Chuck Charlebois to Speak Before City Council on Chem Tanks in Cornwall Ontario

Chuck NO TANKSHi everyoneOne objective reached I will be addressing City Council this coming Monday evening

Reaffirm our communities feelings about construction of new storage tanks.  We don’t want them.
Encourage Council to continue to pursue their legal options.  We may need them
Ask council to get me in on that Jan 14 2014 meeting and I will be ready to answer any questions that Council may have of me
I have someone else to help me make the presentation but I await confirmation that this person will be available. More on this to follow.   That Council meeting is the day before the other scheduled meeting set up by MP Guy Lauzon  for the city the Ministry chief of staff and Trillium the company with the new lease for the tanks.
I’m still expecting a positive reply to my request to attend that meeting.
Keep the messages going to MP Lauzon  that I be asked to participate in that meeting.
NOW for this Mondays Council meeting.    This is another opportunity for you,the general public to once again  send a clear message.
No Tanks
I’m counting on you,
Chuck Charlebois
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  1. If Lauzon and Bare Ass were really serious about the chem tanks they would have done something a long time ago. All these two clowns are good for us to collect money (steal it from the people) and pocket it and keep quiet about what is really going on. Not one word from either one of them and they all know what is going on including their shisters. You cannot trust anybody these days at all whatsoever.

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