Open Letter to Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario Run Again or Fold & Chem Tank Lands by Jamie Gilcig

MilkCartonHoodKilger2Cornwall Ontario –     Dear Bob, you still haven’t publicly stated that you’re against the Chemical Tanks on the former Kaneb property even though just about every single resident of Cornwall is against them as well as the tanks being against the city’s future waterfront plans.

Why is that?

Now comes word that you are in talks to purchase or lease the lands from the Feds.

Sir you do not have that mandate.   Yes, you have the current council in your pocket, or at least enough of it to do just about whatever you want, but the public clearly needs a voice, and that voice will only be heard by the counts of a hopefully clean election in October.

Speaking of which you still have not put your name down on the ballot even though you have given out repeated interview statements that you will be running.   What’s the delay?  Is it money?

I am willing right now to offer to pay your $200 fee, today, in cash even.    Let’s meet at City Hall for 1 PM?   Whatcha say?

It’s about time that you put up or slithered away to some Liberal patronage position; maybe in Ottawa so you can be near the new family?

As for the Chemical tanks land.  What could possibly have changed your mind from when our good neighbors from Akwesasne all but begged you for a chance to go into partnership on the lands?

mike harb 1I know that this image is hard to read, but a “Free trade zone” and other opportunities as Mr. Mitchell outlined in the rest of this document sure sound more enticing than your passivity to allowing Chemical tanks on our beautiful waterfront.  Why wouldn’t we want to partner up with Akwesasne on this sort of project?

And who wrote the report that led to the city refusing to partner with Akwesasne on this property?

harb fitzyYes, your “Good Friend”  Paul Fitzpatrick.

bobfitzydeniseNo sir, it’s time you join your two “good friends”.     After watching you and your council give away $3.5M in corporate  to some of the richest corporations working in Canada recently I’m not so sure that the taxpayers of Cornwall can trust you to negotiate any land purchase or lease deal?   Isn’t it only fair that you ask them at the polls?  The Taxpayers of Cornwall should not have to pay a single penny to fix this Chemical tank mess that your government NEGLECTED to inform them via council as far back as FEBRUARY 2013!   Why did the public only learn of this when the tanks were almost completed in December?

As you have stated before the buck stops at the top which in this case is you Bob.  Whether it was Kevin Lajoie or Bob Peters who take the blame, you sir are responsible to we mere voters and taxpayers.

So Bob how about it?  1 PM in front of City Hall?   Cash!   I’ll pay your $200, or do our city a favor and admit that you won’t be running for Mayor in 2014 and give the City of Cornwall a true gift so that we can try and rebuild from the mess that your eight years of office has left us.

Jamie Gilcig

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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every person who signed their name to this petition.
    These are people that love their community and are engaged in its future. Cornwall is better for their activism.

  2. Author

    Yes Michael and it’s interesting to see the list of names not there as well. No Hargreaves or anyone from the Chamber. No Chris Munro. No Gilles Latour or any other cliquesters who are against the tanks. Again, if we can’t work together as a community how can we ever get positive results?

  3. If he was smart enough, the patronage train would have taken him away. Since it didn’t, he came home. He needs his job to pay the bills.
    I guess no one can blame the natives.
    Please stop with the pictures of the former Clerk. She makes my eyes sad.

  4. How can you have a “Free trade zone” with nothing to trade, and how will you attract others to trade with you if we always refute change rather then embrace it.

    There are so many other options other then what is put forth here.

  5. Every time that I see the mayor on the milk carton I burst out laughing. The video is a real treasure to look at and Bare Ass made a real fool out of himself along with the Barney Fife PD. Even the cops were stunned at what they saw and some were laughing and I can just picture the laughter afterwards when they were away from the scene because cops are known to have a good laugh after all the craziness that they see on the job.

    I am very surprised that more and more people did not sign the petition and should get out there and do so. There is nothing that Bare Ass and his clique can do to you because you are sticking up for what you believe. Stop having the hillbilly mentality and get out there and make the necessary changes or Cornwall will not change at all and always be a backwater, hillbilly town until you get up by your bootstraps and do something. When you leave Cornwall for a while and more you make changes in your character and usually for the better. I changed a great deal compared to what I used to be and boy did I ever change. This is really what is needed for the vast proportion of people today (the young people is with whom I am referring to here) and you don’t go and rely on welfare and get out there and learn the hard knocks of life and when you come back you make a much better community for yourselves and your family.

