BREAKING – Police Block Off Boundary Road in Cornwall Ontario As Aevitas Waste Disposal Inc. Fire

aevcwlCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall Police Services have blocked off a section of Boundary Road as there is a fire at the Aevitas Waste Disposal site at 2425 Industrial Park Drive. The plant deals in PCB recovery and CFN has not been told if the public should be concerned from inhalation of any potential smoke from the event. Fire services are on the site and the public has been evacuated and asked to stay back while the scene is dealt with. aevMAPWe will update as more info becomes available.


The EOHU had nobody to answer questions immediately as Dr. Paul was not in Cornwall.

Aevitas has not responded to CFN yet.


In a fire, there is a risk of breathing PCB fumes or the 
byproducts of combustion which include hydrochloric acid, as well
as hazardous dioxins and furans. Environment Canada officials say that
smoke from chemical fires in general should be avoided and fire-
fighters who must face it should wear protective equipment, including
a self-contained breathing apparatus.
     Clothing and other materials contaminated by PCBs cannot be
re-used but have to be treated as PCB wastes and stored until they
can be destroyed.


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  1. Some smart idea of putting a gymnastics club near a waste disposal area of PCB’s as well as other businesses. Who knows what those chemical tanks along the river are really going to contain and how hazardous it is and near condos and where people live. The most retarded things are done by City of Cornwall. It just never ends. Complete and total stupidity.

  2. PCB disposal site in our back yard!!!! and a Fire there yesterday !!!!! Hello Cornwall we had Firefighters exposed to PCB’s – Boundary Road closed because of smoke – Holy Trinity not closed;
    Danger is lurking – WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW !!!

  3. The city also allowed a old transformer station to be dug up on toll gate road. Once PCB’s become airborne and breathed in they could cause damage to oneself or offspring. There is a new development with lots of children in the area and it was not tented during the excavation. City also has a damn that they say is a filter media that allows drainage into the river over by the old bowling alley on toll gate. They do not have a permit for a damn.

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