Justin Trudeau Panders to the Marijuana Vote – Should Canada Legalize? POLL MARC EMERY July 25, 2013

justinCFN – While it’s nice to see Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talking about Marijuana we live in times that are very confusing.

While our PM Stephen Harper supports the status quo “War on Drugs” the reality is that Marijuana is a trade issue and not one of cops and robbers.

Anytime you prohibit a product someone will find a way to make money off of the illegal trade.  It’s a supply and demand issue.

And in Canada, like the US and many other locales there is little problem in finding  weed.   The issue is what is being done to those that choose to use it.  IE Jail time and the cost socially in dollars to the processing of those people.

Marijuana traditionally is far less harmful than Alcohol or tobacco.   That has been clearly proven.

Medical Marijuana has become a huge buzz industry (pardon the pun) and while I’m sure there are some medical benefits the bottom line is that if people want to smoke, bake, or rub it in their belly they will find a way to do so.

It’s heartwarming to hear a story of a city councilor passing a joint with her girlfriend on a quiet night walk outside of an eatery, but we as a society have to decide how to move forward.

This should not be just an election tool of panderment by one party over another to try and snag a demographic.

While Justin Trudeau is warming up to Marijuana Canadians have had a law abiding business man spend most of a five year prison term in the US.

Marc Emery, better known as The Prince of Pot, was extradited to the US to serve 5 years even though he paid taxes, employed Canadians, and was never charged in Canada.    Where were the Liberals and Mr. Trudeau then?

Mr. Trudeau stated that Mr. Emery got himself into a situation through his advocacy; but this seems more like Russian Vladimir Putin style of Eco-Politics.   Mr. Trudeau’s comment of not looking back also are frightening because he as a teacher and surely would know that if you don’t learn from history you are deemed to repeat its mistakes?

There are huge issues with Marijuana and the legalization, decriminalization, and medical uses of it.

 These mini steps to legalization, trade of, and of course government control of Weed is an issue that may end up not denting the trade of street weed.

While there are some people on Medical Marijuana I think if many were honest it simply is a route to circumvent the current illegalities.   I’m sure some need medical marijuana, but frankly many simply want to legally smoke weed.  I can’t blame them. Silly laws and rules lead to silly solutions.

For those truly needing medical marijuana they are frightened frankly that they won’t be able to grow their own or easily access it from legal growers in Canada with new laws that will see the prices shoot up from legal and taxed dispensaries; especially for those on fixed incomes.  No matter what side of the fence one sits on for this subject many can see the real issue that those that benefit from the medical uses of weed will be facing.

Raw dollars.   In the hands of the street markets strains and potencies of Marijuana have gone insane.   Even myself, an advocate for legalization feel that one of the biggest issues is labelling and controlling what’s being used and its quality.   That’s a true danger to the public and something that legalization can help with.  There will always be that crowd that wants something crazier and stronger.   I remember taking a bottle of Absinthe to a party and having a dude hug me after vomiting up the contents of his stomach after I’d warned him not to chug a shot down.

And that’s what’s fueling the trade war in weed between the US and Canada; potent and stronger weed.   While some say they need less the reality is that the immediate potency can literally knock people out and zombify them.   That’s a potential danger, and that’s why it’s critical that we as a society get a handle on what people are smoking.

The Marijuana trade and it’s potential taxation can drastically change economies.   Add in the savings from the insane amount of legal dollars and policing dollars spent enforcing laws that only have negative impacts on lives and communities and it really does make sense to legalize/decriminalize/pick your term, as many districts are now doing in the US.

Anyone that really in their hearts believes that Marijuana is the “Devil’s Weed” probably needs to hit a bong or munch on a cookie.

An honest dialog from Canadians is needed and our lawmakers and enforcers need to listen to what Canadians have to say.

Do you think Marijuana should be legalized and is Justin Trudeau the politician to make that happen?  You can vote in our poll and post your comments.

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  1. I think we should legalize tax and regulate just like tobacco. We should also shed light on police budgets and salaries. Out of control. We could better use a small percentage of that money in prevention programs targeted at youth. We should start telling the children the truth about marijuana and stop the lies. 7 billion combined dollars a year to pursue marijuana offenders in this country. Thats just disgusting. Money that could go to our seniors healthcare, education, lower business and property taxes. That will create jobs, not this current model. Stop ripping off our elderly, business, working folks and restore faith in our police and justice system. Killers and child molesters do less time than someone who committed a marijuana crime.

  2. If it had been legalized back in the sixties or early seventies like it should have been, it wouldn’t be an issue now. I hear the idiot pope is spouting off about it now, as the dead bodies continue to pile up.

