Letter to the Editor – Eric Little Language Concerns raised by Bill C-419

ParlaOTTBill C-419 has passed second reading, been referred to committee and a report generated. http://www.parl.gc.ca/LegisInfo/BillDetails.aspx?billId=5526983&Mode=1&Language=E  http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=6092470&File=24#1

My concerns with the bill, to increase guaranteed bilingual roles for 10 positions, are quality of those new hires, where do we get the workers from and when does it stop. The number of qualified possible candidates drops as soon as language is put into place. Perhaps one of the bilingual choices would get the job anyway, but we will never know if this bill goes through. Secondly, you can look at numbers from Mother Tongue or Knowledge of Official Languages, but it would appear the lack of fairness in hiring is slanted towards Quebec,  New Brunswick and Ontario only.  If those senior positions are bilingual, why not second, third and 500th then?

People are being affected by a 40 plus year push for duality, and the numbers prove it is not being effective for that goal, if the government would reduce this push, people would probably get along better.

Mother tongue, as listed by Statistics Canada for the 2011 census, refers to the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual on May 10, 2011. The following chart lists province by population and number of English / French speakers taken from the Canada Census link below.


Canada Census 2011 – Bilingual Canadians


Total Population

Eng / Fr Bilingual


Nfld / Labrador








Nova Scotia




New Brunswick
























British Columbia








North West Terr.













Eng+Fr+non official




Knowledge of official languages refers to whether the person can conduct a conversation in English, French, in both or in neither language. For a child who has not yet learned to speak, this includes languages that the child is learning to speak at home.



Canada Census 2011

 Knowledge of Official Languages


Total Population

Eng / Fr Bilingual


Nfld / Labrador








Nova Scotia




New Brunswick
























British Columbia








North West Terr.
















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James Moak



  1. So, far less than 17.5% gets to wag the dog.

    Only in Candaye.

    Once this bill goes through, and it will, the hijacking of the


    PROVINCE OF BEAUTIFUL QUEBEC will seal the fate for the ROC

    for sure then, aye! bI-LINGUA TO THE 9’S FOR SURE.

    All of this for a mere 200 billion $ and 10 years to go and nirvana here we come…strait to the Utopian society of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s dreams.

  2. Again we have the tools to fight. Boycotts.

    Refusal to talk to bilingual people ( french) and demanding to speak to a person that is culturally compatable.

    Stay away , if at all possible from any business that promotes bilingualism. Set up web sites to inform Canadians of what is going on.
    Forward all videos from CFN to any and all friends and relatives, in Canada.
    Begin to put pressure on all politicians to justify this policy of forced bilingualism.
    begin lobbying for a separate quebec, as quebec, is all but a defacto separate nation now.

    These are just a few of the things , that we can do, that are legal, and very, very, effective.
    Don’t as well be intiminadted when call us anti- french. DON’T BACK DOWN. We are the majority here. we have every right and more so than most, given we are the majority, to fight for our language ,culture and take back control of our country.


  3. No worries boys. Since we tried to let war play in court and they showed their true colours; let’s just let war now play in the streets.

    Amateurs they are.

  4. Author

    Looks like you guys scared off Stella, Richard, and Pierre…

  5. No not at all, Jamie. I’m just not feeding them anymore. I meant it when I said that I would no longer read their posts let alone respond to them.

  6. Great letter Eric,

    This appeasement reeks of exclusion of the majority.Canada is the sum of ALL the provinces and territories not just a few select provinces.
    Clearly the majority is not bilingual 83% ,but the conditions of requirement eliminates most individuals and therefore any representatives outside of Quebec,Ontario and possibly NewBrunswick .

    One must ask why exclude an applicant for these high level government jobs on language alone ?

    Canada remains the sum of ALL the provinces and Territories and representatives of these should have equal access and putting language requirements does not allow this.

    There is no greater wedge to separate the country then these inequitable language laws ,we are not a bilingual country but a country with 2 official languages -only excepted by our federal government.

    There remains only one bilingual province NewBrunswick and the inequitable language laws there are creating furthering tensions.

    April 23, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    So, far less than 17.5% gets to wag the dog.

    That 17.5% is self assessed bilingual ,if those individuals were to be federal Government assessed well that number would be significantly less.
    In fact perhaps 10% .

    What is the next stage of federal government that ALL MP`s must be bilingual ?

    The house of commons is to be as it says house of commoners and having bilingual status is not common for most provinces and territories.

    My greatest fear and I believe with our present path of continued alienation with inequitable language laws will no doubt occur is what Cory said:

    No worries boys. Since we tried to let war play in court and they showed their true colours; let’s just let war now play in the streets.

  7. When will our Federal government make an ethical stand and protect and Guarantee the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms FOR ALL CANADIANS.

    Quebec and their bill 14 violates the charters 23(b)Minority Language educational rights.

    Legal Rights section 8 of the charter reads -Everyone has a right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure .

    Bill 14 will allow Language police to search and seizure without a warrant of a business establishment with regards to language requirements set forth in bill 14.

    Charter Of Rights –
    Fundamental Freedoms 2(B) EVERYONE has the fundamental rights freedoms -Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and EXPRESSION .

    When will the Canadian Government stand up for its minorities in Quebec ,are they not entitled to those Guaranteed rights which are set-forth in the Charter of rights?
    Or is that just an inconvenient TRUTH.

    The pretense of language laws is to protect a language perceived to be in jeopardy,6.5 million speakers are far from truly an endangered language.

