A Bitter Pill to Swallow…by Debbie Cameron of South Stormont Ontario – LTE – Oct 9, 2013

CCH Protesr Sept.17 2012 032In 1994, I graduated from St.Lawrence College with Distinction as a Registered Nurse. Over the years, I have worked locally & in the USA specializing in four areas; Critical Care, Operating Room, Post Anesthetic Care Room & Hemo-Dialysis units.


Recently, I resigned from the Cornwall Community Hospital due to the inability to obtain full-time employment or advancement in my career. My obstacle being that I am English only and not bilingual (English and French).  There is a systemic problem with unfair language requirements in healthcare in my hometown of Cornwall, ON.  This is worrisome to me on several levels.  Are the most qualified healthcare professionals being hired?  Are people in our community getting the highest quality healthcare they deserve?  And finally, what is our government doing to protect the rights of English speakers?


My children are enrolled in French Immersion; but at the end of the day will they be deemed “French” enough to garner a good job?  Will they benefit from this social engineering?  An RN must speak A- French to work at Cornwall Community Hospital.  An RN must be bilingual to work at Community Care Access Centre. When an RN must be bilingual to administer a Flu shot, and yet, at the same time, life-saving CPR training is only considered an asset for employment at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit; I ask, where do we draw the line?


I am thankful to have my New York State Nursing licence.  I am currently employed at a hospital in New York State as a Full-time Nursing Supervisor.  However, many professionals in our community are not so fortunate and are forced to either relocate or give up their careers, entirely.  Sadly, highly educated nursing graduates from St.Lawrence College will never have the opportunity to work in their own community, due to this unfair language legislation.


Recently, a group of concerned citizens formed a non-profit organization; Language Fairness for ALL.  Our goal is to promote fair hiring practices. If you are concerned about your future, your childrens’ futures or your grandchildrens’ futures, I urge you to support LFA. Together we can make a difference!


Debbie Cameron RN

Long Sault,ON

Language Fairness for ALL

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  1. Not sure I understand your post, Eric. Do you know of any media or news group sites in Canada, besides CFN, where this issue is regularly discussed? Apart from one or two mickey-mouse sites like LFA, there seems to be no interest in this BS.

  2. ON October 29, 2013 at 1:45 pm Furtz
    wrote, “Kilroy asks “Where is our Canadian media on this?”
    Simple answer: It’s not an issue except to a hand full of whiners.”

    VERY good Furtz. I see how you managed to “snip out” one small piece out of my post that you could jump on while doing what you and the rest of your clan do so well which is

    You and your ilk seem so good at doing this.
    Hey, maybe you could talk about how this woman is treated like a piece of dung in her own country while she is trying to use (what your clan is famous for calling) ONE OF THE so called “OFFICIAL languages” of this country?
    Nope, no response for that even though i have asked you several times.
    or maybe you can tell us all why it is that the French powers that be refer to the English language (which they have outlawed in the province of Quebec) as
    an insult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBc5gzuHbKI
    I am sure you can tell us all about that one Furtzie.
    Or will i have to get out the crickets again

    And on that note i wish you a “stay away from the TRUTHS that YOU can’t answer for” type of day eh 🙂

  3. @ EDUDYORLIK Here’s the post of mine you were referring too Oct.29 1216 pm for others to see…


    October 27, 2013

    This is the promised report on the pressure being put by the French groups on the Durham Municipality to accept being under the jurisdiction of the French Language Services Act:


    According to the Assemblée, the current situation in Durham reflects that of Central and South-Western Ontario regions where, despite the presence of numerous Francophones, French-language service offerings remain insufficient. It also confirms the urgency to review FLSA.


    We urge those of our readers who have friends & family in the Durham municipality to please turn up at the next council meeting (October 30th) & contact their councillors to not give in to this pressure.

    Another story with more info http://www.oshawaexpress.ca/viewposting.php?view=5450 reports that 99.4% of area speak English!

    According to 2011 Census data, highlighted in Region staff’s most recent report, almost all of Durham residents, 99.4 per cent, claimed to have knowledge of English, or the ability to have a conversation in English. There are 385 people in Durham who only speak French. They live predominately in Oshawa (155).

