What about Bob? Is Mayor Kilger of Cornwall Ontario Ill Again? June 28, 2013

Kilger BeardCFN – Is Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger ill?  That’s the big buzz question after Monday’s council meeting.

The mayor has been sporting an unkempt beard now and has been more publicly bob n berniecantankerous than usual.

A medical professional suggested that the mayor may be wearing a colostomy bag which is fairly common after having the type of cancer and surgery that the mayor had previously had.

The mayor is under pressure from having three legal actions pending or live that he is at the centre of while also refusing to admit his conflict of interest over the hiring of his son on the Fire Department as legal documents testify to.

CFN has also learned that law enforcement are investigating a possible mail tampering involving councilors not receiving envelopes twice delivered to City Hall.  Sources said that the Mayor apologized to council during an in camera session.

Council recently went through a strategic planning session pr exercise, but things don’t seem to be changing much as the economy of Cornwall struggles to grow in spite of the perfect storm of positive factors that Cornwall has including no development fees for real estate.

High taxes and abusive and heavy handed government are the top reasons executives that CFN has spoken to state that they’d hesitate to relocate or invest in Cornwall.

Kilger Bench BLUE

At the beginning of the video below he savages Councilor Gerald Samson who is trying to advocate for some of the most needy of Cornwall; Seniors who are one of the largest demographic moving to Cornwall.

Many are speculating that the Mayor will not finish his term.

The mayor himself has publicly stated that he intends to run again in the October 2014 election emulating another mayor whose dealt  with conflict issues of her own, Hazel Mccallion of Mississauga, Ontario.

Citizens in Cornwall are upset at taxes going up 2.88% over allegations of spending of nearly $3M on settlements, investigations, and litigation triggered by actions stemming from former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

City Legal firms WBIt also has come to light that the city itself paid for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s legal expenses in the  Diane Shay Whistleblowing case which the city pled guilty to while refusing to pay for Ms Shay’s as seen in this city supplied chart above.

Former Mayor Phil Poirier had an interesting take in a letter to the editor he wrote recently.

Do what’s right for city

The great City of Cornwall rests on the cusp of promise. Regretably, persistent negative issues at City Hall are creating an image of distrust and uncertainity which threatens growth.

There is a pall on the affairs of the city at present. Human resource issues alone are finding city taxes lining the pockets of out-of-town, high-priced lawyers.

The predominance of secret meetings coupled with the high incidence of wrongful dismissal claims suggests that city council wrestles more with cure than prevention. Teamwork appears to have quickly transcended towards in-fighting. Thankfully, some city councillors are true to their oat and maintain a high sense of integrity. We are greatful for their leadership under trying circumstances.

The time is ripe for experienced, hard-working and transparent representations. The good of the community must come before personal gain in every sense of the word. The great potential of our city must come before personal agenda.


Phil Poirier


Who would you vote for Mayor of Cornwall in the October 2014 Election?  You can vote in our poll below.


  1. My sister in law in Lebanon had cancer surgery of the bladder back in 2001 and goes for yearly checkups where they undergo a surgery to take biopsies. She too has a colostomy bag. Yesterday she underwent surgery and we hope for the better.

    I would not wish this on anybody and I said in the “toilet paper of record – SF” when I used to blog that I wish Kilger the best and I meant that. I lost my parents through this horrible disease and I would never wish that on anyone. My husband’s niece in Australia is diabetic and she had cancer of the bones about 4 years ago and so far so good but there is no such thing as a cure but a prolongation of life. I would never wish any harm to Bare Ass but just leave the job.

  2. Me thinks you should have left a place for other .

    Not much of selection that hasn’t tried before .

    If the house is to be cleaned, clean it .

    Call up Corey Kennedy @ least he had a little pezzazz.

