Are the River Kings Dead in Cornwall Ontario? Rick Lapierre Points Finger of Death at Mayor Bob Kilger POLL

Kilger Bench BLUECFN – Two whistleblowing cases against the city; tossing this scribbler out of council with the use of 7 police officers for not liking my t shirt and now Mayor Bob Kilger, a former NHL ref and father of a former NHL player is being fingered for the end of the Cornwall River Kings after one season!  The team which never seemed to be on a concrete platform apparently is pulling the plug and moving away?

According to Adam Brazeau of the (just kidding, they don’t really do a lot of real news) 

“We have no choice,” Lapierre said in a short interview, blaming the team’s relationship with the city, Mayor Bob Kilger in particular, as well as inability to co-exist with the Jr. A Cornwall Colts in the same arena.

“He’s just killing us,” Lapierre said of Kilger, but would not get into more specifics.

Lapierre added further questions will be answered during Thursday’s press conference.

The mayor said he’s waiting to get more details.

“I’m not going to react to anything until I hear from the hockey club specifically,” Kilger said.

So much for Mayor Kilger’s scoffing at the CFIB’s report on our city’s ability to nurture new business in its  Community in Boom yearly.

We will be updating Thursday.

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  1. Hijack Adams story…then make fun of him?????

  2. Author

    Actually a hijack would be if we didn’t attribute. In this case we not only attributed, but linked which is more than other media have done to us when we break stories. Making fun of him was just a bonus because of his stuck up cliquey attitude. And we actually made from of the Seaway non news and not Adam himself, but you may inspire me….

  3. This has absolutely zero to do with Bob Kilger, and everything to do with Rick Lapierre. Sorry Bernie, you’re a good guy, but you’re first and biggest mistake was listening to an equipment manager when making operations decisions for your team.

  4. Another example of what happens when Kilger is involved. Wish he would leave instead.

  5. Charlie…….absolutely. It has nothing to do with the Mayor.

    Selling sports equipment does not make one a expert on decision making for the team. In this case……FAR FROM IT.

    One has to feel sorry for MR. Villeneuve because he is a very nice man.

    The outcome is not surprising, problems were visible from the start, especially knowing who would be involved.

  6. Stella why do you keep supporting the Mayor
    Also your attacks against my brother are an outrage
    He has done more good for Cornwall than you ever will
    Your claim to fame…making pants at Levi before they left town

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