Protest at St. Lambert IGA as Manager Suspended – Meaghan Moran Louise Menard June 29, 2013

iga fb protestCFN – Nearly 100 protesters showed up at the St. Lambert Quebec IGA Friday night where 17 year old Meaghan Moran had quit her job after recording an exit interview where a manager suggested that the store could not tolerate English being spoken during breaks between staff.

A press release stated that the manager had been suspended;

After listening to the entire audio recording broadcast by a number of media outlets today, Louise Ménard, the owner of IGA Marché Ménard, has decided to suspend the manager who mishandled the situation.  Louise Ménard acknowledged that some information had not been properly communicated in her store. She will meet immediately with the store’s management staff and employees to clearly reiterate the rules governing verbal communication in the workplace.Ms. Ménard emphasized that there is absolutely no rule prohibiting English (or any other language) from being spoken in her Saint-Lambert store.
According to Ms. Ménard, this unfortunate situation need not have occurred. “If this incident has in any way hurt or angered anyone, I sincerely apologize. I hope to now turn the page and continue to do what is most important to me   — provide our customers with excellent service in the language of their choice,” she concluded.
Frankly to this scribbler that sounds an awful like some professionally paid for damage control.
Ms Menard herself has not apologised and frankly making the manager the fall guy seems kinda punk.  Sobey’s issued a PC kinda statement too; but the bottom line is a firm real reaction is needed to this sort of utterly unacceptable linguistic terrorism.
Ms Moran is owed an apology from Ms Menard as is the public.   Less spin more action please.
From Norman Simon, one of the protesters;

“Good evening, all!

Well, we all went to the IGA earlier this evening and about 80 people were present. Everyone was enthusiastic about supporting Meghan Moran and we were very upset with the IGA policy of not allowing freedom of choice when it comes to language usage.
I spoke with Pierre, the evening manager, telling him who I was and what I was doing there. I mentioned that we were to have a protest rally outside the store and he was taken aback and seemed flustered by it. I mentioned what we wanted: Mme Menard to personally apologize for the incident; a clear policy of language tolerance; the manager involved to either be transferred to another branch or dismissed; and some compensation offered to Meghan. He said he could not speak for Mme Menard.

While I was speaking to him, a man who had been hanging around and listening, opened his mouth and told the manager that this is now the 3rd time this has occurred that he knows of, citing his nephew who evidently had a similar experience there at the supermarket. He said he was born in St. Lambert and was shocked that English could be dismissed so easily.

When we were outside the store, we waved Canadian flags and posters/placards demanding freedom of choice, banning language laws, freedom of speech and self-expression. We shouted, No way, IGA!” and other slogans we made up along the way. Cars came by and honked and we cheered! It was all very uplifting.

Finally, a policeman came over to us and admitted that the manager had called him to complain about our demonstration, but we reminded him that we had not entered the store, nor had we prevented shoppers from gaining entry. I told him why we were there and when he said there were 3 sides to a story – the 3rd being the truth, I asked him if he has listened to Meghan’s tape or seen her on CTV. He replied that he hadn’t, so I told him to listen to it and watch the clip, then he would see the truth. He was very nice to us after that and made no trouble.

We finally dispersed back to our homes and we all feel that we helped out the community. We really need each other more than I can express and I want to urge everyone out there to ease up on each other. Get together with us and let’s put great pressure on the government to show them what asses they are and it’s time for a new beginning in Quebec and in Canada as a whole.

I urge you all to join me, Jacob, Alina, and our friends at Howard Galganov’s rights rally on Sunday at high noon with all your friends! Let’s all make a difference!

Have a great weekend!”

CFN original piece with link to video.

What do you think viewers of CFN?  Is the manager the fall guy?  Should there be some sort of action against Ms Menard?  Should she have to publicly apologize and remedy the situation?  Is this yet another  isolated incident or systemic of Quebec culture today?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. The ‘Fall Guy’ as it were is the entire PQ government. It is their actions and separatist propaganda that is damaging relations between ethnicities.

    I wish for the most part Quebecers could see through this and stop electing racist governments.

    That age old Quebecois attitude towards language dominance is now turning into a war between ethnicities. I’m afraid as this stuff is quickly escalating from linguistic intolerance due to attitudes and laws into something far, far worse.

    Note to the Feds!

