Mike Duffy Stephen Harper & Justin Trudeau – What an odd scent in the air by Jamie Gilcig

388px-Mike_DuffyCFN – It’s funny reading the latest on the Senate scandal, Stephen Harper’s possible political demise, and Justin Trudeau’s ascent.

It’s almost like it’s a bad script.

What we do know.

Whatever success Mr. Harper has is because of planning and scripting.  It’s boring.  It’s not pretty.  It’s brutal and heavy handed, but it’s also created a sense of strength and conviction recognized across political lines.

Mr. Harper and his team hand chose Mr. Duffy, Ms Wallin, and Brazeau.     They were not strangers to the government.   A government led by someone that clearly has stated that he would like to abolish the Senate.

Will the scandals stick?   Even if Stephen Harper admitted to ordering Mr. Duffy’s pay off would that really indict him with voters?  In this day of Rob Ford can any scandal really bring down a politician in a system with almost zero accountability?

Even if there were no Senate scandal could Stephen Harper beat Justin Trudeau in the next election?    Would Mr. Harper be willing to roll those dice?

If Mr. Harper leaves before February he gets a whopping good retirement fund under the old rules for funding.    If he goes down in flames over this scandal many a Blue boy and girl will guffaw over single malt claiming that he took one for the team; maybe even compare him to former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Every politician has to go…someday.    Most rarely get to pick that day.  Right now Mr. Harper has that option although it’s not as pretty as the one that former Premier Frank McKenna chose.

And at the end of the day this scandal will help public opinion towards his stated goal of abolishing the Senate.

Always follow the money.

As for Mr. Trudeau; for a party preaching the legalization of Marijuana there was a clearly absence of Red at the media event with Jodie Emery in Ottawa Tuesday.   The US has given the “Green” light for Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, to finish his term in Canada.

While this scribbler can understand the Harper government being their nasty selves and not bring home a Canadian serving time in a US prison for a crime he was never charged with by Canadian law enforcement why wasn’t Mr. Trudeau or any Liberals front and Centre?

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Marijuana is an important economic hot potato right now.    It’s also a political one with the Harper government putting thousands of Canadians in an odd situation in that they currently can grow their prescribed legal medical marijuana, but come next year that practice will be illegal.   Users will be forced to purchase from licensed dispensaries such as the one just announced in Smiths Falls Ontario in the former Hershey Chocolate plant run by a Liberal money man.

Thousands are wondering how they will pay for their “medicine” as their costs will go from a few hundred dollars per year to over a thousand dollars per month for some.   Will the provinces pay for this for those on disability or assistance?   Will the Feds pay for it?  Is it just a scam to inflict punishment on Medical Marijuana uses who some feel are circumventing the law as what happened with prohibition alcohol in the 30’s in the US?

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Lots of smart people in the blogosphere are predicting that Nigel Wright will be releasing his load on Harper sometime soon. Duffy, as sleazy as he is, is inflicting serious wounds on Dear Leader and his ruthless PMO. But Wright, who is well respected within the party, just might deliver the fatal blow. We’ll see.
    In the meantime, JT is just kicking back in his lazyboy with his pop and chips, and a big sh!t-eating grin on his face.

  2. You can ride so long on coattails. Lacking real substance or leadership potential Justin is a fish out of water. His popularity will wain prior to the next election unless he can dig deep and learn quickly on the fly. A major stretch of the imagination to visualize Pet’s son sitting down with the major players around the globe and not appearing somewhat out of place.

    I still believe that the NDP should consider letting the remaining Liberals join with them to form one united socialist party. They could perhaps reach a compromise on the marihuana issue and advocate its legalization but only on the weekends. Grow ops would have to be unionized of course !

  3. I don’t know, David, but it might be too soon to be misunderestimating JT. He’s wise to be keeping his powder dry until it’s needed in the next election campaign. The Harper Cons are doing a pretty good job of imploding right now, and I doubt they will recover any time soon. So the next election will be between Mulcair and JT, but Mulcair has a beard, so it’ll be JT’s to lose. Yup. That’s how dumb the electorate is.

  4. FURTZ… it might be just me but Mulcair looks like he might be Neil Youngs evil half step brother. Probably just me.

  5. FURTZ…does DUFFY look like ELMER FUDD or is it just me. Probably just me, right ?

  6. There we go.
    We all now have a wonderful set of “pure” snow driven — choices — as to who to “cast our holy ballot” for. Ah, such luxury we have in this democratic system. Such freedom, Such choice…

    The NDP which, not long ago, had a card carrying separatist at it’s head and now boasts more separatists than even the Bloc.