    450 French students listed in minutes of Oct 9 2013 http://www.durham.ca/apps/clerks/masearch/Search.aspx

    Please contact the council, especially those who are warning that the designation would create a lot of expensive demands for services in French where the numbers do not warrant and these services will inevitably lead to a greater & greater demand for employees to be bilingual (built-in advantage for French-speakers).

    Don’t take my word for it – do the research!!! In the Ottawa area alone, many Quebecers cross over the bridge to take jobs paid for by the majority English-speaking taxpayers and our hospitals are forced to be bilingual even though the number of patients needing French are insufficient (Quebec patients come to our hospitals and don’t pay the Ontario rates). In Cornwall, the issue of being under the jurisdiction of the FLSA has led to English-speaking nurses having NO opportunity for full-time jobs & NO opportunity for promotions. Here again, Quebec nurses are given preferential treatment & given training when fully-qualified English-speaking nurses are turned away. Ask Debbie & Chris Cameron who have been fighting this situation – ricodeb@hotmail.com. Debbie is a fully trained and experienced nurse who is now working in the States.

    Why are we allowing this to happen?

    Kim McConnell

  4. Sorry Kilroy. I still don’t click on youtube links. Do you know of any other sites where this BS is discussed? I can’t find any.
    Fight on! And never give up!

  5. Well furtz, you try to make it a conversation over at the freeholder whenever the good pastor isn’t around to fill your need to spar. Does that count??

  6. And ps there furtz, if you are looking for answers to a particular question and are not happy with the results you are getting from posters in an online forum, perhaps you should try Google. I hear it has the answers to almost everything you could possibly want to know. It evens links to your fancy Wikipedia. Google is your friend furtz. I can’t vouch for Yahoo, but I’m sure it will try hard to please too.

  7. I’ve done the usual net searches, Bella. Nothing comes up except the odd LTE here and there.
    Where is the huge groundswell of support you guys keep talking about?

  8. Then you ‘re not doing it right. lol My google search found several main stream media articles. Perhaps you should narrow your search and get rid of words like “whiners” or “freedom-fighters”.

  9. Furtz, as you know most media are trying to make money, and just like the attention span of most Canadians, they only stay with a subject for a short while. Even now, the public thinks the Senate crap is old news, even the billions wasted by the present Ontario liberals is old, so a feigned interest maybe and the media glitz shine is lowered.
    Radio Canada and a couple of the French papers have French promotion issues very regularly, but it is rare to see opposing views in their comments sections.

    It is hard to measure interest without Admin using web site traffic analytics and such. Also, until it hits a person, family or friend, people don’t connect the continuous placement and realignment of the domino’s.

    Furtz said
    “Not sure I understand your post, Eric. Do you know of any media or news group sites in Canada, besides CFN, where this issue is regularly discussed? Apart from one or two mickey-mouse sites like LFA, there seems to be no interest in this BS.”

  10. The Sears Flagship Store in TO is closing putting 100s of people out of work. It must have something to do with the language laws. Yep…some will maybe have to relocate to another province/move to another city and perhaps change career path…..or even have to go to another country to find employment because of the French. Terrible!!!!

    According to some of the freedom fighters the French are the cause of unemployment, lack of jobs and all economic and employment woes in this country.

    We must stand and tell our Gov no more……..we must abolish French NOW before a civil war breaks out **smile**

  11. Naw Stella,
    as you are — quite WELL AWARE — “the war” was already fought.
    And guess what THE FRENCH LOST.

    As a matter of — (close your ears — a difficult to accept word coming)

    — FACT —

    The French in this country are only in the position they find themselves in right now because of the easy going kindness, generosity and willingness to “accommodate” of the English.

    Considering how much the French are taking advantage of what was afforded to them by the victors,
    it sure clearly demonstrates their low life character doesn’t it ?

    Gee, if we add this to the complete disgraceful amount of corruption that is spewing from that province right now WE REALLY get a clear picture of the kind of character we are dealing with eh.

    Keep not clicking on links and being TOTALLY uninformed Stella. It suits you nicely.
    And on that note i would like to wish you a “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvyifj557p8&hd=1 give em an inch and they take a mile” kind of day eh 🙂

  12. Hey folks there is that deep insight from stella again.***smile***
    Once again no value to the subject matter ,but only to antagonize .***smile***

    Its the government that’s the issue there stella and I do not agree in you wanting to abolish french.***smile***
    Nor do I agree in your beliefs that those 100’s of recently lost jobs are due to french.***smile***

    Stella said ; Yep…some will maybe have to relocate to another province/move to another city and perhaps change career path…..or even have to go to another country to find employment because of the French. Terrible!!!!