  3. @ jules, bare ass hasn’t left the job, the job has left him…not because of the “bag” but because of a sickness of crap. it’s tragic for cornwall

  4. “cosmo” I feel very bad just now for Bare Ass and I mean that. My thoughts and prayers towards his health no matter how bad this man is I don’t wish harm on him. I am in tears just now writing this to you. My SIL had the surgery yesterday and it will take a week to know the results.

    No matter how we all feel about Bare Ass as a politician just pray for the man’s health. He has to resign or he will die because stress will kill.

    I said it before that people who are sick do not have all their mental qualities that they used to have and we saw friends lose all of this when they were sick. Bare Ass cannot continue the way he is or he will literally bankrupt Cornwall.

    Cosmo just give some prayers for the man and that is all I ask everyone to do. Thank you all folks.

  5. I wish the current mayor well in his future endeavors and I hope that his health recovers. I also hope that our city recovers from the ordeals dealt to this community at the hands of the current administration. I hope for all our sakes that history does not repeat itself and that our memories serve us well at the time of the next municipal election.

    For me the name that I would cast my vote for was not one of the seven mentioned above. I am looking for leadership and integrity coupled with a strong vision for Cornwall’s future. I want action not lip service. Careers not merely jobs for our graduates so that they may have incomes to raise families and see Cornwall flourish. I want decisions for all of us that unite rather than divide our community and I want to see an end to our acceptance of mediocrity and a renewed desire to set the pace rather than run at the back of the pack. I want, expect and demand better than we have all experienced. I want to be proud of the city I call my home.

  6. If Kilger runs again, I’ll certainly be volunteering for one of his opponents!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can’t hide behind that beard Bob. Yes, your patience is poor and you are short tempered.

    Wonder why???????

  7. While listening to the video I almost fell off my chair about the condos at the old Cotton Mill’s taxes are $5,000 for Cornwall? This is outrageous and highway robbery. My God almighty I couldn’t believe it. I am asking myself if I heard it right. Seniors on fixed incomes cannot afford that unless they are rich. Cornwall is not Ottawa and no wonder businesses are not going to Cornwall – the taxes are outrageous for such a tiny town. What is Bare Ass thinking that this is Hollywood California or what? People in California are moving out in droves as is no work and mighty high expenses that only celebrities and the like can afford it. You sure do have to be rich to live in Cornwall.

  8. News Flash Urgent

    Unreliable sources are reporting tonight that THE COFFEE BREAK IS OVER!!!!!!!
    From deep inside a dark watering hole “Deep Throat” suggests misquoting “Jamie the blogger” in his final column for the Standard Freeholder -may have been/could have/maybe– was the straw that broke the poor camels back.
    Mr Lovelace…ooops..deep throat hints little MAC will try to rise again at Seaway News possible editing the scuttlebutt column.

    MORE “news” at 11

  9. Following reports Mr Claude McIntosh has written his final column for the daily Standard Freeholder the World is in Shock.
    Most Journalists start at a small newspaper and work and strive to find jobs for a major news organization.
    Many a fine reporter started at the Freeholder then moved on.
    Like a fading athlete, who stays around a season too long, Little Mac seems to have worked in reverse ending his career at the lowly Seaway FREE news.
    After months of retracted stories..mocking comments about CFN this story..if true..must be truly a hard pill to swallow.

  10. I saw where Gerry Samson tried to speak up for seniors on fixed incomes about condos and Bare Ass really laid into Gerry. You can see that Bare Ass doesn’t give a rat’s behind for the little people and only for those like himself. Bare Ass has to go pronto and I agree with you Dave Oldman and others that we need new blood around the table. Cornwall is in a very big mess and I am the very first or almost the first to admit that financially and other ways.

    There has been too much of voting the same bunch back in year after year after year and you didn’t even have to guess who was elected.

    Young Corey had a lot to offer but Corey’s problem back then was that he was very young in his approach at council and would act out. I had such good laughs about young Corey but that council with him there was never boring. LOL LOL. He kept everyone on their toes.

