First Session of the Year for South Stormont Council by Reg Coffey

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CFN – It was the first session of the year for the South Stormont Township Council and it was a special one. It was special because it was Monday; it was 4:30 PM; it was in the board room; and there was pizza. The main item in this session was the department reports on their 2013 Accomplishments and their 2014 goals.

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These lists were not particularly sorted by department but will be when the township officially releases the info to the rest of the media. Of particular note were the goals of the new fire chief, Marc Desjardins, in his first presentation of this type to the council. In his report he included the need of a Fire Chief Tuck and more funds for Public Education and Enforcement Support. It was obvious that the request for the truck was unexpected by Mayor McGillis and his angst of adding more cost to the budget for 2014 could be seen in the expression on his face.


The first regular council meeting will be held on this Wednesday night, 8 January 2014 at 7:00 PM.

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