    Well it were only on the conditions of having the privileged language -yes and Debbie Cameron is a fine example of this -having to work in another country for only one reason -LANGUAGE AND OUR SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

    She wasn’t QUALIFIED to give a simple flu shot here in Eastern Ontario ,but good enough to run an American Hospital ……the standards are far stricter there then here ….but they don’t have social engineering do they?****smile****

  13. Actually stellabystarlight, the cost of operating a business involves paying for social programs, socialist programs and social engineering, so you may be right about language being an issue with Sears closing.

  14. @yorlik…….I only check reputable links, certainly not your you tube videos from anti French sites…..is that clear?

    highlander wrote: Its the government that’s the issue there stella and I do not agree in you wanting to abolish french.***smile***

    Didn’t your fearless leader, galganov, once upon a time state in his pamphlets that French must be abolished? Did he not share his thoughts on how it can and should be done? OH…..OK

    Only a fool would believe you. If the gov is the issue then deal with the gov and get it over with.

  15. @Furtz re: post on October 30, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Furtz wrote, “Where is the huge groundswell of support you guys keep talking about?”

    I have already addressed this one Furtzie.

    If you had done a search several months before the people rose and took out Hosni Mubarak and Muammar al-Gaddafi you would have found very little then also.

    That’s OK, these things have a short fuse and often have a way of exploding when people least expect it.

    You know, like when they have reached that tipping point and have finally taken enough cr@p from the likes of some ignorant know it all French dude who believes that his language and culture is above all others and spews off to a dying vet and his family in a hospital emergency area or, you know, something like that. Maybe even a few things to build it up a bit. Who knows eh? Life is so full of little surprises.

    But, don’t go and worry your self sick about it Furtzie. When the time comes, you’ll know it.

    and on that note, i would like to wish you a “one never knows what tiny spark it will take to ignite the fuse” kind of day eh 🙂

  16. Stella most of his sources are from reputable media outlets ,but then again your not interested in the truth so why would you even bother to look at it !***smile***

    stella stated :”Didn’t your fearless leader, galganov, once upon a time state in his pamphlets that French must be abolished? Did he not share his thoughts on how it can and should be done? OH…..OK”

    Have you seen the pamphlet in its entirety….ya that’s right I didn’t think so…,like that video of that vet in Hull were you were willing to comment without as evidenced you hadn’t even seen the article…funny how you nationalists remain blind even when the evidence is clearly provided even by reputable media institutions.

    But go back into that sandbox and stop throwing sand and get back to sticking your head in the sand to avoid reality.***smile***

    p.s stella if you can even summon the courage to except reality ,i could make some of Howard’s pamphlets available for you to inform yourself of what is really in the pamphlet rather then judging a book by its cover.

    I dare you to inform yourself ,rather then being opinionated without a VALID source of info,then again when one has no justifiable argument in a debate one (that is you stella) resorts to insults ,antagonizing ,defamatory responses and attacks the messenger rather then addressing the subject matter.***smile***

    So do you want to see the full pamphlet,or continue to judge the book by its cover? *****smile****

    P.S.S Howard is not my leader but an associate like many others we work together for a common purpose,many professionals and politicians as well.

  17. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/moving-on-why-quebecers-are-saying-adieu-1.1519952

    All you Quebecers are welcome to the promised land CANADA ,but please leave your language politics there ,we have enough of it already here ,and please no more Franco Ontario Flag poles to assert your authority in the area -you are Canadian first .

    Speaking of flag poles Do we see Anglo Ontario flags,Scottish Ontario flags,Irish Ontario flags ,or the other 200 other cultures with their Ontario flags .all supported by government funds (your taxes ) to support ONLY ONE CULTURAL group….this puts to question of equality of all but in Canada there are exceptions like this in Equality.

    If there are exceptions in equality for all ,IS THERE REALLY EQUALITY FOR ALL?

    As the government pays for those flag poles -were the he** is the Canadian flag?
    We see ,we see its french first then Canadian when the taxpayers pay for it!