  6. Jamie whether Bare Ass signs up for mayor of Cornwall or not go for the job and I can assure you that you would make a great mayor and if not a great councellor or alderman which we both prefer. Bare Ass can not even face you let alone debate you. You would put it over him and he could not live with that defeat.

    We need to see people who are very good in business and have great ideas for the community to grow and it isn’t by being backward and very young teenager this does not work at all. It takes maturity to be in these positions and not make Cornwall a laughing stock. Todd Lalonde looks like a very good candidate and has experience in business and this is the kind of person that should run. We don’t need people who suck up to Bare Ass and his gang and clique. Be your own person and that is what true leadership is all about. If you do not have the qualities to really lead then you don’t go for this. Don’t go just to present yourselves but go because you have things to offer and that you are a true leader because others will be looking up at you. The job comes with great responsibilities and it isn’t something that is for people in high school and the like but people who can really stear the town forward and help bring employment to the community and help people with problems. Forget the hillbilly ways of looking at Bare Ass and his gang and I can assure each and everyone of you that Bare Ass and the rest are not any better or anymore important than any of you. I have worked with many good people here in Ottawa and I can assure you that nobody is better than the other. You have to have good self esteem and not let anyone put you down in any way at all. Learn to build on that and you will get somewhere in this life.

  7. I think all candidates that belong to Team Cornwall must be stopped. Brock Frost is going to {MODERATED} property to gain attention. Stop Brock Frost. Gingers have no souls.

  8. Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Brock Frost is a passionate entrepreneur, an investor, a community activist, an avid traveler and a real estate sales representative.

    He currently invests heavily in the real estate market in Cornwall and the surrounding area, works as a Sales Representative with Storm Realty Cornwall, a Candidate Appraiser with the Appraisal Institute of Canada, and has created several community projects such as the Cornwall Business Network, The Church on Sydney, Eagle’s Nest and The Brock Frost Entrepreneurship Award
    What a load of bullshit on

  9. i’m thinking Bob was offered his old job back at St Hubert lol

  10. Author

    Now 420 we don’t know if Brock is really a ginger. While I may have been a personal target of Mr. Frost’s for no rational reason it takes courage to run for office.

  11. Storm Realty Cornwall is an interesting business. Steve has made know that he is interested in growing to a global real-estate business. Meaning he will be marketing homes all over the globe. This is an aggressive venture but I believe Steve is the one who can do it.

    However having had storm just sell a home from our family I think the business has already begun to forget the small person.

    That is what Mr. Frost sees is a new venture for investments.
    If you look at Brock’s advertisings he claims that if he is unable to sell your property in 90 days he will buy it.

    So many concerns here, is the market so inflated that Brock is actually selling a price at a lower price and is that the lower price the true value?

    Is Brock attempting to follow in the footsteps of Kaneb, Cameron, Landon, Bray and others to own the majority of Cornwall property and this time make it a retirement community for the wealthy? You can see the Bellsmiths are doing the same by buying homes and turning them around or into rental property.

    Admin sorry to intertwine your news stories but this is what Kristalnacht was based on…..Giving from your shops to people during a bad economy then calling in the chit. If they could not pay claiming their property was the next step. ( sorry but it’s a bold history and I am sure we will not agree)

    It appears the town is a killing field for people with a little capital and the courage to invest.

  12. Author

    Hailey my own experience with Storm has been less than positive. I have no idea why a company like Storm would disrespect CFN and its viewers as much as they have and I do believe they already have lost some of their better agents. I think that kind of culture comes from the top and in business if you act that way it always comes back and bites you in the bum. When someone like Steve acts that way what are the odds of me referring someone to them?

    Even now; as I’m kicking the tires on buying a house again in Cornwall (we owned until the divorce and I’ve rented since) there are only a few agents I’d call to show me a place, and having taken the OREA courses myself I know about the commission split. That sadly is what some biz people in Cornwall don’t get. If you don’t treat people with respect they will tell an awful lot of others about it….

