UPDATED Seaway International Bridge Closed in Cornwall Ontario For Anti Fracking Rally WILL UPDATE


The Seaway International Bridge is now closed until further notice.  No other traffic changes are being made at this time.  Motorists are advised to avoid the area if at all possible.

UPDATE 12:52

Cornwall Police Services have notified us that the Bridge is now open again for traffic.

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  1. Those darn nasty First Nations people….trying to save the Planet for us once again
    Damn I was suppose to meet a former SF scribbler at Club 37 for some brewskees

  2. Did I miss the writeup from the CFN community meeting ???
    I expected a story pictures and video
    Did nobody show up…or what????

  3. I don’t blame the natives one bit for protesting fracking of gas, etc. The global international banksters yes banksters as in gansters which they all are including all investors who are destroying the world and stealing the resources. We no longer have a country and only in name. Most people do not know what went on or going on and if people really woke up to reality not one rich person would be alive today for the destruction that they are doing to the world. Just take a good look at Fukushima if any of you are awake or partially and know what is really going on. Canada has been sold up the creek a long time ago and so has the rest of the world. No this is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact.

  4. Author

    It’s coming…

  5. Any arrests made for the disruption ? What Police agency took the lead on this ? If, it was the “Apple Dumpling Gang” please disregard my questions ! lol My garbage pick-up on Sydney St. is not acceptable, can my 10 neighbours block the road to protest ? lol

  6. Jamie and folks I was just on a video on youtube.com speaking about fracking and earthquakes and the boom sounds that we hear in Wisconsin and Windsor and such places. The video starts off by a man talking and then comes on the expert – a scientist. I just cut the video short so as to send it to you all and I have some work to do before I continue. I wanted all of you to have it so please folks listen to it.

    Imminent West Coast Megaquake And Tsunami Warning From USGS Scientist


    Lately I have heard about the New Madrid Fault Line where there is an epicenter in the Ottawa area in the Québec side and it will go all the way down the east coast of the US including some of the Midwestern states. This brought to my attention as well as what is going on in the Phillipines and heading to Vietnam and China. I know that the Native people in Cornwall are protesting about fracking and I wish that I would be there to join in with them. I will continue the video later.

  7. Lets get real, no white man or men could ever disrupt traffic on an International Border crossing without being stopped and jailed, therefore I ask why should any native be treated any different and allowed to get away with nonsense such as that ? Are natives above the Law as we think it to be ? Or is it that the natives
    have their own Laws that allow for such conduct ?
    Or perhaps it’s just the reluctance of the Govt. to enforce our Canadian Laws . .

  8. Dearest Fedup,
    If your garbage issue is that upsetting to you then you and your neighbors should block the street. The thing about being white (and by white I mean not native) is that people actually listen to you complain about your first world problems like, ‘my trash is stinky’ whereas being Native, no one listens, and so they have to blockade roads, rails, border crossings, just to get people to hear their issues. It’s fun that you, in your comfy couch compare the two, can’t even say it with a straight face. Your problems don’t even compare to the rape and plunder of the planet, but hey, A+ for effort.

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