    What of our Native languages of which the United Nations stated are near extinct.Native speakers over the last decade has dropped significantly form 29% to 17 % and on the present path next census will likely indicate 12% or less.
    Already 10 native languages have become extinct ,how many more should become extinct before our government takes a stand and protects the TRULY endangered languages and allow the protection allocated to the French language.

    Or was official language protection of French really not about protection of a language but the enforcement of it?

  8. @ Eric

    Is there any way you can forward these stats to our M.P.’S and to queen’s park ??

    these are the types of stats, as well as edudyorlik’s videos and Eric’s stats, that should be forwarded daily to M.P.’S and as many people across the nation as possible.
    Perhaps this can be done through CLF . Just a suggestion

  9. Jamie, you must be kidding…..right? OMG I never thought you were that naïve……lol The ENGLISH RADICALS do not scare anyone, they are the one’s running scared pas nous.

    Do you ever get tired of BS and the same old stories that are repeated over and over again. Kids dying, sandwiches flying, language on signs, people fighting in the streets, all because of the French. It gets to be boring after 2 1/2 years…..and they are still crying. The hardest part to deal with is how the English radicals exaggerate, fabricate twist and turn the posts to suit their agenda. They are fooling no one especially not the peace loving people of this great country.

    Actually, I was away for a few days because of death in the family, not because I was running scared. It would take more then the English radicals to scare the French. **smile**

    It’s been 2 1/2 years now and they are still crying in their beer. What is the point in debating

  10. cory wrote……..No not at all, Jamie. I’m just not feeding them anymore. I meant it when I said that I would no longer read their posts let alone respond to them.

    Thank-you……about time

  11. Hi all,
    I am amazed that there isn’t more outrage about the fact that the new Liberal leader who is supposed to represent ALL Canadians —

    (of which – as we all know – is made up of a majority of some 80% Anglophones)

    — stood in the house of commons for the first time and spoke his VERY FIRST WORDS — in French — thus appealing to — his — 17% minority Francophone base.


    Isn’t ANYONE even just a little “put off” with how the English media misrepresented the way “things went down” for this oh so momentous “historical moment?”

    I mean c’mon, this is the VERY beginning and actual first iconic moment of what will ultimately unfold into being a new Trudeau mania. Coming to a theater (oopss i mean, country) near you.

    It wasn’t as if the English media just played it out in exactly the way it went down. NO, they actually worded things and used camera cuts in order misrepresent things and make it appear in a way that IT WAS NOT.

    I realize it doesn’t seem like a big deal but, part of the reason for this is because it is the Anglophones on “this side” of the situation.

    Anglophones are just, well… shall i say, “easy going.” But, in light of how we are being taken advantage of i would have to say the Anglophones are perhaps just too darn complacent and or apathetic for their own good.

    I can tell ya this much. If this whole thing went down the other way round the
    Francophones would have likely been banging pots and pans in the streets.

    By this i mean to say, not just the Justin speaking in English first, but say Justin had spoken in English first and their media pretended and misrepresented things to make it appear as if he spoke in French first in the coy sneaky way that they did with the Anglophones, it would NOT have been gobbled up and swallowed down with such a blaze attitude.

    THEY don’t let their press treat them like infants over there. And good on them for that.

    And of course, the REAL pressing question is WHY? Why did our English media use this trickery? They purposefully did this. WHY ?

    Speaking as a disheartened Liberal i can honestly now say…
    The Liberal party have become traitors to the English language and the English culture

    A vote now for the beloved Liberals (or the NDP, and of course the Bloc) is a vote for the French language and the French culture to continue their ever increasing grip on totally ruling this country.

    SAD… SAD indeed…

  12. @ edudyorlik

    The liberal party of Canada , represents only french interests in
    Canada. The anglo M.P.’S are a disgrace, they remind me of the liberal M.P.’S under quebec liberal governments, of the 1970’s through the 1990’s, and beyond.
    They are harlettes , to the causes and votes the pro french aganda must have to succeed. None more prominent than bob rae himself. The MDM, for the liberals in JT, leader of their house of English repute.
    I have conveyed this to others, many times. It is time for serious and effective legal actions to be embarked upon.
    Web sites, to inform, boycotts to be initiated, emails and letters to be sent, and suggestions as to begin the process of forming a new ENGLISH political party, to get quebec out retake our nation back from french nationalists and from policies of forced bilinguaklism.
    As time marches on, bills and policies will only increase in fav oer of these anti-democratic laws . WE MUST ACT NOW

  13. @ Cory

    Very wise decision to ignore the ignorant.

  14. I highly recommend to everyone a good read. The Big Shift is important enough against the ruling class that our Official Languages Commissioner took time out of his busy year (300 complaints last year?) to write a book report about it.

    I love the new handle stellabystarlight.
    ENGLISH RADICALS are coming to a venue near you. The opening act just announced are the Exaggerations with their dance step video, the fabricated twist.

  15. @ edudyorlick

    Surely, following the logic of history Justin Trudeau should have spoken first in Algonquin, second in French, third in English?

  16. Author

    PJ Justin will be facing his test soon. It’s already started. He’s very polished, but he’s going to have to prove himself and beat Harper.

  17. The best thing JT has going for us is Bob Rae, with Rae in his corner, along with his wife abusing boxing friend ,well……

    JT , is not exactly surrounded by Rhodes scholars.
    Its time for Harper to the pedal to the metal, and begin to showcase his 7 years as P.M., this is despite a horrible world economic crisis of 08-09. Not only did we survive, but again, because of Harper and Mark Carney, we are now models for other G-20 nations to emulate.

