CFN Gets a Makeover! Thanks to our Viewers, Advertisers, & Subscribers – October 9, 2013

jg2CFN – Change can be very frightening!  Changing an online newspaper with a huge database can be even more frightening!

Thanks to our Advertisers & Subscribers incredible support we have rolled out our new look and feel.

I hope everyone likes it and of course feedback is always welcome.

As we zoom up to our 5th Anniversary in February I think the biggest difference between CFN and some other media is the relationship we have with our viewers.  It’s amazing how many of you have such a personal feel for us and vice versa.  I forget sometimes how many people read this stuff as it sometimes feels like a water cooler chat rather than this amazing platform.

I still think our Mission & Vision statements stand and I think we can all work to making them evolve as we enter CFN’s sixth year!

Mission Statement

CFN is an online newspaper whose Mission is to give voice to the many who’d never have an opportunity to have a voice whether via op-ed, letters, or comments on stories.

To be non-partisan and allow voices to be heard even though our ownership, editors, staff, sponsors, and viewers may not always agree with them.

For people to have voice, but still do so in a safe manner although they may be challenged strongly for those opinions.

And that by creating a forum to share unfiltered news and opinions that we may as a society speak to each other and exchange ideas that can lead to growth of our culture, community and society in a positive manner and show people that they do count; their voices do count, and that anyone can change their world.

Our Vision

CFN’s vision is to see our community participate in a lively discussion of the issues that matter to them no matter how small or obscure.   We want to nourish and help create strong voices.

In these days of spoon fed values and massive societal conformity for people to think about issues and not just follow the pack.   Whether it be questioning why decisions are made or confronting people and holding them accountable; CFN’s vision is to help empower people while educating and entertaining.

The news can be a living thing.   And one newspaper can be very different than others.   We also want to create a haven to attract the most talented people in the Universe where they can excel and gain from their talents, voices, and artistry with less restrictions, not more.

CFN is not just “the news”  It’s people’s views.  It’s what they are passionate about.   It’s about showing the world what they can do or what they’ve done.

You might see some strange things over the next week or so as we hammer out the bugs.   Feel free to email us at if you see anything we need to fix.

And thank you again to each and every viewers, advertiser, and subscriber without whom we simply would not be here without.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – CFN

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  1. I like the new scroll format, it goes through stories quicker, and just takes an adjustment on the part of us.
    It all looks good though.

  2. Pretty cool for sure. My only suggestion would be to expand the recent comments to ten or twenty to make it easier to follow conversations on different stories.

  3. Author

    Furtz we changed this up on the inside story pages. Now up to 18 comments deep.



  4. Sure looks much simpler and I like it. Please hang in there and continue to do your good work.

  5. Congratulations on your new look for CFN. The future belongs to those willing to change!

  6. Nice and “crisp” looking. I like it. Good work.

    And what you wrote here.
    Admin wrote, “It’s amazing how many of you have such a personal feel for us and vice versa.”
    I totally agree with and that is a good feeling.
    Keep on keepin on.

    And remember, the world is watching. WE CAN make a difference.

    _____(o o)
    —-ooO-(_)-Ooo——- Kilroy…

  7. Excellent!! 🙂

  8. Jamie your site looks great and a very good improvement over the latter. Congratulations.

  9. Author

    Thanks everyone. We still will be working out some bugs over the next week or so. All this code!

  10. Just a note.
    You need a cookie so that we don’t have to re add the name: Email address: and web site over and over each time we post.


  11. Author

    We try to use as few cookies as possible.

  12. LOVE IT Jamie♥

  13. Sites like this one are forging the future of news media. The changes have been swift and revolutionary. The death of the hard copy newspaper is a troubling thing in many regards. However, the dwindling quality of print journalism is deadening the sadness of its demise. I personally, will not much miss the noticeably weakened versions of the various major and local Canadian papers. By the time they disappear completely I’m betting few will care anymore.

  14. A nice change, a little bit busy, just have to get used to it searching for my favorite areas and finding what is new in articles.

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