UPDATE 401 East Bound TRAFFIC RE OPENED 3:44 PM FRIDAY Feb 14, 2014


(South Stormont) – SD&G OPP officers are currently at the scene of a motor vehicle collision on Highway 401, South Stormont Township involving several tractor-trailers. There are no reports of any injuries at this time.

Highway 401 eastbound traffic is being re-routed at the Dickinson off-ramp and directed to Emergency Detour Routes (EDR).

Motorists are urged to delay travels if possible. If travel is a must, please exercise caution and be cognizant of emergency personnel tending to scenes!! 

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  1. Just wondering why there have been so many accidents along the 401 this year. I know from previous articles that there was a new company clearing the 401 in at least the South Glengarry area and that the hwy has never been as good as previous years and that they maybe didn’t have enough trucks for the job? Does anyone know if the same company has the contract for all of the 401 corridor? I realize that we have had a lot of snow this year and that a lot of drivers still feel that with snow tires they can drive the speed limit even on stormy days which is crazy of course……but in all my life, and I am not a spring chicken anymore (middle life creeps up fast) I have never or maybe I don’t recall, hearing about so many mishaps in one winter on the 401 and there used to be some doozy of winter storms when I was growing up. This winter still doesn’t compare to what I have seen in my past years, such as snow banks almost as high as the wires, and snow as high as roofs so that my dad climbed out the upstairs window slid down the snow to shovel out the back door!
    I am not putting all the blame on the company clearing the snow but if it is a different company than years past I sure hope they are more prepared for next year or the contract is given back to the original company that did it.
    Also, drivers, for petes sake slow down, keep at least a vehicle or two away from the one in front of you to allow some time to stop or slow down safely. remember, the vehicles today aren’t made heavy like they were years ago and tend to almost have wings when braking fast!

  2. One only has to cross from Ontario where there are few plows and salt trucks and only one lane is open with trucks and cars littering the landscape to Quebec where both lanes are open and clean as well as the shoulders of the road to understand the reason. No one in Ontario is cleaning the roads.
    Those poor truck drivers don’t have a chance. Once a big truck starts to swing its game over for everyone behind.

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