Nurse Protester Chris Cameron on Whistleblowing & Retaliation in Cornwall Ontario – LTE – HICKLEY SHAY

Nurse Protester Chris Cameron on Whistleblowing & Retaliation in Cornwall Ontario  – LTE – HICKLEY SHAY

Nurse Protester Christopher Cameron

Fellow Citizens,

Control through Retaliation; Is this a Democracy’s response to individuals who speak up in the interest of fellow citizens and their community?
 A statement which brings to mind the scenario,
” When Government’s fear the people that’s Democracy ,when the people fear the Government that’s Dictatorship”
We have policies within all forms of government to protect whistle-blowers; yet it appears our government and its entities uses strong arm tactics through the potential of retaliation to control that message as these policies have no legislated clout.
Yes, fear of retaliation within the system has silenced many of those that wish to speak up .
I have learned this hard lesson and appreciated this fact since my demonstrations at Cornwall Community Hospital where many told their story of discriminatory behavior with regards to hiring and treatment.
These individuals chose not to speak up when their opportunity was available for them.  FEAR is a great motivating factor to remain silent.  The situation has not changed at the hospital but it is further entrenched as suppression of the employee’s rights to speak up on unjust policies are silenced.  The hospital remains a public entity and those employees are shareholders and have every right to speak up against unjust policies.
One employee did speak up.  Darlene Walsh spoke up.   She advocated for patients rights and the treatment of those patients.
She served as as example of what happens when you advocate for the patient and not the Hospital.  She had been suspended and quickly silenced and all of this because she was advocating for the patients!
Like those employees at Cornwall Community Hospital; they fear for retaliations that occurs in many forms.  This defines abuse of employees and in the very least presents bullying behavior.
Diane Shay and Rob Hickley –  I commend you for speaking up for our citizens.  This has taken great strength to step forward and put it “on the line”, for most would coward and hide from doing the right thing for FEAR of reprisal.
Diane and Rob you have ventured down a path most would avoid even though its admirable and the just thing to do.  That path remains with many challenges but your conscience will remain free when you make a stand on principles with the interest of citizens and the community in mind.
Diane and Rob I stand with you in kindred spirit and let it be heard you are not alone; many do back you in your stand to do the right thing.
George Orwell wrote:
“In a time of Universal deceit – Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
Fellow Citizens would you stand up to right a wrong or would you cower in fear of RETALIATION?
Take care my fellow Citizens
Christopher Cameron

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