Has another year really flown by? I Wrestle with Turning 49 by Jamie Gilcig

Has another year really flown by?  I Wrestle with Turning 49 by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – My gosh another year has zipped by.  I will be turning 49 this week.  Ominous.  That means next year would be the big 5-0!

Some people age better than others.   For me the reality that my mortal body is slowly crumbling, my senses starting to dim, and that time seems to be speeding up while I seem to be speeding down isn’t as comforting as to some.

I know.  50 is supposed to be the new 35; but isn’t that just candy spin?    Getting old kinda sucks.  Yes, all that wisdom and knowledge is wonderful, but I’d trade it in a minute to be 29 again.


It’s been an interesting year.  CFN has been a brutal struggle as we’ve continued to be persecuted by the Mayor and his minions.   There have been some very dark and stormy days, but there have been more bright ones in some ways.

As I’ve shared if all I cared about in this world was money I certainly wouldn’t be living in Cornwall Ontario and trying to build a media company from a city where most media outlets farm their minimum wagers.

Good gosh Marlon Brando had the best eyebrows ever….

Mel with Pudgy
Mel with Pudgy

I lost a dog this year.  Poor Pudgy passed away after a disc in his back slipped and went into his spine.

Fitzy RingI adopted Fitzy who has been a real treasure.

I was illegally removed from City Council.

Locally I lost some people whom I thought were friends, and discovered some people that really have had their eyes opened and discovered new friends in the oddest of places.

I’ve learned a lot.   Justice in this world really does have a price.   Scars have healed.  Some fresh ones were borne.    It’s been a blast.   With my birthday in July it’s a great time to recalibrate.  I like to do it twice per year; once at New Years and once on my B Day.

The most valuable and frustrating thing for me is time and energy.   It’s just impossible to do all the things I want to do; at least do them well.    CFN turns five in February and that’s a huge milestone and some would say testament to my commitment to this newspaper and community.

I’m not big on celebrating my birthday after a certain age. It’s just a reminder that I’ve probably used up more of my life than remains which means how I use the time I have left on this planet is more important now than probably ever before and that it has to be used well and I need to make the most of it.

Whatever happens after we leave this mortal coil is still unknown.  While there are many beliefs in this world nobody really has the proof.    And I’m truly gifted and lucky to have a few options.

I’m hoping my 49th year is better than my 48th.   I’m hoping that some justice and sense take over some of the leaders of this community and that I and CFN  don’t end up being another victim of corruption and injustice.      I see seeds of change growing; but little plants need protection from the elements and nasty bugs.

And with elections (hopefully a clean one in Cornwall this time)  coming closer and closer the true hope for change is there for myself and others.

While there are some big changes coming up for CFN this year as well and my role will be changing.    It reminds me that nobody in this world is irreplaceable.

And now the fun part.  I get to do a little bit of shopping for presents 🙂

Thank you to all who have helped make this all possible.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor & Founder – The Cornwall Freenews


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