    I can see that Bare Ass is sick and look how he sits at the bench – he looks terrible and that beard is there maybe to hide something. Bare Ass was always clean shaven but now he is scruffy. Bare Ass has to step down by any means and cannot continue at all in this manner. The people are paying a terrible price for his actions.

  11. Well…Well…Well what a spectacle a human travesty and complete
    disrespect and a true showing of his WORSHIP’S true colours.

    I wonder if the Mayor was really bringing Councillor Samson back to
    order, or if he was expressing out loud what he was thinking about himself ?

    Now @jules wants’ us to understand that we should express get well soon
    to mr mayor or as she has respectfully called Bare Ass Bob….. and his gang.

    I for one will not be sucked into that…
    I’m well able to make the distinction between the man we call Bob Kilger,
    that needs support from his fellow human. It is not because
    he has allegedly misused the OFFICE of Mayor that I don’t have empathy
    for the man.

    Having said this, I refuse to turn a blind eye to the allege abuse of power,
    blatant disrespect and almost contemptuous demeanour that he shows this
    community while exercising the entrusted duties as an elected official to the
    Office of Mayor.

    Although, it has not yet been officially confirmed that he is sick ,I’ll venture
    out on the limb and guess that, that is exactly, what some
    scheming political strategist would expect and hope the response from us
    would be. That we show pity, just long enough to deter us from
    the truth.

    Do not go believing for a minute that I suffer from conspiracy
    theories, or delusions, when in fact millions a dollars are disbursed to political
    strategist every election year. And in-between elections many call on the
    use of SOUND LEGAL Strategic advise. ( not cheap by the way )
    (excluding of course Guy Lauzon that has the Attorney General of Canada as his lawyer.)

    This Is the former MP that spent 12 years in or around the Hills.
    We should never under estimate politicians when they’re backed into
    a corner.

    I hope he will be well enough to stand trial on July 16th.
    What if is Doctor says he can’t….? Wouldn’t that be something now?
    What a strategy….or not?

    Get well Mr. Mayor, and may your future be as bright and glorious
    as the one you created for us while serving us as MAYOR.

    Take CARE……

  12. Dear Mr Mayor

    Said it once will say it again…You are NO LONGER speaker of the house….instead…your acting like a spoiled baby.
    Remember a former Bishop who used to grocery shop with the same kinda chain around his neck..he too thought he was a God

  13. I find his appearance offensive. He should have been removed by a police escort as per usual at council meetings in Cornwall. Is poor Bob not aware that in that forum there is a certain personal presentation of ones self required or at the very least expected by the Mayor. Ooops, do as I say not as I do.

  14. We need new blood!! I still won’t vote unless there is someone willing to step up to the plate and fix the issues and corruption, not to keep covering it all up. I don’t wish for anyone to be ill, but it’s time Bob steps down cause he isn’t doing anyone anymore good as Mayor. Hopefully, this is an eye opener for the people of Cornwall!! You want changes, you want to have someone do something for the citizens as opposed for themselves then darn well vote for someone who can and will!!!! Wake up cause if we as a city can’t see what garbage keeps staying and being elected into office at each election that we have, then it will simply keep rotting till someone decides (voters) to take it out to the curb for pick up. We as citizens need to see the harsh reality to what’s been transpiring in our city and make a true change for next election or this gang of corrupted liars will continue to destroy our city we call HOME!! Wake up Cornwall!!!!

  15. If Jamie Gilcig ran for Mayor or someone like Chris Cameron too, I’d be the first one in line to vote!!!! That’s who this town needs before this city becomes another sad epidemic once again at the hands of what our democracy has become, pure poison. I think you need to add these people to the poll Jamie, just sayin’!! 🙂

  16. Just a reminder, as I too made the same mistake……Mr. Mayor was never Speaker of the House….

    he was however, Deputy Speaker of the House.

    Not that I really care.