  13. Hayley and folks Canada is in a bubble and the US is still going down in the real estate and Australia is next to pop as well as Canada. Everything that the realtors tell you is all lies and so many believe everything that are told by them. Europe is in a mess and we as a whole (the entire world which includes Canada) is going to go into the biggest economic depression that the world has ever seen and will last at least ten years and will be worse than the 1930’s era. Things will start a little to inflate where people are going to have a very hard time where the dollar will not buy as much as usual and prices will be astronomical and then the housing market will fail. What these realtors are really telling you is that they will buy the properties and lease them out to others. The utilities are going to skyrocket and many will not be able to keep up between utilities and taxes and everything else. There will be many vacant homes to come. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. As for Storm I sure wouldn’t deal with them nor with anybody who does not deal with Jamie. That would go for all businesses.

  14. Jamie I have a bigger write up of the story on what happened with the chemical spill in W. Virginia in the US and here it is:

    West Virginia Chemical Spill Triggers Tap Water Ban spill

    If there is any problems just go by the title. You see Jamie you were right in being concerned over the environment and that is something that Bare Ass and company did not use their intelligence. You are spot on when it concerns the environment. I bet that many hands were passing the buck on this one. If you saw the crazy antics that went on in my old department of Revenue Canada with declaring live people as dead and many lost their pensions, etc. It was the second round of Monty Python just like what Guy Lauzon did to one of the people in Cornwall. It takes mighty stupid people to do such things especially when it comes to money.

  15. Jamie on that article there are comments from the people who say that even in Northern Alberta the water is contaminated because of the oil and gas being dug up out there and there is also contamination of the land in China where we get some of our food from. I am posting an article here where people can read the comments below.

    Chemical spill brings W. Vir. capital to standstill; tainted water means no showers, laundry

    Whatever the chemical is that has spilled in the waterway causes vomiting and diahrea and that it would take some days to clear it up. It is a city of at least 300,000 people.

    The government is very negligent worldwide and something inside of me tells me that something is not good at all. Are these people negligent, stupid or what? I have my opinions and they are not good at all.

  16. Author

    Jules that why it’s so disappointing to not see the community working together to fight these tanks. The Chamber of Commerce for example did not send the most read newspaper in their own city the press release nor did any of their board or staff sign our petition. And the person Chuck is most likely bringing to council Monday night; Kevin Hargreaves, the President of the Chamber. Frankly it’s embarrassing for our city….Until we elect people across the board to positions that will work with everyone and put aside their petty retarded politics we will be an embarrassment. It’s time for change.

  17. Embarrassment. How do you feel when someone asks you where you are from ? I agree ADMIN it is clearly time for a complete change. Really, what do we have to lose at this point ? The only direction is up.

  18. Mr. David Oldman don’t you and Jamie feel too bad about being from another town and I will tell you kind of briefly that it happened to myself who was born and raised in Cornwall. When our son was about to be confirmed they all asked us at the RC church where we were from and not just that Mr. Oldman but what we did for a living of all things. My husband answered back “do I have to be the mayor or some big shot in town to get my son confirmed”? This is the mentality down there so you and Jamie raise your heads high and tell them right out that you Mr. Oldman is from Ottawa and Jamie from Montréal. I have been uprooted for years on end that I have been forgotten and one of you. LOL LOL. I am a stranger in town. Gee I sound like one of those black hat cowboys in town being watched at every move I make. I told you that it is Dodge City, Peyton Place, and Boss Hogg and other such towns. Here in a big city people don’t ask so many questions – the cities are too big to be concerned. I feel like a stranger every time I go down so don’t feel bad. LOL LOL.

  19. Jamie it does take courage to go into municipal politics and all politics everywhere. Usually they get somebody in who has damage or dirt on them that they can use and that is “dirty politics” but is true. I sure do agree with you that we need change. I don’t think that the same person should be elected all the time and that there should be a time limit for this or they get too comfortable and do a great deal of damage like what we see today. Nobody affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and such things should get in. I would like to see independent people with no political affiliation get in and do a very good job.

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