Genetically Modified Salmon, Hay…Stop the madness please!! by Jacqueline Milner


So much going on these days…talks of Genetically Modified (GM) salmon out East, GM alfalfa hay, another oil spill down south………………STOP THE MADNESS…..please!!

Amid all this talk of Franken-food and the hand of man slapping our Sacred Earth once again with the consequences of dirty oil and GM-food, I can’t help but wonder why we continue to play Russian roulette with various life forms including our own.  Despite these challenges the promise and new life of spring gives one hope and cause for celebration.

The birds and animals are once again preparing their nesting sites for their soon to be born offspring and their symphonies of songs are filling our yards and ears with their sweet praise of goodness.  The melodies and activity remind me of the immense strength and power of nature.

EarthMattersasp05_02_11A wise friend once told me to “not fret about our mother earth, she has amazing strength and perseverance.  If you must fret about anyone…fret about mankind.  When we (man) put her children…air, water and soil and her various animal and plant-form relatives at risk we create a scenario that invites the wrath of a mother trying to defend her offspring.  It is indeed man who is writing the script for his own demise.”

I think it is wise to really consider the consequences of what we allow big business and governments to do in their supposed support of our wellbeing.  It is very easy to turn a blind eye and simply contend with our day to day lives.  Our ‘to do’ list is after all beyond our ability of getting everything done each day.  I know.  I get it.  What is a soul to do?  I say “do something”!  Ask questions.  Inform yourself.  Take positive action.  The tiny drop of positive action or change that each of us incorporates into our day to day will result in a title wave of good for our community and world.

What can I/we do?  Want less.  Live more.  Eat less… (Lord knows my waistline is competing with my hip measurements) and eat better.  To me this usually means more (unprocessed) natural foods, which equates to spending more time in the kitchen preparing and becoming intimate friends with all the ingredients that will grace my dinner plate and fuel my body.  One project each of us can consider is planting a garden.

It can be small; can even be done in containers.  Growing some of our own food benefits us by supplying us with a fresh source of nutritious food within the reach of our backdoor, provides us with a beneficial amount of exercise, delivers us with an opportunity to spend time outdoors, allows us to commune with nature and provides us with the self- satisfaction that we all feel when we engage in and accomplish the goals of a project that make life better for us, our family and community.

Planting a garden is one of the most radical, simple things we can do to take back the health of our family, community and world.  Come on join me and be a little radical this spring.


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  1. Yes GMO salmon and all the food that we eat in the stores are mighty harmful to the health. Salmon is now harvested in fish farms and Atlantic salmon is the worst of the bunch. Now the Pacific Ocean is so mighty contaminated that there is no where else to turn. If we eat Pacific salmon we may glow in the dark.

  2. Author

    Jules thank you for your comment. I think generalizing that “all the food that we eat in the stores are mighty harmful” is a dangerous blanket statement. We certainly need to be aware of where our food comes from, what ingredients are in the product, and who is making it. Choosing unprocessed foods is certainly a good direction in the interest of health.

  3. Jaqueline there is a book that is well known and I have been searching high and low in the libraries here in Ottawa for it and so far without success. The title of the book is called “Seeds of Deception” and there are at least two people who wrote it and one of the author’s names is William F. Engdahl or something like that – he is a German American but now gone back to Germany to live and an Australian lady living in Tasmania got that book through her public library. She found the book at her local library.

    Yes the food that we eat today is pure garbage. Everything is genetically modified with garbage injected into foods and even animal feeds are all garbage added.

    Jacqueline we eat the Lebanese-Mediterranean diet and it is the best or one of the best. Just lately on the radio station here in Ottawa The Jewel one man a Canadian praised the chickpeas for people to eat and if you go on “” there is a Lebanese lady that shows you about hummus of different kinds and I have seen the different kinds here in Ottawa already made but we make our own foods. People have to eat well and the best is to grow ones own foods as much as possible. Lentils is another good food and people make salads and soups with that as well. Our Canadian and American and Australian people love that kind of food.

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