  3. Marc Emery got what he deserved because he broke the law in the U.S. All legal proceedings were in the U.S. He was found GUILTY and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He deserved what he got! Justin Trudeau is now trying to garner votes for the Fiberals with this question on pot. What is this world coming to?

    nonbeliever: That 7 Billion dollars would just end up in government pensions anyway. It would not come down to us common folks!

  4. @ Stan. How did you ever come up with the term “Fiberal”?
    It’s so clever and original.
    Fact: People have been enjoying the weed for thousands of years, and asinine laws prohibiting its use will never work. Prohibition of alcohol in the twenties in the US worked out really well too. Didn’t it?

  5. Legalize it. Put strong restrictions. I’m all for it.

  6. I’m pretty stoned on the strong weed now. Worked late in a productive manner and smoked a beast of a strain called “Jean-Guy 1″ with a bit of” Lemon Skunk Kush” to kill the pain and get me sleepy. Boy could I go for a Louis Italian Poutine.

    You gotta know your medicine Son. and roll with the buzz and sleep until the cruel grey world of business is revisited for another 12 hours in the morning. What was I talking about?

    Oh yeah, Justin. Justin is using his allegorical lance to wrest power from the evil overlord so the Prince can bring his family into his rightful castle. Referendum please.

  7. @ Richard. What strong restrictions, and why? The stuff is easier to grow than tomatoes. It has been and will be around for ever. It’s completely impossible to control or restrict. Lots of people make home made beer and wine. Lots of people grow a few dope plants. No asinine laws will change that.

  8. I am not consistently a Liberal voter, nor a Conservative, NDP, or Green Party voter. My vote changes from election to election. But I can guarantee you that I do vote every time.

    Canadians… honestly spend several days or weeks reading articles about cannabis, watching YouTube videos and re-educating yourself about cannabis use so you can learn the whole truth and develop a genuinely informed and educated opinion.

    The only thing that we Canadians have been taught by our government tax dollars, police, and education system is that “drugs are bad” and that cannabis is only a bad drug. We have not been taught anything positive, beneficial, or even genuinely factual about the cannabis plant. Purely recreational cannabis (loaded with THC) makes you high — most people know that.

    Medicinal cannabis is specifically grown to have considerably elevated levels of other non-psychoactive compounds that have powerful healing medicinal effects, such as CBD (treats pain, multiple sclerosis, and MANY other illnesses), THCV (diabetes), CBG (antiproliferative-tumors) , CBC (metastatic cancer), CBDV (bone stimulant), CBN, etc. When medical cannabis is smoked it makes most people feel euphoric for up to 2 hours, but it separately provides pain relief for 24 hours, well after the high feeling is gone! And if the smoke is too harsh for your lungs, cannabis can be vaporized with no smoke — only vapour and healing cannabinoids enter your lungs. It can be eaten in baked goods, consumed in tea with mint, and even placed under your tongue in a little sublingual strip like a breath mint strip! Those strips come in high THC or CBD varieties for various medical illnesses (Cannastrips). The most effective and powerful healing cannabis oil extract in the world was discovered and made right here in Canada in early 2000’s by Rick Simpson in Maccan, Nova Scotia just outside Amherst. Many news agencies covered it. Search YouTube for Rick Simpson news.

    That oil extract is the gold-standard today for healing illnesses, including cancer, with tens of thousands of patients self-reporting their success. GW Pharmaceuticals in the UK has recently patented a cannabis medication based on that exact principal and now sells a small $8 bottle for $200. There are now over 120 patents that have been issued for cannabis research discoveries. Come on, Canadians, that is 120+ patents for profiting businesses while this plant is still “illegal” to the common Canadian citizen.

    Stephen Harper and the Conservative government continue to make that backyard-grown healing oil extract illegal in Canada and they have just legislated USA-style mandatory minimum prison sentences in Canada if you are caught trying to make it. But big pharmaceutical companies are legally allowed to grow pot and make that same medicine for tremendous profit.

    And how about all the healthy-eating, fitness-wise, health-conscious people that do not smoke cannabis: the cannabis plant can be freshly juiced like wheat grass or carrots. Freshly picked leaves (not dried) and plant buds can be juiced for daily health and wellness and to treat illnesses — and this form of cannabis consumption will NOT get you high because the plant must be dried or burned to convert the THC-acid into plain old THC. Check YouTube for Dr. William Courtney, or LEAF, a 15-minute video and many other videos.

