Former Standard Freeholder Publisher Milton Ellis to be Honorary Chair of 4th Annual Foundation Golf Classic

Milton-formalCFN – Retired Standard Freeholder Publisher and General Manager Milton Ellis has graciously accepted to be Honorary Chair of the 4th Annual 2013 CH Foundation Golf Classic on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at Summerheights Golf Links.

Milton Ellis, who was also named Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce 2012 Citizen of the Year, is delighted to chair such a popular event for the Foundation.


“I have supported the Foundation for years,” he said. “I believe in its mission and I believe it is each of our responsibility to support our Hospital. After all, we all need it at one point or another. It is with great pleasure that I agreed to play this role in the CH Foundation Golf Classic.”


This golf tournament is popular among area golfers who appreciate value.

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  1. Typical! The rich and elite golf while Cornwall burns!

  2. I guess no one is allowed to have a life. Get with the program Stan.

    What is wrong with someone from Cornwall representing the city especially for the CH.

    It is an honor to be asked…….

  3. The head of the toilet paper of record – SF gets an honorary of some sort to hit a ball on grass and see where it lands. LOL LOL. ROLF! Yes it is always the rich and I have seen it so many times before and it is just a rerun throughout my years on this planet. The poor people sweat and toil while the rich enjoy their leasure lives and it has always been and always will be until God returns to change things.

  4. Our hospital provides excellent care and is worthy of support no matter how little or how much. If a golf tournament gets people out and involved, that’s fantastic.

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