  18. ON October 31, 2013 at 9:51 am Highlander wrote,
    “Speaking of flag poles Do we see Anglo Ontario flags,Scottish Ontario flags,Irish Ontario flags ,or the other 200 other cultures with their Ontario flags .all supported by government funds (your taxes ) to support ONLY ONE CULTURAL group….this puts to question of equality of all but in Canada there are exceptions like this in Equality.”


    Yes well, if the Anglo’s try celebrating their heritage and their cultural side of things like the — French powers that be — do with impunity then the — French powers that be — whine incessantly and claim these things are “insulting” and “provocative”

    http://youtu.be/RM0VurIwXuM?t=1m47s. Bunch of whiners and complainers.

    They don’t want to allow a remembrance of the battle on the Plains Of Abraham. Even going so far as to threaten violence against those who would try to do so.
    They say, “oh, that’s ancient past history.” But they have no problem remembering and celebrating other “more favorable historical events” (favorable to them — NOT — to the people who were hurt and the man that was killed) like the FLQ.

    Even allowing some reject singer to read the FLQ manifesto on the Plains of Abraham on the actual anniversary of the battle. Right !!!! as if that isn’t provocative. Gimme a break !!

    Serious, If that isn’t provocative then i don’t know what is… http://youtu.be/q9Z-5CzrKQg?t=4m24s

    Guess not since IT’S THEM doing it.
    Nothing applies to them.

    Canada is a bilingual country… NOT !! Since it doesn’t apply to Quebec. Quebec is unilingual French.

    Celebrating the battle on the Plains of Abraham is provocative … ?
    But reading the manifesto of the FLQ on the Plains on the very week of the anniversary of the battle is not?

    Oh no, that’s not provocative. Gimme a freakin break.
    And yet there are STILL people who want to negotiate and try to find common and compromise with this group of people that would do such things?

    Seems to me that this is like
    trying to pet the tiger that just mauled you half to death.
    NOT A PLAN that should be considered anything but foolish from a rational point of view.

    Happy scary monster / candy / pumkin day folks 🙂

  19. ON October 23, 2013 at 4:36 pm
    Stella wrote,
    “I am not interested in reading or seeing any videos that come from anti French sites.”

    October 13, 2013 at 5:37 pm stellabystarlight wrote,
    Stella wrote,
    “Wow……I guess Jaqueline who is from Quebec set the record straight as to the freedom fighter’s claims on how the English are treated in Quebec. For 3 years now, we have been saying the same thing…….that unilingual English people living in Quebec are not treated as bad as yorlik and his gang claim. Jaqueline is the living proof. I also have English friends living there……..NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.”

    Yes well Stella maybe you and Jaqueline should watch ALL THREE of these reputable “news videos” from a “reputable news agency site — (especially the bottom one on the right).”


    Thousands and thousands. Not just 10 or 20 Stella, thousands leaving that god forsaken (oops, i meant) wonderful fair and equitable ( :-p) great province.

    The only thing i would add is that it’s NOT just the PQ. It’s a virus that exists there because of the French fact that want to rule their own COUNTRY. and even if the PQ are taken out the cancer that lives and breathes there will continue on, just in a less in your face type of way. just like it has been doing through successive Liberal governments and so on for decades now.

    And on that note, i wish you a “this ship has sailed and we must cut the rope from the deck before the ship tugs us all out to a lonesome unwelcoming sea with it” kind of day eh 🙂

  20. Actually English Lassie, Jack likely started rolling in his grave before the soil had even hid the lid of his casket as they put this card carrying separatists in as interum leader.

    Not to mention, there are quite a few “pure laine” French involved in the party also in this Ontario / Quebec region.

    It is indeed sickening when one thinks how they whine like this for respect for French yet they show COMPLETE DISRESPECT as they outlaw the English language and call the English language an insult in the province of Quebec. DOUBLE standsrds to go along with their double speak.

    BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW to say the least…


  21. So, Kilroy claims to know what Jack Layton would be thinking if he was still alive! Carry on Kilroy. Your supernatural powers and insights are fascinating, indeed. Do you freedom-fighters conduct regular seances to communicate with the dead? If so, maybe you could contact my deceased parents so we could have a little chit-chat.
    Fight on, Kilroy!

  22. Furtz ” Do you freedom-fighters conduct regular seances to communicate with the dead?”

    Really this is your best at contributing to the subject matter?

