OPP Search Chesterville & Morewood Ontario – K9 Units – Speculated Connection to Richmond Homicide in Ottawa

morewood road closed
Police sign in Morewood Ontario

CFN – Locals are reporting over 30 police invading and closing off traffic in the Morwood and Chesterville area.

Reports are coming in that this may be related to the Melissa Richmond Homicide.

OPP spokesperson Kristine Rae refused to state what type of event this is; either vehicle or criminal.  She did state that it’s not related to a person.

We will be updating this story as it evolves.

Canine units have been spotted as well.

Locals are saying that it’s a manhunt in the Chesterville area for the husband of the deceased, or something connected, but there have been no confirmations.

Apparently police have been searching since 10 AM.

If you have any video or photos email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call our hotline at 613 361 1755


OPP have reopened roads – 4:41 PM




  1. All we can do is wait. RIP Melissa

  2. The husband of the deceased is sitting at home grieving – something the writer could have found out with a five minute phone call. For shame.

  3. KATE
    I think you might want to take back that shot at jamie with todays tragic news…that unfortunately was to be expected..it was the husband…six tours of duty in a war zone can scramble anybody

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