’s time to blow the whistle and eat some ice cream?

If Claude wants an old fashioned donnybrook that’s fine, but he’s going to have to up the ante and he’s going to have to not cry like a baby girl when I punch back.  It’s not like I don’t have files on his checkered butt kissing career.   It’s like boxing with your grand mother though; you can’t win either way.

If that’s the only way the Free Holder can gain some traction back against CFN I guess that’s the route they’ll go.

But aren’t there so many more important stories we should be writing about here in Cornwall?

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?   We actually allow comments here as opposed to blocking them at the Free Holder as they so frequently do.



  1. It’s odd that El Presidente and the rest have actually hired legal help in the past to examine CFN’s reporting.

    It’s odd too that El Presidente and the rest have actually hired legal help to also protect him from a potential conflict of interest.

    It’s also odd that attacks continue against CFN’s reporting. Would not the best course of action for them to take would be nothing at all?

    Seems to me that someone is attempting to ride another’s coattails.

  2. Admin. writes “It’s funny a column or two ago Mac tried to suggest I was gay bashing yet CFN was the sole media sponsor for Pride events for two years”. And I thought he was referring to me, boy, I am glad I am off the hook! Thanks Jamie!

  3. Author

    OMG, did Pastor Tom crack a joke! And without referral to scripture? 🙂

  4. OMG – “Oh My G_d” – Jehovah? The Pentateuch declares -“Exo 20:7 “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain”.

  5. Author

    Tom surely you know that OMG is also “Oh my gosh!”

  6. gosh is slang for God, is it not? From Wiktionary [http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gosh] Gosh – A mild expression of surprise or enthusiasm as to be put in place of “God”, particularly in fear of saying the Lord’s name in vain.

  7. Brown noser Mac & cheesy is jealous of you Jamie,he has resorted to childish name calling ,he is at the end of his once great career his Ace is now trying to write for Kilger & Lumley,he owes them big time for favours given.Sad really that he does not have the good sense to walk off the stage gracefully but I guess he has made a deal with the devil that controls him….sad really!!!

  8. “mealy liquid literary bowel movements limply lighting his page”…now that is hilarious. It is accurate in description but poetic in style.

  9. Author

    Tom goodness is also used in that phrase. Interesting debate point though…

  10. Too funny Jamie, but oh so right on target!!!!!!!!! LMAO!

  11. Methinks the good pastor just proved that gosh is a suitable replacement for god with his own posting on the definition.. lol..

  12. Land o’ Goshen! MacIntosh is grumpy to the core.

    This irrelevant weiner argued against having the library… what kind of pen pusher is that?

  13. “mealy liquid literary bowel movements limply lighting his page”…

    Jamie, I agree with Reg, that quote is priceless ! Do you mind if the “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT”, uses it in our campaign, to flush this bunch from office at the next election ?

  14. I’ve been working too hard, but have to check in here occasionally. I agree with Reg, and Pastor Tom has got to lighten up. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Gosh, God, who gives a shit if you believe? And the person who wishes he wasn’t a lower level advisior and wants to be on the Sunshine List with overseas money goes to Gilles Latour, or the facade of Gilles Latour that is portrayed on his pages and on the complicit media. There was a day a short time ago that more than a certain 20 children of local parasites and phonies got their kids picture in the local rag.

  15. Geez the homophobic preacher must have finished his winter hibernation…bad news indeed
    Big Mac…open comment section under your column and stop hiding…I mean there were six comments on your page last week..and u have the nerve to dump on jamie????