  17. I have been in Cornwall for fifteen years and as a business person, I haven’t seen much incentive for young families to move here. I think it is time for new blood . A young energetic person, not spoiled by the old machine. A person who can negotiate for the best interest of the city. I would like to see someone like Andre Pommier running for mayor. Someone who has no personal agenda, someone who would spend his time working to bring water to the mill and make Cornwall a chosen destination. Thank you!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  18. “Hungry for the Truth” I do not like or respect Bare Ass Bob at all whatsoever. What I am getting at here is that the man is very sick. Some time ago I saw how many bags are under his eyes and that he didn’t look well. He was scooting out the back way and perhaps going through chemo here in Ottawa and maybe that is why he is spending time here and not telling anyone.

    All I am telling you is just pray for his health. All of Bare Ass’s money nor all the money in the entire world will buy his health.

    Bare Ass has made a real ass of himself and he knows it. He knows that he screwed up badly including his own life.

    It was shocking for me to see how Bare Ass lashed out at Gerry Samson and I can see that he is sick. I am not telling you or anyone to forgive him just pray for his health because he can keel over anytime and die right there. Never wish bad on someone since it can come back on anyone of us. We can all joke and poke fun at him and criticize him but never ever wish something bad against someone or it will come back on you maybe even worse than what you wished on someone else. Life is like a wheel what goes around comes around and I believe that and have seen that to happen.

    You can see that he (Bare Ass) is under a great deal of stress as is and that alone will kill him.

    Pray for everyone including Mr. Hickley and the nurse who came forward and anybody else who is implicated to come forward and pray for everyone. That is all I ask. Get rid of Bare Ass but don’t with him any personal harm. Thanks. The Good Lord will look after things and believe me He sure does in His way.

  19. @jules June 29, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    “Now @jules wants’ us to understand that we should express get well soon
    to mr mayor or as she has respectfully called Bare Ass Bob….. and his gang.
    I for one will not be sucked into that…
    I’m well able to make the distinction between the man we call Bob Kilger,
    that needs support from his fellow human. It is not because
    he has allegedly misused the OFFICE of Mayor that I don’t have empathy
    for the man”

    If you had taken time to breath before lashing out
    you could have saved yourself allot of time,wasted words
    and possibly would not have incited me to question your logic….

    We are saying the same thing but expressing it
    differently. Although I will probably not break
    out the candles and pictures and place them in
    a shrine, I do have empathy for the man in his time
    of demise and ill health.

    Expressing oneself is a Freedom that comes with responsibilities
    Get the facts.

    Happy Canada Day.

  20. Dear Jamie
    Hope you are feeling a sense of SHAME
    Media sources out of Montreal tell me that sun media may have got tired of having to defend themselves against your
    BIG MAC ATTACKS and quietly cut ties with him.

    They first reported claude was slated to become your deputy editor but opted to become a Seaway news blogger
    Hope your proud…lol


    Thanks for correction on deputy speaker
    I have strived my whole life to not make mistakes

  21. I probably wouldn’t vote for anyone of the CFN poll choices for Mayor..In my opinion, best candidate on the poll is still KILGER, even with all the negative press. I do like Murph, but he’s too green yet..Poirier? Really? The people who voted for him on this poll must be recent newcomers to the city or family members…O’Shaughnessy couldn’t stand the heat being a councillor..Mayor worthy? Someone even mentioned Corey Kennedy WTF? Where were you when he and Poirier fell miserably to Sylvester? No, Kennedy took a greyhound out of town..said he’d never come back. I’d prefer a cavalier like Ron “Cowboy” Martelle..if he were still with us of course…yes, Martelle should be included on this poll..I believe a couple of other candidates on this poll have cold blood and no pulse.

  22. ..must have had Sylvester on my mind…meant Kilger…but really, Kennedy?

  23. Glen Grant would make a better Mayor than most of those on your list. Still though, he is/has been part of the ‘save the boss’ campaign. Does show his loyalty the the boss but not to the community.

