Will Denis Sabourin Run Against Bob Kilger for Mayor Now That’s He’s Moved to Cornwall Ontario? NOV 8, 2013

denisCornwall Ontario – Since Denis Sabourin moved into Cornwall Ontario from Monkland there are many wondering if he’ll be taking the plunge back into the political spectrum?

While some are asking if he’d run again for MP (he fared better than Bernadette Clement did, and without a two year lead in) and some mentioning him for MPP, the vast chatter is on him running again even if his old boss while MP, Bob Kilger, somehow survives his own scandals.

Mayor Kilger besides having health problems is under fire for three whistle blowing incidents in this term alone and other lawsuits pending stemming from the actions and scandals connected to former Cornwall CAO and Ed Lumley bag man Paul Fitzpatrick.

Would you vote for Denis Sabourin or Bob Kilger as Mayor of Cornwall in the 2014 Election?

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When CFN contacted Mr. Sabourin he laughed and said since he and his wife have moved to Cornwall a large number of people have been asking him if he was going to run for office again.

The shrewd politico though refused comment when asked if he was mulling a run for office at any level as he’s busy with his new legal practice. SDG Paralegal Services.  (613 360 5633)

CFN asked James Borer, President of the local Provincial Liberal riding association and he provided us with the following for publication:

 “In keeping with a democratic process it is the PLA membership, whom meet the criteria to vote, who should elect the next Nominee for our riding.  I support the democratic process.  I also believe that people in positions of influence should not use their position to unduly influence others.”

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I hope that someone with brains and integrity replaces Bare Ass very soon and Cornwall cannot keep going with Bare Ass at the helm of things since it will go literally bankrupt. Bare Ass like Mayor Ford of Toronto is involved in terrible scandals and Cornwall’s taxpayers are footing the bill for all of his nonsense. Bare Ass should be ridiculed along with Fitzie his dumb assistant. There is so much on these two to make a soap opera or a novel.

  2. Mark MacDonald

  3. We need new blood people, not the same old same old, fresh people, brings fresh ideas, brings change. The only way to have this is for people to get out and vote for it otherwise, you get what you get.

  4. The man who has the most experience and has proven he the guts is Leslie O’ Shaughnessy if only he will run for Mayor . Denis Sabourin will I feel if elected give us more of what we already have , and Kilger will continue to pull the strings of power here, through him , even if camped up there in Ottawa . ( Bad Choice )

  5. Marc MacDonald and Leslie O’Shaughnessey are two fine gentlemen from what I see and have contributed a lot of their time to help the people of Cornwall. Bare Ass has done nothing except destroy the reputation of Cornwall and steal from the people through mighty high taxes and only caters to his click. I hope that Bare Ass is booted out in the next election if not before and that one of these two good men are elected. These two men proved who they are unlike the rest of the losers on council.

  6. When is this City going to stop hiring criminals to run it? It’s bad enough that many speak of corruption within the Police Force and some, with accusations of pedophile and drug involvement from Priests/Mayors/Police/Lawyers and now this can to be kicked. Does no one remember {MODERATED} It’s known by all that the current Mayor is {MODERATED} running about with a woman old enough to be his daughter,{MODERATED}is noted to have been a patron of a local “Gentleman’s Club”. It’s high time that this City is ran by somebody who is ready to “take out the trash” and bring respect, true law and integrity back to this community. Cornwall needs change, a healthy change, otherwise why not hand it over to Rob Ford and drive the last nail in the casket once known as Cornwall.

  7. PaleHorse yes I know enough about Bare Ass and the embarrassment that he brought to Cornwall as well as to his family and has another family besides young like his grandchildren. Bare Ass has to be run out for sure. Rob Ford is a very big embarrassment and it has gone world wide about Ford on every show there is in the US as well as the net. Criminals is where they get into politics and believe me it is full of them. People or should I say sheeple don’t even know who they are electing.

    So much innuendo here and items still in court, right or wrong according to public opinion no matter how the decisions come out.
    No question Bobby K sure has made a name for himself. So many say public life is or should be different than private but he pulled the rug out from under his own butt I’m afraid.
    I know Mr. Sabourin is well known in some circles but no all. To me other than hearing his name, I am not familiar with any of his accomplishments. What concerns me is that if he is well connected, that can work as much against us as for us.
    Mark and Leslie are both good men. Mark lost to Bob. He has had a lot of push even though he is not mayor or still on council. Leslie is a man of integrity and he got cut off at the knees while on council. I think both would do well if re running for council…..but not for Mayor. I’ve even heard rumours of a few councillors wanting to give it a go. Hopefully for their sake no more bullies will go after the job because they will likely embarrass themselves when they get run out of town.
    To be honest and I am sure you are well aware, the field for Mayor is still open. Even Bobby K. I believe said that he would run again. He still has some loyalty out there…not mine anymore.
    A few names for council have peeked out. One being Andre’s son Kevin. Kevin is very likable but I am not sure if he will be able to muster up like his very popular dad.

    Well, that’s my take on things so far. How about you…….no insulting anyone, just open and honest from the heart please.

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