  16. Author

    DF as long as you attribute 😉

  17. Now thats a fun photo …a journalist I know here in Toronto said every saturday morning eddie was at the freeholder while a member of parliament. Guess they had to ask Lomedome before publishing any local stories

  18. Jamie wrote to Claude ” I’m sure at some point of your career you nailed a few good ones”
    Well Mr Cilcig if your talking about draft beer…u might be right..if your talking about legit news stories…YOUR Wrong
    Big Mac got a slapping from a Journalism prof during Project Truth for the same kind of mud slinging against ( todd lie Who_Me) free ad paper…writer bob roth…in fact the retired writer, just wrote a column, singing the praises of Alderman angelo lebano for going after this writer ….in a bar
    If it was ok back then to get physical with a reporter…mayor KILLroy must have been watching from the sidelines…and figured maybe pushing a PANIC button..was an easier option to rid yourself of a truth teller.
    The semi-retired scribe learned nothing from project truth..even a relative would write nasty letters about him…and the watering hole versions of the truth he’s printing today…are truly PINHEAD stuff

  19. Jamie and Pastor Tom if using OMG is bad then God will be sending me for sure to hell straight and don’t pass go. I am in trouble for sure so say a little prayer for me on my journey down to the fire.

    Jamie that idiot brown noser Claude Mac and Cheese is jealous of you and he is finished. I used to like reading his stories of the past and I stopped a long while ago of every looking at “Cornwall’s toilet paper of record” and I will never ever look at that rag ever again.

    Jamie you are a good writer and Mayor Bare Ass Killroy is mighty jealous of you and he knows that you have him where he belongs.

  20. Jamie
    Just read your ( FRIEND ) Claude”s rant , in the SF I don’t remember you or CFN suggesting to avoid Rona or perkins .
    Fact is some people have chosen to do just that on there
    own , after all EMARD LUMBER is here to serve the public and
    that Co is now staffed 3rd Gen & growing bigger all the time .
    SF again locked down comments re claude’s rant .
    Keep up the good work Jamie

  21. Author

    believeme77 for the record on Facebook I asked CFN’s friends to boycott Roy Perkins businesses. I still stand by that position.

  22. Jamie…seems bloggers and gonzo reporters are good enough for HBO…somehow doubt they will be giving the Cornwall pinhead a call..lol..


    HBO debuted a newsmagazine from the folks at VICE last night, the magazine known for its gonzo reportage, and the team behind Dennis Rodman‘s now-infamous trip to North Korea.

    “Nightline’s” Bill Weir profiles the upstart media company, which says it wants to be “the next CNN.”

  23. Author

    Frankly I’d rather be this CFN than the next anything. People don’t realize how amazing an anomaly CFN is and hopefully the community keeps it alive before I finally get fed up.

  24. Jamie I refuse to read that cursed “Cornwall toilet paper of record SF” and if you were no longer in existence I would not listen or read anything that comes out of Cornwall. I give you my word and I have said that before and I mean it. I have kept my word on so many things and people know that with whom it concerns.

    As for lumber or anything I would prefer to cart the stuff from Ottawa and not buy into anything in Cornwall since they are all one gang. I did notice that Rona that was on Cornwall Centre Road is gone. I don’t know if they still exist or not in Cornwall. As for Perkins he can go and fly a kite somewhere – I trust in none of these jerks whatsoever.

  25. Jamie Is it just me or does the SF>Take it’s news from CFN .
    A friend gave me an SF> today and it seems it was all news, that I read on CFN the day before .

    Looked @ SF.just to see if they were saying anymore about you .

  26. Author

    George it’s only Claude that talks about CFN or me on the Freeholder. The other media refuse to mention our call sign except for the occasional intestinal gas explosion from Todd Lihou at the Seaway Non News. 🙂

  27. OMG Jamie…..that is too funny hahaha!! Your expressions are something else.

  28. It sure has been a mighty long time since I looked at Seaway News and don’t need to – nothing there to look at. I remember my parents used to just throw it in the garbage and never looked at that thing. When it used to come to the door I would give it a quick glance and throw it. I never read anything in it. The only thing that I would read are the obituaries to see if I knew of anybody in it and I haven’t checked that out in a mighty long time. I have no time either.

  29. Jamie, don’t be so hard on Mac. After all, he works(?) for Sun Media, who have Ezra Levant as their figurehead. Mac’s just trying to play follow the leader.

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