Eric Little of Ottawa Ontario – Writing Skills Are They Up to Snuff? – LTE October 23, 2013

LTEBank of Canada audit finds Economists writing skills need improvement.

Ontario open gover(n)ment spelling mistake.

Quebec has Canada’s highest high school dropout rate. (They finish in Ontario’s equivalent of grade 11)

2009 -2012 dropout rate for Ontario is not much better.


If you look at the graph comparing the dropout rate for 1990-1993 & 2009-2012, Canada’s average went down from 15.7% to 8.1%.


Can the Economists, or Premier Wynne’s sign writer, be from the learning period 1990-1993? Perhaps they are from a section of the country with ridiculously high dropout rates? Of course to become an Economist you need more than high school and must have passed many university level courses, was writing, grammar and prioritizing data not expected at university and or high school? And how was grading changed to allow such a dramatic change in rates?


Maybe someone could start a Facebook group to organize a national letter writing day. Canada Post could use the money and should sponsor it, but it is up to us, the people living today, to ensure future generations have life, survival and work related skills.


So write your MP, MPP and city council demanding better outcomes from your tax dollars. (Free to mail MP’s a letter on Parliament Hill.) At the very least, talk about the issues with your family and friends, wats ellz r u done write nowz eny weighs?

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  1. Wynne’s “goverment” sign is beyond funny. Not only the sign-maker screwed up, but nobody apparently spotted the gaff before it was presented to the public! There must have been some red faces when they finally noticed it.

  2. I wonder aloud if the “unidentified staffer” was hired because she / he was so called bilingual —

    (which we all know usually means — MOSTLY French — hence “the root” of the spelling error –)

    — and not on “REAL” skills and merit 🙂

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