    Newsflash boys; it’s time for you to grow a set and step in and either grant Quebec it’s independence from Canada or else limit the powers of the Provincial Government of Quebec.

    Do more people need to get abused on subways?
    Do more paramedics need to abstain from servicing clientele?
    Do you need more Pastagates?
    How about instituting more linguistic/racial laws that drive wedges between your various peoples?
    Do more people need to die?

  2. on CTV Montreal :

    Constitutional lawyer and human rights expert Julius Grey said he thinks it’s a clear violation of freedom of expression and equality.

    Really ?
    Richard Trembley and Stella don’t think so ,but being that they are the experts on the subject we will have to believe their propaganda .
    I guess for them being always wrong is so easy to do!

    Discrimination in so many forms is recognizable in our charter with exception to language discrimination thereby language discrimination is exceptable based our charter.

    Funny the most contentious issue our country has and the charter doesn’t protect its FREE people from this.

  3. RE: post on June 29, 2013 at 8:13 am by: Cory Cameron
    Cory wrote, “I wish for the most part Quebecers could see through this and stop electing racist governments.”

    I understand what you mean by this Cory but, i truly believe that (unfortunately) this “SITUATION” is much more deeply rooted than simply not electing “racist governments in Quebec. The Liberals in Quebec are/ were JUST AS BAD..

    “That age old Quebecois attitude towards language dominance”

    is exactly where the root of the problem is. It has been “programmed into each subsequent young French generation from the day they could speak and understand language of any kind.

    counter 0:12 of this video

    counter 0:45 of this video

    Given the young age of these two examples one can see that this is not something — they know — from actual experience but is more so “a learned attitude and behavior.”

    They then grow up to have that deep seated attitudes and contempt like can be seen in these two examples

    I even remember myself as a kid around my French relatives and their friends. I honestly don’t think i can say that there were many gatherings where i didn’t hear phrases that usually begin with “les moudit” and you can fill in the rest.

    Or, some some complaint or another about “da hinglish” in one manor or another. You know much of the same type of attitude we heard on the recording where the girl was being told not to speak English at the IGA.

    They are a much more “tight knit group” when you include what the French call “kitchen gatherings”

    1:48 of this clip

    And much of the cohesion either for or against some cause comes from these types of local “kitchen gatherings”

    To their credit (in my opinion) this is much more of “a thing” that is found among the French community than anything the English do.

    Cory Wrote, “I’m afraid as this stuff is quickly escalating from linguistic intolerance due to attitudes and laws into something far, far worse.”

    Yes, it is Cory. You are right about that, and MUCH of the reason for this escalating is because the general population see their own government embracing this ethnocentric model so it emboldens and empowers them to act in the same intolerant ways.
    But, let’s not kid ourselves. This also has deep roots into the Federal system as well, like Danny Williams so damningly points out beginning around 1:18 of this clip

    So given THE LIKELIHOOD that THERE IS a conspiracy that stretches to the federal level, this means that

    — WE, THE PEOPLE —

    are on our own to STOP this.
    And, because entrenchment multiplies their power
    TIME is of the essence.

  4. I would stay away from anything to do with Galganov. When it comes to language, he is really a “s**t” disturber. He can’t even accept having French on signs to have them bilingual in Ontario. He himself needs to be reminded that Canada, all of Canada, has two OFFICIAL languages which are English AND French.

  5. Carol E
    June 29, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    “He can’t even accept having French on signs to have them bilingual in Ontario.”

    Carol you are misinformed ,he was asking for a bylaw that stated that council would allow freedom of choice of what language on their signs and not dictated by council.

    The same is said for Russell township as giving the business owners the choice and once again not for the council to dictate what language on their personal business signs.

    He advocated for the business owners rights to choose what language they wished on their signs,and not have council tell them what goes on their signs.

    It comes down to freedom of expression and the business owners expression of whatever languages they choose on their signage.

    Think of this :IF a Chinese restaurant put Chinese on their signs the Russell township would fine them as it does not conform to their signage bylaw.(similar to bill 101 laws)

    If that restaurant were to loose business because its only in one language then it still remains their choice but they may not attract those needed clientele.

  6. admin: “Ms Menard herself has not apologized.”


    Louise Menard, as quoted above: “If this incident has in any way hurt or angered anyone, I sincerely apologize.”

    Problem: a true apology is never dependent on an “If”.

