What about Bob? Is Mayor Kilger of Cornwall Ontario Ill Again? June 28, 2013

Kilger BeardCFN – Is Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger ill?  That’s the big buzz question after Monday’s council meeting.

The mayor has been sporting an unkempt beard now and has been more publicly bob n berniecantankerous than usual.

A medical professional suggested that the mayor may be wearing a colostomy bag which is fairly common after having the type of cancer and surgery that the mayor had previously had.

The mayor is under pressure from having three legal actions pending or live that he is at the centre of while also refusing to admit his conflict of interest over the hiring of his son on the Fire Department as legal documents testify to.

CFN has also learned that law enforcement are investigating a possible mail tampering involving councilors not receiving envelopes twice delivered to City Hall.  Sources said that the Mayor apologized to council during an in camera session.

Council recently went through a strategic planning session pr exercise, but things don’t seem to be changing much as the economy of Cornwall struggles to grow in spite of the perfect storm of positive factors that Cornwall has including no development fees for real estate.

High taxes and abusive and heavy handed government are the top reasons executives that CFN has spoken to state that they’d hesitate to relocate or invest in Cornwall.

Kilger Bench BLUE

At the beginning of the video below he savages Councilor Gerald Samson who is trying to advocate for some of the most needy of Cornwall; Seniors who are one of the largest demographic moving to Cornwall.

Many are speculating that the Mayor will not finish his term.

The mayor himself has publicly stated that he intends to run again in the October 2014 election emulating another mayor whose dealt  with conflict issues of her own, Hazel Mccallion of Mississauga, Ontario.

Citizens in Cornwall are upset at taxes going up 2.88% over allegations of spending of nearly $3M on settlements, investigations, and litigation triggered by actions stemming from former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

City Legal firms WBIt also has come to light that the city itself paid for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s legal expenses in the  Diane Shay Whistleblowing case which the city pled guilty to while refusing to pay for Ms Shay’s as seen in this city supplied chart above.

Former Mayor Phil Poirier had an interesting take in a letter to the editor he wrote recently.

Do what’s right for city

The great City of Cornwall rests on the cusp of promise. Regretably, persistent negative issues at City Hall are creating an image of distrust and uncertainity which threatens growth.

There is a pall on the affairs of the city at present. Human resource issues alone are finding city taxes lining the pockets of out-of-town, high-priced lawyers.

The predominance of secret meetings coupled with the high incidence of wrongful dismissal claims suggests that city council wrestles more with cure than prevention. Teamwork appears to have quickly transcended towards in-fighting. Thankfully, some city councillors are true to their oat and maintain a high sense of integrity. We are greatful for their leadership under trying circumstances.

The time is ripe for experienced, hard-working and transparent representations. The good of the community must come before personal gain in every sense of the word. The great potential of our city must come before personal agenda.


Phil Poirier


Who would you vote for Mayor of Cornwall in the October 2014 Election?  You can vote in our poll below.


  1. Mariah…….what about you when talking about our elected officials or the hospital management? Perhaps we will be sharing a cell together someday……..who knows. This is a public forum where people share opinions. If one doesn’t want to be criticized, they should take themselves away from the public forums.

    An opinion is just that. When writing about potential candidates or elected officials or even the hospital’s management and staff, many have shared their own personal opinions with comments and personal attacks.. Many of these fine folks were ridiculed, called names and put down to the lowest with all types derogatory comments.. ……..but that is alright, oh I see!!!

    Absolutely no threat intended even though some are trying to make it seem that way. My remarks where to stress the fact that even though. political speaking, I probably would not vote for him, it doesn’t mean I feel any animosity towards the man, nor his family, because I do not know them personally.

    One has nothing to do with the other

  2. stellabystarlight
    July 2, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    “Absolutely no threat intended even though some are trying to make it seem that way.”

    “I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.”

    Why would you mention this statement ?But Stella what have you seen and heard …..enough said .

    So you have seen and heard something that is threatening towards this man or his family among your Francophone groups ?….should you not do your civic duty and speak up to authorities if there is any question with the issue you brought up.

    If this was not the issue then your intention was to scare their family!

  3. Author

    Hey folks I think we’ve strayed off topic….

  4. As I sit hear pondering the political debauchery that our present elected Council have chosen to engage in , I’ve just gotten a brain sliver from a harsh and unpleasant reality.

    If it turns out to be, Mr Kilger’s cannot complete his term
    due to ill health, is it so that, that the Mayor’s office will be unoccupied ?

    NO, NO… NO. Imagine if you will, Her majesty will receive the Royal node to ascend to the Thrown.

    Someone tell me I’m wrong, or call 911 because right now I think I’m having a MOMENT…. this brain sliver is hurting.

    She was the # 1 elected councillor with 7043 votes 8.3% of 13,189 votes.

    Will we be in a better position than we are now?

    Oh! for the love of our CITY please tell me I’m wrong….?

