Mike Duffy Stephen Harper & Justin Trudeau – What an odd scent in the air by Jamie Gilcig

Mike Duffy Stephen Harper & Justin Trudeau – What an odd scent in the air by Jamie Gilcig

388px-Mike_DuffyCFN – It’s funny reading the latest on the Senate scandal, Stephen Harper’s possible political demise, and Justin Trudeau’s ascent.

It’s almost like it’s a bad script.

What we do know.

Whatever success Mr. Harper has is because of planning and scripting.  It’s boring.  It’s not pretty.  It’s brutal and heavy handed, but it’s also created a sense of strength and conviction recognized across political lines.

Mr. Harper and his team hand chose Mr. Duffy, Ms Wallin, and Brazeau.     They were not strangers to the government.   A government led by someone that clearly has stated that he would like to abolish the Senate.

Will the scandals stick?   Even if Stephen Harper admitted to ordering Mr. Duffy’s pay off would that really indict him with voters?  In this day of Rob Ford can any scandal really bring down a politician in a system with almost zero accountability?

Even if there were no Senate scandal could Stephen Harper beat Justin Trudeau in the next election?    Would Mr. Harper be willing to roll those dice?

If Mr. Harper leaves before February he gets a whopping good retirement fund under the old rules for funding.    If he goes down in flames over this scandal many a Blue boy and girl will guffaw over single malt claiming that he took one for the team; maybe even compare him to former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Every politician has to go…someday.    Most rarely get to pick that day.  Right now Mr. Harper has that option although it’s not as pretty as the one that former Premier Frank McKenna chose.

And at the end of the day this scandal will help public opinion towards his stated goal of abolishing the Senate.

Always follow the money.

As for Mr. Trudeau; for a party preaching the legalization of Marijuana there was a clearly absence of Red at the media event with Jodie Emery in Ottawa Tuesday.   The US has given the “Green” light for Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, to finish his term in Canada.

While this scribbler can understand the Harper government being their nasty selves and not bring home a Canadian serving time in a US prison for a crime he was never charged with by Canadian law enforcement why wasn’t Mr. Trudeau or any Liberals front and Centre?

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Marijuana is an important economic hot potato right now.    It’s also a political one with the Harper government putting thousands of Canadians in an odd situation in that they currently can grow their prescribed legal medical marijuana, but come next year that practice will be illegal.   Users will be forced to purchase from licensed dispensaries such as the one just announced in Smiths Falls Ontario in the former Hershey Chocolate plant run by a Liberal money man.

Thousands are wondering how they will pay for their “medicine” as their costs will go from a few hundred dollars per year to over a thousand dollars per month for some.   Will the provinces pay for this for those on disability or assistance?   Will the Feds pay for it?  Is it just a scam to inflict punishment on Medical Marijuana uses who some feel are circumventing the law as what happened with prohibition alcohol in the 30’s in the US?

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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