  7. @Carol E RE: POST on June 29, 2013 at 1:54 pm
    Carol E wrote, “I would stay away from anything to do with Galganov. When it comes to language, he is really a “s**t” disturber.”

    —- Howard is one of the few people fighting on the Anglo side of this language mess in this country and GOOD for him.

    —- If there are people to “stay away from” it would be Pauline Marois, Francois Lisse, and all that gang in Quebec.

    —- They are the ones causing trouble by diminishing peoples rights. English people in the province of Quebec are being treated as second class citizens in their own country.

    Carol E wrote, “He can’t even accept having French on signs to have them bilingual in Ontario.”

    —- The French seem to believe that French SHOULD BE FIRST on all signs everywhere. They don’t allow English on signs in Quebec and yet they have French ONLY signs in many areas in Eastern ONTARIO.

    Wake up and look around. It’s all there in front of your eyes. How is it that SOME refuse to see it?
    Carol wrote, “He himself needs to be reminded that Canada, all of Canada, has two OFFICIAL languages which are English AND French.”

    —- Maybe you should tell those in Quebec this is the case.

  8. There are 2 issues here:
    (1) An adult was bullying a minor.
    (2) Employee discrimination by the employer.

    The IGA franchise owner of 5 stores is Louise Menard, the General Manager is Pierre Guimond and the Human Resources Manager is Julie Bourbonniere, who was suspended.

    Bourbonniere was either promoting her own agenda by advising Meaghan Moran that English is not allowed, or was promoting Menard’s or Guimond’s agenda. PQ Minister Jean-Francois said IGA did not apply Bill 101 correctly.

    Language tensions have escalated since the PQ took power. Bill 14 has “stirred the pot” even more. On social media, people are now speaking of similar incidents at other IGAs plus at other employers. Remember PastaGate? Soccer turbans? And the rest? This is not an isolated incident.

  9. Carol E, you weren’t misinformed. You’re right. Everywhere galganov goes there is trouble. And why follow someone that says he promotes freedom of speech yet he hands out signs that say, boycott french owned stores, or how to exterminate the franco ontarians in eastern ontario.

  10. The acadians and huguenots got booted from France, then they got booted from Acadia, then New France lost the seven years war. The English handed their asses to them at the Battle of Restigouche and that sealed their fate. They are still trying to make up for their shortcomings. They are still bitter and Canada keeps giving them more than they deserve. Language should never be a law unless it is a law that requires no specific language.

  11. Just a quick thank you to jean coutu and sportcheck for providing great service in both official languages. Also, a special thanks to evan at galaxy cinema who went out of his way to make sure we were provided with excellent service in french. Ça ne vaut pas grand chose mais merci. De telles entreprises représentent les vraies valeurs canadiennes. Ne lâchez pas.

  12. Go Howard go. the very fact that the stellas and tremblys of the world are against you is proof that the job you are doing is just, logical and most of all right.

    You are the only English rights advocate that has the balls and knowledge to stand up openly, at the risk of your own life, for the English in this nation.

    When the history books are written, you will be revered as an example to all the believes in justice and freedom, that our politicians can only dream of emulating.

    you put them all to shame, particularly the federal politicians, that don’t even has the guts to comment on injustices that occur on a daily basis to the English of quebec and Ontario.

    They ( politicians, especially the federal ones) are degenerates of the first order.

    Good for you Howard your support is not only growing, but growing NATIONALLY as well as in the U.S.

    When trembly and stella, the supporters of a francophone elite and the elimination of all that is English, are upset with you, this is a sure sign that your cause is the cause of right over wrong, justice over oppression and equality over discrimination, and winning over loosing.

    Good on you Mr. Galganov, don’t ever, quit, we won’t and as we speak ,your following is growing in leaps and bounds.

  13. Richard says ” Such companies represent true Canadian values”.

    The people are the Canadians with many more values than just language, and some of those people run businesses, and we should have government rules to help the people and business survive. However, government put rules in place, starting with the Official Languages Act, and forgot to use the break pedal when fairness was seen on the GPS.
    That is where people with values come in, fight back!

  14. Happy birthday Canada and to all Canadians happy Canada day.

    Today when we all celebrate ,remember those rights we have that were hard fought for by our ancestors and those many Canadian troops that payed the ultimate price to ensure those rights .

    Thank you to our veterans for fighting and ensuring that our country’s principles and freedoms are maintained.