  5. Honestly, Jamie, I could not believe that you reprinted words from former mayor Phil Poirier, as if they were worth reading. This is the former mayor who ensured that he and his wife got overseas trips each time he was elected at the expense of the taxpayers. ” Let’s see dear, would you like to go to China this time? I can convince the college to let us go with their delegation and then I can convince the rest of Council to change the existing travel policy to make sure that all of your expenses are paid as well. This will be better than when we had all of our family expenses at Alexander Bay paid by the City, or our new years family dinner paid–even though our grandson signed the receipt, or the celebration in the States with my campaign crew on the City dollar (before my even been sworn in–before I was forced to pay it back). This man dares to say: “The good of the community must come before personal gain in every sense of the word. The great potential of our city must come before personal agenda.” Sweet Mother of God give all who truly know this man’s moral ethics in politics STRENGTH. This was a Mayor who liked to chose who he had to meet; but if he had to meet the less fortunate he would smile and nod but then laugh at them before they even reached the front door. If they only knew. And yet he is out in the community–Army Navy Club, Legion, etc,, spewing his venomous recants of how great and wonderful he is and how everyone else is trash. You could have learned from the elegance of Gerry Parisien, Brian Sylvester, and the true leadership of Ron Martelle who so willingly took responsibility of his office and all City employees. That man never deflected blame on others to make himself look good which is/was totally contrary to you. As much as I am disgusted with the arrogance of Mayor Kilger, who totally dismisses the rights of the public, the known antics of phil Poirier put me in the vomit mode. Shame on you Phil for thinking that Cornwallites are all stupid

  6. James Wolfe and others commenting here: you fools think austerity and debt and jobs are everything!! You hater foolish French hating idiots. Look at the federal conservatives taking a surplus and before the market even crashed they had begun creating the greatest federal debt in history as puppets to big oil fools extracting temporary profits at the expense of our health our water our future. The green economy is the only way we Canadians will ever have resources to share with future generations. Resource to process ourselves instead of fracking our water to keep coked up bankers in their casino markets. May your water be contaminated with methane just like your thoughts as your karma will have it.


    It is not that people are so thick that they do not get it, it is that they want to believe that they are entitled to their entitlements as our politicians have led them to believe. A new party more representative of the current reality, fairness to more and deeply rooted in common sense would be great. First however Canadians need to understand what the common thread that binds us together is for that change to succeed. Right now we have a nation of me me me instead of us. Multiculturalism has proven to be divisive and detrimental to developing unity and a sense of collective identity. Any thoughts?

  8. Back to topic. What about Bob? Right now we have what apathy gets, nothing. Only one way to go from where we are.

  9. I know this is off topic Jamie, but I wanted to share this letter of support in regards to Stella’s disturbing comments towards Chris & our family, “I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.”

    “When Sault Ste. Marie was in the midst of this kind of situation in 1989-1990, a lot of those who were involved got all kinds of threats. I had a flag up for Canada Day and they came in the middle of night, with a ladder and ripped it down taking the siding on the house with it. We got threatening phone calls, mostly at night. They came to our meetings and disrupted the speakers. One poor soul who came from the Ottawa area was supposed to come to speak to us and was warned that if she did there would be dire consequences. However, we persvered, taking our petition street by street and gathered up 25,000 names. There is a saying that the the only thing we have to fear is when good people do nothing. This is so true and we can point to history to prove it. I appreciate your dedication and wish you well.”

  10. admin: I would like to suggest that on all vote scenarios like this one, consider a final line of…….None of the Above! You would probably get 51% plus sharing the apathy here.

    Just saying.

  11. Debbie, thank-you for sharing.

    I honestly and truly understand what you and your family may be going through and sincerely wish you no harm.

    Let me assure you that even though we may be not be on the same page when it comes to certain issues, I hold no grudges against you nor your husband.

    Jamie….I also am off subject, thank-you for allowing me to respond.

  12. It just never stops…Little Mac late of coffee break infamy moves to Seaway free Ad newspaper and his first column..well its about his relative fast eddie lumley..
    How long before his old buddies from standard freeholder rick shaver and todd lie_how have to issue a retraction to his column..??

  13. Dear jamie:
    Not one word from you about your pal Claude
    Did that big shot lawyer for sun news make you sign a non disclosure agreement???
    Or….do you just feel sorry for the guy who attacked you so often???

  14. Author

    NB the only interaction I’ve had with Quebecor and their legal department was the email trail I published. It looks like Quebecor either dumped Claude or he left. All we know for sure is that he ended up at the fourth or fifth most read newspaper in Cornwall, the Seaway News which is owned by Quebecor’s hated rival Transcontinental.

    We are still mulling issing suit against Mr. McIntosh for writing that I had printed that Denis Thibault was fired when I clearly did not. The problem is that the damages might be less than my legal costs!

    As for writing about Mac…..well I tend to counterpunch. His first piece was of course on his man crush, Ed Lumley, next week should be about his other man crush, Mayor Kilger, and then maybe he’ll get back to attacking moi.

    And the beat goes on.

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