    When quebec leaves, we can then add more additional monies that we now waste on FORCED bilingualism and massive transfer payments to a quebec a quebec that is anything BUT Canadian , a quarter of a trillion since 1958, and begin with a vision that ALL CANADAINS are equal.

  18. admin, yes, agree.

  19. Author

    Peter you do realize you do more for sending voters to the Liberals, than they themselves have been able to do so far, right?

  20. @ Admin

    I believe, that people should be aware of the facts as they happened. The liberals today are a broken party. I also believe that JT, as good looking as he is, as charming as he is , is NOT HIS FATHER>

    As much as I came to see trudeau senior for what he was, he was still extremely intelligent, and surrounded himself with the best political minds of the day. Pellitier, Marchard, Lalonde, Davy and the like. trudeau sr. also had a liberal machine inherited from Lester B.Pearson, the last of the true liberals in Canada.

    Now ,compare this to today. Who are the king masters in the liberal ranks ? Can they compare to 1968 ? JT’S father had also the following :

    1) he had a policy and vision of Canada

    2) he had a platform

    3) He had political savvy and an intelligenace second to none.

    I see very little of this in JT. His also has an attendence record that ranks among the worst in the house.
    Anything I said ,to the best on my knowledge is true. he boxed and befriended Brazeau ( apologies for spelling errors here ), he has Bob Rae, a failed and extremely poor politican ( I live in Mississauga) we know Bob rae very well here ,in his corner.
    Unless i have missed something, where and who are making up this well oiled liberal machine ? Stephen Dion, another failure, as a leader, although extremley bright and very well written.
    Paul Martin, well, wasn’t it Martin that attempted to overthrow Chretien . These events ultimately led to the exposure of the sponsorship scandal and the split of the party.

    I don’t know Jamie, if people want to go to this party, well…. why would anyone ???? Given their track record ????

  21. Author

    Sorry Peter the Conservatives have just as bad a history. We really have two choices of Vanilla in this country and if you want to take a quick look back at infighting and give it up two words: Kim Campbell.

  22. @PJ Robertson RE: POST on April 24, 2013 at 2:12 pm
    PJ wrote,

    “@ edudyorlick
    Surely, following the logic of history Justin Trudeau should have spoken first in Algonquin, second in French, third in English?”

    Actually, as a representative of the FEDERAL Liberal party one would think it would be more prudent to “play to the numbers” of the voting population of Canada in terms of percentages, but that’s OK, our media took care of that for him.

    To be honest PJ the whole idea of injecting these kinds of arguments into “today’s political realm” is simply a deflection tactic that takes people away from WHAT SHOULD BE be the REAL focus.

    Besides, practically speaking, if we followed “the logic of history” to a “T” the Anglophones in this country would not have to be concerned about any of this as this country would be English ONLY.

    But, since we didn’t follow history to a “T”, the Anglophone majority in this country have had their rights as the majority “cleverly deflected away from them” with these and other types of tactics.

    I mean seriously. How can it be that we have accepted the idea that we can ONLY choose (through clever tactics) the Prime Minister (and most ministers in the federal and provincial systems) of this country from a mere 17% of the total population pool, and THAT is pool is simply based on the minority language. This kind of thing would be unheard of in ANY OTHER COUNTRY.

    Come to think of it there are many things that would be un heard of in MANY OTHER COUNTRIES.

    The Bloc party in the federal system. Unbelievable. You mean to tell me these members pledged allegiance to the queen?

    But Hey, i guess that should be possible considering that we have a province in this country that acts — AS IF IT IS A country — yet continues to accept transfer payments (from the Anglo majority in the ROC) as if it is still just a province.

    Can you say… Asleep at the wheel…?

    Ah yes, the French in Quebec who have no qualms about flat out stating (in just about every forum) that if you want to live in the “country/nation” of Quebec YOU MUST accept that French is the common language
    and YOU MUST know French to be here.

    Now, despite Quebec simply being “a province” within Canada how about we have Trudeau speak in ANY LANGUAGE (Algonquin or English) FIRST in their legislature.

    How about Trudeau trying THAT ONE 🙂
    Ain’t gonna happen… And if it did, it would be a theatrical political brownie points EVENT.

  23. Eric
    April 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    “The Big Shift is important enough against the ruling class that our Official Languages Commissioner took time out of his busy year (300 complaints last year?) to write a book report about it.”

    I would really like for Graham Fraser to focus on his job and address bill 101 and 14 as that remains oppressive to the other official language we do not hear much about THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE and those oppressed Quebec minorities.

    If he was truly representing BOTH official languages why not address bill 101 or 14 or is it only a one way street?

    Graham Fraser instead of looking at airports perhaps you could address the violation of the charter’s 23(b)Minority Language educational rights in Quebec –
    oh that’s right its only french services your concerned with-I guess violating the charter with regards to language is not your concern.

    How about justice minister Nicholson addressing the charter’s violation with bill 14 Legal Rights section 8 of the charter reads -Everyone has a right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure .

    Fundamental Freedoms 2(B) EVERYONE has the fundamental rights freedoms -Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and EXPRESSION .

    Freedom of expression through business owners right to choose what goes on their signs-VIOLATED with bill 101 -it VIOLATES our charter as well as the United Nations Charter.

    Should I Just wipe my ass with the Charter of rights document I have on my wall , at least toilet paper has value!

    The charter remains VIOLATED more then a cheap hooker.

  24. Hell I would vote for the DEVIL if he would Guarantee and enforce the charter so that ALL Canadians were treated equal.

    Is Justin ready to do that !