    Or, ah yes.. The Lib(French accent on the e)rals.

    Careful. Turn your head the on morning after your have done your deed and voted, and voila — French will be mandatory in every square inch of Canada by supper time that evening.
    Ah yes, the great — hand the country over to the French on a silver platter — Libs.

    But alas, there is no doubt Justin will pull it off, and indeed win. The “voting public” in Canada just don’t have the same “vision” as some when it comes to …

    “the imagination to visualize Pet’s son sitting down with the major players around the globe and not appearing somewhat out of place”

    and how ridiculous that would be as all they care about is how cute he is and that little sparkle in his eye when he smiles.

    Yup, he’s got it. I already have money on it. And frankly, this is one bet i wouldn’t mind loosing, but not to Tummuhhh and the seps though.

    And on that note, i wish you all a “be sure to carry out your democratic right as a citizen, and VOTE. Even though there really are no — real — choices. just as long as you do the right thing and go through the motions” kinda day eh 🙂

  7. I should think that individuals who do not see the point of voting would be perfectly fine with a dictatorship or communist system. They would after all be free of the hypocrisy of merely having gone through the motions and having voted for the best of the worst. They could mindlessly flounder through the length of their existence, no need for a brain, no worries and no voice.

  8. All of this “smoke-and-mirrors” talk does not negate the fact that Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau (among others) stole money from the taxpayers of this country. Let them pay for it! Thieves are thieves! Criminal Records are in order.

  9. Kilroy says “The NDP which, not long ago, had a card carrying separatist at it’s head and now boasts more separatists than even the Bloc.” So, Kilroy, would this not be your party of choice? Quebec separatists want Quebec out of Confederation. Anglo freedom-fighters want Quebec booted out of Confederation. Seems like a solid common goal to me. No?
    Whine on!

  10.  Furtz  October 31, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    @ Patrick. No religious fanatic will admit to being bigoted, intolerant or hateful. Every one of them will say that he/she is simply interpreting and passing on the “word” of whichever god they chose, no mater how bigoted, intolerant or hateful the message may be. They will always hide behind the old “Don’t shoot the messenger” line.

    Geez furtz, if we change the word “religious” to the word “language”, it’s like you were looking in the mirror when you penned this post. Funny stuff.

  11. Lets be honest here if Justine did not have his infamous last name he would not be in the position that he is .
    The liberal Party due to their ever lasting infatuation with Pierre Trudeau has crowned his son like an monarchy crowns a decedent.

    What leadership qualities does he have …lets see a drama teacher part time for a year ?
    Oh wait yes his leadership skills as a camp councilor ,that’s enough to hold on to run a party !

    Mulcair’s New block party will certainly loose seats as many of the die hard NDPer’s do not take a liking to the overwhelming party seats of separatists and will loose across Canada for this ,they have already lost in the west next election on their stand against the oil sands,that is why Justin is Down in the states supporting the projects .But the west will never forgive Trudeau for his national energy plan as well as the loss of their heritage fund and they certainly will not forgive the spawn of the man who treated the west with such disdain.

    I will vote for any party that legislates representation by population with regards to language services ,be it any party ,but then again these parties would not have the political will to do what is fair and equitable for all Canadians ,but would rather ponder to that DISTINCT minority ….Equality for all should not have exceptions .

  12. As for the senate ,the opposition see’s blood and like any opposition will drive it forward to discredit the government and particular Mr.Harper .

    The media has jumped on board and is insinuating the questionable doubts which is part of their job ,but must put aside their party biases and provide the proof and not to insinuate as this becomes political propaganda .

    I am mixed on the events as I do like the idea the this subject has gotten those many apathetic Canadians interested in senate reform as well as the workings of government ,this I can say definitely positive in that its getting Canadians engaged of which present society all buts avoids Canadian politics.

    Certainly politics other then being a near blood sport is certainly entertaining and Cspan and question period is the best soap opera going ,if only most Canadians realized this.

    I unlike Media will reserve judgement till all the facts come out ,but if proven these senators where wrong they should be set as an example ,Mr.Harb (liberal senator ) has as well done the same ,but funny thing is not much is mentioned in the media about him ,you see Media are biased and they do pick their TEAM .

    Media should not be in bed with parties but provide unbiased information and not decide or dictate to their readers ,and by doing so they do a disservice by omitting facts and limiting them due to companies political affiliations.

    And that is why I always will defend independent Media like Cornwall Free News as Independents they are not affiliated and there is a tendency to not have political biases .

    Thanks Jamie and Cornwall Free News.

  13. Would anyone seriously consider the piece of fluff known as JT for Prime Minister? God forbid (I know he won’t forgive ) should the electorate do the unthinkable.

