Dogs Survive Toyota Rollover on Hwy 401 Near Cornwall Ontario – Tuesday Jan 7, 2014

dogs 401Cornwall Ontario –  A quick moving tow truck driver helped saved the day after a Toyota Truck rolled over twice on the 401 near Cornwall Ontario Monday night.     No injuries were reported except for one sore paw.  One of the dogs was ejected from the truck during the rolls.

rollover 401

The Cornwall area was in the middle of a snow dump after temps dropped from above zero to near -20.

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  1. My furry friends. It is a good thing that nothing happened to them or my day would be mighty miserable. Those SUV’s are known to tip and one man here in Ottawa who is originally from Alberta was telling that to my husband. The 401 is a very dangerous highway and one of the most dangerous in the country.

  2. Jules, the 401 is one of the safest highways in North America. Lowest number of fatalities per kilometers driven.

  3. A lot of accidents and fatalities that I have heard of came from the 401 since it was constructed in the 60’s era. I have read that it was one of the most dangerous in the country some time ago.

  4. Yes Jules. And the universe is less than six thousand years old.

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