  25. @peter RE: April 24, 2013 at 12:43 pm POST
    Peter wrote,
    “@ edudyorlik
    The liberal party of Canada , represents only french interests in

    That MAY very well be THE ROOT of the problem in this country Peter.

    I truly believe there are MANY (likely more in this camp than in yours) good hard working Canadians that DO NOT like the hard on crime (in the wrong ways), spend money on war machines, throw money at corporations instead of people to help build better communities, cheat and deceive while “pretending to be the good guys” kind of “American style” conservative politics that they are presented with.

    MOST Canadians are more liberal minded and THIS IS WHERE i believe THE PROBLEM comes in.

    Most Canadians are Liberal minded but like me, MANY Canadians are fed up with the extra side dish that comes along with being Liberal in this country.

    That side dish is in the form of what we see in young Trudeau.

    Too much emphasis on the minority French language and French culture.

    There HAS TO BE a balance especially when one side of the equation is the majority who is being shafted at every turn and blatantly also.

    Further more, it has been like this for WAY too long. The idea that having Liberal morals and values MUST somehow also come along with giving this country away, or handing over complete control of this country to the French is indeed, NOT the road most people want to travel down ANY MORE…

    And IS also (i believe) indeed — THE problem —

    I believe the “marriage”, if you will, of these conservative ideals with the only (it seems) groups who are opposing THE Frenchification of this country is what keeps these groups and this movement at bay and without armies of Canadians supporting them.

    Many (if not most) of the people I know, have heard from, or associate with are fed up with this Frenchification part but are also staunch Liberals and “normally” would NOT vote conservative.

    THE ONLY SOLUTION i can see a “Liberal like” party that has the Liberal morals and values who will also look out for the rights of the English majority in this country.

    As far as i am concerned the litmus test is easy.

    ANYONE who wises to be in the conservative camp for ANY OTHER REASONS than (my present reason) the temporary concept that they are the only party right now in Canada who are not giving away farm to the French must somehow intelligently explain away the erratic, unbelievable, insane, wacky and last but not least, completely SCARY antics of people like Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and say, the previous presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

    As for me…
    Until that other Liberal party that i spoke of comes along, I am stuck waiting with the knowledge that I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. 🙁

  26. @ admin

    Yes it is very true , when referencing Kim Campbell. 1992-93 to be exact.

    However, since those dark years, the conservatives have come full circle. They have gone through periods in the house when they only had 2 seats, Elsie Wayne from N.B. ( ST. John) and Jean Chearest ( Sherbrooke )
    But since those dark days, the party, having kissed and made with the reformers, Harper’s previous party, saw the light in unity. Although they have neo-Cons, and red torries, the common thread they managed to adhere to ,is unity. The current version of the liberals has a divisiveness unparalelled in their history.
    I do not see the young JT as a unifying force.
    As a matter of fact, if the conservatives can muster up a positive campaign, they can repeat with another majority. I hope they include language legislation and a move to get quebec out of Canada. I believe that seed was planted by Harper already when he referred to quebec as a nation. He has also made sure the west is extremely well represented in government and other positions. Good on him.
    If trudeau falters, his leadership may be very short lived, given the shambles that the current liberal party is in. Remember, Jamie, when trudeau sr. took over the leadership, the liberal party was at its peak,. Today it is at its bottom.

    Lowell Green, had a show on last week, and he put it in the perspective as I do, there is nothing Canadian about quebec. A full 66% of quebeckers voted for either a separatist party ( the P.Q.) or the (C.A.C.) that has stated it is separatist, but only when conditions are right. The quebec solidaire party also received votes although very few. So what that tells me, is a full 68% of quebeckers voted for separation in one form or another.

    For all intents and purposes quebec is currenlty now a defacto separate nation. they remain in Canada, in name only.

  27. @ edudyorlik

    Great post. Some English in Canada, live in a world I am not famliar wih. Are they naive, blind or just plain OUT OF IT, if they cannot see that the majority in Canada, is loosing power.

    In any democracy in the world, THE MAJORITY RULES, that is the very definition of democracy. I stated this on numerous occasions, the fench were never, ever threatened, in either language or culture. If they were anywhere close to this myth, they would have disappeared prior to the quiet revolution when these so called laws to protect them were not on the books. They quote stats that say their numbers, are falling and that they are a francophone entity in a sea of anglophones. Well, that was ALWAYS THE CASE AND THEY NEVER CAME CLOSE TO LOOSING THEIR LANGUAGE OR CULTURE, EVER.

    I also traced the history of various quebec premiers in the 1920s through the 1950s to show that it was these men that sold out the frecnh in quebec to the English. In effect they INVITED the English to be MASTER IN THIER HOUSE. I can detail this if anyone wants me to.

    So, there is no historical fact, to back up any of their claims.
    These quebec language laws are designed for the express purpose of gaining total and complete power in quebec, and have nothing at all to do with any threat to their language and culture.
    Canada, is now falling into that same trap, but this is not quebec, and Canadaians , through our diligence, hard work and accurate information will get to hear THE TRUTH’ not a fabrication of events as the left and french nationalists spin it. OH, BTW: the guy that currently buys into this the most ,are you ready ,Bob Rae. That DISTINGUISHED politican, the guy that , as McGuinty is currenlty doing, bankrupting Ontario.

  28. @ edudyorlik

    I hate the Rud Limbaugh’s and Anne Coulter’s .Glenn Beck’s etc. as well.