  14. Author

    Mike can you explain why you feel JT is fluff? He’s been elected more than once. Done his job. Managed to become leader of his party. How is he fluff compared to any other MP or leader? Are you really just going to crucify him because he’s the son of one of the longest serving PM in Canadian history? Sorry; while I don’t necessarily agree with him or will I necessarily give him my vote I surely will not condemn him for that. If anything growing in the shadow PET is only a plus for insight into part of what being a PM means.

    Surely an argument has to be more than partisan….fluff

    For example I can tell you I’m not a fan of Mr. Harper for his selling out of Canadian interests and security to the highest bidder whether it be the US, China, or now the EU.

    I can tell you I am not the fan I once was of Mr. Mulcair because I don’t think he’s loyal or genuine. I am attaching reasons, see.

    Partisan mob attacks are so boring…

  15. I’m not a fan of JT, but I think it’s a mistake to write him off as a “fluff” at this point. He’s won two elections in a difficult riding where his father’s name isn’t well liked. That, plus he’s not afraid to take advice from some pretty smart people on his team. For a leader of the third party, he sure has Dear Leader Harper’s attention.

    @ Bella. I’m flattered that you hang on my every word. Makes me blush, even.

  16. I think it’s safe to say that based on a previous “debate” and my position in that debate that David Oldham primarily (but maybe not exclusively) means me as the “individual” in question in his post ON November 1, 2013 at 7:26 am. If so, that’s fine. if not then, that’s fine also… Either way.. These are my thoughts.

    I should think that individuals who take a few words a person said and use those few worlds to believe they have A COMPLETE — knowledge of ALL the thoughts and ALL THE VIEWS the person has are individuals who are quite smug and too caught up in themselves to allow the whole debate to play itself out in order to find out what the person really believes instead of formulating it themselves based on the initial parts of the debate..

    Yes, it would seem that some individuals assume THEY KNOW all the details without the person ACTUALLY completely articulating their position and full beliefs surrounding the topic.

    This leaves zero appreciation for the reality and difference between
    things that were said –
    things that were NOT specifically said.

    In my opinion when individuals “fill in” like this and use their own “made up” version of what they believe the other person believes, or doesn’t believe without the other person ACTUALLY having said it and then going beyond that to pass judgment based on what they have erroneously formulated are quite self centered and rude.

    Certain things were assumed and extrapolated from WHAT I SAID.

    And, what I DID SAY was something to the effect, “voting in A PARTICULAR situation where there are no REAL choices is not really worth the time or effort.”

    NOW… This is what I DID NOT SAY but what seems to have been assumed..
    “there was no point to voting” ever.

    “I would never vote or have never voted.”

    But, based on things that were thrown out there after the debate it was obvious that those things were assumed as THINGS I DID SAY or BELIEVE IN but then the debate was over and judgment was swiftly passed.

    Not just normal judgment based on WHAT WAS indeed said. Oh no…

    Judgment based on things that which was assumed that I had said.
    Things that were COMPLETELY MADE UP.

    Thus, it can be seen HOW INCORRECT and RUDE IT IS TO NOW SAY,

    THAT A certain — individual — “would be perfectly fine with a dictatorship and communists systems.”

    And on that note i would like to wish you a “Never mindlessly, never floundering through the length of existence and yes, with a brain and a voice to boot” type of day eh 🙂

    PS: D.O. Click on my pseudonym and watch that video. It’ll be fun 🙂

  17. But are you blushing for the right reason?

  18. Yeah whatever you say Furtz. The reality is…
    My party of choice does not exist. NONE OF those hooligans in there right now are WORTHY of votes, well certainly not MY VOTE. PERIOD.

    My party of choice would stand up for the majority in this country and STOP the belittlement and downright despicable treatment of the Anglophone Canadian citizens in that backwards province.
    My party would see to it that Quebec could not go around calling itself a country and acting as if it were a country while at the same time sucking billions of tax dollars from the roc as they laugh all the way to the bank to cash the cheque they took from the – FREDERAL — minister IN FRENCH ONLY.
    My party would see to it that those British and Irish et al who fought and died to in the battles to secure this land from the French were respected and NEVER TREATED the way this
    vet person was treated with disrespect in “a province” in this country.
    As i was trying to put forth in my previous post, the NDP (with it’s seps) are IN THE FEDERAL position. and thus would simply give more and more power and control to the French powers that be in the form of yet more in transfer payments and more in subsidies and so on, thus allowing them to call the shots EVEN more in this 90% PLUS ANGLOPHONE MAJORITY COUNTRY.
    What a freakin shame that someone like you Frutzie JUST DOESN’T SEE the ramifications of such a control and power grab. And what a shame it is that you don’t respect and stand up for those people that the are highlighted in news stories being abused and treated like third rate nobodies
    in this wonderful country.
    Ah but on that note, i would like to wish you a “hypocrisy is just wonderful” type of day eh 🙂

  19. @ David. Sorry I missed two of your earlier comments.
    How dare you insult Neil Young and Elmer Fudd…. two of the finest people who have ever walked this planet!
    Shame on you!!

