Montreal Mafia Mob Boss Vito Rizutto Passes Away at Sacré-Coeur Sunday of Natural Causes – Dec 23, 2013

MAFIA TAKEDOWNCFN – It’s unclear if fate had the last laugh at Canada’s most famous Wise Guy Vito Rizutto or he had the last laugh at fate.  In an industry where the highest rarely pass away of Natural causes that’s exactly what seems to have happened to Mr. Rizzuto.

After spending years in jail for NY Murders featured in the Johnny Depp movie Donnie Brasco Mr. Rizutto returned to the Montreal area in spite of having his father, Nicolo Rizutto Sr.,  and son Nick Jr., murdered mob style.

Many thought that he was slowly winning his mob territory back with several Cosa Nostra types meeting grizzly ends including one as early as last week, Roger Valiquette.

Mr. Rizzuto, seen smoking in this photo from the 80’s apparently succumbed quickly and died this weekend at the Sacre Coeur Hospital.

He was 67.

Vito Rizutto life timeline LINK

Mob watchers are now suggesting that Montreal will be wide open as factions jump to take control after this stunning surprise ending for Mr. Rizutto.

CBC Special Report on Vito Rizutto

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Vito Rizutto WIKI

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  1. The world is now a slightly better place.

  2. Author

    Are you sure Furtz?

  3. I’m sure he will be replaced by another low-life, but at least there is one less murdering thug walking the planet.
    They say we should be respectful of the dead, but that’s BS in cases like this.

  4. Mr Furtz:
    It is so very obvious that you should start attending church
    This man just passed away and you are making light of the situation
    Like Phil Robertson you should start listening to Pastor Tom Newton
    instead of making fun of him
    Merry holidays you scooge

  5. Too funny, stellaTheFELLA! And a merry and joyous celebration of the birth of What’s His Name to you as well!
    I’m sure Mr. Rizutto will forever be remembered for his contributions to society and good works. May he rest in peace… or not.

  6. No the world is not at peace at all and it won’t be until the Good Lord comes back to clean up the horrible mess that mass has made on this earth. It touched me to see the houses and apartments in Italy and so much like my husband’s country and it is the Levant on the Eastern Mediterranean. So very beautiful and the weather is superb – God’s country indeed except that man has done so much destruction and never learns. So many people here in Ottawa have become rich in the same way as Rizutto and not just Italian but Lebanese and many others. That French Canadian cop Gagnon looks so much like Italian/American actor Joe Pecci who plays in mob films. What a resemblance that those two have. If the name Rizutto was spelt Rizotto it would mean rice.

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