    Hard to say. There just isn’t any white knights out there, of any color.

    I wouldn’t go with any current business owner either. They have always been too interested in themselves over and above the growth of our community.

    Ron was brash and cocky, argumentative with tunnel vision…….but by god he was honest as could be.

    God help us id Brian Lynch or Phil Pour-boy makes a come back…but then again, he is retired so is not as committed to his personal affairs…..perhaps he never was. He would have been more effective without his nemesis, Mr. K. Kennedy.

    Dave Murphy comes out squeaky clean baring backing the boss, but as has been said…still green or was that wet behind, er no, too young yet I think.

    Then there is a this guy by the name of,,,,,,Claude McIntosh )ouch(, but he does seem to have all the answers…kind of like the Mentalist aye. Maybe by now he’d be a little ‘puck shy’.

    Good god and good grief, save our Andre Rivette, there ain’t NNNOOOOOOOO B B B O O O D D D Y Y ELSE ON COUNCIL.

    If the Gardner runs I’m a gonna puke. He’d get creamed anyway and probably get caught busting everyone else’s signage. What a…….jerk he was the last time he did that.

    Now, there is this one businessman that I would consider, even at his age and all, and that is Gerry Benson. Now there’s a man whose interests and heart is in his community. He’s smart, steady and has great ideas that even without being mayor, give him most of the credentials we need here….hear?

    Okay, enough too soon, perhaps Bobby K. will somehow come through…………….naw!

  24. Author

    Diddly Mr. Murphy is not clean. We’re saving that story for a special occasion 🙂

  25. admin tks. 🙂 hope the cat isn’t out of the…well, you know.

  26. Author

    Yes, there are defo some cats slurking 🙂

  27. Young Corey Kennedy was not made to be mayor. If you said council maybe but not a mayor. He is an educated young man and had some very good ideas but was not a real leader. I had more laughs about him than anything.

    Mayor Martelle made Cornwall into “the wild, wild west” but I would say that the man was a good leader trying to get rid of the Mafioso than ran the drug and cigarette smuggling and I had respect for the man for doing so. Martelle and his family were threatened and he had his family in hiding for a while until things blew over. Even my present landlord had a kick out of it reading it in the newspapers. When we came to Ottawa he asked me about him and I said that he died.

    Out of all the list only one or two would be good as mayor and the one at the top would be André Rivette. There is too much of the clique among a lot of the others. I truly believe that new blood is needed.

    Someone mentioned about young Corey leaving and even your (our) I should say former mayor Sylvestre is living here in Ottawa and works at a radio station. Many people have left Cornwall since there is nothing for them and their children. I put the blame on the clique that has been in Cornwall since God knows when who ran things and anybody who would try to change things was literally run out of town. I have seen and heard plenty throughout my time and so have so many countless others and nobody wanted anything to do with the town.

    About Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessey this man saw it first hand what was going on and just electing a mayor alone is not enough to clean up the corruption and scandals. It is going to have to take another municipality to take over Cornwall until the police from outside come in and clean up the entire town and by just electing another “bozo” at the top is not enough and not going to change until everything is wiped out like a clean slate.

  28. “Diddlysquat” André Rivette is from a good honest family and the way he was raised it was “God, the country, and the family” and was not raised with a silver spoon in the mouth but a hard working type of people with a very large family with good ethics and this is what André brings to the table. Without André Cornwall would have been finished a long time ago and I guarantee that to you and all.

    About Glen Grant NO WAY JOSE he is a follower and a brown noser to the hilt. As far a Gerry Benson is concerned no all that is the clique. If you want good leadership you have to go with an ordinary person who has no ties whatsoever with the clique and will work for the people of Cornwall and not for their pockets.

