Morbern’s David & Rose Bloomfield Donate $1 Million Dollars to Hospital Foundation in Cornwall Ontario

David and Rose BloomfieldWith the opening of the Hospital’s new west wing, Cornwall Hospital Foundation is now able to unveil the name of the $1,000,000 donors to the Our Hospital • Our Future Campaign: Rose and David Bloomfield, owners of Cornwall’s Morbern Inc.

The Bloomfields whose gift remained anonymous for years will now leave a long-lasting legacy in the city.  Cornwall Community Hospital will name its new diagnostic department The Rose and David  Bloomfield Diagnostic Centre in their honour.


Given through the David Bloomfield Family Foundation, this visionary donation was a catalyst gift received early during the Our Hospital Our Future Campaign motivating several other donors to support the project.


“This region is important to us, says David Bloomfield. Rose and I started Morbern Inc. in Cornwall over 50 years ago. During that time we’ve learned a few things. One of the most important is that in business as in life, people are precious. With this gift we wished to help sustain our family’s, our friends’, our coworkers’ and our community’s health and welfare for years to come.”

“We are very thankful for this generous donation, says Jeanette Despatie, CEO of Cornwall Community Hospital. The Rose and David Bloomfield Diagnostic Centre was an important part of the Redevelopment Project. The diagnostic centre is now second to none. Our hospital is something to be proud of.”

“We feel privileged to have been able to make this gift, adds Rose Bloomfield. David and I feel that we all have to do our part to better our environment however we can. We wanted our contribution to last well into our children’s future and into our grandchildren’s future.”


The Our Hospital Our Future Capital Campaign was initiated in 2004 to raise $12.1 Million from the community to fund Cornwall Community Hospital’s redevelopment project. The Campaign reached its goal in 2009 after receiving gifts from 3,166 donors.With its partners, Cornwall Community Hospital’s mission is to provide, facilitate and enable high-quality health services and education to the communities it serves; in doing so, it is committed to providing services in both official languages and to the effective management and use of its resources.

Cornwall Hospital Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to work in collaboration with the Cornwall Community Hospital, to enable sustainable healthcare philanthropy to support the Hospital in providing high-quality health services to the communities it serves.

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  1. Good people like this are few and far between.

    We need more of them.

    Being philanthropists must be rewarding for them too!

    Thank goodness there business and

    workers have brought in so much to our community.

  2. Now here is a nice positive story

  3. WOW!!! How nice is that!!! Yep, it is refreshing to know that some people care for our hospital. Yet, we have a small group who put the hospital down every chance they get!!

    Thank-you…in the end, we all win!!!

  4. Author

    yes Stella and sad that families like the Bloomfields have left Cornwall in so many ways…

  5. This is a wonderful gesture indeed. This comes from the heart of people who care for the community and willing to help and share their good fortune. People in general can donate even small amounts like $5.00 or $10.00, etc. whatever they can afford. The same thing with the old CGH people can all pitch in and help. We are not rich people but we can all do our part. Every dollar adds up. Thanks to this good couple this is a wonderful gift to the community.

  6. Mr & Mrs. Bloomfield, thank-you so very much, for your most generous donation.

  7. stellabystarlight April 6, 2013 at 11:18 am

    “Yet, we have a small group who put the hospital down every chance they get!!”

    Discrimination is discrimination and many from the hospital staff have said it,but remain closed minded we wouldn’t expect it any other way from you.

  8. Yes thank you to the Bloomfield’s for you contribution to our community through your generous donation .

  9. Your generous donation is awesome!

    While you were handing over the $$$$ I hope that you mentioned that you did not favor their discrimination of English Nurses.

  10. The Bloomfield’s are to be commended for their generous donation. Now there is an example of community care.

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