    @ Bella. I only blush for the right reasons.

  20. @yorlik………why don’t you run for office? You can correct all the wrongdoings, change the laws, separate the country as it is one of your main objectives and get rid of the French all together. See how far you will get with that.

    JT will be our next Prime Minister. You can take that to the bank. Enough of Harper’s lies and failed cover ups.

  21. Well, Kilroy. Looks like you’ll have to start up a new federal party. You could call it the People Pissed off at Francophones party (PPF). With Galganov as leader, the PPF should be able to knock off the Cons and Dippers in the next election and form the Official Opposition. Better get at it. Time is passing. Yous have to poop or get off the pot, and do something other than rant and post silly vids on CFN. You must admit that the PPF has a good ring to it.
    Stop whining and Fight on!

  22. EDUDYORLIK Once again you put yourself out there for all to see. You twist words in an attempt for perhaps attention or annoyance, I don’t really know or need to. Your present something like…That a certain – individual – “would be perfectly…” You for all to view, deliberately embellish, and misquote and try to malign someone who was merely talking in generalities about “individuals” who refrain from their democratic right.

    Stop thinking about yourself and just read ( or don’t read ) what was actually written rather than reading into.

    No axe to grind here Edudyorlik .


    David Oldham

  23. You are right FURTZ, I don’t know what got into me. I going to turn on an old cartoon (looney tunes), turn down the volume and crank some Neil Young and just chill.

  24. stellabystarlight; “JT will be our next Prime Minister. You can take that to the bank. Enough of Harper’s lies and failed cover ups”

    If that were to happen I believe the west sentiment to separate would surely grow ,and well if that were so who would pay to keep La welfare province afloat ?

    Will JT stand up for the charter of rights being violated in Quebec with Bill 14,and Quebec’s charter of racist values ?

    The PQ and its policies will only alienate and this will hurt the liberal brand as they remain a Quebec focused party as JT said “Quebec and it politicians should govern Canada”,yup lets have ethnocentric politicians from Quebec run the country .

    Trust me his statements will come out in Election time and certainly will have an impact …one must remember that the old adage that one must have Quebec seats to run the country was proven wrong and those additional seats in the house of commons (30) next election will only ensure that one province will not dictate what the rest of the country is to do .

    If he wants to win ,he must stop his foot in mouth disease and not have the lieberals as just a regional party,good luck on that as his statements indicate that Quebec should run the country….ya la welfare province is the best choice-Well all of you religious wearing symbols people, there will be no place to hide as ethnic Assimilation is sure to occur .

  25. highlander wrote: yup lets have ethnocentric politicians from Quebec run the country

    Better them then someone from the freedom fighter gang who would want to do away with the French culture and separate this great country.

    Never underestimate anyone. Give JT time to get his feet wet. He is a smart man and is quickly catching on. Many are too quick to judge him. He will shine at the appropriate time.

    Harper’s true colors are showing big time and people aren’t impressed. Time for him to go.

  26. ON November 2, 2013 at 3:34 pm stellabystarlight wrote,
    “Better them then someone from the freedom fighter gang who would want to do away with the French culture and separate this great country.”

    This DOUBLESPEAK http://youtu.be/7FXHE6AAk1I?t=3m48s

    statement of yours above Stella
    is RIGHT UP THERE with the likes of
    Marois saying this,

    and this,

    And then her sidekick saying this,

    As for your comment about ANYONE trying “to do away with another culture.” The only “culture” (in the modern age where people know better) that is “attempting to do away with” another culture is the French culture which is trying to do away with the English culture in the — province — of Quebec.
    And what’s terribly sad about this is that YOU CANNOT DENY IT as, it is public knowledge.

    the ONLY PEOPLES who have ever “tried to separate” this country ARE THE FRENCH POWERS THAT BE and thus, when we take a look at your absurd statement your true colors shine straight on through and everyone can see just how warped and brainwashed some people can really be.
    And what’s terribly sad part about this is that others ie: Furtz, Tremblay, Hungry for lies etc and all the rest of your ilk ACTUALLY BELIEVE this cr@p as well.