    Cornwall has to get cleaned up and that is the words that I will stick with. Something has to happen so as none of this every repeats. Another thing is to get rid of the Mafioso that is the smuggling going on and as long as any of these things are happening Cornwall will always be at the very bottom and people will not go there.

    Take a good look at the tax bills – they are completely insane. Look at the old Cotton Mill condos $5,000./year for taxes and the city wants more for garbage collection. In condos you do not own the land and you can’t do anything to the property. Besides those humoungous taxes there are condo fees that cost so much money that it is almost like buying another house. This is completely ridiculous for Cornwall. You have to take so much into consideration. Kilger has to go and pronto and this we all agree or most of us. Kilger (Bare Ass) is not in good health at all and I can see this since I have seen so many cancer patients in my time. Cornwall itself has to heal as well and the people have to change completely and stop brown nosing up to others and be your own person.

  29. Hey, Cornwall…..

    What about we get together and reform the
    Ontario Municipal Electoral Act?

    A wise man once said “The definition of insanity is
    repeating the same things over and over again and
    expecting a different outcome”.

    Since the inception of our City’s Incorporation in 1945 we
    have elected our officials the same way and have expected
    a different result.

    The Ontario Municipal Election act would need some
    tweaking without a doubt, but I’m convinced it could
    be accomplished.

    What if we borrowed the concept of a “Political Party”
    being elected rather than an individual ballot basis?

    Individual ballots for one Mayor and 10 individual councillors
    brings with it 11 different agendas. The current process expect
    individuals in a post election setting, to mesh together and establish a strategic direction and a comprehensive unified Vision. This is one of the first hurtle individuals face as they transition’ nary from “COUNCILLOR” to “Council.”

    If such a ” Political Party concept” was to be developed and adopted, it
    would offer individuals to come together prior to an election
    and define and develop a comprehensive strategic Vision.

    This pre-election exercise now offers 11 individuals a clear and
    unified electoral platform that lets us vote on the DIRECTION of
    a unified group rather than one individual candidate.

    Many of the dysfuctionality in search of a common direction would
    be eliminated. This approach could possibly prevent not only
    this present Council but future ones from having to spend crazy
    amounts of TAX dollars on STRATEGIC Planning sessions in order to bring 11 individuals rowing in the same direction for the common good of it’s Citizens.

    In order not to have to form official opposition groups as other
    systems require, we could have 4 or five Citizen committee members active influencing the debate processes. This would allow reflective “real time” voices actively participating.
    Citizens could be members at large from different walks of life. Business, Education, Finance…etch..

    The electoral voting methodology could possibly benefit from an infusion of new creative out of the box Ideas. Ideas and mechanisms that could be more responsive in solving this reoccurring nightmare.

    Food for thought… ???

    “Maybe it’s not the Candidates that should be completely faulted ,
    maybe the system is BROKEN and needs some fixing.”

  30. Author

    How about simply bringing back the ward system so that those elected to council would have people to answer to?

  31. Question: Why would anyone even mention or vote for C Cameron? A guy who picketed our hospital time and time again and had nothing good to say about the hospital nor it’s management. Then his secretary, with leading comments, was telling people to call the hospital to let administration know why they were not going to donate. It is thanks to the generosity of caring citizens, that we have an MRI and with a final push, the campaign was successful.

    That is the kind of leadership this city needs. When times are tough, the tough get going. Someone who has the city’s best interest at heart and not their own interest first. Someone who shows professionalism when faced with problems and doesn’t create problems for attention.

  32. Jamie:
    My dear son asked why…if claude mcIntosh had retired from Standard Freeholder…would he still be writing for them…at least up till this latest decision to head to Seaway and his former buddies from the almost ghost ship sun media.

    Like the bird and the bee’s talk..it was hard to explain..but we settled for…without his scribblers job…he is of no use to his political pals and thus becomes irrelevant.