    Today as I celebrate our Country’s birthday I will pay homage to those patriots;For if it were not for them we would not have those rights and freedoms we cherish so much.

    Democracy and Freedoms is not static. Forces,be it interest groups or governments (foreign or Domestic ) may attempt to limit those freedoms .

    It is up to citizens to maintain and nurture democracy to ensure that those EQUAL rights and freedoms are for ALL Canadians.
    Many have died for us to have those Rights and Freedoms the least we can do as citizens is ensure that those rights are Guaranteed and maintained.

    Take care my fellow Canadians

  15. Some English radicals proclaim we have no freedom in Canada. Then we have a group fighting desperately for freedom. Then we are thanking the veterans who fought for our freedom. Kind of confusing to say the least.

    Yes the veterans deserve all praise and glory for the freedom we have today. Without their true patriotism and love of their country we would be living in a dictatorship.

    So why are we fighting for freedom today?

  16. shoving french down our throats, no one will force me to learn that language, its a question of freedom of expression…

    – the government sets parameters that we have to abide by. some keep trying to find excuses to not abide by those parameters. I was speeding cause i was late for work. The sun was in my eyes I didn’t see the no smoking sign, but could I just finish my cigarette.

    – is bilingualism needed everywhere in Canada, NOPE. Should it still be instituted where there are thousands of french canadians, YES. Is Canada perfect, NOPE. Is it the best country in the world to live in. A resounding YES!

  17. stellabystarlight
    July 1, 2013 at 11:15 am

    “Some English radicals proclaim we have no freedom in Canada. Then we have a group fighting desperately for freedom. Then we are thanking the veterans who fought for our freedom. Kind of confusing to say the least.”

    Now now Stella did you read the statement of Chris Cameron

    “Democracy and Freedoms is not static. Forces,be it interest groups or governments (foreign or Domestic ) may attempt to limit those freedoms .”

    Yes you are confused not by the statement but your blind faith in ethnocentrism.
    You attack his message which in no way indicated any bias ,but it was bias that attacked the messenger and the message!

    Having freedoms doesn’t mean not protecting and encouraging more freedoms.

    The least free state is one that has more controlling factors on its citizens such as Quebec -even controlling what language is to come out of a FREE CITIZENS mouth -THAT IS NOT TRUE FREEDOM.

  18. Richard tremblay
    July 1, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    -” is bilingualism needed everywhere in Canada, NOPE. Should it still be instituted where there are thousands of french canadians, ”

    Richard there must be reasonable measures ,if 5000 people in a population of over 4 million such as Toronto justify full bilingual service?Cause that is whats happening !

    All courts in Ontario are to be bilingual !
    French bilingual 4% of Ontario’s pop and 90% of those live in Eastern Ontario ,but yet across the province fully bilingual courts -that is reasonable?
    yet Quebec no bilingual service?

    Representation by population is the only fair ,reasonable and measurable approach to bilingualism.
    Perhaps language services could be provided for other large minority groups to properly serve its citizens they don’t have to be legislated in but a courtesy to those other minorities.

  19. – so howard because you think that Québec does not provide services in english, that justifies Ontario not providing service in french. ( And Québec does by the way, you keep misinforming people. You could be in Gatineau to Québec city and if you are in a court, upon request you will have english judges)

    – so more then 60 thousand francophones live in Toronto, they don’t deserve to have rights according to you.

    – by your logic, you should be happy and proud living in Ontario. Ontario is doing what you think Québec does not. It provides services to francophones.

    – For your info, representation by population does not mean you restrict rights to minorities. And another thing, like or not, most canadians agree with bilingualism. You are part of the minority. thank god that Ontario, and Québec respects its minorities.

  20. @ trembly,

    I live in Mississauga, the GTA ( greater Toronto area) has in excess of 4.7 million, 60,000, french, no this number comes no where near justifying any use of french in any capacity.

    Montreal on the other hand, at the time of bill 101 ( 1977) had an English population of 800,00 out of 2, million, yet these laws were purposedly introduced to get rid of all the English in Montreal.

    Give me a break trembly your weak , your unsupported arguments cuts no ice here. \Move to quebec ,vote oui and get lost

  21. On Thursday, The Reputation Institute, a world reknown advisory firm, released their 2013 Country RepTrack Study.

    They surveyed more than 27,000 people from the G8 to see what country had the best reputation in the whole world.