    And on that note i would like to wish you a “i could care less if you watch the AMAZING clips i have included in this post because they are actually there for others to see so that they can see how ridiculous the DOUBLESPEAK can be that spews from you and your ilk” kind of day eh 🙂

    PS: i realize this is off topic but the backward use of the elements of “doing away with a culture” and “separating this country” just have such a distasteful resonance to them they needed to be addressed.

    That being said, i think that Scruffy McDuffy is a weasel and should be thrown out along with his two pals and, i would even add several others that i am sure would be deserving of the same fate also.

  27. stellabystarlight: “Better them then someone from the freedom fighter gang who would want to do away with the French culture and separate this great country.” AS YOU SAY or is it simply propaganda? ***smile***

    You cant seem to get the concept can you stella ? “REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION ” now explain to all of us on here how that would “do away with French culture”? ***smile***

    If you are really that concerned as you have rattled on about separating the country over near 3 years ,why not have at least one negative comment towards the separatists (your brethren) that are attempting this at every measure?***smile***

    So why Stella not speak up against the separatists ,rather then a group that want’s equality and representation by population?

    Folks this should make you question why not speak up against a true group, a party ,a government that is making every effort to separate the country THE PQ as opposed to a group that wants EQUALITY? ***smile***

  28. @yorlik…..only the freedom fighters care what Marois says. This is Ontario,

    Did galganov’s ORIGINAL pamphlet not say how to eliminate the French and why it should be done? Did he not lose an election because of this and his radical views? I rest my case.

    If you reside in Quebec…..fine, fight and debate with them and leave Ontario out of it. If you live in Ontario or any other province…….MYOB. Peace loving Canadians love their country as is………one of the best countries on the face of the earth. A democratic country that allows us to be, allows us our freedoms and is the envy of the world. If that makes you unhappy and you want change, run for elections and see how far you will get with that and furthering your agenda.

    What nonsense saying the French want to eliminate the English culture. Isn’t that what the freedom fighters are trying to do when passing out pamphlets on how to abolish French? Aren’t you the majority in this country? We have heard a zillion times how the English saved us, must we forever bow down and beg for your mercy? Only in your dreams. We are all equal in this country…….even though some think they can rule and dictate. This is Canada the LAND OF THE FREE.

  29. Kilroy, aren’t you advocating for the break up of Canada? What’s with the BS about the Quebec separatists being the only one trying to do it?
    Whine on!

  30. @Furtz…..right on!!!

    highlander wrote: Snow explain to all of us on here how that would “do away with French culture”? ***smile***

    galganov’s pamphlet says it all…….**smile**

    Again highlander wrote If you are really that concerned as you have rattled on about separating the country over near 3 years ,why not have at least one negative comment towards the separatists (your brethren) that are attempting this at every measure?***smile***:

    I HAVE RATTLED ON ABOUT SEPERATING THE COUNTRY????……..OMG. BE HONEST FOR ONCE…..who has been rattling on for 3 years now and pushing to get rid of Quebec and posting almost daily that they want Quebec out and that they should form their own country? Who has been rattling on about the French being antagonistic? Who has been ridiculing them, bashing them every chance they get? Who is spending every waking hour searching for home made you tube videos to try and prove how bad the French are? If you have answered or even thought the freedom fighter, YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

    gain highlander in his great wisdom wrote: So why Stella not speak up against the separatists ,rather then a group that want’s equality and representation by population?

    Let me say this: You have just recently changed your tune. The only conclusion I can come to is this: After HFFT and others, myself included, have brought up and asked why the LFA had changed their agenda to a include Quebec and broader areas, questioned why they jumped on the galganov bandwagon and that locally things were being put on the back burner……..LO AND BEHOLD, the freedom fighter’s tune changed. Suddenly, thanks to HFTT, the FLA is trying to make themselves more visible…….hmm makes one wonder.

    So highlander…….enough twisting,turning and blaming. The post don’t lie.

  31. On November 3, 2013 at 10:46 am Furtz
    wrote, “Kilroy, aren’t you advocating for the break up of Canada? What’s with the BS about the Quebec separatists being the only one trying to do it?
    Whine on!

    Furtz… Wake up Furtz… Wake up buddy. Hey, time to get out from under that rock you’ve been sleeping under.
    FACT: From the moment Canada became an official country, the English HAVE NEVER spearheaded a campaign to boot the French or Quebec out of this country NEVER (well not yet anyways even though they have shown enough disrespect for the English language, the English people and not to mention the Canadian flag as well in order to deserve being booted out ).
    As a matter of — ANOTHER FACT: The English have been the ones to do everything possible to help the French be part of this great country. Who do you think authorized putting French on the money and the stamps and then said it would be good to have French on all the packaging and agreed to that even though there were at that time only about 2% French in the entire country?