    He will now have more time for rocking in his chair at the wateringhole maybe listening to the right wing nutt on CFRA

  33. What’s happening at the Standard Freeholder anyway…they let this comment stay up but deleted others…its nuts


    When is Standard Freeholder going to announce cutting ties with Coffee Break
    Please let not cfn report it first…
    praise the baby jesus

  34. @STELLA

    What was wrong with picketing the Cornwall Hospital?
    The simply undeniable truth is that the administration involved the facility in a VOLUNTARY Ontario french programme and than falsely represented that their hands were tied with respect to language hiring practices which in truth is an absolute lie and misrepresentation of the situation. Placing language before competency and politics before patients has kept me from donating as well. Talk with health care providers, RN’s, doctors and specialists in Ottawa and you will understand that competency comes before politics and discrimination and Cornwall’s reputation is not highly regarded.

    Oh and by the way STELLA check out the public charitable foundation for the CCH and discover for yourself how much of your donated dollar actually was available after deducting the administrative costs. Actually everyone should discover the reality, it no doubt would have most people shaking their head.

    Mold in the new ICU excellent management and competency indeed. Patients being released with intravenous needles still in their arm and no one concerned or willing to accept responsibility, professional of course. You are right as usual STELLA. However it seems to me mediocrity rules your world.

  35. Stella I am all with you on most issues and those issues usually have to do with the French language and I am with you there.

    About Chris Cameron he was doing what a lot of people were doing was sticking up for people who are uniligual English. You and I both know that the more you know the better you are and that is the whole truth. Chris Cameron is a leader and a mighty good one to boot. If I were living in Cornwall which I am not I would vote for him despite our differences because he is a well qualified person who is not tied to the hip with the clique and a mighty hard working man. Chris job is something that the vast majority of people could never do and it is the most important job other than being a physician. I have high regard for people who can endure such stamina and one of the hardest jobs out there.

    I would be more than pleased to see the ordinary people get in and I second that with Jamie about the ward system and it is about time that people are held responsible for what they do and not get away with the insanity that is going on just now.

  36. @David, if you see nothing wrong with picketing our hospital that is your prerogative. Just like it is mine and many other’s prerogative to think otherwise. A true leader does not instigate. A true leader will get things done by setting the example. When actions are done in a professional manner, people will automatically follow. No need for grandstanding and attention.

    Credentials and competency are not the only attributes required to fill a position.

    All big corporations have large administrative costs, it’s a fact of life. Why only point the finger at our only hospital? Many patients could have a story to tell about hospitals. But many have good stories also. It is not a perfect world we live in.

  37. @STELLA

    I was not commenting on large corporations. I was specifically referring to a charitable foundation, which is something altogether different.

    While credentials and competency are not the only attributes required they none the less rank at the top of the list. Ethnicity should not be there at all unless you support racism and unless you are talking about federal services or the only official bilingual province, New Brunswick than other than English communication in other languages should supported where warranted naturally.

    You are definitely right STELLA it is not a perfect world but each one of us can make a difference even if only in a small way. I applaud you for having an opinion and the courage to share. Thank you, sincerely, David.

  38. Well Jules, we do agree on many things, no doubt there, however I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this issue.

    What has he accomplished?

    Many in Cornwall were upset in the way he handled the hospital situation and the damage done during the fund raising.

    A true leader leads by example and doesn’t instigate and get people riled up. You have a problem and feel you have been mistreated there are proper channels and ways to correct a wrong……picketing obviously wasn’t the answer nor the correct way to get one’s message across.

    I do not know the man and yes he may be very good at what he does at the Ottawa hospital, it’s his handling of issues that is a great concern.

    I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.

  39. stellabystarlight
    July 1, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    “C Cameron

    “I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.”

    The underlying tone of not wishing him or his family harm?-what does that mean Stella ?-Had that needed to be said?

    Do you honestly expect the viewers and posters on here to believe that ?
    These viewers and posters frequent this site and you insult their intelligence with this?
    Is that it Stella?