    But, there are no other current Canadian parties that come close to the conservatives regarding language. And, having said that ,they are the best of a very bad bunch.
    That is why I have consistently advocted for a new Canadian party, that first and foremost ,has getting quebec, OUT OF CANADA as its main platform. Should this ever happen , we can then sort out our Canadian differences , without having to fear for our very existence as a culture.

    The other threat , is from the many multi-cultural groups, that ,because of the charter does not integrate into Canadian society. These Canadians are free to not only bring their culture, with, them,. but are encouraged to carry on their lives as if they were living in their respective homelands. These people have absolutely no incentive to assimulate into Canadian society.

    So, edudyorlik, I truly see your point and understand the situtation that we are engaged in.

  29. Author

    Peter not one of the current big three political parties support anything other than official bilingualism. Even the Harper mugs don’t oppose it, at least officially.

  30. @admin April 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm
    admin wrote, “not one of the current big three political parties support anything other than official bilingualism. Even the Harper mugs don’t oppose it, at least officially.”

    This is VERY true sir but, in defense of say (the best hope) the conservatives. Why would they, (or ANYONE under these circumstances) take a chance at opposing something that the general populace has NOT shown any will to opposing itself.

    Not to mention how entrenched things are. Just look at how much flack the PM has received for appointing the unilingual AG.

    The French media has not laid off that — ONE TINY bit — since it happened. I feel sorry for Michael Ferguson as he is literally been badgered by those French assho**^&^le media scum each and every time he appears in public.

    AND THAT is really what should be reported. Make them look silly and bad is what the other media should be doing, but no one will touch this issue. The mainstream media is gutless.

    The situation is like (for those who remember this) the slinky and watching it move it’s way down the stairway. Once that first move is set in motion all the rest happens on it’s own.

    So, if the people were to gather en mass to show the PM and the government that IF it decided to oppose this they could count on the people being there they would likely stand up. And vise versa, (i would hope to believe that) if the prime Minister had the cahoonas to oppose official bilingualism BIG TIME and as a result he received flack from it, the majority Anglophones would show their HUGE support.

    BUT, one of the elements in this scenario has to make a the first move (set the slinky on the top step in motion, so to speak 🙂

    As far as i can see the best option for this would be thousands (the dream would be a hundred thousand) people showing up to let the government know they are fed up with paying for and wasting their hard earned tax money on for official bilingualism.

    It’s really just as simple as perhaps one video that clicks and goes viral which illustrates to the Canadian tax payers how much they are spending on a policy that eventually will see to it that even THOSE in their western far reaching corner of this country CAN AND WILL eventually be just as affected by things like these “right to work in my own language” laws etc.

  31. Eric,

    “People are being affected by a 40 plus year push for duality, and the numbers prove it is not being effective for that goal, if the government would reduce this push, people would probably get along better.”

    The Government is not interested in people getting along better ,just in pushing the agenda.

    Democracy is dying in Canada when representatives for upper positions no longer come from the general population as a whole but for a few select,due to language requirements .

    We are creating our own “made in Canada ” caste system and its directly related to entitlements of government jobs and the requirement of FRENCH bilingualism of which <17% are entitled to.

    We as a society have spent 3.4 trillion on bilingualism est.(J.Allan) for a net increase over 43 years of .1% gain ,yes that's again 0.1% (that's not a typo ).
    Most enterprises would dump any project that had such a poor rate of benefit for such a large influx of investment.
    Lets not forget the negative social impacts of such a policy as well and there remains many.

    I like many socially minded people would prefer the money to be spent on social housing ,eliminating poverty ,better funding of our health care, job creation and many, many other social programs which would benefit ALL Canadians.

    That sum could pay our NATIONAL DEBT 6X over , without this debt we would not have the tax burden we have today.

    Financially bilingualism has become a black hole for taxpayers.

  32. Highlander, the Conservatives have been careful to add a “nation” here, a little”aquaculture” there, and playing with EI that affects the east the most but central appreciates that effort. I am little surprised with catering to language which is mostly to satisfy Quebec, they were rewarded with what, 5 seats from there last election. Changes are ahead with all of the new riding’s.

    Official bilingualism is a wonderful ideal, practical bilingualism is what is needed as making 2 languages “equal” means unilinguals pay the price.

  33. @ admin

    Correct, all three parties suppot bilingualism. However, this is the very reason why I am pushing for quebec to leave Canada, and they will,this is a fore gone conclusion. Eventually, conditions will be right for separation and they will vote to go. It almost happened in 1995.

    It is also why, I have pushed for Canadians to look at forming their own political party that has as its platform a separate quebec and an all English nine province Canada.

    There is NOTHING CANADIAN about quebec. Their very laws reflect that they DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF CANADA

    They are as you well know, anti-English and anti-democratic and anti-Canadian. I also state , that yes not all quebeckers feel this way. But the majority do as their last provinical election illustrates. As I stated previously a full 68% of quebeckers voted to separate in one form or another.

    So, why in God’s name are we, the so-called ROC ,and I hate acronym , catering and giving in to their every whim and demand, when we ,the English are the majority here. This simply does not make any sense. If martinas landed here and heard of this scenario, they would rightfully brand us as fools.

    The stats I am sure you know, 65% of all federal jobs, french, CCH has to have bilingual staff, and on and on and on, my God they are even calling out ministers for not having bilingual business cards, this is pure unmitigated nonsense.

    Jamie, we have to start somewhere. Talking has failed miserably.
    So, we have to look at other options. boycotts, web sites ,information campaigns ,fund raisers, and the like. So long as they are legal and non-violent .