    Legal tobacco drug consumption directly kills hundreds of thousands of people yearly.
    Legal pharmaceutical prescription drugs directly kill tens of thousands of people yearly.
    Legal alcohol drug consumption directly kills at least tens of thousands of people yearly.

    Cannabis consumption has never directly killed a single person in recorded history.

    Bravo Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada for standing on the side of health and wellness, disease prevention and curing, and even recreational cannabis enjoyment for consenting adults. Finally there arises a forward-thinking leader that has the courage and common sense to do what is right for the entire population of Canada and not just the business lobbyists and politicians. What a wonderful breath of fresh air: Finally we may have a leader that is wise enough to be out of sync with today’s Conservatives, the Pope, and Mexico. Bravo.

  9. Sure Furtz, people possibly have been smoking this stuff ( 60’s pot is not the same as today’s) for 1000 years, but they have not been operating machines or cars that long.
    Until an efficient type of breathalyzer comes along for weed and laws are put in place against smoking & driving, I am for the status quo.

  10. Dope for dope heads! The general society from top down has enough problems thinking right already and it would get even worse if we were to legalize pot. Pot is another form of substance abuse that helps us to cop out, deny reality, and live off the government. We have enough misfits in society that can’t function from day to day, that can’t hold a job, or be a contribution to society on a whole, and you want to add more cases to the funny farm?

    All drug abuse and addition, and even some prescription drugs is a form of mind control, not only by the government – like fluoride in the water, but is a big part of what is called sorcery. Satan uses such to keep sinners glued to their love of sin, as he deceives them into a false peace or utopia.

    The Bible prohibits anything, or anyone controlling another by any means other than the Word of God, and by the inward working of God Holy Spirit. I am not against all medicine, but I am against substance abuse, harmful additions, and unnecessary abandonment to drugs in order to escape the reality of my sin, my problems, and God’s solution for such.

    Eph 5:17 -18 “Don’t be stupid. Instead, find out what the Lord wants you to do.
    Don’t destroy yourself by getting drunk[drugs], but let the Spirit fill your life”.

  11. Just imagine a society where everyone can smoke pot. The doctors and nurses in the hospital performing operations high on pot. Oh, you say it wouldn’t be like that? Get real, Babies!

  12. Eric. The status quo doesn’t work. What’s that well known definition of insanity? Something about repeating the same action over and over, and expecting a different result.

  13. Author

    Now Stan, alcohol is legal but doctors and nurses if drunk are generally not allowed to be on the job and are sanctioned if caught. Tsk tsk 🙂

  14. It all comes down control-freaks attempting to impose their “morals” on others. See the above post by Mr. Newton. Of course there are rules and penalties for driving, performing surgery, etc while impaired. That makes perfect sense. However, it’s nobody’s g.d. business if I want to have a drink or fire up a bat on a Friday evening in the privacy of my own home.

  15. Hey Stan maybe you and the good Pastor should get together and form a fundamentalist religious political party with a platform of sucking all the fun out of Canadian’s lives.

    Oh wait, there already is one…..the Conservative Party of Canada …. or have they officially changed their name to Harper’s Conservatives?

  16. “….sucking all the fun out of Canadian’s lives” – that’s what we have when we legalize pot -“fun”? I suppose you would say getting behind a wheel and driving while under the influence and killing someone is just having “fun”. Hope it is not your children, or grandchildren, or wife that gets run over.

  17. Furts -“… if I want to have a drink or fire up a bat on a Friday evening in the privacy of my own home”. Is that what you already do? Not that I have any first hand knowledge of whether or not you smoke pot, rag weed, or even poison parsnip, but we are not taking about in the “privacy of my own home” are we? We are talking about legalizing a known drug comparable to alcohol, and letting the animals loose on the streets!

  18. The one thing that is mindboggling about this issue is this.

    They say smoking is bad for one’s health. They have articles and commercials graphically depicting health issues as a result of smoking….OCPD and other lung diseases. They have all kinds of programs for smoking cessation yet they want to legalize pot.

    Even though one may not use pot as much or as often as smokes……health wise what is the difference, you are still inhaling.

    I personally have nothing against those who do smoke pot, like Furtz said, it is the individual’s business. The fact remains that there is still a negative effect on the lungs no matter how one looks at it.

    For that reason alone why would the gov want to legalize it? Of course we all know one reason………the tax dollars.

  19. Author

    Stella Pot does not have the health issues that tobacco or alcohol have. Also, not everyone smokes marijuana. It can be administered in different manners.

  20. As the law stands, all users of cannabis are criminals, supporting organized crime in Canada.

    As such they should all be subject to the harshest of criminal punishment possible.

