The 11th Councilor by Jamie Gilcig – Why did Andre Rivette Support $10K Consultant on Cornwall Ontario City Council Pay Raise Question? Jan 29, 2014

jg2Cornwall Ontario – He’s so nice.  She’s so nice.   Look how well he dresses are not really criteria for voting for a mayor, councilor, MPP or MP; or even dog catcher.   Frankly I think many voters forget that we are electing people to spend our money and make decisions that cost us money.

In today’s edition of the 11th Councilor I look at the insanity of Monday’s Council meeting here in Cornwall where for some reason it was not broadcast and in that darkness, narely a word reported on by the media that sucks the city for thousands of dollars per year our farcical team of elected officials voted to actually spend $10K to hire a consultant to give them a raise.

Gutless?   That’s a pretty good term.   Councilor Clement pointed out that a committee was actually rejected in this very term by this very council over the issue so why this joke now?   With millions wasted in the Fitzpatrick scandal why this little extra jab?

We have City staff sucking back over $100K per year.   Surely some of them could do what I did and go to Wikipedia and get a link to Cities in Ontario by population.   LINK  (30 seconds)

Reviewing that list I’ll pick three with similar populations.   Belleville (49K) , North Bay( 53K) , and Quinte West (43K) .

Belleville has a mayor and eight councilors.   Salaries are about $70K for the mayor and $26 for Councilors.   LINK  (45 seconds)

North Bay has a mayor and ten councilors.   (30 seconds) LINK

The mayor now earns $57,427 annually, while the deputy mayor gets $20,214. And councillors are paid $18,378.

That was about a minute with copy and pasting of links.

Quinte West uses a ward system and has a mayor and twelve councilors.   LINK   The Mayor earns about $45k with council making $17K.

So in less than ten minutes we have a working understanding of what similar cities are paying their council.

Cornwall has increased taxes and cut services this term.  Using a merit system these people should be giving back some of their salary.

brock frost SUBMOne candidate for council in the upcoming election; Brock Frost, a local realtor actually stated that if elected he’d donate his council salary to local charity.

Mr. Frost is about half the age of the mayor and most of council which pretty much kills the assertions of Councilor’s MacDonald and Clement that raising salaries would attract younger people.

Frankly in the real world people run for council for their own agenda.   Councilors MacDonald and  Clement have both run for higher office.   Most of council have multiple pension.

Andre Rivette on hiring the consultant.

I support this 100% 


The irony is that it was councilor Andre Rivette that seconded the ridiculous motion to spend money on a consultant.   Surely Andre must realize that we elect people to lead; not delegate or hide as his council has this term.

The Cornwall General Hospital, The Fitzpatrick Scandal, the Rob Hickley and Diane Shay cases, The Air Force Wing, Beavergate, Pigeons, fire and police contracts.   Bilingual Hires at CCH, and of course the tanks on our waterfront where the city is still hiding the truth about Economic Development’s communication with Trillium in February and Spring 2013.    There hasn’t been a single issue that this council has tackled including having this scribbler removed by seven police officers, hitting the panic button, for wearing a non offensive t shirt and responding to the mayor trying to restrict certain charter rights.  We also had the mayor lying to council re: comments from former Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s resignation explanation.

So is it a surprise that Mr. Rivette would want to spend more tax dollars to ask for a raise?      For you and I paying their salaries do we get to hire a consultant when we want a raise or do we have to ask or lobby for it?     And of course when you ask for a raise sometimes it can lead to some ugly truths; that you simply do not deserve it.

Frankly I think it’s time we look at the make up of our council.  We currently spend about $150K per year to elect 10 people to make decisions part time on a $150M or so budget.

Frankly that’s insane.  That’s like the old movie clips of Goober pulling the brake cord on a train.   And as we’ve seen most of those elected are simply unable to perform professionally whether it comes to policy decisions or interacting with the public and media.

How many dollars has this council cost the City of Cornwall because if its corruption and incompetence?

Winterfest board 2014Even Councilor Rivette; after unanimously supporting a new motion on Conflict of Interest broke it in the same night he voted for it, and it passed, by lobbying for funding for Winterfest as his son Rodney sits on the board of the event.

Maybe; just maybe; we should consider a return to the Ward system so that the public could not only have someone to serve them; but to also hold directly responsible?   Instead of having 5 councilors rubber stamp a mayor; which could happen; there would be more public pressure to demand a councilor to support their causes?

Likewise instead of ten part time councilors why not six full time ones?   With the current budget they’d only earn $25K which is far too low; but if we doubled it to $50K we’d only be adding $300K per year, but certainly would attract better candidates than retirees fine with some extra pocket money for bingo or colostomy bags?

As for council pay why not simply have it as a ballot question each election?   The current council would suggest an amount for the question so for example in the upcoming Municipal election a ballot question would be added.

Should Council get a raise of $3,142 dollars per year for the next term?    Let those that pay the bill make the decision of those elected have earned it.   As for the mayor maybe let council decide?  That would make things very interesting as well as then council would be more accountable for the mayor.

See, you don’t really need to run to Consultants.    When Councilor Samson is the voice of reason in a debate you know something is funky.

This council is funky.

Jamie Gilcig – your 11th Councilor!



Here are the six that voted to spend $10K in tax dollars on a consultant.

Bob Kilger, Mayor 
Elaine MacDonald, Councillor 
André Rivette, Councillor 
Glen Grant, Councillor 
Syd Gardiner, Councillor 
David Murphy, Councillor

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