Akwesasne Chief Mike Mitchell: Community Should Vote To Separate from Quebec If Referendum Won

Akwesasne_TerritoryCFN – The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is closely following Quebec’s upcoming provincial election and the direction in which provincial leaders are proposing to go if they get into power.  The media has indicated a potential of a Quebec referendum to separate from Canada should the political power change in the province.


Akwesasne would have some very real concerns about any potential Quebec separation from Canada.   Two thirds of Akwesasne’s territory is situated within the province of Quebec.  Many of Akwesasne’s islands are also located in Quebec. With the potential threat of this region’s culture and language becoming distinctly French, we must concern ourselves with the reality that there is not even 1 percent of the Akwesasne population that speaks the French language. The every day languages are still Mohawk and English.  An additional concern we’d have is that much of our vast territory in Quebec would be subject to new, more stringent laws that are alien to our culture. Many areas of our organization and the services we provide would also be impacted by the formation of a new Quebec government.


“If Quebec ultimately chooses to separate, I would advise our Council and community to hold our own vote in order to determine whether we would stay within the borders of Quebec or separate ourselves,” said MCA Grand Chief Mike Kanentakeron Mitchell.


Quebec’s election will take place on Monday, April 7, 2014.

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  1. This is a natural extension of any referendum by Quebec. This is also true of the land north of the Quebec territory ceded a Confederation. The “first nations” in the north of the ceded lands will also have access to this natural extension for a decision.

    It is also a natural extension for a referendum, probably as part of a Canadian decision formulation to relinquish any claim for the MCA nations island in the St. Lawrence which is not part of Quebec. Cheers;

  2. Mr. Mike Mitchell I agree wholeheartedly with what you said and it is up to you the “native people – the original settlers” here in Canada and even those in the US to put their foot down and stamp on Mme Marois and her separatist gang and throw them all out of Canada. We will not put up with separation. You native people are the roots of Canada and the US and this should not be allowed at all whatsoever. I was going to write something about this and forgot about this until you just brought this up and thank you. We all have to stand up and put a stop to this nonsense. If people do not take a stand and put a stop to it then who knows what Harpoon Harpo and his gang of thugs and whoever else would cause a great deal of damage to the country. All the best Mr. Mitchell and stand up for your rights. This has gone way too far and for way too long.

  3. Oh thank goodness for Sun News Organization

    Without billionaire Pierre Pal_a_deux stepping up to the mic all but declaring Quebec separation the PQ might have walked to a majority government.

    Like Federal minister Jim ‘itchy skin” Flaherty jumping from the sinking SS Harper today/ it was a thing of beauty to watch a week in Quebec politics.

    One Day Leader Pauline is beaming at her new candidate..a week later she is shoving him away from the microphone

  4. Excellent comment Peter J. I’m thinking that right now, Pauline is kicking herself in the ass for calling this election.

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