Confirmed – Ottawa Police Find Body Near Where Melissa Richmond’s Car Was Found – July 28, 2013

mel richmondCFN – Friends and family are spending a tense Sunday as they await identification of a body found behind a Kelsey’s restaurant in Ottawa Ontario near where her car was discovered.

The body was found at approximately 9 AM in the South Keys district.  Ottawa Police and the OPP are refusing to confirm if it is a male or female at this time.

opp poster MRThere is a Facebook group with over 1100 members who have come together to try and help find Winchester native Melissa Richmond.   LINK

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Lady Aeiviena of Norvingal? This cosplay S & M stuff never turns out well. {MODERATED}

  2. The Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) is an international group with over 30,000 members whose goals are to research and re-createthe arts, skills and science of pre-17th-century Europe (see

    Part of the historical recreation involves taking on a personae around which a person focuses their understanding of what life would be for such a person back then.

    420 Said’s comments are grossly unfair to any historical recreationist and are frankly an insult to Melissa and the hundreds of thousands of people who do cosplay, historical or otherwise.

  3. Author

    I would echo what Pierre stated. I’ve known SCA’ers since the late 70’s and most are awesome people.

  4. Thank you Pierre in Ottawa for addressing 420 Said’s wildly inaccurate comment.

    As a long-time friend of the family who spent Saturday helping the search effort and who’s has been worried sick since the Sunday morning discovery, I doubt I would have been able to keep such a civil manner if I had been the first to answer.

  5. The body was found just a little further south of here by at least 5 to 7 minutes by car. We shop at Wally World (Wal Mart) in that plaza and this gave me the shivers this morning listening to that on the car radio. So much happens in this part of Ottawa and the entire city is crazy to live in but for some reason this area is one of the worst. Tiny Fossoli is still safe.

  6. Apparently she left at 11:30 pm to go for a “latenight drive”
    First of all, 28 year old women dont do latenight drives alone. Gas is expensive and it makes your husband wondering what youre doing. Second of all, they found a backpack with her purse? Which makes me tihnk she never intended to come back that evening. Third of all, her husbands the one who said she was going for this drive.. at 11:30pm.. he didnt question this? Very suspicious….. Fourth of all, her husband is a soldier.. which im not going to stereotype, but this only adds to the suspicion.

  7. @Me I cannot believe the words that you have just typed. Do you know these people? Very obviously NOT. As a friend of the family, believe me, your twisted version of whats normal is so inaccurate as to be offensive to the extreme.

    Please get off your assumption horse and THINK before you post. You know nothing. Nothing at all. If you read the media and actually believe what they are saying, you are more stupid than a bag of nails. The inaccuracies and mistakes are rampant in journalism as a whole, and especially in this case.

    Let me tell you something. Going for a late night drive before bed was common for Melissa. It relaxed her and cleared her head of the day.

    Her backpack was her workout stuff she always kept in her car.

    Her and her husband were VERY MUCH IN LOVE which was evident to ALL who knew them.

    Her husband is a soldier who has served our country valiantly where you appear to be not even worthy to lick his boots.

    You sir, are an ass and I respectfully ask the admins to remove your post as it is grossly offensive to those that know them.

  8. Once again, I must take exception to a previous comment and address misconceptions which are insulting to Melissa and simply hurtful to those who care for her. The blatant insinuations ‘Me’ has written show, apart from a complete disdain of those who have suffered this loss, a callousness which is looking for the worst in a person whose life was tragically cut short.

    To address Me’s arguments then —
    First: People do take drives at night, just as many people take a walk before bedtime. In fact, it would seem obvious to me that you would drive rather than walk in the country.
    Second: That Meliissa had her backpack and purse with her when she went out is only normal; do you not carry your wallet and identification when you go out ?
    Third: Howard didn’t question Melissa going for a drive because it fairly common for her to do so. Further, that a spouse doesn’t question their partner’s actions shows trust and love. I don’t know what it means if someone automatically expects suspicion.
    Fourth: Stereotype of a soldier ? Not even worth comment.

    Another commenter complemented me on my ability to maintain civility in my previous post. That it took me an extra day to respond should indicate to what degree I find these aspersions offensive. I can only state that I would only expect these kinds of comments with those who would empathize with the perpetrators of this crime.

  9. Sad but her loving husband has been arrested for her murder and will be charged on Saturday.

  10. ” Her husband is a soldier who has served our country valiantly where you appear to be not even worthy to lick his boots”

    He supposedly drew MAPS not involved in firefights like depicted on the NEWS , and his boots are not worth licking

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