    The GD liberal party of Canada has already seen to it that we are not able to punish even the most egregious of criminals.

    Now they want us to accept even more impaired drivers on the road!

    Give me the right to execute pot impaired drivers on the spot and I’ll concede the right to smoke pot!!!

  21. admin – I beg to differ on your assessment of the ill effects of smoking pot. Health Canadian, U.S. health org., U.N. says quite a different assessment, and it’s all there for us to read – Google search it!

  22. Author

    Pastor Tom I have have done quite a bit of studying and there are a lot of studies out there. Compared to alcohol and tobacco Marijuana is harmless. It needs to be controlled and regulated as the status quo doesn’t work. And some of those taxes can be used to treat any possible issues that do arise or more research.

  23. The sad truth is that the prohibition of weed has done nothing but create a lucrative business for criminal gangs, fill up prisons, overload our court system, and make a lot of people dead… usually from gunfire. Prohibition doesn’t work. Never has. Never will. What’s that definition of insanity again?
    @ Stella. Brownies are yummy and don’t damage the lungs.
    @ Admin. How do you control and regulate a plant that’s easier to grow than tomatoes?

  24. Author

    Furtz: The same way you do Alcohol which is also kinda easy to distill. Look, nothing is perfect in this world. You do the best that you can.

  25. I can see we have differing views. I want cannabis legalized, so my children can have a better future. Lower taxes, safe streets, free medication for the poor, healthcare for our seniors, better schools and hospitals. A message to older folks who are against marijuana legalization. This generation is paying the huge debt you ran up, This generation is currently paying for your healthcare, This generation is working 60 + hours a day to keep up with yours and our bills, This generation will not live under faith based rules. We demand scientific evidence and base our discussions on that. It had to be said!

  26. Real Canadian…. If you are impaired by any substance You can be charged. Law is already there.


    The bizarreness and extremes of the opinions are in themselves explanatory as to why we have not moved forward on the legalization of an already wide used substance.

    When good Reverends clothed in Christian values finds themselves preaching morality in a secular public forum on grounds of sinful behaviour, BE CATIOUS.

    “Dope for dope heads!”
    And once again you’re usual religiosity! Your designational comment that people who consume pot should be considered “dope heads” is just as derogate and cynical as stating that all humans that consume alcohol are alcoholics.

    Many people get home from work and pour themselves a drink to relax. Is this sinful behaviour or make them alcoholics?
    Why then would it be sinful behaviour or “dope heads” consuming pot to relax when one get home from work ?

    So in your Christian view people that consume pot are misfits;

    “We have enough misfits in society that can’t function from day to day, that can’t hold a job, or be a contribution to society on a whole, and you want to add more cases to the funny farm?”

    Are you judging those on WELFARE an claiming they smoke pot ?

    NBC, just a couple of years ago had hidden cameras in Central Park in New York and filmed drug dealers on a Friday afternoon. Many Wall Street executives on their way home stopped off and purchased pot. Now, does that make them LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT?

    And believe me if you knew the reality of who in Canada is or is not consuming pot you would not so categorically put very “dope head” in your welfare basket views.

    Got to go now, my Sand box is waiting
    I’m expecting a few French speaking pot heads!

  28. Point taken, Admin. I have in the past made lots of beer and wine (legally) at home. Good stuff too. But it took a lot more time and effort than growing a plant or two in the garden. Distilling alcohol at home, and consuming it is really dangerous, and it’s illegal to do for good reason. The other thing about home made beer and wine, is that it is illegal to sell it, or provide it to non-family members, even in your own home! And it is illegal to transport it or consume it outside of the residence where it was made.
    @ Mr. Newton. I don’t smoke poison parsnip anymore. It tastes like poop and gives me headaches.

  29. “I want cannabis legalized, so my children can have a better future. Lower taxes, safe streets, free medication for the poor, healthcare for our seniors, better schools and hospitals” – Some one needs to wake up this guy, or maybe he is so high on pot, he needs to come done to planet earth for a spell.

    Utopia is not found in a bottle, nor a joint, nor….. but in knowing a person – the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s appointed, authorized Saviour. “There is power in the blood….”. By the way, unbeliever all this world is scheduled to burn up by the all consuming wrath of almighty God. Ever read the last book of the Bible – it reads that Christ wins!

  30. Pastor Tom.. I’m not looking for Utopia or chemical joy. I want the streets safe for my children. The street is run by organized crime/police.
    Lets get these creeps off the street.

