Cornwall General Hospital Decision Inching Closer – Task Force to Meet Tuesday May 21, 2013

2nd HospitalCFN –   Things are heating up over the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital.   While the final decision is in the hands of Ontario Minister Deb Matthews, the Citizens Coalition is still moving forward trying to win government support to create a community facility.

A positive step forward was council agreeing to a motion to form a task force; but at the same time Mark MacDonald of the coalition voiced his concern about Mayor Kilger’s lollygagging and seeming sabotaging of the efforts as he feels time is critical.
Something that may be in the Coalition’s favor are rumors that the Champlain LHIN approved offer by a group of Doctors includes a clause demanding that the province still use the facility to help offset costs.
In the meanwhile Mr. MacDonald is hoping that the city will name a councilor to be on the task force and attend a meeting he’s called for next Tuesday in Cornwall.

Greetings:  My name is Mark A. MacDonald and I am representing a group of concerned citizen’s who have made an offer to purchase the former Cornwall General Hospital.
In February the Clerk from the City of Cornwall notified each of you regarding a “Unanimous Motion” creating a task force to look at the future use of the General Hospital in Cornwall.
Recently, the Cornwall City Council voted unanimously supporting the cause of the Concerned Citizens Coalition and its offer to purchase the hospital, for the common good and social benefit of the community.
We will be making a brief presentation regarding our offer to purchase.  As well, someone from the Economic Development Department from the City of Cornwall will attend.
It should be interesting to see how this plays out?   You can post your comment below.
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  1. Boss Hogg – Bare Ass is a real loser and he doesn’t want what’s good for the people of Cornwall and surrounding area but he wants what is good for his own pocket and it is about time that the sheeple wake up and know what is going on. Bare Ass is bankrupting the town and so many turn their heads the other way and when the taxes skyrocket then they complain instead of doing something about it. It won’t be long before the sheeple find out how they are being fleeced. One day the sheeple will wake up and find out that they have to shovel their own streets with their own shovels since they will be dead broke. In order to bring things around the sheeple have to get together and throw the bums out pronto. When Bare Ass didn’t even care for his own mother what do you think he would do with the rest of the sheeple.

  2. Author

    Jules that’s not too cool. I can tell you that Mayor Kilger visits his mother regularly at the lodge. Nobody is all bad or all good. We all have our good points and bad.

  3. Admin Bare Ass was not for installing the fire alarm system to date and I have read not too long ago that it is going to be a must (a law) to have the up to date system installed. Bare Ass didn’t want the system installed and it could cost the lives of many and that is what I am referring to that he didn’t care about the life of his mother in the institution and how is he going to care for others. I didn’t talk about him visiting his mother – that is another issue. I was talking about the lives of people at stake.

    Many things need to be changed in Fossoli and more than what people can imagine possible. The people themselves have to change in order for the town to be better and to prosper. Just now there is not much hope until everyone takes a lead and makes the changes necessary or otherwise it will always be a backwater town.

  4. It is true that we all have our good and bad points. At one time Bare Ass did care about people and from what I see about him is that he got involved with the wrong people or should I say sheeple. When one has their noses high up in the clouds and it goes to their heads then they lose the good that they once had and that is what happened to Bare Ass. At one time I was all for Bare Ass and that is the truth Jamie. Bare Ass went right down the hill and is the worst mayor on record. There has been one scandal after another because of a clique and there was always a clique but things got worse over time because they thought that they were infallible and owned the town as some have said on the blog and yes that is true in the way they feel and their fall is coming.

    Thank God that there are some good people like André Rivette and Mark MacDonald who do care and work very hard and tirelessly. It takes a great deal more than these two find gentlemen to change Fossoli into a better place. Like the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child well it takes a village to make the better changes for a better society as well.

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