    FACT: The French and Quebec are the only ones to have advocated and actually went beyond that to organize and hold — not one but two — campaigns to separate from Canada and break up this country.
    COULD YOU PLEASE GET THAT THROUGH your head. Comprends tu? Capish ? (that goes for you too butter cup (yes, you know who i mean 🙂
    Matter of fact — if — the English HAD BEEN the ones to do such a thing you can bet your BS_O_METER there would be lots of whining going on but it would be by the sore loser French powers that be.

    And on that note, i would like to wish you a “get it straight will ya” kind of day eh 🙂

  32. stellabystarlight November 3, 2013 at 9:09 am
    @yorlik…..only the freedom fighters care what Marois says. This is Ontario,
    Stella Stella, my dear misguided little sheep. You must not fret when people stand up for their fellow countrymen who live in the same country as them. Even if they are in a different province.
    After all you would get on anyones case for helping other provinces in need. You know like how many Ontario people and Canadians from many provinces went to help those during the flood in Saguenay in 1996.
    And once again the irony drips with how backwards you perceive things (or perhaps it’s “pretend” things) are with “gem statements” like this,
    — one of the best countries on the face of the earth. A democratic country that allows us to be, allows us our freedoms and is the envy of the world –
    Where you use the term COUNTRY over and over again yet don’t realize (or don’t understand) that the reason why people are standing against what is happening in Quebec and how they are treating the English language (according to you the other official language of this country) in Quebec, is
    FOR THE VERY FACT THAT IT IS A COUNTRY and what happens in oone part of the country affects what happens in other parts of the country.
    And on that note i would like to wish you a “the leg bones connected to the hip bone, the hip bones connected to the .. .” kind of day eh 🙂

  33. Let be get this straight, Kilroy. Now you’re saying Quebec should stay in Confederation?
    Whine on!

  34. You damn well know what i am saying Furtzie.
    I am saying that AT THIS POINT IN THE GAME there is ONLY ONE WAY to make this situation work” so that EVERYONE gets what they want without ANYONE getting screwed.
    The French want their own little “pure laine” land. They can have Quebec with certain limitations that are VERY OBVIOUS.

    And that, considering they were the losers in the battle over who would rule this country, is being generous.

    FACT: That France ceded ALL OF THIS LAND to the British after their general LOST the battle on the Plains, right ? I know it’s a tough one to swallow for some but, IT IS A FACT. No one can erase that FACT. No matter how much you whine.

    Then the REST OF CANADA can go along it’s merry way being English. You know so that way if the English decide to visit THAT OTHER COUNTRY called Quebec then the FACT that it would be “A REAL COUNTRY” would warrant the idea that it can have such ridiculous rules as French being the only language and not have to worry about THAT FACT: that there are other Canadian citizens living there who deserve to have their OWN ENGLISH language respected because it would not be the case if Quebec were a country.

    Then, if the French from the country of Quebec wanted to visit Canada THEY WOULD HAVE TO RESPECT the fact that English is the dominant language and they would have to know French when venturing over.
    Problem solved. Respect all around for everyone and the Canadian people can stop sending their hard earned money to a “province” that does not respect them to begin with.

    so both sides would use their version of this

    You know, the concept of fair and decent?

    You are familiar with fair and decent aren’t you? as in what is good for one side to proclaim should be just as good for the other side to proclaim.


    PS: Duffy and his gang must go 🙂

  35. I think I got it Kilroy. Today you’re saying that Quebec must be booted out of Canada to make you happy, and the Quebec separatists want the same thing. Instead of starting a new Angry Anglo political party, why not just join or at least support the PQ? They want the same thing that you want. No?
    Fight (and whine) on!

  36. Oh my… Gee… Thanks for all that wisdom Furtz.
    Too bad you couldn’t apply such intelligence to actually appreciating what is REALLY going on in this country. Then you could say, “YOU REALLY GOT IT.”
    It’s more like this…
    The defeated clan (the French) who were defeated in a fair battle which was a battle that was supposed to decide who would determine the fate of this country from that moment forward could NEVER ACCEPT how they were defeated fair and square (Je me souviens).
    This was partly because of how surprised the French were indeed defeated by the GREAT PLAN which was devised by the great general Wolfe. He outsmarted the French and the French didn’t like that and (as they say in French) — ne pouvait pas avaler ca–

    After the defeat, — the British — went out and explored the rest of Canada, building up the land, bridges, railways, etc etc etc which included a build of of much of Quebec. Basically making it what it was while the French stayed on their farms whining about the battle they lost.

