Rain or Shine the Long Sault Market is Still Open by Reg Coffey June 30, 2013

3rd Week 21Jun13

CFN – I know you’ve seen the picture above before but yesterday was a very wet day and I didn’t take any pictures worth showing you. It was raining pretty much all day but your local heroes braved the nasty weather so we would be ready for your shopping needs. There were a few vendors who didn’t make it because of a planned vacation or simply didn’t want to get all their delicious crispy baked goods wet.

The shoppers weren’t all that concerned about the weather either. There was still a lineup at Toi’s Thai To Go booth and people splashed across the grass to get locally grown strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes. It was a good day for Coffey’s Coffee as well. There is nothing like a cool wet day to encourage coffee drinkers to hold a nice hot cup of fresh roasted and fresh brewed coffee.

Our featured vendor of the week is CornerStone Organics. The whole family came out in the rain to man (should that be woman or person) their booth.

Unfortunately Benny the Bean did not put in an appearance. Coffee beans are best kept dry until you are ready to grind them and pour hot water over them to make a fresh pot……of coffee.

Benny the Bean in dryer times.
Benny the Bean in dryer times.


Coffeys Coffee 300x250 2013-04-14


  1. Cornwall……eat your heart out……stupid people.

  2. Coffey’s coffee is the BEST!

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