    FOLKS, here we have a group of English radicals, claiming how bad this country is. They even have the audacity to be telling us they are letting the world know just how bad Canada is to their people….too funny.

    To add to the ridiculousness of it all, they are convinced and desperately trying to convince others that Canadians are mistreated because of our laws and that millions across our nation and abroad are sympathetic to their claims….oh ok!!

    Yep…..the English radicals may have to protest more and have rallies around the country to try and get more followers.

    BBQs and fund raising will be needed to help their cause.

  22. There is no justification for trying to prop up one language by outlawing another. Because by doing so, you stomp on my rights as an individual to express myself or even earn a living.

    Why is language legislated to begin with? There is no argument now that justifies this. For the past two years we’ve seen postings by people who oppose bilingualism for these and other reasons. These same people have proven again and again through stats that bilingualism’s costs doesn’t justify the program’s existence for a mere portion of Canada’s total population.

    We’ve approached this issue very carefully, very logically. And a few weeks after we began generating this conversation; we had a few opponents begin to attack our positions on this subject and when their arguments were proven to hold no water they began to attack the person. And this is where we are today.

    Every article written, every stat shown and every story told they attempt to attack attack and attack some more. Why do you keep attempting to prove your point with them? Do you not see that every attempt from you to generate a fair and forward moving discussion equates to a personal attack on your person? Why put yourself through this? At the very least your time could better be spent attempting to organize like-minded supporters. No matter if bilingualism’s supporters were a mere 0.000001% of the population this program is nirvana for them, folks. It is the new God that apparently Harper believes hasn’t entirely failed or else his government would have ridded this scourge from Canada by now. Has he not eliminated the program due to the prevelance of Francophones in the federal government? Could this be why?

    In any case, how about generating some support for our stance from the West? I’m sure there are many out there who have has enough of all of this as well?

  23. stella, the Reputation Institute lists countries using English as the language of business by the way, but language issues are not a criteria for inclusion. They also don’t mention Indian treaty issues, unfair government policies or the continuous “give us more or we will threaten to leave again” Quebec.

    About The Study

    Country RepTrak™, based on the methodologies of the RepTrak® system, is a model used to analyze the various perceptions of a country measured by various stakeholder groups.

    Reputation Institute identified a set of countries which qualified as candidates for inclusion in the 2013 Country RepTrak™ study. Selection was based upon a combination of the following criteria: (a) largest economies, (b) largest populations, (c) country of interest due to recent economic, political, or natural events. We then measured the perceptions of the selected countries across the world’s G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America).

    Reputation Institute conducted the Country RepTrak™ study in January – March of 2013. Consumers in each of the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, and USA) rated reputations of 50 countries, and thereby providing a snapshot of the reputation of these markets from the perception of G8 consumers. Over 27,000 consumers provided their external perceptions of the 50 nations and more than 11,000 consumers from G8 countries provided perceptions of their home country.

  24. Peter is 70 years old and continues to profess hatred for anything and everything francophone. Its not bill 101 or francophones that are the problem. Its you. Your refusal to learn french in the only officially french canadian province. Did you have to learn french to be successful in Québec, nope. But I’ll bet you that when someone walked up to you to even say¨bonjour Monsieur ça va¨ you replied¨talk to me in english or don’t talk to me at all. It’s arrogance and being mean. Hope you were at the Canada day celebrations. On wellington, they had a booth that gave away free hugs. hope you stopped by. Être frusté et amer n’est pas bon pour toi, laisse ça partir, vous verrez que le Canada et sa province du Québec ne sont pas si pire que ça.

  25. Eric no matter how you try to spin it, or what the survey entails, , the fact remains, we were voted the best country in the world, three years in a row, something you should be proud of instead of criticizing it all the time. Language isn’t involved because it is really a non issue.

    Don’t bring the Indian treaty into this, the gov recently gave them $317 million for advanced studies. Bad, very bad country we live in, they only give money to the French. Like you and yours say, unfair gov. policies are ruining this country.

    Yep, the little c is a fine one to give advise on attacks and how they should be handled. Isn’t calling someone a dip sh^t for one not an personal attack?

  26. Richard tremblay
    July 1, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    “- so more then 60 thousand francophones live in Toronto, they don’t deserve to have rights according to you.”