  31. Nonbeliever writes – “The street is run by organized crime/police.
    Lets get these creeps off the street”. So part of your solution is to legalize pot? Would it not seem that getting tough on offenders, pushers, and organized crime would be the way to go? To much money under the table, palms being greased, so many corrupt judges, politicians need to go, just like the recent news about the mayor in Quebec? Maybe some of these leaders are not taking money illegally, but they are turning a blind eye, by standing in fear, and doing nothing about it. But let us not leave out the common man and woman who does the same – turns a blind eye, turns a deaf ear, and then wonders how their neighborhood became a home for a crack house, or even a needle injection site. Oh yes, I all most forgot, we are working on legalizing prostitution – “Look mom, we have a whore house next store! Can we invite them over for dinner?”.

    I do not think today’s society has it in them to stand up and clean house! Won’t we see if that is the case come election time for Cornwall 2014? Convictions and principals worth dying for? Lets say it this way – worth living for. Who of you would want to be identified as moral in our day? It is easier to just legalize pot, and drift off to never-never- land, and let the misfits keep on running the show. One day, soon I hope, the curtain will be drawn, and the show will be over, and everyone will have to give an account to God. Sorry that I am not so big on human ability, human integrity, well, the Bible says “We are all sinners, in slaved to our sins -opinions, wicked lifestyles, etc. We need help from above, and I am not afraid to say it. The ship is going down, who cares, pass me another joint!

    Hungry for the Truth – you mean your truth!
    Pot head vs dope head, all sounds the same to me.

  32. OK, I get it now. Some mythical character from two thousand years ago said that cannabis shouldn’t be legalized. That settles it then. Case closed.

  33. Excellent post, mcfudge. More than enough evidence and info to make a balanced judgment.

    @ Eric: “I am for the status quo.” I am wlling to bet the inventor of the wheel was not a Conservative.

    @Stan Stalk, Pastor Tom Newton and those who believe our lives are and will be at the mercy of “potheads” and “dopeheads.” Do you by chance have the stats on all those murdered and repressed throughout history and continuing today by people doped on religion and morality?

    BTW is Justin Trudeau advocating a marijuana free-for-all? Not at all. Quoted in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, Friday July 26th: “Listen, marijuana is not a health food supplement, it’s not great for you. . . . I’m in favour of legalizing it, tax and regulate. It’s one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids, because the current war on drugs, the current model, is not working.”

  34. And don’t forget, folks… Everyone who drinks alcohol or consumes marijuana will die. It’s the “wages of sin”!

    July 27, 2013 at 7:51 am

    “Hungry for the Truth – you mean your truth!
    Pot head vs dope head, all sounds the same to me.”

    Thank-You for your observation that I have truth.

    My truth is more subjective. The truth of my existence is an inward and subjective experience that is always in the process of becoming. The values, morals and spiritual approach that I adopt does not deny the existence of the objective truth. (reality)

    I do not preach, nor claim to have perfect knowledge of all truth and things. Nor is it attributed to a divine being, that can exercise divine judgement with perfect knowledge of my life.

    Omniscience is not my truth. I have known many GOOD non christian people that exubarated by example a message of hope and joy. They never steped foot in a church. By your truth would be comdemned to burn in hell.

    I believe human truth is something that is continually occurring, and has to be defined by the values and fundamental essence that consist of one’s way of life.

    Got to go now, my Sand box is waiting!

  36. Pastor Tom… We are people with wide and diverse views.. Lets agree to disagree and put down our shields. We’ve all been herd on this issue.

  37. Dear Pastor Tom.. I have read the bible and because of that I do not believe in god.

  38. Even though I think the war on drugs has been an utter failure and tax on our prison systems and people in general does that mean that I am mindlessly going to except Trudeau statements at face value? Pot smokers like to talk about how functional they are and how capable they are and how the pot doesn’t affect their judgment. I would then assume that they can know the difference between pandering for a vote and sincerity.
    The media is turning us into a mindless- fearful- hateful people. I want a media that gives a crap about the truth instead of soft ball Q&A to our potential leaders. This is the first article I have come accross since he he announced his position that actually asked some hard questions. Why is the rest of the media not standing up for truth in this country? Lets not repeat what the Americans have been doing for the last couple decades. Harper is not Bush in his last term and Justin is not Obama here to save the day. Votes based off emotions did not work out for the Americans and it surely will not work out for us. Its time to vote with our heads not our hearts and time to keep the media accountable for balanced reporting. Conservatives – Liberals – NDP – Green Party –Bloc Québécois are all being alienated by the Harper Government and if we want to change the corruption we need to be asking tougher questions.


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