    June 30, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    “Someone who shows professionalism when faced with problems and doesn’t create problems for attention”

    July 1, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    A true leader does not instigate.

    July 1, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    “A true leader leads by example and doesn’t instigate and get people riled up. ”

    Stella these are just the milder comments from you -do you also remember you had called him the KKK as well?

    Please do not insult the readers intelligence with you outright lies ,they are not as stupid as you presume them to be.

    Once gain your comment needs to be seen:

    I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.

    What exactly does this comment mean Stella ?-Are you implying French activist are looking at doing harm to him and his family?

    And yet you imply with finishing your statement that It would be deserved?

  40. OMG Stella That is a threat & hate mail crime…You should be reported to police

  41. Stella said:

    “I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said.”

    Imagine this coward has admitted she is a member of Francophone groups in Cornwall & she is employed by the government…

    To think in Canada a person stands up for equal rights & fairness to have himself & family threatened-WOW!!!!

    Enough said….

  42. stellabystarlightJuly 1, 2013 at 4:39 pm
    “I have no personal ill feelings towards the man nor do I wish him or his family harm but from what I have seen and heard………enough said”.

    So exactly what does this mean Stella?

  43. OMG

    Stella are you suggesting Chris Cameron & his family may be harmed???

    This is shocking to read such things! Did you report your concerns for the Cameron Families well being???

  44. Look folks, wake up!!! You have to understand what you are dealing with here. These metis (they are not french) people break the law, change the laws…its been going on for decades. They hate openly, they are dishonest, corrupt to the core, will lie to your face…Being polite, civil, and compromising will just allow them to take more and more…

    The provincial conservatives of Ontario will not touch bill 8, they support it…and the other parties in Ontario are just making it worse as it spreads all across the province…more French power.

    Let the conservatives know you will not vote for them, you will not give them money…boycott the party period. Wake up!!!

    “Conservatives” have allowed all of these expensive, divisive liberal , NDP polices, and departments to remain federally and provincially. How come? Liberal, Tory same old story.

    Solution? Well only one folks – We need a new party, a new leader willing to deal with the facts, the truth for a change. We need a real fiscally conservative, common sense leader/party…. Things need to be cut, reduced and eliminated in all government. Government is too big, intrusive, and they are accumulating too much debt, year after year after year. That’s right let’s get cutting non essential services, expensive waste, bilingualism, multiculturalism, phony rights departments…the charter, CBC, all this green nonsense, bring in a government salary cap, a hiring freeze, reduce pensions… all sorts of big government BS. The future is at stake here and no one is willing to deal with this, how sad, how pathetic, all of you clowns in government and mainstream media.

    The real issue that no-one is talking about is the private sector versus government sector. Government hiring, spending and debt is out of control and has been for decades. This is the great divide in Canada and its getting worse yearly.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so.”-Thomas Jefferson

  45. the English in Ontario are in trouble … keep voting Liberal ….. it is just a matter of time till you will not be able to get a job unless you have a french name….

  46. stellabystarlight seems to have a problem with nasty wet brown stuff coming out the wrong end….hmmmm

  47. Author

    Cliff I have not seen any of the other parties in Ontario offering any other language policy. Have you and if so please post a link. Even the most hyper blue Ontario MPP’s have not taken the bit in this battle.

  48. Let’s all listen closely to James Wolfe. He clearly knows us better we know ourselves. Thanks James! What the funk would I do without you?

  49. Clearly, what needs to happen in Canada is boot out all French people into the landfill called Quebec and end this stupid bilingualism crap in Canada.

    We don’t want or need French people in Canada. Go back to Quebec and shut up. All vestiges of French in Canada will be removed. Quebec will become a 4th rate banana republic and Canada will become the Proud English Nation it truly is. One country, one language.

  50. jules! JULES! if you can’t stop crying like a baby…if you can’t stop being such a pussy — kill yourself! Do us all a favour!

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