Justin Trudeau Panders to the Marijuana Vote – Should Canada Legalize? POLL MARC EMERY July 25, 2013

Justin Trudeau Panders to the Marijuana Vote – Should Canada Legalize?  POLL MARC EMERY July 25, 2013

justinCFN – While it’s nice to see Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talking about Marijuana we live in times that are very confusing.

While our PM Stephen Harper supports the status quo “War on Drugs” the reality is that Marijuana is a trade issue and not one of cops and robbers.

Anytime you prohibit a product someone will find a way to make money off of the illegal trade.  It’s a supply and demand issue.

And in Canada, like the US and many other locales there is little problem in finding  weed.   The issue is what is being done to those that choose to use it.  IE Jail time and the cost socially in dollars to the processing of those people.

Marijuana traditionally is far less harmful than Alcohol or tobacco.   That has been clearly proven.

Medical Marijuana has become a huge buzz industry (pardon the pun) and while I’m sure there are some medical benefits the bottom line is that if people want to smoke, bake, or rub it in their belly they will find a way to do so.

It’s heartwarming to hear a story of a city councilor passing a joint with her girlfriend on a quiet night walk outside of an eatery, but we as a society have to decide how to move forward.

This should not be just an election tool of panderment by one party over another to try and snag a demographic.

While Justin Trudeau is warming up to Marijuana Canadians have had a law abiding business man spend most of a five year prison term in the US.

Marc Emery, better known as The Prince of Pot, was extradited to the US to serve 5 years even though he paid taxes, employed Canadians, and was never charged in Canada.    Where were the Liberals and Mr. Trudeau then?

Mr. Trudeau stated that Mr. Emery got himself into a situation through his advocacy; but this seems more like Russian Vladimir Putin style of Eco-Politics.   Mr. Trudeau’s comment of not looking back also are frightening because he as a teacher and surely would know that if you don’t learn from history you are deemed to repeat its mistakes?

There are huge issues with Marijuana and the legalization, decriminalization, and medical uses of it.

 These mini steps to legalization, trade of, and of course government control of Weed is an issue that may end up not denting the trade of street weed.

While there are some people on Medical Marijuana I think if many were honest it simply is a route to circumvent the current illegalities.   I’m sure some need medical marijuana, but frankly many simply want to legally smoke weed.  I can’t blame them. Silly laws and rules lead to silly solutions.

For those truly needing medical marijuana they are frightened frankly that they won’t be able to grow their own or easily access it from legal growers in Canada with new laws that will see the prices shoot up from legal and taxed dispensaries; especially for those on fixed incomes.  No matter what side of the fence one sits on for this subject many can see the real issue that those that benefit from the medical uses of weed will be facing.

Raw dollars.   In the hands of the street markets strains and potencies of Marijuana have gone insane.   Even myself, an advocate for legalization feel that one of the biggest issues is labelling and controlling what’s being used and its quality.   That’s a true danger to the public and something that legalization can help with.  There will always be that crowd that wants something crazier and stronger.   I remember taking a bottle of Absinthe to a party and having a dude hug me after vomiting up the contents of his stomach after I’d warned him not to chug a shot down.

And that’s what’s fueling the trade war in weed between the US and Canada; potent and stronger weed.   While some say they need less the reality is that the immediate potency can literally knock people out and zombify them.   That’s a potential danger, and that’s why it’s critical that we as a society get a handle on what people are smoking.

The Marijuana trade and it’s potential taxation can drastically change economies.   Add in the savings from the insane amount of legal dollars and policing dollars spent enforcing laws that only have negative impacts on lives and communities and it really does make sense to legalize/decriminalize/pick your term, as many districts are now doing in the US.

Anyone that really in their hearts believes that Marijuana is the “Devil’s Weed” probably needs to hit a bong or munch on a cookie.

An honest dialog from Canadians is needed and our lawmakers and enforcers need to listen to what Canadians have to say.

Do you think Marijuana should be legalized and is Justin Trudeau the politician to make that happen?  You can vote in our poll and post your comments.

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