    And Jamie, what would be so bad if quebec choose to separate anyway ? They could finally have what they have always wanted their freedom from Canada, it certainly worked in the Czech republic , no issues there. NO wars, economy stabilized. Scotland may be on the vergeof going as well. If they want out, they want out, let them go. God knows we have tried everything to keep them haopy, and they still want more and more, well Canadians are really getting fed up to here, with quebec, controlling the Canadian agenda

    There is a long, long list of examples we can all cite, but bottom line, it is really time for us to go ,please excuse the pun, our separate ways and bon chance to quebec.

  34. Author

    Peter it’s sad that people like you don’t realize that Quebec is what makes Canada, Canada. It’s not easy, but Quebecers have clearly shown election after election and through two referendums that they favor being in Canada.

    The rest is a political mess that all three parties are guilty of.

    What horrible issue resolution skills you’re exhibiting…

  35. @ admin

    Yes that USED to be true. But tell me Jamie, how can you endorse a province that has the laws it has on its books and that future laws will be even more anti-English ? This I don’t understand. How can you say quebec makes Canada, when there is NOTHING CANADIAN about quebec? Agian, please explain .
    IN no other province in Canada, or the western hemisphere for that matter, do languagwe cops exist. No where in any western jurisdiction , that I know of, that the English language is outlawed. Come on Jamie.

    Canada did NOT INITIATE separation, quebec did. What do you believe the future will be for quebec, as it goes along its merry way passing law after law that is anti-English and anti-Canadian?
    This is NOT THE CANADIAN way.

    Again, what is so horrible about quebec separating ? There are many thousands if not millions of Canadians that feel if quebec wants to go, then let them go. you cannot force an entity to stay if they really ,truly want out. That would be illogical and frankly unfair.
    We have tried to appease quebec at every turn, for the past 60 years, it hasn’ t worked. they have remained in Canada because as Canadians ,outside of quebec, we have had to bribe them to stay, compromising our values and principles in the process. I think that is sad, and I also think that is wrong. Look at what has happened to areas like Ottawa, in that tons of jobs weer taken away from English Canadians in order for the Pontiac region to remain federal A bribe. Look again, at the number of francophones in high paying responsibile postions that otherwise would have gone to people of merit rather than language. How can you endorse this? How can any one say this is right and noble and dignified. It is plain and simply wrong, morally, ethically and professionally. But politically, it is ,are you ready
    English Canadians are running out of options and as I said are really getting fed up. No one wanted this, but at this point in out history, our cources of actions are being severekly narrowed.

    When leading a horse to water, if that horse doesn’t want to drink ,he won’t.

  36. ON April 25, 2013 at 8:25 am, in response to a POST by Peter basically saying that it’s time to let Quebec have what they have wanted for many years now, which is to be a separate country.

    And Peter also rightfully pointing out that just about everything “the powers that be in Quebec” – whether it be Liberal or PQ governments) is and have done over the years clearly demonstrates that they want EVERYTHING THEIR OWN WAY or they simply have straightforwardly made it clear that won’t play

    — THIS CAN NO LONGER be acceptable to the ROC —

    I really don’t think it is fair to both Peter, the others here who believe something along the same lines OR (by reasonable extension) the majority Canadian tax payers who have put up with these antics and footed the bill for this insanity for over 30 years now, for you admin to simply throw out “What horrible issue resolution skills you’re exhibiting…” to Peter and by extension, to the rest of us.

    Sure, you have a right to your opinion BUT, fair is fair and most would admit that the ROC as well as the anglophones have been more than fair and have done more than enough of THEIR share in resoling this issue.

    In just about EVERY example that any of us can and have pulled up, it IS crystal CLEAR that the French and Quebec are not interested in meeting ANYONE at the half way mark and let’s be honest… ANYTHING less is not fair and should not be acceptable.
    So, i believe THIS MAKES IT VERY OBVIOUS that — no amount of “issue resolving skills” will be enough in this —

    And though you and everyone here has witnessed me take an opposing political party view from Peter, on THIS ONE i have side with him COMPLETELY and say…

    If ANYONE is short of “issue resolution skills” it certainly IS NOT Peter, Highlander, Eric, Cory and all the rest of us that feel this way in the rest of Canada. Frankly we are fed up with those who are saying “wait, let’s iron this out.”

    No, we have simply have realized that the more we try to be “fair” the more we are being taken advantage of so it’s NOW TIME to stop this silliness and realize that no matter what the Anglo’s or the ROC Canada does it WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH.

    Before they force all of Canada into the supposed “choice” of leaning French we MUST take a stand and save the rest of Canada for the next generations so that IF they CHOOSE to learn French in order to work or be Prime Minister or whatever else in this country then fine …


  37. Author

    Peter I do not “endorse” Quebec or its current government. It’s nuts. But we still live in a Democracy. Right?

  38. @ admin

    When you say that quebec makes Canada, how do you think the people in the other nine provinces would feel about that comment? What are they chopped liver? They only pay the lion’s share of our tax dollars.
    When you also say we live in a democracy, whose democracy ?
    quebec’s ? The french nationalists ? The french politicians that have taken over the reigns of power in Ottawa?
    Jamie, if we lived in a true democracy, then bills 101, possibly bill14 and the other anti-English policies and laws in quebec would not exist.
    The English here have virtually NO SAY in the governing of this country when it comes to bilinugal policy and regulations that we as English citizens MUST ADHERE to. It affects our livlihoods, our culture, our every day dealing in society, and yet, we are ignored by the very democracy you claim we have .
    We no say, as English Canadians, and we constitute 78% of the Canadian population. We have no say in the hiring practices that have emerged in Ottawa and eastern Ontario. We have NO say in the formation of policy regarding our futures as an English community. Talk about disrespect. What demcocracy do we have in allowing the french agenda to hijack our wants and needs?
    Is thisn the democracy you re talking about?

