CFN – Sadness enveloped my heart as I witnessed a once vibrant life had been snuffed out. Many years ago I first noticed this lovely specimen.  It had taken up residence next to the post box which I travelled to on a regular basis; I couldn’t help but notice its regal stature.  The tree, a Manitoba Maple, a variety some might consider a nuisance, had a beautiful well balanced crown and was a delight to behold when dressed in her full leaved glory with the wind dancing through her branches.  A delightful vision and sound serenaded all those that visited to retrieve their daily mail.

Over the years she continued to delight people and birds who would stop and admire or take temporary shelter in her beauty. Time allowed this magnificence to spread and flourish which presented possible danger to the power lines which ran directly above the Maple.  One day I arrived to find that the trees symmetrical crown had been amended.  I was saddened to see what this amputation had done to the appearance of this Maple however took solace in that she would be, non-the-less, appreciated by the many lives that took comfort in her shade and branches.

As seasons came and went the sounds and sights of her leaved branches beckoned the call of some neighbourhood children.  They hammered some nails and boards in her trunk which led to boards in her extended branches which provided a private place to play and the solace only a tree can provide.  The children sought relaxation and adventure in these branches for two summers.  As the children matured they grew disinterested in their tree fort and the fort was left unattended for last’s summer season.  Near the end of the season one of the branches holding up the floor boards broke away from the tree and lay injured still attached to the truck.

Yesterday I found that our public works people had made the decision to cut her to the ground.


Yes one might say that “this provided safety to the community”, “it was a nuisance tree”, “that doing so saved tax dollars for the pruning that was necessary now and in future years”.  I wish we could have thought of the life and service this being still had to offer.

John Muir once said that “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  The extinguishing of this “single thing in nature” was attached to the souls of many that enjoyed her presence.  Fairwell friend!

Spring is finally here.  This is the time to plant and celebrate new life. Trees provide life, shelter, food and shade for our communities.  Planting a tree provides sustenance for our living earth.  Your local Garden Centre can help you choose a variety that is suitable for the size of area you have for planting, for your climate zone and provide planting and care taking instructions.  Are you planting a/some trees this spring?  We would like to hear about it.

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  1. Thank you J for the ever sentient and present way that you interface with this planet! This story speaks to the two sides of the feather of life…

  2. Thank you Lesley for your kind words and for the wonderful, caring work that Coyote Watch Canada, you, and your team do for our living planet.

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