    Later the English / British turned around and decided they would do things to make amends for the way they handled things just after they defeated the French so they extend multiple kind acts and olive braches to the French which were intended to make the losing French feel at home and feel that they belonged. One could not ask much more of the victorious side and i doubt VERY MUCH the French would have been so gracious had they won. It’s a matter of “type of “ character don’t_cha_know

    So, how did the French show their appreciation? Yeah, that’s right, for every kind act and noble gesture the British did the French simply demanded more and took advantage while demanding more and more. http://youtu.be/3kNcFyBofC4?t=17s NICE EH?

    (the expression — stabbed in the back comes to mind here)

    Later after the British / English allowed French to be in the parliament, put French on the money and the Canadian stamps and did many other things to show they were humble in victory and also to show the defeated clan respect for their language.

    Once again, what did the French do? Why they took advantage of those things too. They turned around and ultimately began acting and feeling like they had won the war and deserved to have Quebec as their own. NICE !!

    Had the French been happy with just taking over of the “province” of Quebec AS THEY BASICALLY HAVE DONE (keeping in mind of course that the Anglo’s allowed that to happen as they believed they owed the French something for having treated them somewhat badly WAY BACK after the defeat)
    things might have been fine BUT NO,
    greedy little buggers they are. Along comes a French PM who decided he wanted it all.

    MORE. AND MORE. always wanting more… NEVER SATISFIED Never happy NO NO… GREED crept in and not only could they NOT be gracious losers (every seen the fans at a Canadians game when they loose — SAME THING — SORE LOSERS… )

    They couldn’t stand the fact that they had lost.

    This brings us to today. Let them be happy with the province of Quebec. MANY SAY, that’s enough… And i agree.

    HAD THE FRENCH NOT BEEN hell bent on things being French ONLY and French DOMINANT then perhaps we wouldn’t be having this discussion but the FRENCH WANT to be DOMINANT and have CLEARLY demonstrated this in EVEYTHING THEY have done both in their own “province of Quebec” and outside the province wherever they get a foothold turns into French first, dominant and ultimately French ONLY.

    Naw, those men who fought and died to determine if this was to be a British ruled country or a French ruled country MUST NOT have died in vein.

    What is happening is not right and ANY clan would be expected stand up against this ANYWHERE.

    No one should put up with a minority clan treating citizens of the country where THEY ARE THE MINORITY like the French have treated this man

    And this woman

    And this woman and her son

    Hey Furtzie. How about, Instead of blabbing on with empty rhetoric for a change, respond to this post by ADRRESSING how these people were treated in their own country.
    Can’t do it eh Furtz. Can ya?
    And on that note i wish you a “historical is a terrible thing to forget” kinda of day eh -)
    PS: Duffy mc scruffy should be booted with the rest of them.

  37. The Russians come across as homophobic, the Nation of Quebec struggles with an apparent severe case of inferiority, the Americans continue to struggle with ugliness and the English Freedom Fighters continue in an attempt to promote democratic principles.

    Better days ahead !

  38. Justine Trudeau is not his father. While he may have been a capable drama teacher who enjoys some modest success on the lecture tour scene I would submit his seeming accomplishments to date would have gone on quite invisibly if not for his lineage.

    While his chosen profession might add some glitz, glamor and interest to the political scene, his leadership qualities lack the requirements of a Prime Minister/world leader. Fun to watch and somewhat entertaining but not likely to lead a Nation (except maybe, Quebec).

  39. stellabystarlight; written” highlander wrote: Show explain to all of us on here how that would “do away with French culture”? ***smile***

    galganov’s pamphlet says it all…….**smile**”

    If the pamphlet says it all ,I ask have you actually read the pamphlet beyond the cover?

    I have offered you to be informed about this pamphlet and to stop judging a book by its cover and I could ensure that you can have one to read it to its entirety .

    Your posts continue to propagandize ,Do this work for you ?
    If you wish to debate issues please have the decency to provide AT LEAST ONE FACT BASED statement(near 3 years waiting for this) rather then propagandize,antagonize and every attempt to ridicule others statements then addressing the subject matter.
    You must live a lonely life living in spite and what could only be determined as hatred,I honestly feel sorry for you and the conditions in ones life that has created this,well this could very well explain lack of empathy for others at times.

    I am in the belief that we can have constructive criticism Stella,as long as we maintain respect and provide valid data that backs our statements ,lets try and attempt this.

    David Oldham “English Freedom Fighters continue in an attempt to promote democratic principles.”

    David: Thank you
    I don’t define this as an French against English issue as some would prefer.