    This is the very reason many, many of us want change. we are shut out of our own country’s decision making process and we are not BEING LISTENED TO, by any government, federal or provincal. But we are THE MAJORITY, and we have NO SAY.
    Is this the democracy you are alluding to ? if, so, we need change and change quickly. This is why I want quebec out, and Canada changed to reflect what the majority wants.
    We ( The English ) are not respected, are not consulted are not listened to, and our wants needs and desires on how we feel about bilingualism are never ever reported in the mainstream media, controlled by the left to ensure our message never gets out to ALL CANADIANS not just quebec, or the francophones.

    However, I really want to thank you, because you are one of the few, if only, sites that gives us achance to express our views, regadless if you agree or not. This forum allows people to exhit all viewpoints. That is why I sing the praises of CFN far and wide.

  39. Author

    Peter the only difference between most of our provinces and many US states is the Quebec factor. I know you’re an angry old man, but dude, let it go and if you really want to make a positive change in our great country just work for it.

    Yelling epitaphs and being nasty in the end never resolves anything and should never be done unless you can really take out the bad guy. It’s a free world though so enjoy your tune if that’s what really makes you happy.

    That’s the problem politically. People are great at pointing out what they don’t like, but then never take the steps to try and make change. And sometimes you can’t make change so you make the best you can of a situation; like myself for example leaving Quebec. It’s not worth the fight of living there for me. For others it is. We live in a Democracy. If we work it you’d be amazed at some of the results.

    Quebecers have done a better job at working the system. And they did so while many in the ROC sat back on their haunches, Liberal, NDP, and Conservative.

  40. @ admin,

    I have been called a lot of things in my life but ,NEVER an angry old man. I laughed like hell when I read that. I am however, NOT A DUDE, whatever that means.

    I completely agree with you regards the last paragraph you wrote.
    I have stated this many times that quebec, has done, not a better job of working the system, but a great job. The English have done nothing UP TILL NOW .
    To my knowledge I haven’t yelled any epitaphs, lately, nor was nasty, if I was you would really know it. If I come across as such, being nasty, then you are misinterrupting.

    I have taken steps to actively initiate change. However, these are steps you are totally against. I have, and do boycott all bilingual establishments. I have emailed and forwarded many of the posts here acroos Canada and the U.S. I have financially contributed to organizations that I agree with. I have demonstrated a passion and vigor, that is right out of the quebec playbook.
    I have sent information letters to variou N.Y. business associations , this is the short list. So, please when you say I don’t ACT , on my beliefs you are wrong. I do what I can given my age and health, but I do ACT.

    I am sorry you left quebec, beecause you felt the fight was not worth it. I left because of professional reasons. In any event, I know sometimes you can’t change things, but to me, that is no reason to stop trying. it is our children’s futures I am concerned about. We live in a country that caters to one group, and that is just plain wrong. its easy to duck, and make excuses, but fortunately I am not one of those people that will conduct myself in that manner. Up is up and down is down, I don’t fudge and sit on a fence, I have too much pride of self and country to even consider this course of action.

    Old man, angry, come on Jamie, this is hilarious

    However, I will fight to the death to uphold democracy, this is what I owe to the thousands of boys that died so I could fight for freedom.

  41. These people are fighting the good fight, reading I am a champion for Canada part 2 , is astounding.

  42. Peter, congrats…
    What you wrote was SO poignant that I AM GOING TO RE-POST IT.
    Peter wrote, ”
    When you also say we live in a democracy, whose democracy ?
    quebec’s ? The french nationalists ? The french politicians that have taken over the reigns of power in Ottawa?
    Jamie, if we lived in a true democracy, then bills 101, possibly bill14 and the other anti-English policies and laws in quebec would not exist.
    The English here have virtually NO SAY in the governing of this country when it comes to bilinugal policy and regulations that we as English citizens MUST ADHERE to.”

    Many of those things you mention are closer to dictatorship than any form of democracy that I know of and we all know who put things in place for things to exist this way.

    It is indeed unfortunate but, human nature is such that when things don’t affect a person directly that person is not likely to risk their neck trying to fix them for those THAT ARE actually BEING AFFECTED.

    Therein lays the golden nugget problem of this whole take over and how it is being accomplished. One little tiny bit at a time so that no one group is affected all at once in order take a stand and band together.

    In light of that i believe it is up to us, those who SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING to continue to raise awareness and help people SEE and understand what is going on and hopefully wake them up to the fact that — IT CAN AND LIKELY WILL — show up in their backyard, and frankly, it may be sooner than many realize.

    It is said that to control the whole body all one has to do is take over the brain. This is what is happening to Canada RIGHT NOW.

    The brain being the Federal government for the most part, but this also includes things like the `supreme` court judges, the legal system, the military, health care and the police services.

    Why DO YOU THINK things are set right now so that Anglo`s CANNOT hold positions at a certain high level in the armed forces ?

    Thus, If I understood what you wrote correctly Jamie then, I TOTALLY Agree with you.

    The Anglophones in this country should get off their rear ends and ACTUALLY MAKE it known how much we oppose what is going on and make OUR PRESENCE FELT.

    IT’S TIME.