    So lets crunch those numbers French constitute one of the smallest minorities in Toronto at 1%.

    English in Montreal constitute 40% of the population .

    So you say that 1% deserves having all provincial entities in Toronto 65% bilingual .

    Yet Montreal 40% does not justify that same ?
    In fact provincially The PQ stated they don’t want bilingualism.

    Do you not see people that there are 2 different sets of standards .
    We need accountability in the system and have representation by population !

    Richard would prefer Quebec not to provide official bilingualism for that 40% of English ,yet for that 1% it must be in Toronto?

    Now which province is being over compensating for the minority?

    Richard numbers don’t lie ,people do for their “interests”.

  27. stellabystarlight
    July 2, 2013 at 6:59 am

    “To add to the ridiculousness of it all, they are convinced and desperately trying to convince others that Canadians are mistreated because of our laws and that millions across our nation and abroad are sympathetic to their claims….oh ok!!”

    Rights are rights Stella and they should not be negotiable by any government.

    A truly FREE society is not dictated by the state to their FREE citizens what language they are to speak or write .
    That should be up to the citizens what language they choose ,and the state controlling what language that comes out of a FREE citizens mouth is FASCISM.

    I guess those civil rights people were radicals as well as they fought for rights for EQUALITY as well.

    Stella -a separatist in federalist clothing.
    You want us to believe you ,then if you are really concerned of a group trying to separate the country why not direct your efforts at the separatist who’s only intention is to separate the country.

    Continue being a closet separatist Stella everyone here see’s your agenda! ****smile****

  28. I think it is about time somebody actually records what goes on in the work place. It is not illegal. If you feel you are being threatened or mistreated it is ok to record these kinds of situations. You don’t even have to tell them you are doing it. It was just done here regarding work and safety practices.

    If the legal profession scorns or scoffs at you then you always have youtube.

    Personally I encourage it

    On the not so positive side, considering St Lambert has a population of about 21,000, seeing 80 people is not very proactive. It shows nobody or limited amounts of people actually care.

    I think the CFN seen this with the protests in Cornwall of late. 6 people out for a cause that encompasses everyone’s health care and quality of life.

    It is a scary, scary sign for our future and the future of all Canadians.

  29. @ trembly,

    Thank you so much for your clarification. I profess the same degree of hatred toward francophones as the francophones profess toward me and my culture, the majority’s culture.

    Why should I, or anyone else in CANADA learn french??? It is as you say simply not necessary in Canada ( MY Canada, the nine province Canada).
    As for the jurisdiction of quebec, it is a non entity to me. Its racist anti-English laws and inhospitable climate toward all that is English reflects that. Any one in his or her right mind would NEVER,EVER embrace a place that supported the outlawing of the world`s most international language and that supports the nazi language police. this is NOT CANADA, it is a place of xenaphobia and isolation.

    That is is not what Canada is about. As I stated many times before there is NOTHING CANADIAN ABOUT quebec, thank God for that. They are an embarrassment to all that is Canadian, other than the sleezy and gutless federal politicians that allow this farce of a so-called province to continue in its present form.

    Still waiting for the names of the businesses in Hull you claim can post English signs outside their establishments. Funny, trembly, you have never answered that why!!!!!!!!

    Go to quebec vote oui and get out of MY COUNTRY , you deserve nothing less

    And Oh have good day eh

  30. It’s been a while since this incident happened but people are still boycotting IGA. I certainly don’t shop there anymore. In my apartment building, the grocery flyers are taken quickly except for the IGA flyer, which hardly anyone takes. A lot of English is heard by staff at all the other grocery stores now.

    BTW, one of the IGA franchises that Louise Menard owns received a bomb threat. This was not at the store that the 17-year old worked out, but a different one. This was reported in the French media last month.

  31. Theo ,

    It’s great to see people send a message that IGA and management actions are not tolerated ,shop where your politics lie I say.

    This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and hoping many realize that inaction gets no results ,and direct action is required and has directly impacted IGA financially .

    I certainly do not condone bomb threats but as people get marginalized and disenchanted with these unjust laws it will only ensure further actions as such.

    Quebec may have the most unjust language laws ,but closely other provinces have enacted unjust laws as well.

    For its language legislation the shackles a free people and promotes disenchantment of large groups of people and threats of violence and action are sure to present itself.

    Thanks for that info Theo, We all play a part.

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