    Governments have allowed conditions that is counter intuitive to democratic principles and have created inequity for this .
    Christopher Cameron and our group have advocated for a fair approach to these policies ,but some have preferred to attempt at belittling the group for this .

    There may be varying viewpoints on this issue but we as a group have always believed in a fair equitable approach through representation by population and to respect those democratic principles that many have fought and died for.

  40. HIGHLANDER happy to know that someone else out there is able to see past the obvious (lets put the blame on language) to the root of the matter which has been and remains to be a bastardization of democratic principles in this country of ours. My grandfather fought for me to live within a democratic system and I shall die in one even if it means that I have to leave Canada to do so. But I will never give up my belief in democracy.

    If this was merely about language, inferiority complexes and the potential loss of cultural identity (?) then we could easily deal these minor issues. But the erosion of a political concept (at least to me) is of far greater importance in the grand scheme of things. You need to be able to see past your own nose first however !

  41. @highlander

    NEWS, VIEWS AND REVIEWS 24/7 is what is written at the top of CFN page.

    Views are personal opinions and personal opinions don’t necessarily need to be fact based………they are opinions only. Personal opinions according to CFN is acceptable. Because someone’s opinion may ruffle your feathers or differs from your opinion doesn’t give you the right to attack them personally which you have done incessantly for the last three years. So please before pointing the finger at me…..look in the mirror.

    We live in a country that allows us many freedoms. Free speech is one of them.

  42. “We live in a country that allows us many freedoms. Free speech is one of them.”

    Some of us have all the perks here in Canada, some of us don’t. Let’s be realistic stella, just because you are happy with the way things are running, doesn’t mean others have to be. Just because in your experience Canada is some Utopia, doesn’t mean some aren’t treated as third world citizens right in your very backyard. You stella, are one of the fortunate who can blissfully live, ignorant of the suffering of others you refuse to admit even exist.


  43. STELLABYSTARLIGHT I agree basically with your take on what an opinion is. An opinion is not a fact, no dispute there.

    You might have added with regard to our freedom of speech ( which is not absolute ) the freedom to disagree with an opinion ( which is absolute ).

  44. stellabystarlight: ” Because someone’s opinion may ruffle your feathers or differs from your opinion doesn’t give you the right to attack them personally which you have done incessantly for the last three years.”

    I certainly hope you mind your own words in this statement when valid information is presented .

    Now would you like Galganov’s pamphlet in so that you can read the entire pamphlet ? A simple yes or no.

    David it remains the political forces that have created the inequity ,Its only human to seek advantage ,but the Government must not encourage advantage through legislation,as we are ALL to be treated as equal and democratic principles must be maintained.Equality does not come with exceptions.

  45. Getting back to the original topic…. Harper is repeating over and over that he doesn’t have a clue what goes on in HIS PMO. And he expects Canadians to believe this nose stretcher! Publicly demonizing and humiliating Nigel Wright fits with Harper’s character, but it will come back to bite him big-time. Even long term high profile Conservatives are shaking their heads over this latest bit of nastiness.

  46. Yes “David”, what a lovely take on what an opinion is. Bravo stella!!

    How come the most opinionated are so transfixed by facts? The insistence that anyone with an opinion differing from yours must prove themselves, only to be trounced upon when they try to please. Funny.

    You have a right to your opinion however, you abuse that right and insult others’ intelligence when you attempt to shove it down our throats over and over. If that’s the type of discussion you prefer I would suggest you start talking to yourself in the mirror. It is no more appreciated here than it is tolerable at this point.

    So if we are all just spewing our own personal opinions, what’s the point? You won’t read mine, I won’t read yours, so what’s the point? Oh yes discussion and debate. I’d almost forgotten. It seems to be among several of the lost arts.

    If (and I said if. don’t get your panties in a bunch!) your opinion is wrong, should you be allowed to spew it ad nauseam, demean others, and dance the ignorant dance of victory?

    Interesting game play. Please post the rules so we can all play.

  47. @David….absolutely, no problem there.

    Where the problem arises is when a guy like highlander for example, analyzes and proudly declares that I live a lonely life because I am full of hate. OH…….OK!!!! Little does he know…….I am actually quite content, happy of my accomplishments and more then likely live a more exciting life then he does. As for declaring I have no empathy for others, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    So you see David……. it is alright to disagree but what is also very important is to leave judgement and personal attacks out of the equation.

  48. Don’t worry Stella. You aren’t the only one to be vilified by the freedom-fighters for being happy.
    You have to be seriously pissed off at life to fit into their world.
    What ever happened to Cory? Haven’t heard from him for a while. Anybody know?

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