  43. @ Eric,

    Great post, especially the letter. I had seen the video before. Its a joke to the french in quebec that the English show up and fight for their rights. Unforteunately they ( The English ) will get nowhere. As usual, the feds duck, ignore, bob, and weave, anything but deal head on with this issue.
    I have always said if, you want something done, do it yourself. This is the position the English are in today. WE can go on for another 60 years, and still nothing will happen to balance the scales of equality over bilingualism and language in this country , if WE THE PEOPLE don’t do it for ourselves.

    I am called, hostile, radical, angry, nasty and on and on, I am called evertything except what I am , passionately HONEST about calling a spade a spade and DOING SOMETHING about it. I am for equality for ALL< not just for quebec and the french.
    To put it as plainly as I can, we are getting royally screwed by both the proponents of bilingualism and the federal government. Not to mention quebec. Yet, when we rise up in defense of ourselves, we are the ones labelled. OH, Ok, so we initiated this. We cannot have unilingual Englsih jobs in a predominenlty English country. We cannot have our children educated in the language of our forefathers, becuse the 28% french is this country demand we be bilingual. We cannot stay in the communities of our ancestores because we have to learn french, or become unemployed.The list and abuses are endless, but ,oh well, some things we can't change so move on.

    I say BS to that. We CAN CHANGE THINGS AND WILL. Canada is more than eastern Ontario and ,I say this very loosly, quebec.
    We have to rise up and fight, legally and non violently, the good fight. Whatever it takes.

  44. @ admin

    I forgot to ask you, why are you comparing us to the US ,are you anti-American ???

  45. Author

    Edudyorlik we do live in a Democracy, and one sadly that gave the Separatists in Quebec a free pass. You can’t blame Separatists for wanting more for their agenda. You can blame the “Neville Chamberlain” types for capitulating instead of pushing back or simply saying, no, enough.

    From within Quebec and outside people never really committed to mounting a real push back. And when there was some sprouts of hope hard liners generally alienated popular support.

    Extremes always alienate the middle.

  46. Jamie, you wrote:

    “Edudyorlik we do live in a Democracy, and one sadly that gave the Separatists in Quebec a free pass. You can’t blame Separatists for wanting more for their agenda. You can blame the “Neville Chamberlain” types for capitulating instead of pushing back or simply saying, no, enough.

    From within Quebec and outside people never really committed to mounting a real push back. And when there was some sprouts of hope hard liners generally alienated popular support.”

    Jamie I think you’re right when you say that separatists in Quebec have received a free pass. Of course only this would happen in a free and democratic country. I also think you’re right when you type that these Neville Chamberlains have done nothing about it – and continue to this day along the same route.

    But about hard liners though; that’s where I get confused. Exactly who are these hard liners? The ones who support the idea of ousting Quebec from Confederation? And I wholeheartedly support this concept. And why not? The majority of Quebecers wish to have their own country otherwise a separatist party would never have been elected. If I were a separatist Quebecer, I would be asking for the creation of another, more vigilant separatist party. One where they would have accomplished the task after say 5 years and not 40; still minus their own country! Exactly what is stopping them now? They already ignore Federal laws and go about their own route. No one is stopping them now from forming their own country – perhaps only themselves. I see no alternative as you say in this, ‘Neville Chamberlain’ type approach to Quebec and language issues. I think the past 50 years have shown where Quebec appeasement has gotten Canada, don’t you? Perhaps Quebec would actually separate from Canada if Canada just once, refused one of Quebec’s demands. Who knows? Wasn’t someone once quoted as defining insanity as doing the same things and expecting different results?

    If hard lining includes helping the separatists in forming their own country including offering to financially support them along this endeavour; I guess you can call me a ‘separatist’? I still have no idea why I would not be contacted by a representative of the PQ after offering to financially support their supposed goal of an independent Quebec? Who the hell, especially politicians; turns down free money?

  47. @ admin

    Your commentary is dead on. The English complacency hurt, and hurt badly. But between the complacency were violent acts , that have affected the course of action taken by the federal and provincal governments. They became intimidated.

    As for appeasing , yes that too is correct. but ,when suggestions are made to push back, we are met with an avalanche of opposition from people. There is only so much we can suggest by way of pushback. I have listed in previous posts some suggestions on how we are to aspproch this.

    Again, I was met with oppostion. So, Jamie do you have any suggestions of pushback, that would be both “effective and meaningful”, in light of your most recent post. I am all ears.

  48. @ Edudyorlik, Peter, Highlander:

    Edudyorlik you wrote:

    “The Anglophones in this country should get off their rear ends and ACTUALLY MAKE it known how much we oppose what is going on and make OUR PRESENCE FELT.

    IT’S TIME.”

    May I offer an alternative. Why not appeal to our lazy, beer drinking and tim horton’s coffee sipping breathren the country over to a different tune. Why not appeal to this, ‘lack of getting off of their rear ends sort of appeal’? Why don’t we suggest all English Canadians (the ones who still have jobs and haven’t been ousted from them yet) to call into work sick one day as a form of protest against all of our language laws that prohibit English Canadians from working in this country?

    Because writing to our politicians and meeting with them and traditional protesting doesn’t seem to be working well for us now, is it, other than garnering some media attention?

    Let’s call it a Canadian general strike, if you will?

    It’s non-violent, one day and may get the attention of the feds once and for all.

    Imagine if only 1 in 100 English Canadian workers did this? Bev, Chris, LFA members and supporters should we propose something like this?


  49. @ cory

    IM in. I’ll do anything legal to further our cause. Boycott, protests, web site, one day strikes, info meetings, emails you name, I’ll do it, if its legal and non violent.

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