    No SARCASM ,BELLIGERENCE OR ANTAGONISTIC STATEMENT THERE …there you have it folks Furtz regular contributions!

    How is it that Stella ,yourself cannot avoid this and contribute without antagonistic behavior?

  23. As i said Furtzie, — YOU DEFINITELY NEED to come out from under that rock — you obviously have been under for much too long.
    What i wrote is called a figure of speech. It’s a common one at that. Many people use this figure of speech to convey the idea that the actions of certain people (or a certain group) are so outlandish that a person connected with those people (or that group) that has passed away would turn in their grave knowing what was transpiring in their absence.

    There, a — bring you up to date with COMMON every day reality — lesson — FREE OF CHARGE.

    Mind you. If you continue this freaky behavior, i am really going to have to insist that you see a “PROFESSIONAL” of sorts to help you.
    Oh but, WARNING. Don’t tell this “professional” about how you believe that the English in the province of Quebec are the best treated minority or any of those kinds of whacky “non reality based concepts” as i am sure the “professional” will lock you up real tight.

    And on that note, i wish you “a QUICK RECOVERY” kind of day eh 🙂

  24. Thanks for your concern, Kilroy.
    Fight on!

  25. Welcome ol buddy Furtz ANYTHING for you pal 😉

    We’ll all be anticipating your return to good mental health and perhaps, along with that new found sense of what is INDEED reality, perhaps you will realize that it is worth standing up for the Anglophone Canadian citizens in the province of Quebec who are simply just trying to live their lives using one the the (so called by the agitator gang) two official languages IN THIS COUNTRY without being subservient to the French fact first.

    Ahhhh, what a wonderful thought. Finally, ALL Canadians (including you Furtzie) realizing that yes, it is good for (and most are on board with) the French maintaining their language and culture

    — BUT —



  26. highlander wrote: How is it that Stella ,yourself cannot avoid this and contribute without antagonistic behavior?

    Very good question.

    Because we live a very lonely life, we are full of hate and lack compassion for all human beings on the face of the earth…….(talking for myself here). We are very unhappy and tormented daily by what is going on in this country.

    Knowing English is the majority in this country and the English are being treated horribly is enough to bring out antagonistic behavior. The English gave us this land, without them the French would have no place to call their own. Just knowing that the English can’t get the respect they deserve and that they can’t control and dictate makes me very upset. That is when my antagonistic behavior goes into high gear.

    I hope this answered your question.

  27. I’ll ask once more, Kilroy. Apart from posting endless rants and Youtube vids on this and the rinky-dink LFA sites trying to convince people how unfair life is, what exactly are you doing to get Quebec booted out of Confederation? Other than non-stop whining and bellyaching, what do you do to bring about the changes you want? Just curious.
    Fight on!
    Oh yeah… Say hi to Jack for me.

  28. stellabystarlight, there is nothing wrong with seeing an expensive failed government driven experiment, and wanting to change a direction, or at the very least, review what is working or not and why. There are French services available to help the few who need it outside of Quebec, we don’t need and can’t afford 2 of everything because of language. Certainly something that needs to be addressed, why have French only and or bilingual as the 2 choices for our kids to gain employment?

  29. Shh, confidential!
    Furtz, word is that the gang is going to buy the ex Saint Charles Parish in Vanier and hold secret meetings there, There will be committees for secret handshakes, communications, coat of arms and other duties. It will be based on a reverse engineering style developed by the Order of Jacques Cartier gang that was formed in 1926 in that very church.Don’t tell stella.


  30. Thanks for the info Eric. I’ll try to get there. I can certainly help out with the development and testing of secret handshakes. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Stella. She’s kinda busy now anyway, singing the praises of Rob Ford, the best mayor what ever was!

  31. Merit hiring is a very real issue here in NB as well. The government is being petitioned on this language hiring. The hot potato right now is the SANB and Language Commissioner who are pushing the government to rezone voting boundaries and change immigration policies to promote French only representation and empowerment. They are catching flack and public scrutiny like never before.

    There are numerous blogs and Facebook sites concerning language and democratic rights here in NB. I know of two – ERNBA and DPL (equal rights for NB anglos and democratic protection league) but there are numerous groups in Quebec, NB, Ontario and the other western provinces are coming on board exponentially.

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